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This is it - I pledge to not buy any more inks this year!! New year restraint with the realization that I might not be able to finish nearly 2 liters of combined inks in a long time.

2022.01.23 17:29 subha87 This is it - I pledge to not buy any more inks this year!! New year restraint with the realization that I might not be able to finish nearly 2 liters of combined inks in a long time.

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2022.01.23 17:29 Da_SnowLeopard Francis vs Cyril

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2022.01.23 17:29 astronishiyo What made you last feel “I am too old for this”?

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2022.01.23 17:29 ZaydenIsNotHereNow Fast food workers of Reddit: what is the most hilarious order you’ve made?

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2022.01.23 17:29 TxCassie80 I crave a woman’s touch….🤷‍♀️

I’ve been married for 21 years to a wonderful man and I have no complaints with our marriage at all, but during the summer, we were getting ready for an office party and I was in a room by myself setting up a table. I had an itch on my inner thigh so I turned and made sure nobody was in there and stuck my hand down my pants to scratch it. I also took a quick moment to adjust my panties because they were riding up. When I pulled my hand out, I turned around and one of the girls from another department in our office was right behind me, and she immediately grabbed my hand and pulled it up to her nose and sniffed my fingers. I assume my jaw was sitting on the floor because I froze in shock and didn’t know what to say or do. She just went “mmmmm,” winked at me as she touched herself, and went out of the room like business as usual. I didn’t even know her name. She caught me staring at her several times that evening and throughout the following week or so at work when I would see her walking through the building, and I became more and more intrigued by what she had done, and we still had never spoken a single word to each other. I had finally talked myself into bringing it up to her, and telling her that I was flattered, and interested in possibly pursuing more, but before I could even speak to her about it, I found out she had left our company the week before.
So then I turned to Reddit, and now I’ve been admiring a handful of gorgeous ladies and wanting more and more to have some fantasies play out.
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2022.01.23 17:29 ImpressiveFarm5254 Someone joi dm me

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2022.01.23 17:29 Pinnacle8579 Anyone else noticed how once they've run out of covid policies to announce to distract people they're now sabre rattling and trying to start a war to continue to try to distract people

They partied while we weren't allowed to see our dying nans. We had people dying without their relatives at their death beds while Tory politicians and No.10 staffers had leaving dos, thank you drinks and BYOB bevving. Fuck them. We will never forget.
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2022.01.23 17:29 befgfghgfhg 🔥 The Next Moon Shot Is Moon Launch Media - Launching Today - Audited- Doxxed Dev - Full Ad Platform Built

Guys! I came across this project and man I am impressed! They have built a full advertising platform with their PPC Telegram Influencer campaign model launching this week!
Their white paper is impressive and the owner posted a 5 minute video about the project on their YouTube doxxing himself and explaining the platform and roadmap.
They just Announced in the chat their full service gig marketplace they built is also going live this week!
Their Pre Sale is Live now with soft cap hit! The pre sale is a 300 BNB!
The best part of this token is it has a 4% profit share on the revenue of the platform.
They even added a weekly lottery which they will be giving away massive prizes like cars, watches, and cash!
Honestly this project is so legit and their marketing budget and plans are huge!
🚀 Lock Screen Ads App In Development 🚀 Profit Sharing NFT Collection Dropping 🚀 Token Pre Sale Platform 1st Quarter 2022 🚀 NFT Launch Pad 1st Quarter 2022 🚀 Live Ad Platform 🚀 DOXXED Owner 🚀 Platform Backing Token 🚀 Team Owns CoinScout 🚀 Massive Marketing Budget 🚀 Huge RoadMap
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2022.01.23 17:29 PirateGirl-JWB Plan for free N95 masks could save domestic mask makers — or kill them

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2022.01.23 17:29 johai16 Big issue info in post

Hi I ave been panicking about this for a while. and even made one post but got on comment. I am 15 (male) and my eyesight isn't the best, I don't know what it would be called in english but my glasses have a "number" -6 and its pretty high...and besides that I can feel them unfocus a lot of times when I look at things fast. and also I feel like when I close my eyes my right eye automatically goes to the right side of my nose (not actually there just looks there and makes it feel like a lazy eye) and also my eyes feel weaker than usual...what do I do???
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2022.01.23 17:29 SirYak I designed and 3D printed a bunch of stands for toploaders!

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2022.01.23 17:29 Adriiiiilu Any 20+ Redditors that still live with their parents and why?

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2022.01.23 17:29 Phyliinx I am just glad we're not going into "rumors" state

I am just glad SAW X is confirmed to get /be written. I would hate if we're getting into that state where it becomes one of these "rumored" movies for ongoing years with nothing but our good buddy Vinc stating that something might be up at most. I think Spiral 2 could enter that state now, Matrix 4 and Scream 5 did it for years
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2022.01.23 17:29 FinalContribution317 Are dolmen gates still active in 41st milenium?

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2022.01.23 17:29 No_virgin_boi Is og madara still worth building ?

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2022.01.23 17:29 Illustrious-Share-21 Best blessing for ranger??

Im using right now cm but i dont know if wolf is better, i almost always play alone, so i dont know wich one will be more useful
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2022.01.23 17:29 Trouble-Pleasant Trustwallet, help please

I thought I bought safemoon on trust wallet but logo says BEP20, is this safe moon? Cheers.
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2022.01.23 17:29 jookco Muere - Muerte - Murio : 🔵⚪⚽ TOTO ETERNO En el día de hoy, se cumplen 5 años del fallecimiento de Abel Piva, máximo ídolo de nuestra institución. El eterno capitán Salaito que nos dió un ascenso y hasta el último día de su vida trabajo por y para Argentino. Click link to ...

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2022.01.23 17:29 thingsfrommyphone Things are looking grim, what's something we should be looking forward to?

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2022.01.23 17:29 aadm_bot Caixas impressas em 3D para câmaras "All Sky"

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2022.01.23 17:29 penny_242 Foxlbub

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2022.01.23 17:29 yoyofoe2222 Hello, where Is the information about weapons, and. Armor in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition Strategy Guide??

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2022.01.23 17:29 penoperico69 Overclock tv samsung xbox

I have a UN50NU7095G and I would like to overclock 120hz 1080p or 720p on xbox one s do you know any method to achieve it?
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2022.01.23 17:29 Arkhae I need a daily drinker Islay. I can get Wee Beastie for $45. Anything better for the same or less?

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2022.01.23 17:29 OOMikeHonco Ready to end it but not sure I’ve given it my all

This will be loooong, but I’m looking for honest reactions/opinions. I’m ready to end it, but keeping questioning whether I’m just taking the easy way out.
My (34F) boyfriend of 5 years is 48 years old and until 3 months ago lived with his mother and his 24 year old daughter. 20 years prior his ex wife had an affair with his brother and abandoned them, and I of course felt a to. Of sympathy for him. I know realize this sympathy probably led me to overlook or excuse some behaviors.
One such behavior is the fact that he lived with his mom for so long. I let myself believe that he was helping her. Little by little I came to learn that he did not have his own bank account or pay any portion of bills by himself, he simply signed his paychecks over to her. He did no household chores on his own except for lawn care - she did the grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, and cleaning. She even cleaned his room, his bathroom, and made his bed. He claimed she did this whenever he left the room, that he was a clean person, and that he just wasn’t given the chance. I let myself believe she was controlling.
In the 5 years I’ve known him, he has had the same low skill, low paying job. This isn’t an issue in itself, but he hates it. He spends at least an hour every single day complaint to me about it. He never asks about my job, in fact I’m pretty sure he doesn’t actually know what I do for a living. If I’m ever able to get a word in and make a comment about my job, he says nothing and continues talking.
In the same 5 years at my job, I’ve received 4 promotions and have gone from making $35000 per year to $104000 per year while receiving multiple awards.
Before meeting him, I was with a man who I’m positive was a narcissist and had a child with him. When my son was 3 I finally found the courage to leave him because I didn’t want my son to suffer his abuse. I was right and he did one day physically abuse my son during visitation, and he now doesn’t even try to see him. When I left him, he choked me and threatened to kill me or have me killed multiple times.
I went through a period where my son and I were literally living in a hotel, before finally getting an apartment a few months before meeting my boyfriend.
Around a year ago, the apartment developed a mouse infestation due to a neighbor and the landlord refused to do anything. I tried on my own but nothing helped, so I started looking for a new place. My boyfriend would say he wanted me to move in with him, but he did nothing to make that happen. At that point his daughter was living with her fiancé but her things were still at his house in her room, so there was nowhere for my son to move in. He tried to suggest instead that my son live in a closet sized room that their dogs had been sleeping (and urinating) in. I told him that wasn’t acceptable. He never took any steps to make any space for either of us to move in and I could not continue living with a mice infestation, so I finally reached out to a realtor to see if I could buy a house. I told him this and he didn’t react.
Fast forward a week and I received a pre approval and started scheduling showings, and he questioned why I was looking on my own and if he should be on the mortgage. I told him no, but he wanted to live together now so I let him be involved in the showings. I feel this should have been another red flag as he was very particular about what he required from a house (a finished basement just for him).
I finally found a house and closed in late October, paying about $11000 in closing costs. My mortgage is over $1700 per month, which is almost his entire monthly income. He has been very vocal about how he doesn’t feel that this is his house and that he’s not involved, so even though I don’t need him to he has made a few purchases from his savings - new carpet that was needed, a new couch, a new stove, a bee dining table. I feel guilt about all of these things now that I’m thinking of ending the relationship. I pay all of the bills and they are all in my name. I do all of the grocery shopping and pay for all of the groceries. I do all of the cooking. I do all of the laundry. I do the majority of the cleaning, though he claims to clean - I’ll get to that. I do work from home so he believes that because he commutes 45 minutes and has a physical job (in a warehouse), I am still the “housewife”. By the way, he complains about that commute daily because his mom’s house was 5 minutes from his job.
Since moving in, I’ve noticed that his “being a clean person” is really just hyper focusing on being neat. He will obsessively straighten the placemats and the curtains. The issue is, he will essentially throw a tantrum if they aren’t perfect. The sliding door in the kitchen overlooks a lake, so my son will open the curtains when he sits to eat breakfast or lunch. He closes the curtains, but when my boyfriend comes in the room later and they aren’t just right, he’ll huff and puff and re straighten them. He got so mad on one occasion that he stormed out of the house and left for over two hours.
There’s also the issue of food. He is used to his mom buying all kinds of snack foods which she doesn’t eat, so there are any kind of snack foods available whenever he wants them. Well he lives with a 12 year old now, so they both like to snack. He’ll look for a snack and they’ll be nearly gone, and he’ll huff and puff. One time while I was upstairs cleaning, I guess he went looking for Cheezits and found an almost empty box - I came downstairs to find an upside down box in the pantry with Cheezits everywhere (he had thrown it) and him in the garage speeding out in his car.
My son and I also had a cat before I met my boyfriend, which was a gift for my son’s 4th birthday. My boyfriend claims to be allergic and always used that as an excuse not to visit me at my apartment, though I noticed that when he did he seemed to be fine. When we moved in, he made a huge deal out of this and equated forcing him to live with a cat to “making someone with a peanut allergy sit on a couch you smeared with peanut butter”. The cat is not allowed on the couch or in our bedroom, and sleeps in the laundry room. When I bought him Allegra, he was offended that I expected him to “drug himself up every day”. This is interesting because:
For at least the 5 years I’ve known him, he has had ongoing health issues, including migraines, lack of sleep, and gastrointestinal issues. He has near daily migraines and takes at least a dozen Excedrin Migraine per day. He does not sleep at night (though I believe he falls asleep but has sleep apnea). He has trouble eating because he can’t keep most food down. Because of all these things, he misses a lot of work. On the weekends, he stays in bed most of the day- on a good day, until 2 pm, and on a bad day until 5pm or later.
He refuses to go to the doctor for these health issues. He claims he has tried and they have done nothing for him. I have begged him to go and even set up appointment for him, which he has skipped. He has missed important events because of migraines.
He has been present for 6 of my birthdays now. For each of his birthdays I’ve gotten him a thoughtful gift or taken him on a trip. Only for my first birthday did he do anything, he brought over an ice cream cake. I’ve told him I don’t need bug gifts or anything, so that was more than enough. Every birthday since, he’s had a migraine or “didn’t sleep” and has not come over for my birthday. One year I did not even hear from him all day. One year I told him that I was disappointed, and he proceeded to tell me that I had no idea how much pain he was in - he hung up on me and didn’t speak to me for two days. This year I expected anything different since we were at least in the same household and not living 30 minutes away from each other. He came downstairs to eat the breakfast I had made, said “happy birthday”, and went back to bed until 11:30 at night.
I have tried to bring up a few things to him which only leads to further frustration. I’ve told him that I feel he doesn’t really touch me unless he wants to have sex. He responded with “oh whatever”. Since then, if he walks past and touches my behind he’ll comment “oh I’m sorry I forgot if I touch you it means I want sex”.
I do things for him all the time like go out of my way to get things for him. I told him “I feel like you don’t really do things for me”. His response was “oh whatever”.
I have asked him if he has a problem with my son, and he does not respond at all - he will remain completely silent for a 40 minute car ride.
A few of the many times he slams doors in the house, I will ask him what’s wrong, and he will not respond at all.
I’m sorry this is all a bit disjointed. I am just beyond frustrated, very unhappy, and I really just don’t know what to do at this point.
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