VTech LeapFrog Pick Up & Count Vacuum (Green) $14 + Free Store Pickup at Target or Gamestop or FS on $35+ or FS w/ Prime or $25+ $13.99 [Deal Price: $13.99]

2022.01.18 22:00 GreenNapster VTech LeapFrog Pick Up & Count Vacuum (Green) $14 + Free Store Pickup at Target or Gamestop or FS on $35+ or FS w/ Prime or $25+ $13.99 [Deal Price: $13.99]

VTech LeapFrog Pick Up & Count Vacuum (Green) $14 + Free Store Pickup at Target or Gamestop or FS on $35+ or FS w/ Prime or $25+ $13.99 [Deal Price: $13.99] submitted by GreenNapster to RedditShoppingDeals [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 22:00 TheButtDiddler In the words of Smash Mouth: They don't stop coming

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2022.01.18 22:00 cbbBot [Game Thread] #14 Iowa State @ #16 Texas Tech (09:00 PM ET)

Iowa State @ Texas Tech
NCAA Basketball Index Thread for January 18, 2022
Iowa State #14 Iowa State (14-3) @ Texas Tech #16 Texas Tech (13-4)
Tip-Off: 09:00 PM ET
Venue: United Supermarkets Arena, Lubbock, TX
Spread: TTU -8.0 | O/U: 128.5
Television: ESPNU
Streams: WatchESPN

Iowa State W1 70.9 59.3 45.7 34.9 34.1 14.9 3.0 9.5 14.9
Texas Tech L1 73.8 58.6 47.6 33.1 38.2 14.6 2.9 8.2 14.8
Thread Notes:
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2022.01.18 22:00 TropicalGuanabana Updating résumé structure / job descriptions for better relevancy. Feeling somewhat stuck in life, so I thought this might help.

Hi everyone,
I'm in the early stages of my working life, but still have a really crusty looking résumé, which I thought should be in need of updating. Since I unfortunately never took great care in regards to this specific topic, I could definitely use some feedback here. Would really appreciate your help!
For context:

  1. I anonymized the document - everything in blueish was edited for that purpose, and therefore looked different in the original document.
  2. I studied in the US, but am currently working in the EU because the work authorization I should have had with my student VISA was removed due to Covid restrictions
  3. I always had the delusion that I wanted "to work on my own projects" and therefore purposefully went out of my way to not participate in the standard recruiting processes or apply for positions popular with my peers... only to end up as a wageslave anyway, just without the type of positions or salary my peers now have... Thank you younger me, I guess. Although this bullet point is probably better suited for some identity crisis subreddit instead of this one
  4. I just added my latest job description onto the document, but have honestly had great trouble describing it in a concise but clear manner. On one hand, I'm working on quite a few quite different tasks in my current role, on the other hand it's somewhat tricky to go from our company-internal jargon to a more accessible description. To provide some more context to my particular role: I was hired as a consultant in the financial services industry, which is very much a different thing from a management consultant - Some part of what I do is just glorified tech support, i.e. helping clients get our system up and running, resolve problems they might have, etc. Another part is more project management oriented, with me being one of the main bridges between some clients and both our dev team and executives. This part applies to aspects such as feature requests, relevant complaints, future project ideas or vision changes. The last relevant part would be more product management oriented, as I've been well-involved in the conception of a new sub-product we're developing, starting with simple things such as wireframes and feature ideas, to now once again managing communication between client and dev in regards to testing, feedback, timeline, etc. There's plenty of other stuff I would have liked to do and have had ideas about, but these past months have been so insanely busy that I just, well, couldn't get to it.
  5. I have the great luck that my boss and colleagues in my current job are amazing people who do great work (Which I highly respect them for. While the pay might not be high like in bigger US companies, I definitely learnt a lot from the attitude / working style of my colleagues and superiors), and am therefore given quite a bit of freedom in how I structure my work, as well as having quickly been allowed more responsibility. However, I still feel like I'm barely using the skills that I learnt over the past couple years, and while it's been nice to be quite involved in an operative manner, some aspects are getting somewhat repetitive, and frankly, just not that intellectually stimulating - I just don't yet have the impact I would like to have. Which is why I thought it'd be time to update my resume... Not because I want to leave, but just in case. Having it updated might even just help me figure out what I want myself (As well as potentially helping me get leverage if I were to choose the nuclear option and straight up ask for a more impactful position. Which I probably won't do since I'm quite shy, but whatever).
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2022.01.18 22:00 HowardSternsWig Tried going back to Windows 10 and having issues

As the title says, i went back to Windows 10 by formatting the SSD and loaded it with a USB stick. After installation when i got to the desktop and started to download drivers from Dell, the laptop keeps shutting off and gives me this error. What should I do? I currently am trying to install Windows 10 again and deleted all the manufacturer partitions, since I thought those might have been interfering with it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I u/
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2022.01.18 22:00 IndependentFold2586 Batteries!!

So we’re looking to buy a battery. I’m so far pretty certain we’re going to get a 700w bluetti but was wondering if any one had any others they liked or if you have a bluetti how you like it.
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2022.01.18 22:00 tickeron_community Stock Pattern Head-and-Shoulders Bottom SCHW on December 14, 2021

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2022.01.18 22:00 TooEmbarrassed7 Please help! I need to fly somewhere and am so afraid I won’t fit into a regular seat. What are my options?

I don’t have a lot of money so I really don’t want to buy a second seat, especially if I don’t know for sure I won’t fit. Is there anything else I can do?
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2022.01.18 22:00 gurr90 Big LLLs to logan ryan ltd

Cant even use it in the pup to get the +2 for strat cards for cbs if he goes in it and you change the the position
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2022.01.18 22:00 soemchw Thickest face cream?

Other than Weleda Skin Food, what is the THICKEST face cream you've found? I'm looking for a cream (paste consistency), not a moisturizer.
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2022.01.18 22:00 qthatguyp EUR/JPY SELL EXECUTE!!!

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2022.01.18 22:00 mollyzedolly No makeup & no filter 🥰 how do I look?

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2022.01.18 22:00 degurechafi Qual o nome desse mano? As músicas deles são mó daora

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2022.01.18 22:00 Jurryaany Operational Failure: The CH-4B’s Short-Lived Career In Jordan

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2022.01.18 22:00 kmoomoo LMS/Shipping Dashboard Job Opportunity + Questions about my approach

Not sure if this is allowed -- not trying to self-promote, just hoping to share an opportunity.

I have a logistics company (150 employees, based in the Bay Area, food products to grocery stores) and I could use help building out and working within a dashboard of all of our outbound shipments.
We ship with our own trucks as well as FedEx, GLS, and a couple local carriers and in light of regular delays and damages lately I'd like to create close-to-realtime visibility into our shipments for customers to access when they need it.
Basically, I'd love to bring someone onboard to help build (or set up) a LMS with specific carriers and requirements in mind, then either work across other parts of the company improving software systems OR settle into our logistics/shipping team.
Thanks all! DM me or post here if interested. If anyone has recommendations for LMS systems or another way to solve this problem, I'm also all ears -- thanks to everyone for reading this far.
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2022.01.18 22:00 FrostedPoptart1 If a child of two traditional “square” parents rebels by going goth, how would a child of two goth parents rebel?

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2022.01.18 22:00 cbbBot [Game Thread] #8 Wisconsin @ Northwestern (09:00 PM ET)

Wisconsin @ Northwestern
NCAA Basketball Index Thread for January 18, 2022
Wisconsin #8 Wisconsin (14-2) @ Northwestern Northwestern (9-6)
Tip-Off: 09:00 PM ET
Venue: Welsh-Ryan Arena, Evanston, IL
Spread: WISC -2.5 | O/U: 140.0
Television: Big Ten Network
Streams: BTN

Wisconsin W6 72.1 65.1 42.0 30.5 36.1 11.0 3.4 5.4 8.4
Northwestern W1 77.7 67.1 44.0 35.1 38.6 18.1 3.7 6.9 9.4
Thread Notes:
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  • Discuss whatever you wish. You can trash talk, but keep it civil.
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  • Show your team affiliation - get a team logo by clicking 'Select Flair' on the right.
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2022.01.18 22:00 -byron Broken Roc Loc fit system. Safe to use temporarily?

Not sure what happened but Giro says they don't have a replacement fit system for the Synthe MIPS which seems really lame. It's probably about time to replace my helmet anyhow so I ordered a new one but it won't arrive until next week.
Is it safe to ride with this until the new one arrives?
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2022.01.18 22:00 LizDouret ¿Qué siguen queriendo hacer giras como antes?

En verdad creo , que ya no tiene el mismo impacto que tiempo atras , que era mucho mejor cuando años atras, hacian otro tipo de conciertos .
Vi esto y dije ¡No, ni al caso!
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2022.01.18 22:00 satactgre Wolf for Mathematical Statistics?

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2022.01.18 22:00 Crypto075 Yo discord fix yo shit

Yo discord fix yo shit
I came home yesterday to find that my account was logged into, I changed my password and my email and now you disable my account. You have to be joking.
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2022.01.18 22:00 GreasyGrady Is it worth upgrading to a Nikon F from a nikkormat ftn?

May seem dumb but I really want one in black for no other reason other than its looks. Is this foolish? Or would I have more to gain in looking to other brands for different lense options?
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2022.01.18 22:00 murubixaba Why do people from the USA call themselves "americans"?

As an american (born in the american continent) from another country, I always asked myself this question.
I've done some research on reddit and other sites, and I couldn't find 1 single reasonable argument. I'll write down some and explain why they are not reasonable:

  1. It's the name of the country. It's like calling british, mexicans and brazilians when someone is from United Kingdom of Great Britain, United States of Mexico or United States of Brazil (the old name of Republic of Brazil) . A) Well... It's not the same. Ok, America, Brazil and Mexico are regions. But Great Britain, Brazil and Mexico actually are countries which occupy all of the region of its names. Also, the name is not disputed: no other people claim to be british, mexican or brazilian. . B) The United Arab Emirates don't call themselves "arabs", because they're not the only arabs in the world. They're called "Emirati", which is similar to "estadunidense" (portuguese/spanish for United Statian). . C) There's no "north" in Democratic People's Republic of Korea, yet we call them North Koreans. There's no "south" in Republic of Korea, yet we call them South Korean. . D) What do we call people from "Republic of China"? "Taiwanese", not "chinese".
2) There is not a continent called "America", but two continentes: North America and South America. . This is disputed. Depending on where you live, you can learn that Earth has 5 or 7 continents. Historically, "North America" and "South America" were just subdivisions, like "Scandinavia", "Western Europe" and "Eastern Europe". Spain, France, Netherlands, England and Portugal called everything "New World" or "America" when referring to their colonies in the continent. In the 19/20th century, the US even created the slogan "America for Americans", meaning that they should help the independence of american countries, and that no European country should have bigger influence in the region than the USA.
3) No one bothers with that, just "south americans". . Well, why should asians and europeans care? It's not a claim or dispute of theirs. It's pretty logical that it only bothers the other americans.
4) But Canadians and Mexicans don't seem bothered. . They should. But I guess US influence is stronger when you're so close and share a border. And Canada doesn't share the common experience of american countries of fighting for independence from European monarchies and against Ancient Regime institutions. But if they saw themselves as americans, I would see no problem in that.
5) "Estadunidense" may sound good in spanish and portuguese, but there's no word in English for that. "United Statian" is too long, and it is like calling "United Kingdomian" a british. . A) Again, theres a reason for us to call British the UK citizens and Emirati the UAE citizens. . B) Well, many countries in the world call USA "The States". There would be no confusion or dispute over calling "Statian" or "U-Statian" someone from the USA. That is not too long, and easily applicable in a conversation. . B) You could as well be called "Yankees". . C) My favorite, though, is "US citizens". You could say no one refers to any other nationality like that. That's true, but no other nationality claims the name of other 15+ countries and 700 million people. Also, it has as many syllables as "americans".
6) Well, no one cares about South Americans and their claims; the USA is the world power, the biggest economy and military force. . A) Well... You're not disputing with a country, but with a whole continent. USA has 330 million people, the rest of America has 700mi. . B) Okay, even if we consider the GDP and military force of the rest of America, it doesn't get close to USA's. But, you know, hegemony is cyclical: Spain, Netherlands, Great Britain had their moments in history. They were once the world superpower, and shared the same trajectory, like the US also shares. Since the 70's everyone knows of the decadence of USA. Then, everyone thought Japan would replace the USA as new superpower. Well, they got it right that is would be a country from the far east. By 2030, China will replace the USA as the biggest economy, just like slowly the USA replaced the UK. By 2050, China will be technologically far ahead of the USA. So, by then, can we all agree on calling USA people "yankees", "Statians" or "US citizens"?
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2022.01.18 22:00 jayexvii WHAT THE FACK IS GOING ON? I didn’t do anything ?!

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2022.01.18 22:00 graphitewolf (WTS) b5 sopmod enhanced $68 [AZ]

Up for grabs is slightly salty/painted b5 stock in black for $68
It will ship tomorrow or the day after PayPal only
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