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2022.01.20 08:23 ConsiderationSlow804 who want photos and videos of evaanna https://t.me/vitaljuices18

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2022.01.20 08:23 South-Ambition9325 does this mean InPrivate mode use more ram ?

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2022.01.20 08:23 MichaelW005 This issue keeps on persisting. I've already verified game files. I'm on Epic BTW

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2022.01.20 08:23 Maxcactus Can artificially altered clouds save the Great Barrier Reef?

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2022.01.20 08:23 Spookyy422 They both kinda fall under the same category, but still

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2022.01.20 08:23 thumbelinax8 “No one can make me cut things out” she says as she has to completely re-record the episode (it’s also only 43 minutes, considerably shorter than the original part 2)

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2022.01.20 08:23 HTL13 Black marks - what are they? Water parameters are close to Perfect (PH slightly low). New addition to the tank, with 4 others. This one is starting to develop black marks. He was fully yellow in the shop 🤔

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2022.01.20 08:23 Tesla44289 Was letzte ganz leicht überteuert?

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2022.01.20 08:23 solosaulo Christian Gay Sex Loopholes. Edition 1.

Here is another piece for contribution (characters 18+):
Christian Gay Sex Loopholes. Edition 1.
My dad's 60 y.o. cock is the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. Yes, none of the guys I have dated or sucked have ever possessed a beauty as perfect and sublime as my dad's. And here's the truth why. Being married 30+ years in a sexless marriage? Meant dads cock was often ill-used. If not. UNTOUCHED ... for many, many, MANY FUCKING YEARS! Not even kissed by a pair of innocent and loving lips. Surely. God would allow a guiltless, quick, pucker-up against dad's pecker. A quicker-pecker-upper. Even just to give a little sweet boost to dad's ego. Unstroked for so long ...
So. Dad's gorgeous dick was left. 'UNSCATHED'. In the most bad way. For literally. DECADES!!! Unloved. Unemployed. But. For that very 'sad' reason. It kept its almost 'virginal' ... pristine ... state of splendor. And just aged really well. Or not aged at all!!! And just kept on getting riper, and better. Dad's 60 y.o. cock! Stayed young. Fresh. And exuberant!
- At first glance. Looking at dad's limp one. Surrounded entirely by dad-bod features. A well-fed tummy. Fat, chunky, dad-thighs. An airy cloud of salt n' pepp-pubes. You could instantly recognize that was a stereotypical dad's cock. It looked like a pathetic. Lifeless. Sad hamster. It's animal soul had truly died. But boy! Your eyes would awaken with LIFE! If you ever saw his hamster. Spring to life!
- It would rise from his dad-bod ashes. Make its clearing from its hairy bush. Jut out. Sprout out with vigor! And have an unparalleled density. Rigidity. And bouyancy to it. The human skin that encased his erection. Was still so young and supple. It seemed like it would burst. Incapable of containing all of dad's power trapped within. This was how much my dad's cock had not been used. The skin on it was that of an adolescent boy. Unstretched. Unwrinkled. But my dad had grown in his virility after long-life. His increased fervor and virility inside his dick. Did not match it's skin-casing. Still brand new. Unused. Except to create me. His son of course. That very first time ...
- I felt so bad for my dad. His prized possession had never been 'taken advantage' of. It had just been used once. For pro-creation. And even though it was so beautiful. Mom let dad's ego. Just die. FROM THE INSIDE. This is why it looked like a dead hamster. When it was soft. It did not hang strong. Like a strong-and-long-daddy-dong. When it was limp. If it had been used more extensively in the past. Maybe it's skin would have stretched more. Due to wear and tear. Making dad 'hang low' a little bit more magnificently ...
AND. Dad never cheated either. So you ask me, how did dad get off for all those fucking years???
Well, we were Christian. So there was not much we could do without sinning. Hence, also why dad never cheated for over 30 years! But me and my dad found some 'loopholes'. Which was a pact between me and him. I called it: Our Christian-Abiding Loophole Sessions ...
They never involved the actual employment of the utmost, sinful pleasure of the cock. Never abusing it. Never going at it too hard. But just enough. Normal. Healthy. Human-body-part-stimuli. JUST ENOUGH ... to make the juices from within the inside spirit leak out. Or spill it out. Enough to rid the accumulation of the devil's liquid-serum-seed trapped inside the body and the balls.
Me and dad KNEW that letting the devil's demon juice accumulate within the body. WAS. In fact. The work of the devil!!! If enough of it built up all gooey inside in the Satan's Scrotum Hell Chambers . It would actually start to encourage one's soul to sin UNHOLY. Better get those dirty white slimely molecular angels out! Then keep them inside. Bloating your scrotum full of those tiny white devil seeds!
So. Me and dad knew we could never actually have sex together. We could never have sinful skin-to-skin contact. Nor touch each other whatsoever. Nor the entering of each other's Forbidden Hell Holes!
But if we allowed Lucifer's Liquor rest too long in dad's interiors - that that would have even worse consequences!!!
We had to do what sex-abstaining GOOD CHRISTIANS DO! And find tools and tactics to rid Satan's White Wax Sap from dad's inner-storage-spaces. Here are some examples:
(BTW. This is after mom died. It was 'LESS' sinful to do these things with dad. Now that mom was gone. Now that mom had went to see her new man main in her life in heaven: GOD ...).
I would ask dad to wear some thin-materialed, silky, dress pants. And would kiss his cock hard through them.
I would gently kiss his cock through his pants, enough to drive him crazy, and his dick would splat all on its own inside his pants ...
(Once again: I didn't TOUCH my dad's dick with my fucking lips!!! I STAYED CHRISTIAN. No. I did not have direct contact with Satan's Pure Flesh. There was a thin. Material-barrier. Between the lips of a loving, devoted son. Devoted to the Order Of God. And to the order of his superior alter. In fact. I. Had replaced dead-mom. It was Sunday. Church day. Wife preparing her husband for church. And the only reason I slipped these fancy dress pants on my dad. Was to get him ready to go worship The Lord!!! Pants were a little tight. A little bulgey. Church members would not approve. I just needed to straighten out his hamster in his church pants. So I used my lips as a clothing iron ...).
To make things even 'hotter'. Yet remaining within the sanctity and the valid confines of honest religion. We employed. Other. 'SAFE'. Tactics ...
Like him not wearing any underwear underneath his dress pants ...
To better feel my tender. DEVIL-AVOIDING kisses. We allowe dad's zipper of his dress pants. To be UNZIPPED. But ensuring his belt buckle was still fastened. As so ... the waist button on the pants. THAT HOLY-CROSS. Represented by a buckled belt. And a fastened pants button. Was my direct block from looking the devil straight in it's face. And if I stared it it worshippingly. It would be my prayer to God. Nothing would get between my relationship with God!!! Since I was ultimately worshipping him at 'his' very altar ....
Dad would read his newspaper. The Christian Times. And I would kiss up and down his zipper.
(LISTEN: All these times. I only ever tasted the metallic-taste of a pant zipper. Sure!!! There was some sort of hard. Spiritual candle being lit. UNDER. The opened-zipper. But I certainly had no contact with it. Even though I could feel some hard heat emanating from within the open-'divide'. As said! I tasted only metal!)
Dad would read his newspaper. And I would kiss up and down his zipper. Almost putting my lips to his cock (trying to access the open-'divide'). But never so quitely. We did try it without his belt once. Just with his dress pants. Sans undies. His pants button securely fastened at the waist ...
My dad's spiritual candle would grow strong. Burn bright. Strong enough. That the flame needed the oxygen of air. In order to keep burning ...
My dad had to adjust his dress pants for that ...
With the tip of penis pulled slightly out. And allowed to peak out through the waist line. I would continue to kiss his cock through his pants.
(I was doing all that was necessary to get dad ready for church. I. WAS MUM NOW. Because mom was in heaven with her new bf. As mum: My husband's dress pants didn't look right for church. I had to straighten out this 'problematic' with his Sunday wear. Dad's dress pants were just too tight. Or he was too big for them. Anyways. There was a sin that was revealing and exposing itself. In the form of a little white. Half of an apricot. With a little bit of nectar leaking out of its tip. If necessary. My lips would find a way to poke this peekaboo-Pinnochio back into a better. Safer. Christian. Place ...).
I would go daringly up to the waist line, where his penis head was peeking up ... and dad would tell me. Feeling my lips press up against the fabric of his pants. But going just a bit higher up. Almost making contact with the apricot-flesh. Saying ...
Dad: Oh you betta watch out boy! That's pretty close there. Be careful about those lips. Don't go any higher there, son ...
So my lips would teeter dangerously at the edge of his waistline. Just before kissing the actual PENIS LIPS of my dad's knob. And the beautiful bubble-bead producing there. His dew accumulating in a perfect tiny sphere. Sparkingly. WITH EVANGELICAL LIGHT!!! But having the essence of the devil inherent. And therein ...
Just the slight pressure of my lips against his pants. Making pressure against his shaft below. Made him come from just kisses ONLY. And I got to see all his jizz spill onto his tummy. Which is what my dad ultimately wanted me to see. By exposing the tip of his dick. To the open air. I got to see jet streams of warm. Hot actually. Inferno Liquids Of Lucifer. Make SIN-STREAKS on his tummy. And intermingle with this belly furs ...
I got to smell it only though. Never taste! Fuck! Dad saw how my eyes lit up seeing all his Sticky Satan Strands lacing his tummy. And sometimes for a couple of minutes after. Me and him would just look at all this glorious aftermath subsiding slowly on his dad-belly. Pure white cream lines. Now sort of dissolving. Losing their milky creaminess. And become more liquid-y clear glue-goo. With my dad's erection. Sort of still going on. The waistline of his tight pants. Kind of kept his shaft tight. Holding it's energy in. My dad. Calming down from prevoius heavy breathing. Had a guilty look of sin on his face. Combined with an actual, real feeling of guilt in him. But not feeling too sinful. He knew he had only cum from the tightness of his waistline and his tight pants. And only the slight. VERY MINIMAL. Pressure of my lips previously dabbing his shaft below his pants. Just enough. To tip my dad's dick overboard. And relinquish the little devils once trapped inside dad's body ...
(I think another thing that kept dad hard. Other than his dick being strapped down. And kept hard by a tight waistline. Was me! Looking at his tummy area. Astonished by it! Like it was a smorgasbord area. So many Satan Seeds smothering his belly region. And what a smell they were generating. I could only smell them. Not taste! But daddy saw my eyes were in awe! And my tongue was licking my lips ...
For that matter. If I wasn't allowed to have physical contact with dad's cock. With my hands or lips. Let alone. Let my taste buds experience his real, live juice. Think about dad himself. Jerking himself off with his very own hand??? That would self-flesh-to-flesh contact. And a certain sin ...
So we needed to find props! I could never be allowed to use a fleshlight or pocket pussy on dad. Even if I made sure to hold on to the fleshlight, pocket pussy only. Not his dick. That still would be outright sin. Since it was the intentional use of a sex toy. For intentional pleasure. As opposed to just casual lips against the material of pants. So we had to improvise!!!! I took a really long drinking glass. One that fit perfectly around the size of my dad's large cock when he was fully glorious. I lubed the inside of the glass up with some Vaseline. And without actually touching my dads cock - I jerked him inside the glass.
The feeling of the inside of the glass and all that Vaseline therein was a very 'teasing' feeling to my dad. And it aroused my dad's cock-in-a-glass ... very suprisingly. It was like watching something very interesting happen in an insulated aquarium. And the neat thing was: Once dad was completely hard in the glass. It completely encased his dick. Engorged inside the clear glass. And we could see certainly. And visibly. Just how FULL he was in there. All the same time. WE WEREN'T giving his cock any AIR EXPOSURE. Unlike last time. With dad's penis tip exposed. And his cum allowed to spill out to the open public of his stomach.
In a glass. Dad's cock sliding inside with the Vaseline. Was SELF-CONTAINED entirely. And therefore. THE SIN. Also contained inside. And not allowed to see the light of ... open air!
The excitement for both of us was. We both could see everything that was in the clear glass aquarium!
- Dad could see how hard he was inside the glass.
- He could also see my hand wrapped around the glass. As if my hand was actually holding on to his very penis. But not.
Dad got so turned on! It was as close to a real hand job as I could give him! I raised the glass up. Then pressed it back down onto my father's shaft. It descended smoothly down onto dad. And I saw the sides of my dad's shaft slide up against the interior of the glass so smoothly with the Vaseline. The bottom of the glass. Which was covering the top of his penis. Once I made the glass slide down all the way to the bottom of dad's shaft. It made dad's cock totally fill up the entire length of the tall glass. And made dad's penis head. Press up against the bottom of the glass. Smush up into it. I even saw his penis lips like practically kissing the bottom of the glass. Like an aquarium fish. Pucker up against the glass pane of its aquarium ...
Dad was so excited by getting his first, real, 'fake' handjob with no, actual hand contact. That he immediately had to forewarn me about the inevitable. That a self-contained eruption was imminent. And informed me:
Dad: I'm about to produce some white dish detergent in there in that carwash was going on. Hold the glass down when I tell you too, K, boy???
And when dad was about to grunt. I let go of the glass! I dunno why! I just did!
And as dad was cumming wildly. His dick throbbed inside the glass uncontrollably. But it was so fucking weird!!! The glass didn't come off his dick!!! He pulsated inside the glass hands-free. And it was like those strengthing pulsations inside the glass. Actually made the glass fit more securely and tightly around his throbbing. EVEN HARDER. Cumming-cock!!!
Dad: HOLD IT DOWN I SAID, BOY!!! Or else it's gonna fly off!!!
I heeded to dad's immediate order. And pushed the glass down on dad. And kept it down. Now with the glass held still. Dad was allowed to continue his pulsations inside the glass securely. And with his penis head. And their lips of his knob and his nuzzle. Smushed against the bottom of the glass. Dad. Feeling the downward pressure on his shaft. Allowing him to have a fully good, relieving cum. Instead of just an uncontrolled, hands-free one. The bottom of the clear glass. At the top of his penis head. Was seen to fill with that oozey-gooey, self-made detergent ...
Again. Me and dad looked in awe and what was happening inside that glass 'aquarium'.
And when dad was fully finished giving the interior of this glass cup it's own pleasure. Again. Intrigued. I let the glass go out of my my hand. It watched it stand on dad's dick all by itself. Dad's erection inside the glass. Able to hold the glass cup all on it's own.
Dad said to me: You know. When my dick goes down. You know that that glass is just gonna fall off of my cock. And then the devil's mess will be everywhere ...
So then I simply asked my dad: ... Do you want me to do the honours now then???
Dad said: What??? WHAT!!! Don't do it boy!!! DON'T!!! The detergent is still fresh. Just smelling it is a sin!!!
When I lifted the glass off of dad's cock, and watched the remaining drippy remnants slide down his still hard shaft. Dad looked at his post erection. Still standing glorious as a stunning, slime-covered obelisk. And he had the ultimate look of real shame and guilt staring at it. I. On the other hand. Again. Had a look of awestruck. And delight in my eyes. Seeing dad's upward beam. Balance defiantly in the air. Slowly deflating from its previous magnifience.
It was such a hot sight. My dad saw I had a major boner sticking in my jogging pants, and I was touching it.
We never did that one again. That one got us close to sinning. Even more than the first one. The crotch kissing.
I think I know why my dad felt this one was particular sin-committing though. Unlike last time. In which his tummy was plastered. This time. It was actually dad's sex organ. That was glazed and lathered from all that dripping goo. The devil's seeds were actually running down his shaft in heaps. Glorifying dad's proud one. SHINING. AND GLOSSING IT. IN SIN ...
So. We had to again. Think of some new 'UN'-devilish tricks: HVAC piping that is.
I cut a piece of it, to the size of like half a soft drink can. I wrapped around it continuously with some plastic bags. On the outside. And also the inside of the pipe. And dipped the entire thing in a bowl of olive oil. I mounted it to a chair somehow. Lodging it snuggly between the two narrow wooden beams of the back of a chair. Placed the chair against the wall for support. And asked dad to fuck it. And on the seat of the chair. I laid out a wet washcloth. And when dad spilled. All the cum would immediately fly on the cloth. And immediately get absorbed like that into the wetness. 'Disappear' into the fabric of the cloth.
Nope. It would'nt taint or stain his own dick. And let the devil coat it's own member with it's own poison. It would be a clean operation. And afterwards, I would just toss the washcloth into the washing machine.
A chair. Against a wall. Attached with a plastic bag lined pipe. Dipped in olive oil. Would also absolve my role out of the endeavour as well. I wouldn't be an active participant.
I wouldn't be sinning alongside with dad. I would just watch daddy pump. I wouldn't be holding onto the tube myself.
Dad didnt like the HVAC pipe as much as I thought, however. He said there was something about me operating the glass on his dick he liked ... that stimulated his cock MUCH MORE. This time. With the awkward pipe on his dick. It didn't do much for him. He was the one needing to thrust through it. And he also told me that he needed the HVAC pipe to actually move as well with his cock. He needed it to push back on him. You should have seen the look on my dad's face as he slid his dick EMBARASSINGLY inside and out of this oiled-up pipe. He told me he looked like a horse fucking a cum-extraction-apparatus to extract it's horse sperm for breeding purposes.
I told him otherwise. I said he looked GREAT fucking the pipe! Holding on to the chair for grip. Ramming the chair against the wall. I told him the pipe and the chair THEMSELVES were extracting all of dad's power. And that was not a case of sin. It was inanimate objects that he was giving his spirit too.
Dad told me he didn't really find the feeling of the inanimate tube all that pleasureful if it didn't do something back to him all on it's own. Well ... it was inanimate!!! I told him to take off all his clothes. And try it that way. WHILE I WATCHED. He did for a while. But with being all naked infront of me. Overwhemling guilt eventually took over him. I saw it on my dad's poor face. And he stopped midway through. And got dressed again ...
So again. Scrap that one! And let's re-improvise another time!
So. I attached the HVAC pipe to a broomstick. Removing the broom head. And found a way to attach the pipe to the center of the broom rod.
Dad stood infront of me. Both his hands on his hips. And I took the broom rod on each end. Held by both of my hands on either side. Held it as firmly as I could. And raised it up horizontally to the level where my dad's dick was. Let him slide his dick through the pipe hole. And as he pushed forward through the hole of the pipe. I put pressure back on dad. And pushed the broomstick foward. Thereby. Providing the counter-force back on my dad's cock that he needed. The broom rod idea was ingenius!!! Once again - I wasn't actually touching dad's dick ...
I watched infront of me his penis head poke THROUGH AND THROUGH the pipe hole. Sliding out from it. Not enough to actually slide out of the pipe entirely. Because dad would push himself through it again. And his penis head would reappear out on the other side. Poking right in the direction of where my face was.
Now dad really like this one!!!
He liked how he was fucking the pipe. And I was making the pipe fuck him back!!!
But the real turn on. Was seeing how his dick was pointed right at my face. As it poked through the pipe. Every thrust and push into the pipe. Made his cock appear out of the other end of the tube. Facing my face right-on. Every thrust and push. Got dad harder. Closer. Now. Not only dad enjoyed the feeling of fucking the pipe. Giving the pipe pleasure. With his own flesh pipe. He mainly got off knowing that with each thrust. Push. Forward propulsion into the pipe. And through to the other side. That if he didn't control himself fully. Dad would just simply orgasm right onto my face ...
Dad was getting close ...
And dad asked me: Should we keep on going, son??? I mean. Don't you want to wear a mask or something. In case I ...
I said: It's the pipe that's doing all the work here. I'm not evening holding the pipe. I'm just holding a broom handle.
Dad said sarcastically: Yeah right, kiddo ...
(And just as I had explained that. Dad pushed into the pipe. I pushed the broom rod back onto him. And dad stopped thrusting for some reason).
Dad: I really can't son. I'm this close. We gotta stop. We all know where all of it's going to land ...
(And just as he explained the inevitable. I opened my mouth wide. And continued to push the broom rod in his direction. His dick was now pressed through the pipe entirely. His knob so close to my mouth agape. If he did cum right then and there. A huge squirt would definitely enter through the passageway of my lips. Possibly hit the bull's eye: The back of my throat. And it would be the worst kind of Christian Sin. Pure. Live. Devil seed. Re-entering immediately into the holy soul of another ...).
Dad: Don't do that son. Shut that mouth of yours ...
(Dad stops thrusting altogether. I continue to hold the broom horizontally. Pushing it into dad. And holding the broom rod still. Dad's almost-about-to-throb-cock. Held still. In the pipe).
Dad: No. This is sin, son. You're holding the broom. Your mouth is purposefully open. The devil is taking over you ... let me hold onto that Goddam broom ...
(Dad grabs onto the broom at either end of the stick. Instead of me. And holds it strong. Without moving it once inch to get himself off.).
Me: Dad. If you hold the broom like that. Not moving it. And your dick does it's own thing. Without us doing anything. NEITHER of us would sin then ...
Dad: You sure, son??? Because ... because ... BECAUSE, BOY!!! IMMA 'BOUT TO ... THE BIBLICAL FLOODING IS CUMMIN' ... NOW ...
... And just at the LAST MOMENT. I tilt my head back in the knick of time. Close my mouth. And most of it hits my chin. And runs down my neck. Thankfully.
Hallelujah! We somewhat avoided sinning! First: None of us. Either of us. Were actually touching dad's dick. And when dad's sperm was sent airborn. Dad didn't really do anything to make it fly. He just held on to a broomstick. Second: Where his cum landed. Was where it landed. It happened to be my chin. It entirely missed my mouth. Those devil seeds died drooling down my neck. There was never in skin-to-skin contact between dad and I. Just cream against skin. I didn't even put it there myself. It just flew from somewhere out of the air, right???
Nonetheless. We also terminated that one. It was true. The only thing dad enjoyed about fucking a plastic pipe??? Having his son's face at the level of where his dick was pumping the fuck out of said pipe. He enjoyed less so the artificial, rigid, feeling of the pipe. Than the thought of his cum flying towards my face. I. Knew that dad. Next time. Would definitely aim it squarely at my face, lips, nose, and eyes. And both of us. Had to avoid that INEVITABLE!!!
So we went back to the kisses through his pants!
And this time we tried it without his pants. Just in his underwear.
I kissed him through the fabric of his undies. Until he came. And just at the moment that he did. To NOT HAVE my lips that would be the stimuli just before his orgasm. I would remove my lips right away. And dad would cum hands free. Let the wrapping tightness of his underwear - be enough pressurization of his erection to induce the running of the liquids ...
First of all. Dad really LOVED my kisses on his undies. The material was even THINNER than that of dress pants of course. It was like my lips were actually on his dick.
But that one failed us as well. We forgot one caveat: PRECUM.
His precum soaked through the underwear as I gently kissed him. I noticed the moisture starting to appear through the fabric material. But I still continued kissing that wet spot on his undies. Dad had his head tilted back and his eyes closed. But when he took time to look back down at his bulge-erection snug in his underwear - he saw that I had already graced my lips with molecules of the devil's evil juice, that had escaped the fabric, and penetrated through, possibly burning my lips with RAW SIN!!!
Dad said to me when that happened. HORRIFIED when he looked down at me: Oh! No-no-no-no-no! We sinned boy!!! Did you taste it???
(I responded to him by saying nothing. Just licking my lips a bit).
Dad: Get the fuck away from there, boy! Go to the bathroom. And wipe your lips off with a wet washcloth!
Truth of the matter: Dad thought there would be no problem with being kissed through his underwear. The feeling was enhanced so much though. Due to thinner fabric. He thought everything was under control. He just missed the fact that when you're REALLY HARD. You don't know when your precum produces at the tip. It just does. You don't feel it actually seeping out. The evidence is just there. And it wasn't exactly MY FAULT EITHER!!! I was in the middle of kissing a dry spot. Because I especially like kissing dad's knob. And then it suddenly became a wet spot ...
I also tried wearing clinical rubber gloves, and gently finesse dad's cock with my COVERED hands and fingers. This completely avoided any sort of lip contact. With gloves that could easily lap or scoop up any cum spillage, and be disposed to the garbage after.
All these tactics combined, allowed dad just enough stimulation to cum. But since we never rough-housed dad's cock during our teasing sessions. Using only a minimum physical force for arousal ...
(I never actually tugged dad hard. Jerked him senselessly or rapidly. Just used gloved hands around dad's cock. Like I was his senior care giver. Washing his cock rather. Albeit with silky lotion. Moreso. MOISTURING dad's old cock. Providing it with care. That was innocent, right??? If care givers wipe asses as jobs. Cock-cleansing was definitely not anywhere close to being a sin. Moreso a careful, medical task ...).
... And since dad never pussy-jammed IN HIS LIFE (... Other than that one time with mom. To make us kids). Nor had his cock actually worked on. Devoured by a hungry mouth with teeth that could cause some gland damage. And even more!!! Dad never officially jerked off with his own bare hands. That it was for ALL THESE REASONS OF SAVIOUR. Me and my dad discovering these 'loopholes' that found a way to rid dad internally of the liquid devil that constantly replenished itself in my dad's body. Me and dad's. LACK OF REAL CONTACT. With his dick. Left dad's cock. INTACT. All these years. It still remains the unscathed beauty that it is today.
But there was JUST one time. When dad was sleeping. That I did use a tactic that did cross the good Christian line. As he was asleep. One time naked. I lifted up the covers. Crawled between his legs. Making sure my body didn't AT ALL touch his. And let my bare tongue touch his penis. It was MY SIN. NOT HIS. If dad didn't know about it. If he was in deep sleep ...
As he slept. I just slid my tongue up and down his shaft. Sometimes the sides. I took three layers of Kleenexes as well. Laid them on his stomach. Slid the 3-pile Kleenexes a little bit lower down, so that his penis head laid just on top of the Kleenexes. And as he snored, my gentle slatherings of my saliva against the skin of his penis shaft, was JUST ENOUGH to make his cum flood out. On to the Kleenexes. Which absorbed it. Afterwards. I carefully removed the pile of soiled Kleenexes with a tweezer. None of it had even contacted the skin of his belly.
I tipped-toed out of dad's bedroom. Never ever once telling him what I did.
I originally was just gonna throw out the Kleenexes into dad's garbage bin in his room.
But I decided to JAR THEM fresh with his devil seed. Keep those Satan's molecules fresh inside the jar. Keep their EVIL ALIVE. Maybe open that jar a later date. And get a whiff. Let their jarred-aromas. Come to life. Another day.
Another time I decided to sin again. Since it felt so good. I took pictures of dad's hard on when he was in deep sleep. Then loaded them onto my computer. And jerked off to pics of dad's beautiful erection. The numeros pictures I took. Taking turns appearing in a slideshow on my computer screen. Like it was my porn. Since I wasn't actually allowed to access real porn. Oh God! Dad has the most beautiful erections even when he sleeps. I had taken AMAZING PICS of my dad's dick at different beautiful angles. And I came to that!
Instead of getting some new, fresh Kleenexes. And wiping myself off. I got super turned on. Reusing the Kleenexes I stored in that jar ...
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2022.01.20 08:23 bOn-Skirt-karma 都是川女的功劳

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2022.01.20 08:23 Xyphel- I got a setter with the style: Thoughtful Quick Love. What does that mean?

I got a setter with the style: Thoughtful Quick Love. What does that mean? submitted by Xyphel- to thespikegame [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 08:23 robwonder ROB WONDER - FUCK WHAT YU H3ARD! a new song I made last night

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2022.01.20 08:23 101-N0v2 Havin an argument, is my “art” good enough to be paid for?

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2022.01.20 08:23 Few-Reaction5833 Never forget your first!

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2022.01.20 08:23 gaditazmeen Landmark One | Bahria Town Karachi | 3D Architectural Visualization by PIXARCH | Karachi | 2022

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2022.01.20 08:23 IceCreamFaceTat A whole bunch of games just got Steam Deck Verified

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2022.01.20 08:23 Bonus1Fact Police said that while the Air Tags are designed to discourage unwanted tracking, "it can still occur."

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2022.01.20 08:23 iamark29 ITAP This was a timed shot of a beautiful stranger with pigeon, @2014 Amsterdam

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2022.01.20 08:23 Nixolarthewise31 Just started, is this setup any good?

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2022.01.20 08:23 South_Ad8647 Waiting for passport to be sent back?

I received a refusal letter with date 6january on it, but on TLSContact it is still on Application received by DMC and I contacted TLSContact to be sure and they made sure they still haven't received anything.
How long does it take to get my passport back? Any idea?
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2022.01.20 08:23 bluealyce Help needed :)

Liebe Community,
ich untersuche gerade den Effekt von Femvertising (wenn Marken sich zu frauenpolitischen Themen positionieren). Dafür brauche ich noch ein paar Studienteilnehmer. Dauert nur 5-7 Minuten & ist komplett anonym.
Würde mich über eure Hilfe freuen!
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2022.01.20 08:23 mariuscola stone house

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2022.01.20 08:23 DoreenMichele The last of the Marsh Arabs

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2022.01.20 08:23 garypaytontheglove20 Am I the only one who still didn't get his December payment?

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2022.01.20 08:23 Jokull2500 I love The Beatles

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