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Jewelry from 800 BC

2022.01.23 11:37 Overworked_one Jewelry from 800 BC

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2022.01.23 11:37 abjinternational Latest CAMS | ACAMS Practice Exams 2022 Updated

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2022.01.23 11:37 CartographerBoring29 The problem for the future of starcraft...

This will be a long post, sorry about that...
We all know that MS will buy Activision-Blizzard but what does that really mean for Starcraft?
They will own the IP but the people who made those games are already gone, if SC is FPS we would say ok they can make a good team and do something exciting but with RTS, I am not really sure.
I will try to explain why...

RTS is niche but not just in people who play it but also in people who can make it. RTS is a totally different beast when it comes to developing it... We didn't have a new iteration of RTS for more than 10 years, new developers and people with ideas are not there, and you can't just move developers from other projects and hope that they will make new Starcraft.
A good example is AOE4, it is a nice game, but when you compare it to the sc2 just in technical stuff you see that it lacks a lot. I feel like there are too many small things that separate a great RTS from the good one. AOE4 esport I feel is already dead after a couple of months, some money was inserted but the views are lacking, the number of players depleting fast and that is the first AAA RTS game after 2010. The reason is not that there are not a lot of players who want a new RTS it is just that AOE4 is not a great game, it is sometimes frustrating to play, it is not as fun to watch, UI is clunky, and fails in all the little things.
So who will make a new iteration of RTS, well that answer for me is easy, it will be Frost Giant...
Frost Giant has a knowledge foundation by making warcraft, sc2, etc... So they can improve over it. Let's say you create a new team to make an FPS game, and say they never created and played one, so maybe they will make FPS without mouse controls you need to use arrows and space for shooting like in first DOOM. That is how I feel about making a new team for creating RTS after all this time, bcs there is a ton of small things you need to think about that it is impossible to do.
I am in my mid 30's, working as a software developer for about 10 years specializing in business software. Domain knowledge I have is something that separates me from other software developers in this particular industry. You can find the best programmer out there but he would need a lot of time to be accustomed to domain knowledge so that he can be as productive as I am. Most companies bcs of that are paying a lot of money for programmers that work in that unique domain or just employe young directly from college devs if they can't find any.
It is the same thing with RTS, I feel the domain knowledge is so unique that you can't just find good developers for that. If Microsoft and Blizzard want to create new SC, they know what doors they need to knock on. I feel like Frost Giant is in the early development of their game, it is probably not so theme-dependent so that they can change it easily.
I know that this is really hard to happen but I really believe one thing, new SC(new iteration of esport RTS) is coming from FG however it is called.
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2022.01.23 11:37 Cameron187 Norwegian black metal [Disco Diffusion]

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2022.01.23 11:37 AbhijeetKkannaji He literally draw all that! (pabloandrespozo on Instagram)

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2022.01.23 11:37 ifapsometimes need someone to rp as mommy kylie jenner she’s so sexy and has me throbbing

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2022.01.23 11:37 BMWDUKE Honestly, I feel bad

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2022.01.23 11:37 M0r14rt7 (Part 4) "Genshin Impact: No Way Home" Fanfic

Part 3:
Chapter 3: A Sinister Six
"The evening light shines upon Norman and his little friends as they traverse the streets of Mondstadt."
The Goblin starts this chapter with a narration.
"Look at them, all dirtied and whisked with blood and mud, digging through the rubble, searching for those who've spent their lives wasting away as they dabble and toil in their meaningless pursuits... Pathetic..."
But as Norman passes through the city, he hears faint gaspings and whispers coming from the people around him:
"Oh Barbatos, that's the hero who saved us."
"Is that really him?"
"That's the man who singlehandedly brought down Stormterror!"
"Hey! Wait a second before you go!"
Norman saw that the blacksmith had not only positions himself in the middle of the street, but he had immediately rushed to grab his hand and shake it:
"Thank you! You saved my forge!"
And here Norman is taken aback, waving his arms around, trying to downplay his own achievements:
"No! No! It was super easy! Barely an inconvenience!"
To which the blacksmith objected:
"No way. It's thanks to you that I didn't go out of business. So please, if you ever need something made, come to Schulz's Blacksmith. We'll have a discount on whatever services you need."
Lisa then drags the blacksmith away from Norman as she spoke:
"Alright! That's enough, Wagner! See you!"
And as they continue on their way to the gate, more and more cheering ensues:
"To our hero who defeated Stormterror! To the man who brought an end to the nightmare!"
"Yeah! You saved my favorite ice cream parlor! You're a hero for sure!"
"Come to my inn, we offer free drinks in celebration of the monster's defeat!"
"Finally! I now have a good excuse to get drunk! A drink to our hero!"
"Hero! Hero! Hero! Hero!"
Paimon then whispers to Norman as the people continue their celebration:
"I think Venti is uncomfortable hearing people celebrate the defeat of his former friend."
Norman then turned to look at him:
"Really? That's unfortunate..."
Venti's frown is not that obvious since he lowers his gaze, but to those who paid attention to his sluggish and overall movements, one could clearly see the sadness reflected in his soul.
"Hey Venti! Can I tell you something?"
Venti moves to hear Norman's truce:
"I feel bad when you look like that. So how about you fly out and scout the terrain ahead of us, huh? Take your mind off the depressants for a bit."
Venti raises his eyebrows into a bow:
"At what cost? And for what cause?"
Lisa then interjects:
"Just try and find a big and flat area for us to practice some magic."
To which Venti sighed:
"Alright, I'll take flight."
With a twitch of his leg muscles, Venti managed to crack a brick in the ground as he opens his wings in preparation.
Then he bounced like a loaded spring, giving a burst of wind that knocks everyone off balance.
His body shoots up into the air, cutting through the clouds, leaving a trail of glowing blue light and a barely visible after image.
"Atta boy..."
Said The Goblin.
"The magic system of our world are made up of what we called the elemental powers."
Lisa elaborated as they walk the open plain.
"This magic system is classified by many as a soft magic system, where the limits of what you can do is only held back by the scope of your knowledge and imagination."
Norman nodded as he walk with his eyes still focus on Venti, whose body is gliding through the evening sky.
"Although it is not an absolute rule, most scholars would agree that these abilities are often granted to those who possesses visions gifted from the gods."
"Visions?" Asked Norman.
"Visions are divine constructs provided by the gods, their main purpose is to channel and manifest the elemental powers based on its users."
Then another intervenes:
"Ah, Paimon understands, since everybody is special in their own way, these visions will unearth the special powers inherent within each person."
To which Lisa nodded:
"The foundation of our visions is faith, you must first believe yourself to be worthy of special powers in order for the gods to grant you these special powers."
And so Norman comments:
"So... In essence, if you believe in yourself, you'll get an elemental power tailor made for you?"
Lisa answers:
"Pretty much so since there are enough types of elements for everyone, namely: Pyro, Hydro, Dendro, Electro, Animo and Geo."
As Norman looked up, he saw Venti circling a spotless and open yard like a vulture while chirping:
"Over there! Such fair a lair! Over here! So square and rare!"
Norman smiled before looking back to her and asks:
"So which elemental clan do you belong in?"
And Lisa chuckled as she spoke:
"Oh, don't you know? I'm Electro."
An electric bolt then shot from the tip of her index, which made Norman backs away and into Paimon's way.
"Paimon thinks that this sparkling lady and her magnetic personality is too energetic to be currently in charge of teaching us anything."
To which Norman replied:
Then Venti performed a superhero landing just as Lisa gently guides Norman to a nearby tree:
"Try and focus, believe in yourself, your powers will manifest shortly."
She then backs away along with Paimon as Venti curiously watches from afar.
Norman hypes himself up, bouncing on his feet as he breathes in and out before reaching his hand out to yell:
Nothing, he tries again:
"Up! Up! And away!"
And again:
"Go! Web! Go!"
And again:
After a moment's while, Lisa then pinches her chin as she says:
"Hmmm... This is getting boring..."
And so she turned to Venti:
"Hey, Vulture! I need you to try and attack Norman Osborn."
To which Venti adamantly refuses:
"No way I'll let loose! I'm no dumb goose!"
Then Lisa stomps her feet and dig her heel into the grass as a storm starts to forms atop her head:
"Hmph. Naughty boys who don't do what they're told need a little punishment to keep them in line."
Venti then steps back, seemingly amused by her threats as he chuckled. Despite not taking Lisa seriously at all, Venti still shrugs his shoulders before proceeding to leap into the air:
"Alright, I'll take flight!"
Paimon noticed Venti gliding towards Norman:
"Hey, Norman! Watch out!"
Norman screams as he leaps out of Venti's way, landing into a mat of colorful flowers:
"What are you doing?! How is this helping?!"
Venti repeats his attack as Lisa states:
"You have to use your elemental powers, Norman! Venti's trying his best to provoke the potential inherent within you!"
Norman leaps out of the way again, but as Venti continues his assault, Norman sees no choice but to raise his arm up to try and stop him.
Then, a miracle... From the tip of Norman's index came an electric bolt that zaps Venti right out of the sky:
Norman stood wide eye and open mouthed as he couldn't believe what he had just saw:
"Woah! I-I can shoot lightning from my fingertips!"
Lisa approaches Norman to pat him on the back:
"So you're also an electro type, huh? We really are compatible."
Norman continues to play with his magic, letting his hand fly over one another to form a thin web made out of pure electricity:
"This is beyond my wildest dream, we could create infinite energy with this. The limitless potential of applications grows far beyond the mantle of perpetual motion..."
Norman then turned to Lisa and showed his hands:
"Is it truly this easy?"
To which Paimon says as she floats towards him:
"As much as they may want it, people of this world can never get a hold of powers as easily as you..."
Norman nodded as he says:
"I think I know why, its because..."
And Paimon finishes his sentence:
"Ah-hah, it's because you're not from this world to begin with."
From behind her, Venti sluggishly rises up with dirt still on his hair and clothes, yelping:
"A little help?! So dirty is myself."
Paimon floats to sweep the dusts off his body:
"No worries! Your friendly Paimon's here to help."
The sweat that drips from Venti's brows refracts the light at dusk. As Lisa rose up to catch a glimpse of the fleeting sun, she waves for the others to flee and end their fun.
"Oh hey, we've got some new visitors to our city!"
Lisa noted the appearance of a group of pallbearers lead by a man and a woman, both dressed in very classy attire, being ahead of them on the trail.
"That must be the Wangshen Funeral service members."
To which Venti spoke:
"The corpses must've already been swept by the forces that wept."
And Paimon floats:
"What's with all the lights and fire? Are they having a party there? Paimon wants to go party too!"
Norman stops to think and massages his head:
"They did say that they're planning a celebration of Dvalin's defeat. C-can we slow down a bit, I think there's a fever coming up."
Lisa turned around to see Norman is out of breath and rushed to aid him:
"Hold on for a little moment longer, cutie."
But eventually, Norman's knees begins to collapse and even Venti had to step in:
"Lisa, Lisa? What's happening to him?"
To which responded:
"We need to get him to Albedo!"
Meanwhile, within the confines of the city, Kaeya and Amber are both standing upon a balcony while performing a duet with each other:
"Ooh baby, don't you know I suffer. Ooh baby, can't you hear me moan? You caught me under false pretenses! How long before you let me go?"
Amber downs a cup before singing:
"Ooh~! you set my soul alight! Ooh~! you set my soul alight!"
Then its Kaeya's turn again:
"Glaciers melting in the dead of night and the superstar's sucked into the supermassive... Glaciers melting in the dead of night and the superstar's sucked into the... Into the supermassive-"
(The song is "Supermassive Blackhole - Muse")
Under them, Jean walks along side a small girl with a giant red hat:
"Klee, I'd let you join the party but you'll have to promise me to not blow up the city."
To which the little girl said:
"I knoooow!!! I already promised that I won't blow up the city again so many times already!"
Then, two guests, a man and a woman dressed in funeral attire, came to visit them, with both being the same two leaders of the pallbearers that Lisa saw ealier.
"Hu Tao, Zhongli... To what pleasure do I owe you two tonight?"
Said Jean.
"Nothing, in fact we are the people who owe you our thanks."
Said the man.
"Nice, but what about the virtuous misterioso over there? Does she have anything to say?"
Jean responded while patting Klee on her puffy hat.
"To be honest, I didn't really thought you'd accept my generous offers so quickly. But as I toured the city, I realized just how desperate these people are... They were so starved that they immediately latch onto even the tiniest bit of hope."
Said the woman.
"Do you have a problem with that, Hu Tao?"
Jean curiously asked, to which Hu Tao answers:
"No, inherent within the spirit of every man is a hole meant for god, if they don't believe in a god, they'll simply substitute it with ideologies or celebrity worshipping..."
Hu Tao then looks back at the man before stating:
"You see, Jean... People need to believe... And nowadays, they'll believe in anything."
Jean pauses for a minute of clarity of thought before saying:
"Interesting... You know, I've always wondered why funeral ceremonies are so overly arduous and complex... I mean, wouldn't it be easier to get it over with? You know? Just bury them and get it done with."
Hutao then turns to the man and told him:
"What about it, Zhongli? Should I answer her question?"
Then Zhongli nodded and Hu Tao speaks:
"It helps to maintain the illusions... In all honesty, the spirits of the dead are just as impatient as the living; but we would be doing them a disservice if we didn't at least give their friends and families a chance to have one last feast with their deceased loved ones."
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2022.01.23 11:37 PM_ME_TITS_AND_BOOBZ [persona 5 strikers] [PS4] I need help with bugged trophy

So I've been playing this game for about 33 hours now and finally completed all member requests for 'What Are Friends For' trophy, and progress past it just that I'm about to leave Osaka area. But I just realized I don't have the trophy unlocked, and I saw online that this trophy is bugged so you have to make a save file just before the last request in case it doesn't unlock
But I'm pretty past that point now lol and I can't play the game all over again it's too much time. Could someone help me with a solution for this? All else is going on track except this one trophy which got bugged
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2022.01.23 11:37 APStorm95 [Recruiting][UK/EU/GMT][Cold War][WW2][Semi-Realism] The Old Breed - Iron Sights, Ground Combat and Direct Action!

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2022.01.23 11:37 nttl_series Day 190 of making DHMIS memes until the show releases

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2022.01.23 11:37 tooboooring Who is this Haley and Elan ? I wanna know...

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2022.01.23 11:37 pepperpopcornz GTA's inspiration in The Dark Knight Bank Heist

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2022.01.23 11:37 China_in_real_life 河南一高中生放假回家遇防疫卡点被拦截,母女俩四处投奔大雪中冻一夜

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2022.01.23 11:37 dusk7 MC Non Binary Chicken

Got home after a less than positive night and thought " what can lift my spirits right now?" Threw the Xbox on with mods and one of my favourite episodes ever came on and I just want to thank everyone involved so much. Steve Levy serving drinks early.. thank you. Beef with Maron. Thank you. The Jane Glasses. Thank you. The lollipop song is so great but "old people" has me dead in hysterics. Thank you. I miss these motherfuckers so much. This episode is an absolute moodswing. I'm gonna buy a Jim mahfood pop up titty book. Thank you.
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2022.01.23 11:37 Johnny1392 Hello Sir

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2022.01.23 11:37 TheChunkyCrevice YSK: Using Rogaine won’t make you lose hair faster if you stop using it

Why YSK: Many, especially on Reddit and those who say they have used it, claim that if you use Rogaine and at some point stop, you’ll start losing hair tenfold. This is a very popular idea and still carried by many, including those who have used it. That’s ABSOLUTELY FALSE.
You don’t lose more hair than you would’ve if you stop using Rogaine, you lose as much hair as you would naturally up to that point and/or whatever you gained from the Rogaine.
For example, if you were meant to lose 10% every year, starting at 20, if you use Rogaine from 20-25, and stop at 3, because 3 years passed, you’ll lose that same 30% you would have anyways. If you were meant to go bald the day you hit 50, if you start using Rogaine at 20, and stop at 30, 40, or 45, you won’t be bald, you’ll just lose hair that you would’ve anyways up to that point. If you use it until you’re 50, 69, etc, you will go bald because you were going to be bald by that point anyways.
It’s one of those “if you shave your beard, it will grow back thicker and darker”, or “if you choke your chicken you go blind”. No shit when I stop Rogaine and hair falls out, if I don’t know any better, I’ll assume stopping Rogaine made me go bald.
So don’t be embarrassed or afraid to use it, if it’s something you need, use it with pride!
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2022.01.23 11:37 alexstonks34 My channel displays unique NFT artwork coupled with music for a more immersive viewing experience

Check this link for the latest playlist! All Images in this playlist are my own. If you have an interest in the NFT space, leave your opensea address and I'll send a free copy of my collection!
NFTS and Audio Chill
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2022.01.23 11:37 JordanCarey96 People are earning $1000 a week from Town Star? 🤯

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