2022.01.26 13:55 KeepSmokingPaxks Shadow

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2022.01.26 13:55 kevinowdziej It's a tough concept, apparently

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2022.01.26 13:55 lgx Tested positive today

Should I inform my local “centro de salud” or just stay at home?
Can I go to the pharmacy to buy more test kits?
I also have an appointment for the third dose tomorrow. But I think I have to stay at home.
Area: Alicante
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2022.01.26 13:55 jdiromphoto Rapha Pro Team Training Jersey

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2022.01.26 13:55 GinandJuked Champion info

Is there anywhere in the client to read about a champion’s abilities, cooldowns, damage, etc. besides in game on the scoreboard?
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2022.01.26 13:55 Necessary_Bid7553 Audio version of podcast is a reupload?!

Is anybody else experiencing this problem? I use apple podcast and the latest podcast is just a reupload of the craigsmas episode. Is any other audio platform experiencing this?
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2022.01.26 13:55 Bubbly_Recognition31 Welcome ladies and gentlemen

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2022.01.26 13:55 b4llp1tg0l3m Oblivion Crashing, LOOT and Wrye Bash both say everything is okay

At first I was having the issue of Oblivion crashing on startup whenever the UOP is installed, which is obviously problematic for my mod list that follows. I saw elsewhere someone had luck with opening it in MO2, which I already use for NV, and it does in fact make it to the main menu. However, as soon as I hit New Game, the game crashes still.
I've run LOOT more times than I can count with all of its advice taken. I installed everything via Wrye Bash which is showing nothing is installed improperly. I have Stutter Remover, NVAC, 4gb patch (used on both oblivion and OBSE), Engine Bug Fixes, Windows 10 optimized .ini, pretty much every conceivable performance mod.
My first theory is character overhaul, despite everything clearing it and all of the compatibility patches I have, considering it crashes at new game (There are no other saves to test, fresh install). My other thought was Alternate Start, which I suppose is a quick thing I can check as soon as I type this up. My third and final guess on my end is trying to use OOO and MOO at the same time, but everyone using both says it works perfectly.
Here's my Load Order from LOOT, please let me know what any of you think, or if you've had issues with any mod listed:
0 0 Oblivion.esm
1 1 Better Cities Resources.esm
2 2 HorseCombatMaster.esm
3 3 Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm
4 4 Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp
5 5 Oblivion Citadel Door Fix.esp
6 6 UOP Vampire Aging & Face Fix.esp
7 7 DLCShiveringIsles.esp
8 8 Better Cities .esp
9 9 Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp
10 a DLCHorseArmor.esp
11 b DLCOrrery.esp
12 c DLCVileLair.esp
13 d DLCMehrunesRazor.esp
14 e DLCSpellTomes.esp
15 f DLCThievesDen.esp
16 10 DLCBattlehornCastle.esp
17 11 DLCFrostcrag.esp
18 12 Knights.esp
19 13 Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esp
20 14 Better Dungeons.esp
21 15 OOOShiveringIsles.esp
22 16 AliveWaters.esp
23 17 Oblivion_Character_Overhaul.esp
24 18 Sounds of Cyrodiil.esp
25 19 Kvatch Rebuilt.esp
26 1a AliveWaters - Koi Addon.esp
27 1b AliveWaters - Slaughterfish Addon.esp
28 1c Alternative Start by Robert Evrae.esp
29 1d MidasSpells.esp
30 1e DeadlyReflex 6 - Combat Moves.esp
31 1f Deadly Reflex 6 - HeX NifSE Patch.esp
Deadly Reflex 6 - Timed block and 150% damage.esp
Deadly Reflex 6 - Timed Block and 250% damage.esp
32 20 Deadly Reflex 6 - Timed Block with no damage or durability changes.esp
33 21 DropLitTorchOBSE.esp
34 22 Immersive Weapons.esp
35 23 Kvatch Rebuilt - OOO Adaptation.esp
36 24 More Effective Enchantments.esp
37 25 Mounted_Spellcasting_Deadly_Reflex_Compatible.esp
38 26 Natural_Habitat_by_Max_Tael.esp
39 27 Natural_Vegetation_by_Max_Tael.esp
40 28 Natural_Water_by_Max_Tael.esp
41 29 Natural_Weather_by_Max_Tael.esp
42 2a OCO DLC Faces.esp
43 2b OCO_Eyes_Fix.esp
44 2c Unique Landscapes.esp
45 2d ULM OscurosOblivionOverhaul-UniqueLandscapes patch.esp
46 2e ULE KvatchRebuilt-CheydinhalFalls patch.esp
47 2f xulArriusCreek.esp
48 30 xulRiverEthe.esp
49 31 xulBlackwoodForest.esp
50 32 xulSnowdale.esp
51 33 Better Cities Full.esp
52 34 xulChorrolHinterland-BC6.esp
53 35 ULM BetterCities-UniqueLandscapes merged patch.esp
54 36 Better Cities Full - OOO.esp
55 37 Better Cities - Alternative Start Arrive by Ship.esp
56 38 Better Cities - Leyawiin Flooded.esp
57 39 Better Cities Chorrol - Knights of the Nine.esp
58 3a Better Cities - IC Imperial Isle.esp
59 3b Better Imperial City.esp
60 3c Better Imperial City - OOO.esp
61 3d Better Imperial City FPS Patch.esp
62 3e Bashed Patch, 0.esp
63 3f Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul.esp
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2022.01.26 13:55 jay2770 Stained glass by Carley Crossman

Stained glass by Carley Crossman submitted by jay2770 to RedHotChiliPeppers [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 13:55 Lava_Wolf_68 Do you serve scotch here?

Yes. We do. Right. A pint of whisky for me and two scotch for my crocodile here.
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2022.01.26 13:55 SeanMcL216 Fergus is not a fan of hanging out in the playpen.

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2022.01.26 13:55 CUDizzyLab Sensory Experiences Survey

Dear 'Synesthesia' community members,
We are CUDizzyLab, researchers from Cardiff University, School of Psychology. We’ve created a short 15-minute survey, and we would be extremely grateful if you would be happy to complete it. Study link:
We are interested in the lived experiences of people who identify as having, or have a diagnosis of synaesthesia. We want to understand and learn about peoples' experiences of sensory information, and how these experiences might affect daily life. Sensory information can be anything in your environment which you can touch, see, smell, taste, or hear. It can also be things that might affect your movements or balance. We aim to accurately represent these lived experiences.
All the information collected will be completely anonymous (we will not be able to link your response to your name or account).
We have only posted this survey with the approval of the group moderator. We hope that the results of the survey will help us, and other researchers, to better represent the views and experiences of the synaesthesia community. You can find out more about our research at, or you are welcome to message us directly.
Many thanks, CUDizzyLab
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2022.01.26 13:55 Duartecule68 If you haven't already check out my masterpiece " Dot " from TheNewWorldOrder Collection. Username: Duartecule99

If you haven't already check out my masterpiece submitted by Duartecule68 to NFT [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 13:55 Marwan_Elkordy I am trying make simple prj , and I can't figure out how to use my action listner

Main class
package anas_prj; public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { new mysubclass (); }
Student class
package anas_prj; import java.util.Calendar; import java.util.GregorianCalendar; import java.util.Scanner; public class student { static Scanner scr = new Scanner(; String [] [] student = new String[20][5]; private String fornamn; private String efternamn; private String termin; private String username; private String epost;

Calendar calendarObj = GregorianCalendar.getInstance(); int month = calendarObj.get(Calendar.MONTH); int year = calendarObj.get(Calendar.YEAR); public student(String fornamn, String efternamn){ //constructor takes f,e this.fornamn = fornamn; this.efternamn = efternamn; } public student(){ // default constructor } public void setFornamn(String fornamn ) { this.fornamn = fornamn; } public void setEfternamn (String efternamn ) { this.efternamn= efternamn; } public String getFornamn(){ return fornamn; } public String getEfternamn(){ return efternamn; } public String getTermin(){ return termin; } public void setTermin(String termin) { this.termin = termin; } public String getUsername(){ return username; } public void setUsername(String username) { this.username = username ; } public void setEpost(String epost) { = epost; } public String getEpost() { return epost;} int i = 0; public String skapaTermin() { if (month < 6){ termin = "ht"; } else { termin = "vt"; } return termin; } public String skapaUser() { username = termin + fornamn.substring(0,3) + efternamn.substring(0,3); return skapaUser(); } public String skapaEpost(){ epost = username + ""; return skapaEpost(); } 
GUI for prj
import java.awt.event.ActionEvent; import java.awt.event.ActionListener; import javax.swing.; import java.awt.; import java.awt.event.*;
class mysubclass implements ActionListener{ static student obj = new student (); JTextField tfFornamn; JLabel lblFornamn; JTextField tfEfternamn; JLabel lblEfternamn; JTextField tfTermin; JLabel lblTermin; JTextField tfUsername; JLabel lblUsername; JTextField tfEpost; JLabel lblEpost; JButton spara ; JTextField btnSpara ; JButton visaalia ;
 mysubclass() { JFrame frame = new JFrame("student form"); JPanel panel = new JPanel(); frame.setSize(400,350); frame.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); frame.add(panel); panel.setLayout(null); JLabel lblFornamn = new JLabel("Förnamn :"); //First name lblFornamn.setBounds(10,10,80,35); panel.add(lblFornamn); JTextField tfFornamn = new JTextField(25); //textfield for first name tfFornamn.setBounds(120,10,600,30); panel.add(tfFornamn); JLabel efternamn = new JLabel("Efternamn :"); //last name efternamn.setBounds(10,50,90,35); panel.add(efternamn); JTextField tfEfternamn = new JTextField(25); // textfield for last name tfEfternamn.setBounds(120,50,600,30); panel.add(tfEfternamn); JLabel lblTermin = new JLabel("Termin :"); //termin lblTermin.setBounds(10,90,90,35); panel.add(lblTermin); JTextField tfTermin = new JTextField(25); //textfield termin tfTermin.setBounds(120,90,600,30); panel.add(tfTermin); JLabel lblUsername = new JLabel("Username :"); // username lblUsername.setBounds(10,130,90,35); panel.add(lblUsername); JTextField tfUsername = new JTextField(25); //textfield username tfUsername.setBounds(120,130,600,30); panel.add(tfUsername); JLabel lblEpost = new JLabel("Epost :"); //email lblEpost.setBounds(10,170,90,35); panel.add(lblEpost); JTextField tfEpost = new JTextField(25); //textfield email tfEpost.setBounds(120,170,600,30); panel.add(tfEpost); JButton spara = new JButton("Spara"); spara.setBounds(10,210,120,30); panel.add(spara); spara.addActionListener(this); JTextField btnSpara = new JTextField(25); //textfield save button btnSpara.setBounds(150,210,600,130); panel.add(btnSpara); JButton visaalia = new JButton("Visa Alia"); visaalia.setBounds(10,280,120,30); panel.add(visaalia); visaalia.addActionListener(this); frame.setResizable(true); frame.setVisible(true); } public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { if(e.getSource() == spara) { obj.setFornamn(tfFornamn.getText()); //encapsulation obj.setEfternamn(tfEfternamn.getText()); obj.setTermin(tfTermin.getText()); obj.setUsername(tfUsername.getText()); obj.setEpost(tfEpost.getText()); for(int i = 0 ; i <= obj.student.length;i++) { obj.student [i][0] = obj.getFornamn(); obj.student [i][1] = obj.getEfternamn(); obj.student [i][2] = obj.getTermin(); obj.student [i][3] = obj.getUsername(); obj.student [i][4] = obj.getEpost(); } } if(e.getSource() == visaalia) { for(int i = 0 ; i <= obj.student.length;i++) { } } } 
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2022.01.26 13:55 snoopdogg_tg Mi 11i Chrome still using battery.

How the hell is Chrome still using my battery despite me using only Opera browser? I have no idea what causes Chrome to run in the background.
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2022.01.26 13:55 berryboi23 TIFU By breaking a really expensive piece of equipment at work.

So I'm (26y M) currently training to be an electrician. For the last 2 weeks, as part of my course, I've been doing work experience with a company that does all the electrics for a big hospital in my city. Its like an unpaid internship type deal where I work and learn on the job before going back to my trade school for my exams in a few months. (I'm in France in case it's not the same in US).
Any way, today we were working in one of the labs. White coats, lots of technicians every where, beeping machines, you get the picture... Deal is: some brand new lab machines are being put in to do all the blood testing. We are there to pull power to the machines and move some stuff around, nothing major
There are 3 of us in the lab working, the team leader is super stressed out about working around these new machines. He keeps going on about how super expensive they are and how we need to be super careful.
The whole lab has one of those square panneled ceilings with the squares sitting on rails, and a space above them for all the vents, wires, light fixtures... miscelanious sweet wrappers the last worker left there, etc... Team leader says to me "go up there and remove one of the ceiling squares to access the wires above". As I prepare the step ladder to go up he says "be really careful not to drop anything on the machines".
So I climb up start to unclip the square pannel (bare in mind I had already done this maybe 30 times that week alone, no big deal). As I unclip it to take it off.... bang! 6 of the panels next to me suddenly unclip and fall off... onto the machine below!
Well it broke the machine... the plexiglass covers shattered, bits of plastic got into the mechanisms, big mess! Whole lab was silent and looking at us... Felt bad!
Welp... guess I'm gonna have to start looking for a new company to do my work experience with! (They haven't actually said anything to me yet, it happened at the end of the day and boss had already left). Guess I'll find out tomorrow ^
It's definitely going up there with some of my biggest oopsies and I think it's definitely my most expensive. We don't know how much yet... luckily everything is covered by insurance. And I'm unpaid so it's not like they're gonna take it of my pay haha!
Any way hopefully my TIFU will make you feel better about your own day! Thanks for reading!
Also please share any similar expensive work related mistakes if you have any. That way I'll feel less alone haha!
Tldr: I dropped a cieling panel on a brand new, super expensive piece of lab equipment at work in front of a whole room of lab technicians.
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2022.01.26 13:55 inactioninaction_ Didn't get out before the melt started but I'll take what I can get down here in the armpit of the south

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2022.01.26 13:55 capquintal [2016] Une étude ipsos montre que les francais sont globalement antisemites et que les musulmans sont pire que les autres

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2022.01.26 13:55 Minitrain I like Pete Davidson

He is funny
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2022.01.26 13:55 alllie It Sure Looks Like This Arizona Republican Used Campaign Cash To Attend Jan. 6 Riot

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2022.01.26 13:55 Dr_mcslappington I found these under a park bench about a half hour south of Portland Oregon. Can anyone help identify? I've lived in the area about five years and never seen any like them.

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2022.01.26 13:55 jaypinky69 Found this on my old pics 🤪

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2022.01.26 13:55 Jeremybrogdon79 L theanine

I need help choosing a good affordable l theanine to help with anxiety, I’ve heard powder is good but also hear that bulk supplements isn’t reliable? is powder better than capsules? brand advice please
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2022.01.26 13:55 gerard_chew Please feel free to use this song in your private devotion (quiet time) and public worship, and also share it with your fellow Christian family members and friends. Thanks and God bless!

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2022.01.26 13:55 No-Region7399 Question from an AV amateur

Hi All - I am starting to look into building a home theater system as I recently acquired my first OLED TV (LG G1), which is Dolby Atmos compatible, and I figured to complete the experience I aught to invest in proper sound. For context, right now I just have a Sony soundbar with a wireless subwoofer (2.1) that offers "3D sound" but not Dolby Atmos.

In doing research it sounds like a 5.1.2 setup is what I would like for my space. I had a couple questions:

Any feedback would be awesome. Thanks all!
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