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Mental Health/ Relationship advisers.

2022.01.28 00:00 Gold-Kangaroo-1253 Mental Health/ Relationship advisers.

I just came crossed this post by this guy. Who is overwhelmed that he feels powerless when it comes to, handing a depressed person, and Yeah as I do, my thing I advices him, you can go check it out, if you want. xD, and yeah it really breaks my heart that there is not much awareness among us with regarding to these things. so what I really wanted to say was this, these times are really, stressful for everyone that's really understandable, So as, feel free to reach out , If you are struggling, or someone you know is struggling, please reach out to me, cause for one I do know how what a rabbit hole it can be. No matter how small it is, feel free to reach out you won't be judge. Lovely.
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2022.01.28 00:00 Sharp-Hat-5010 Why no apology?

This mod took zero responsibility I am ashamed they tanked our movement. Go to work reform.
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2022.01.28 00:00 ronnieleebriggs ⚔️📸

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2022.01.28 00:00 ProJNotifications [Gameplay Video] The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Randomizer, Part 41

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2022.01.28 00:00 Disastrous-Menu_yum Help someone link to to the story out of cruel space please????

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2022.01.28 00:00 autotldr Top Weapons Companies Boast Ukraine-Russia Tensions Are a Boon for Business

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 80%. (I'm a bot)

As the United States weighs more involvement in the growing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, some of the largest weapons companies in the world - Raytheon and Lockheed Martin - are openly telling their investors that tensions between the countries are good for business.
House Democrats are trying to quickly push through a bill that would significantly increase U.S. military assistance to Ukraine, and impose new sanctions on Russia.
Anti-war campaigners warn that U.S. escalation, amid renewed tensions between Ukraine and Russia, could bring dire consequences, and spill into a much larger and more protracted war.
He said: ?"We just have to look to last week where we saw the drone attack in the UAE, which have attacked some of their other facilities. And of course, the tensions in Eastern Europe, the tensions in the South China Sea, all of those things are putting pressure on some of the defense spending over there. So I fully expect we're going to see some benefit from it."
"They are cashing in on tensions over Ukraine as the U.S. pours weapons into the region."
General Dynamics has noted that past tensions have increased demand for the company's products.
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Post found in /worldnews.
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2022.01.28 00:00 Papa_Glide So I have been doing round robins. I’m right on my picks roughly 55% of the time. I typically only do 2 pick round robins, but tonight I’m trying 3. Is there an ideal amount I should do? Or am I just betting stupid regardless?

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2022.01.28 00:00 chapseven Disbanding Caravans

The financial penalty for disbanding caravans feels a bit harsh. The troops/horses are disbanded and your companion is dropped at the nearest tavern. You don’t get to recoup anything from your 15-24k investment and have to go fetch your companion.
At the very least, your companion should rejoin your original party and you should have the option to hire or disband the leftover troops/horses. Workshops have an option to resell and recoup a portion of the original investment, so why can’t there be a similar option for caravans?
Very deep into my Vlandian merchant rp, and this feature just seems unnecessarily punishing.
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2022.01.28 00:00 _jahmmin_ Has anyone moved out of the US to abroad?

Hello 👋 have any of you guys moved out of a career in the US to anywhere in Europe? I'm mostly wondering about your experiences starting a career over and the difference between IFRS and GAAP
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2022.01.28 00:00 CauliflowerNinja TIL That Nancy Cartwright, voice of Bart Simpson for decades previously had a role in the 1983 Twilight Zone movie in the segment "It's A Good Life"; as Ethel, the girl who was eaten in the cartoon.

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2022.01.28 00:00 Fuzzy-Ad5524 Was Debating Coming Back.

Three hundred bucks CCP? I didn't even realize they sold SP directly now. For context, I haven't played seriously since 2015 and only briefly went Omega in 2018. I'm still interested in coming back. EVE scratches an itch that no other game really does. For someone who just wants a chill corp to do mining and industry, how is the state of the game?
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2022.01.28 00:00 ossyemate i wanna tell my bf about this but i dont know..

my bf and I dated when I was 17 and he was 19, we dated for 3 months then he broke up with me, 5 years later and he hadnt been with anyone else and i'm now 21 and hes 23, we began dating and I agreed to move in with him this year to continue our relationship since hes in the navy and does not want to do long distance, if we move in together I will lose my pension and will leave some of my pets for my mother to look after which she is okay with because the pets are loved by everyone in the family, she wrote me a pros and cons letter today...i've been trying to convince my partner my mother is a nice woman since he had a bad opinion of her when we last dated because of her oversharing with his mother, i dont know if i should talk to him about the pros and cons letter, my pension was the Disability support pension because I have a few mental health issues, she wants me to ask him if he will be giving me some money, he makes 91K and in june he will make 105K, he wants me to try earning money from streaming and my artwork because i have never worked and didnt graduate with anything special, i just graduated college. I want advice, idk if i should talk to him about this, the things my mum are saying is stressing me out but its still early in the relationship 1 month.
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2022.01.28 00:00 fondlemeLeroy Windows96 - whitenoisetruthfull

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2022.01.28 00:00 hunter5303 Nice

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2022.01.28 00:00 BathroomBreakAndy Is there a number I can call to check my waitlist spot

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2022.01.28 00:00 amala83 220127 BTS was mentioned by John Cena in HBOMax’s Peacemaker (tw: foul language)

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2022.01.28 00:00 Sad-Bake-9726 Ps1 games on psp

Does anybody have a folder filled with ps1 games I can put on my psp I don’t have a windows computer so I can’t convert ps1 games to psp please help
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2022.01.28 00:00 AdeptBreak9442 white-house-reportedly-preparing-executive-order-on-crypto

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2022.01.28 00:00 SinWin247 Finally, something positive about her.

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2022.01.28 00:00 confusednapkin GTA Cash

Is there a way to buy GTA cash without buying the expensive Shark Cards?
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2022.01.28 00:00 Manikasxo F28 I’m baaack 😘😘

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2022.01.28 00:00 RealAnthonyCamp Unmasked Student 'Reassigned,' Says He Got No Lunch: Patch PM

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2022.01.28 00:00 -Mr_Grinch- So heres the story. I deleted all 1200 recent photos that ive gotten since i got my phone. One day after i did that my dog runs away. Now i don’t have anything ti remember my dog but this one photo my grandma sent me.

So heres the story. I deleted all 1200 recent photos that ive gotten since i got my phone. One day after i did that my dog runs away. Now i don’t have anything ti remember my dog but this one photo my grandma sent me. submitted by -Mr_Grinch- to Eyebleach [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 00:00 SnooPaintings7621 How do you resist the GUINEA PIG CACTUS?! you don't. 💸 Best purchase, ever.

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2022.01.28 00:00 hoom4n66 Nervous Talking to Teachers

I always get super shy. My voice gets all quiet and just sort of fades away. If it's strictly material related, then sure, I can talk. I actually love some of my subjects, you know? But outside of that, I think my teachers probably look at me and go, "Wow, what a sad sack of potatoes." Asking for help is the worst. Especially during a lecture, because I always have a question and then it's too late and trying to ask would now be rude. And don't get me started on getting help. I feel so stupid and like a burden. I'm always overbooked, and when I finally work up the nerve and get to office hours, I chicken out.
I also usually get stuck with leadership roles in group projects, so sometimes I have to talk to the teacher, but it's still really hard. Funny enough, I can do it for a group though, but not for my lonesome self. I have to be the one getting things done, picking up the slack. It's okay then.
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