Finally got the 2 10in symbiot pops for the venom collection.

Undergrad. (yrs 1-2) Psychology. 2. View this sample Research proposal. Writer's choice based on the given 6 options please/thanks. Undergrad. (yrs 1-2) Biology (and other Life Sciences) 2. View this sample Coursework. Learning in Adulthood. Master's. Education. 1. View this sample ... PDF. Postcolonial Studies in the Twenty-first Century: A Book Review Article of Literature for Our Times & Reading Transcultural Cities Alejandra Moreno Álvarez

2022.01.19 22:09 SirFancyPantsBrock Finally got the 2 10in symbiot pops for the venom collection.

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2022.01.19 22:09 Bbwpantylover Why are all my questions deleted?

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2022.01.19 22:09 creepflyer Existe alguma razão para wikipédia brasileira ser tão simplificada?

Cada vez mais eu procuro algo na wikipédia diretamente em inglês porque sei que vai ter muito mais informação. Existe algum motivo de fato pra wiki br ter pouca informação? é preguiça dos redatores? é falta de fontes em português? alias, é obrigatório fonte em português?

Aqui um exemplo de um artigo br com 7 linhas contra um artigo em inglês com um trilhão de linhas e mais de 100 referencias. E as 7 linhas meio que são tradução direta do texto em inglês.
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2022.01.19 22:09 KodyGames Happy Wednesday friends

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2022.01.19 22:09 Nachann26 Talisman wallet: An overview of the webapp and the extension

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2022.01.19 22:09 Any_Diamond_655 So many contradictory baseless posts…

I wasn’t going to make another post abt the fans but I think it’s kinda a relevant post to share
All the things their fans whine about is also the things their fans continue to support by forking into the group as much as they can…
do you ever browse through the regular forums and think that’s what we’ve been trying to tell them when they make rants or complaints yet they’ll have a go at us for pointing the obvious out?
Their fans have little to no standard bc their faves set the standard to be bog standard
So they can’t legimately whine about how boring or bland a group is when that’s the low standards that every fan supports a group to be?
They also can’t whine at us for pointing the obvious out when they choose to ignore the double standards and hypocrisies of their faves
Just so tired of reading posts that I would make or try to point out on their forums and be banned for it yet users are barely banned for it because????? I find the majority of stuff they whinge about is stuff we discuss maturely on here… so what’s the use of whining about us using this forum when they make similar posts or rants about stuff on theirs?
they make a post about why the fans normalised idols getting surgeries maybe it’s because the fans lap their faves looks up or lick the ground they walk on? so many posts on the regular forums are contradictory, imho, it is useless for them to rant about such things when a week ago they’d too would be lapping it up and or licking the ground their faves walk on so they pretend they havent
they’re the type of fans that learn a few social justice words then find a way to make a rant how it relates to their faves
they’re the type of fans that’ll only discuss it when it consciences their faves
ie: someone would say they dislike bts, they’d throw the word racist at them but then they be ranting about the mistreatment and racism their faves receive when they’ve
they whine about a group being overworked but they’ll whine when their faves take a break and demand they release a comeback
they whine about their faves being mistreated but theyve ignored and aided and embetted the fans to mistreat them
they whine when their faves are treated like an object but theyll act like they’ve ignored it or only just noticed it when they too would treat them like an object
someone could point out that the fans have little to no standards when it comes to their faves and they’d bash users for doing that but they ignore the fact that the entirety of the fan base barley critique their faves as it is…
lthey act like they be purposefully to make posts about when others and even non fans of the group be saying that to them
they’ll make a post about how toxic the fans cons are when it comes to the fan consuming the group
they whine about the beauty standards being obscene but they too would be praising them for their looks
its like they learn a few words and make a rant about it despite it being such a baseless empty post when anyone could tell them that and they wouldn’t listen anyway, like they only just noticed that most of their faves lip sync, or they only just noticed how trashy the fan bases actually are or how some fans purposefully hop onto a group bc everyone else is doing it
they rant about fans consuming the songs so they chart but bruh that’s the purpose of their songs
it doesn’t take a degree to figure it out but they learn a few words to write an sjw rant when even anyone outside if their group would know that
tbh the internet shouldn’t have learnt any sjw words bc they use them when it conveniences the group, they’ll talk about bullying but only if it relates to their faves in some way or if their faves is being “bullied” but they be acting like bullying hasn’t been normalised on social media by just about everyone?
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2022.01.19 22:09 A_fluffy_protogen oog

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2022.01.19 22:09 EmpressMichelle_ 🙄 The thirst is real with this one…

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2022.01.19 22:09 hallothere47 AAAAAAAA MY FRIENDS ACCEPT ME

atleast my best friends hehe, that's mostly what i care about :>
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2022.01.19 22:09 lilbabygandhi Why Markets Won't Solve Poverty

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2022.01.19 22:09 introspectiveeye Dropping Bcom and going into Design? Lost and unsure how to proceed, looking for advice.

Hey everyone, in a bit of a dilemma and want to see what others think so hope someone doesn't mind going through my long explanation/rant. I'm a 20-year-old in first-year BCom (specifically the BTM stream), first semester went well although I wasn't really interested in the material and it came relatively easy without studying a lot. At this point after being enrolled in ADMS 2500 and dropping it alongside looking over the future required courses, the slight nagging feeling I already had about the program not really being for me has gotten stronger. My reason for dropping ADMS 2500 in particular, besides feeling I wasn't even really being taught, is how drained I felt trying to study the material.
I might just be naive, but I really only applied to the program since I had no idea what to do and I felt it was a good idea to work in some sort of business role and pursue what I really wanted to do in my free time before transitioning that into a careebusiness. I took a gap year after high school in 2019 and worked a bit to think about what I wanted to do and what was feasible with my grades, only had an 80% average since I initially wanted to go into engineering but mistakenly ended up slogging through the required courses until realizing I didn't have it in me to sit through and learn the required material in highschool let alone at the university level. That one year became two due to everything that happened the past 2 years and I didn't want to jump into university during that.
I also get this nagging feeling that I mentioned since I've always had more of an interest in a career that is more artistic rather than strictly technical, at least when it comes to actual skills for a job rather than something that would facilitate a hobby (like my desire to learn some programming so I can work on some hobby game projects). The skill I mainly desire to become great at is drawing/illustration/etc. This is why I'm considering transferring to Design at York since it seems a more marketable option and applying to Seneca as well as a backup. The only problem is that since I come from a low-income background, I'm still worried about financial stability in the near future and whether I should give it a shot and see where it takes me or take a safer approach. My low-income background would at least not put me into too much debt with OSAP, for reference I received around 8500 or so with a bit over 2000 in loans. Though York Design would result in me delaying my graduation further and on the other hand graphic design at Seneca would only be 3 years.
The only problem though is from what I've researched I'm unsure if even design has any real stability, at least besides UX/UI design, that can at least lead to a decent income as I develop my skills until I can make my own business in either graphic design or something involving illustration, maybe even web design since it doesn't seem to be as technical as web dev or more complex programming. There's also the problem that I don't have any real form of portfolio for these programs, which is why I'm considering getting a refund on two other courses and spending more time building my skills and a portfolio to apply with for the rest of the semester. I'm also unsure how competitive these programs are, especially considering I'm starting to develop these skills basically from scratch.
I'll add that I haven't taken that many courses first year either since I wanted to ease in after the 2-year gap, in total enrolling in 7 courses. This includes the dropped ADMS 2500, the two I'm considering dropping (ADMS 1010 & ECON 1010), three completed, and the GenEd I'm continuing to do. I've already scheduled an appointment for an advisor, but if you read this far I would appreciate any help or insight from people in these programs or that have been in any sort of situation similar to mine, thanks.
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2022.01.19 22:09 GayestPA Niacinamide

Has anyone discussed niacinamide with their dermatologist? I bought a dermatologist, “bougee” sunscreen from the clinic and it has niacinamide in it. I know no actives should be used on our skin, but what if it is niacinamide infused sunscreen? I only bought because it is a sunscreen and it is made to help with the redness of acne
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2022.01.19 22:09 Snubie1 [NEWS] Snubie CBD Pouch Coming Soon

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2022.01.19 22:09 ivanbayoukhi @wallstreetsilv

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2022.01.19 22:09 RollixnDaWae Gift for an online friends' birthday

So basically my online friends' birthday is in a few days, and I'm absolutely clueless to what I'm gonna get her, the reason why is because I cannot buy her something real as we live in separate countries and I don't know her address yet, so I'm gonna have to buy her something online, the even bigger problem is that she has like every single online paid service out there and the ones she doesn't have are easily buyable for her.
I thought of getting her a gift card but it just feels bland and a not-very-thought-out gift since she deserves the world and I want to give her something thats memorable (unlike money).
Could someone give me an idea or two?
Thank you.
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2022.01.19 22:09 cynycal The 2 hard truths Democrats need to share with their voters

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2022.01.19 22:09 NotJofis [Searching] maxed th11 upgrading to 12 looking for an active competitive war clan.

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2022.01.19 22:09 AboodyVevo PHYS 2325-Diagnostic Exam

Hello Coogs! I am here to ask about the university physics 1 diagnostic exam since I haven’t taken any scientific subjects in the past 2 years and I’m thinking about reviewing some topics, what do you recommend to review? Is it physics based or math mainly?
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2022.01.19 22:09 knightrider69x Touch me without using your hands...😈💋 British Punjabi Indian

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2022.01.19 22:08 zjjimenez Suggestion: Nerf English longbow and ram rush.

I have recently been dabbling in the Chinese and unfortunately if I match up with an English player I already know there's real no chance of winning if they decide to go with a longbow rush. The Chinese have no M@A in Feudal Age or any armored units at all until castle. The only chance we have is to mass produce horsemen, but the 100 food cost is killing us.
After contemplating there are a few ways this can be balanced out:

  1. Why not make the archers cost more? They can already produce them at 200%. I feel that is a good enough perc for them. Maybe up the food cost?
  2. Another way could be is to the rams not available to be made by the longbows which would force the English players to make other units such as M@A or spearmen in order to make the rams, units they cant make at 200%.
  3. Slow the creation of each ram slower by the bowmen. 40 longbows can make 4 rams so quick... Four rams can take out a lot... We end up having to resort to using our vills to kill them... which hurts the economy so bad.
  4. Make siege upgrade at the blacksmith for English either cost more or take longer to research. Maybe even Castle age for English?
  5. Lastly, let Chinese make M@A in feudal age... Why is this not an option in the first place? We we know the Chinese are OP late game... but come on no armor units until castle age? How do I defend against these rams that hit like a train with 40 longbows killing all 10 archers and 10 and horsemen that cost more than the 40 longbows?
What do you guys think?
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2022.01.19 22:08 MrDFNKT NFT scam or just UFC selling virtual crap to their fans?

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2022.01.19 22:08 Mauve_Unicorn The realization that made me quit on the spot.

A few years ago I got a job working with mentally disabled adults, running activities for a group home. It was a brand new building, and a coveted position among the existing staff there since the rest of their facilities were for youth, and since these were all adults there couldn't be any cameras in the house. Perhaps you can already see why this might be motivating for exactly the wrong type of person.
My partner who ran the building with me was wonderful; I really enjoyed our partnership, and for a month everything was great. Then she got demoted because she couldn't work a particular shift that she had initially agreed to. Mind you, she and I could have worked things out, but nope, instant loss of hours and pay, and her morale was destroyed. And her replacement was someone with a lot of seniority, but absolutely no concept of teamwork or work ethic.
In the meanwhile, our night-time staff had an issue that one of the two regulars slept the entire shift - this being the only building that one could get away with this at. That left the other person to do all the work, which they complained to the director about. The director said that he would never hire a person who would just sleep, and ignored the problem until one night he had to arrive and found her dead asleep, and instantly fireable offense.
Then there was money missing from the safe. I noticed it, I reported it, and I was subsequently blamed for it, even though I hadn't been there for the previous 3 days, and hadn't dealt with the safe for longer than that. But since I noticed it, it must have been my fault I was told. I denied any wrong doing, the issue was ignored, and a week later I was told that someone else made a mistake and they figured it out.
Then suddenly the key to the safe wasn't working anymore. I called the director to explain this, and was told that I was clearly too dumb to work a safe (which I had already used plenty by this point). A week later it was working fine; I asked what happened, and the director told me that he accidentally left the wrong key there. No apology for calling me dumb, nor any apology earlier for wrongly blaming me for missing money.
But still, I rarely saw the director, and so while he was a jerk, the real day-to-day problem was my co-workers. Some of the were great, but I rarely got scheduled with them. Instead I had the lazy person who refused to do her job, and instead just sat and played on her iPad all day, leaving the people she was assigned to alone. She refused to do anything unless I asked her really nice, so if there wasn't a "please" after every request, she would use that as a reason to not do it. When I mentioned this behavior to the director, he once again said that he would never hire a person who would act that way.
Then there was the thief. Honestly, she was fine to work with, but on one trip to Market Basket I witnessed her stealing a bunch of candy - then later in the car she tried to share it with us. I called the store an hour later and they tried to find the footage, but they couldn't even find her, so I had no proof. You definitely can't be a thief in these types of houses, especially with all the prescription medications that we have access to.
And then there was the replacement manager. She had no interest in a partnership with me (we were equals in title and pay, but she had been with the company much longer). If it was her turn to run activities, she waited until the last second and winged it. If it was my turn, she refused to listen to my ideas and demanded we do what she wanted - which was wait until the last second and wing it. She never had anything planned, she just wanted to hop in the van and go. Which was almost okay, except that she insisted on driving - and she drove like a suicidal maniac. Literally the worst driver I have ever been in a vehicle with. She clearly despised me, and was trying to push me out of the position so she could bring a friend in and they could be lazy together.
So what happened at my first big review? My director told me how there were a couple of fellow employees that kept complaining to him about me, and that I was clearly a bad team player. That I needed to work on my attitude. Every time I explained how inappropriate my colleagues actions were, he denied that what I had seen was even possible - yet the minor infractions against me were all definitely true? What were these infractions? Absolutely nothing specific, outside of me needing to say please more often! We went over what I needed to improve upon, and then my director looked at me and said that he wasn't sure that I "got it", so we needed to go over my entire review again. And then again. What was a 30 minute review was suddenly 3 hours long, of him just repeating the same garbage and empty complaints over and over.
Suddenly I realized what my role at this job was. I was the fall-guy. When something inevitably went wrong, they were all going to blame me. And these idiots were totally going to fuck this up bad. Lazy girl #1 had already nearly provoked a client into killing her with a butcher's knife (I didn't even get a thank you for saving her; I wonder why such pleasantries were demanded of me but never given from her?)
If my role there was to take the fall, then staying there another minute longer would have made me a sucker. I had another job already anyways, and I was sure they'd switch me back to full-time if I asked (they did). So I looked at my manager and said that clearly we weren't a good fit, and I was resigning effective immediately.
My only regret? I never got an exit interview, so his superiors never found any of this out.
TL;DR - Don't let yourself be the fall-guy. If management doesn't believe you or support you when you spot a red flag, but always shines the red light on you over nothing, they aren't keeping you around for good reasons.
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2022.01.19 22:08 Saud09 All Heists in Order (PC)

I’m trying to do all the heists in order to experience them to their fullest potential gameplay enjoyment wise, not trying to speed-run them or anything like that. Some what in a realistic way or approach.
My timezone is PST (UTC -8:00) so people in or around these timezones would be preferred.
Having a mic for proper communication is also required please.
If you are interested, add me on social club at “SinfulRumor” or leave your ID in the comments below. Thanks.
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2022.01.19 22:08 diomiamiu Hand-carved hole

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