[Seiko 7548-700f] Admiring the 7548 "Stormin' Norman" today

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2022.01.16 19:38 the_incredible_corky [Seiko 7548-700f] Admiring the 7548 "Stormin' Norman" today

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2022.01.16 19:38 -Spaceball_1- When the opponents deck is so big that the graveyard doesn't fit on the screen after milling.

When the opponents deck is so big that the graveyard doesn't fit on the screen after milling.

Opponent had a 248 card deck, so 241 left after drawing initial hand.
Turn 7 there were 234 cards left. Cast 2x foretold [[Dual Strike]] followed by a kicked [[Maddening Cacophony]] takes it from 234 to 29 cards.
Turn 8 with 28 cards left after draw. 2x [[Galvanic Iteration]] (one cast with flashback) followed by [[Tasha's Hideous Laughter]] finishes of the deck.

This might have been my most satisfying mill game ever. Watching over 200 cards go "brrrrrrrrrrrrrr" from the deck to the graveyard at once is pretty funny.
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2022.01.16 19:38 Proof_Damage8997 Hago rol de quien. Queráis interesados dm

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2022.01.16 19:38 Classic_Knowledge364 TM warthog throttle axis corrupted - throttle pushed all the way forward how do you correct this issue?

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2022.01.16 19:38 LooseGoose_24_7 Postcard your LD Valentine

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2022.01.16 19:38 epoch_fail Rudy Gay's nickname

I know this subreddit generally likes R2G2 and the announcers have been trying to get Ocho to stick (what an awful nickname), but I was looking at his Basketball Reference page and noticed that his nicknames are the following.

I found this pretty funny since that implies we lost the Minivan in the off-season and replaced him with the (Big) Truck.
I also like "NOT THIS GUY."
Any idea how he got the (Big) Truck nicknames? Any other Rudy Gay nicknames you hope catch on? Which should the broadcasters use if they want to clearly avoid vocalizing his last name?
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2022.01.16 19:38 sorcerer666 "Y'know, I'm something of an expert myself."

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2022.01.16 19:38 tastythriftytimely Baked Apple Cider Vegan Donuts!

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2022.01.16 19:38 Ariana-Lover-89 Stunning 🤩

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2022.01.16 19:38 teejoint44 Does anyone watch this youtuber named flemlo raps? He's a huge Bengals fan. And his football knowledge is incredible.. he has faith in joe and I expect a championship with how this team is currently built

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2022.01.16 19:38 w-e-z The Getaway 1-2 vs Watch Dogs Legion?

for those that have played both, which is a better modern(ish) London based game?
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2022.01.16 19:38 pushthelimit22 I don't know if I should accept my ex back... maybe I overreacted when I broke up

Me (24f) and B (24m) were best friends for 6 years, like brothers but he started dating 7 months ago. One year ago, I met one of B's best friends and we lived a great passion. However, one day B told me that his friend was talking to another girl, so I stopped talking to him because I didn't want to get hurt and his friend lives 2 hours away by plane from me (however, he didn't owe me anything because we weren't on a relationship and a few months ago I met that girl and he didn't seem very interested on her).
7 months ago (1 month after I stopped talking to B's friend), B and I were drunk and slept together and we have been together since that day. On that night, B told me he was in love with me but I wasn't. I was afraid of losing our friendship so I decided to be with B. On the first month, things were great so I didn't think too much about it. But then, I started to get annoyed... B is really different as a boyfriend (compared to what he was as a friend). Here are some things: -when I used to hang out with B and his friends, B would got mad if I answered to his friend (with whom I had that "relationship") or if sometimes I looked at his friend (just look, as I look at other people!) - if I went to a party, he wanted to know every people that were there. Once I told my boyfriend that I said 'hi' to a guy I hooked in the past and he got really mad - B was really jealous. However, once he wanted to have a drink with a girl he dated for 1 year (he really liked her in the past, I Saw that) and he used to text everyday a girl he had a big big crush some years ago (I got mad and he Said that it was her that was texting first and that he had to answer, however, they didn't have a friendship since the girl refused to have a relationship with him 4 years ago). I used to talk to that girl 1 year ago and she told me that she regretted not having a relationship with B so... It's normal if I don't want them to talk!! B and I had some arguments about it and he stopped answering her - 1 month ago, B got really mad because I posted a picture on Instagram (usually I don't post anything). I said that it was an obsessive behaviour from him and he said it wouldn't happen again. However, 1 week ago I posted another picture and he said to one of my friends that now I post pictures and that I want to get boy's attention. -he lives 2 hours away by plane. When I visit him, he just wants to Stay at home and he says that he just wanted to be at home because he was sad because of his grandmother was dying BUT when he came back to my city he was always hanging out with his friends. I think that he was jealous of me and his friend being together. - when B argues with his mother, he starts to punch things and he said to me 2 times that he would like to hit his mother (???)
So, after all these things I decided I didn't want to continue to have a relationship with B. Besides, I feel that something is missing, I feel that I don't have that connection with him... I feel that I don't have the passion..
For the last month, I'm trying to get some clarity so I got more distant from B. But, 5 days ago, his grandmother died. I called B on the day she died and on the day after and we talked for hours... However on the next day (the funeral day) I didn't talk because we use to talk at night and he said that he was with his friends and didn't he didn't say much more. HOWEVER, he said to one of my friends that I didn't talk to him when his grandmother died!!! I asked him why he said that and he Said that he didn't explain himself well and that he meant that I didn't talk to him on the funeral day. I Said that he was with his friends and he said that I should have asked what time he was going home.
So... Because of all his jealousy, my lack of connection and these dramas I decided to get more distant and breakup in a few days (I wanted to wait because his grandmother died 5 days ago). However, yesterday he asked me what was going on and I couldn't take it anymore and I called him and we broke up. It was sad, he was crying a lot. It was a pacific break up, I said that I wanted to break up because I don't want a relationship, I don't feel the passion and I want to focus on my studies (I didn't want to blame him). BUT he said "oh you don't want a relationship because you want to fuck around!". So it means that he continues to be jealous!!
Today he sent me a big message, saying that he is really sorry, he knows he was obsessive but that he is like that because he had a very very codependent 3 year relationship that ended 1 month before he started dating me. He said that he was like that too because his grandmother is dying and know he feels much more free... I don't know if I should accept him back... Even if he changes I feel that I don't have that inexplicable love (that I felt before, including with his friend). He says that I seemed in love at the start of out relationship and that I lost it because of his attitude but now he is changed. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!! I don't want to lose him. What if am I wrong and overreacting? What if the love comes back now that he is changed?
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2022.01.16 19:38 marlzpromos ukbaitoutz • r/ukbaitoutz

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2022.01.16 19:38 bucket--bot DEATH. WHY DO IT guy low key is art

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2022.01.16 19:38 Ok_Antelope_5539 Miami Dolphins coaching search: 5 things to know about candidate Kellen Moore

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2022.01.16 19:38 Aggressive-Tea2690 Need recommendations - Natural supplement to replace adderal during pregnancy

Plz help. I’m ADHD as f*ck.
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2022.01.16 19:38 bigholeofsad spaghetti junction lol

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2022.01.16 19:38 tmighty55 Do I need an Elemental Diet?

Diagnosed SIBO with hydrogen at 34, and methane of 20. Gastro just left a message saying i had SIBO and prescribed two antibiotics but didn't give a sense of how mild to bad this is. Guessing people on here have way worse as my symptoms have already calmed down substantially this year but I'd really like to kick it for good. Is this super mild and an elemental diet is nuts?... or still worth the effort? Thanks for any advice. Gastro is useless.
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2022.01.16 19:38 YouthLiving Any pointers?

Anyone got any good ideas on how to display my NFT art gallery in decentraland?
Im on parcel - 66 , - 104 where i have my NFTs from my collection Smiley_world on display right now.
Drop your wallet as well and get a free NFT inspired by the collection.
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2022.01.16 19:38 Ninjakilla_X Got My New Shirt In The Mail Only 7 Dollars

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2022.01.16 19:38 GoneToDevNull Brim Financial Referral Code - Get $10 sign up bonus. 19538 - The No-Fee Foreign Exchange Card (Canada)

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Use the link below or use the Brim Code 19538 during sign up to get $10 worth of points for free!
Code does not expire and is unlimited. Enjoy
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2022.01.16 19:38 TravelTings What do you think about my partner’s natal chart? He is a Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon, Scorpio/Sagittarius Rising - with a 3rd House Pisces Mercury square Uranus & trine Saturn + Aries Venus/Aries Mars

(R’s Natal Chart
What are your thoughts?
I want to figure out why and how it is my partner had learning difficulties in high school. I'm confused because I also have a 3rd House Mercury trine Saturn and I excelled in my teenage years, as well as my first two years of university. 2 years left!
Thank you!
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2022.01.16 19:38 D4rkside666 👀

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2022.01.16 19:38 ticksintime that's how the movies work, yes.

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