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2022.01.22 11:22 Tectonix911 is there any way to increment an nbt value

I'm trying to make a command block that makes phantoms "age" every night (I made them fire resistant). Every night, their Size tag is incremented by 1 so older phantoms are larger and stronger than newly spawned ones. However, it doesn't seem like I can do that, so does anyone have an idea how to make it work?
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2022.01.22 11:22 increasinglybold Amp/speaker for Matriarch in living room?

I am planning to buy a Matriarch to put in my living room, to be used like a living room piano would be. Can anyone recommend an amplified speaker, or some other solution to get sound out of it, which is a good match for its sound? Thank you!
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I have a genuine question regarding DCUO. I've been playing it on my nintendo switch for almost a month and I beat the "Tutorial" part of the game weeks ago when I reached Lvl 30. Weeks pass I grind tier 1-6 on the duty menus to increase my CR, then I reached CR 322. Yesterday I wanted to do duo, trio and 4 player tiers to complete my tier missions but then I realized how little players are on Nintendo switch. Am I doomed to never be able to do these tiers due to the server having so little people? The only time I'm ever able to see a person if there's a new event. Other than that I can't do any of the other tiers besides 1 player tier
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2022.01.22 11:22 KHALED_GXD Page Eight (1/2) hopefully

OHS chapter two
page eight (1/2)

While a storm was brewing larger, covering the majority of the isles in a thick layer of clouds, a pair of Witches were cleaning and tending the Pot o’knowledge, and it’s regulars.

One of them proceeded to show his co-workeGirlfriend a picture on his scroll phone saying “Vex! It’s called a dog, and everyone questions what their doin”. Vex thinks to herself “sometimes i question this relationship”, then she used magic to make a broom hover and sweep the floor saying “as much as I’d like to hear about this dog, i think it’s about time we get back to work Shea” a couple minutes of cleaning later, the customers of the Pot o’knowledge began calmly exiting the establishment, some of them said “i heard a storm clouded out the sun!” and “no way! I heard it’s the curse of the witch of the skies!”. The only ones still in the Pot were the workers, Owners (Athena, Hamilton) and an uninvited guest of theirs

a magic mirror acting as a TV was left on the news channel, Vex increased the volume and began hearing the news about a “ Titan scale cloud”, the reporter advises everyone to stay in a safe place till the storm blows over. Such weather is usually nothing to be afraid of, but then, sounds of rain drops hitting the Pot’s roof can be heard.

Shea confused: Acid rain?! Right now!?

then Vex makes half a spell circle in the air saying “we don’t have time Shea! Help me cover the Pot”, Shea completes the spell circle that made a magic shield over the Pot o’knowledge. Shea and Vex both go to the upper floor (library floor) to check on Athena and Hamilton

They noticed that no one is up here, except for a few bookworms that were having an intellectual conversation about wether or not water is wet. Shea had to kick the worms out saying “NO ONE, CARES!” The trajectory in which he kicked them at made them fly through on of the windows and outside the Pot

The suddenly the door to the worker’s lounge blew outward smashing onto a table, both Vex and Shea went to investigate only to find the majority of the owl house residents, the owners of the Pot, The Blight’s youngest daughter and lastly the uninvited guest who was a demon witch

Athen held in her hand a vail which had smoke coming from it, she said “Hello there children, i didn’t expect your shift to end so soon”. Hamilton’s grayish hair was almost completely black with smoke, assuming that he was closest to the vail before it exploded

Vex curious: what are you doing exactly? Other then burning down the one place where i can relax

Athena put down the vail as Venwesta approached Vex saying “huh, you look familiar.” Vex looked down at the demon lady who is at shoulder haight for her, she raised an eyebrow saying “and who is she? I thought everyone’s going home because of the storm?” that’s when a thunderous cry could be heard all across the isles.

After a brief explanation from Hamilton and Athena, Shea and Vex were both filled in about Venwesta’s plan and what happened to Khalid

Although Shea was usually the funny guy, he couldn’t help but feel sad for what happened to his friend. Vex however was furious saying “WHY?! FOR TITAN’S SAKE WHY!? WHY DID HE DO ANY OF THIS?! WHY DIDN’T HE JUST FIGHT BACK OR EVEN CALLED ANY OF US FOR HELP?! WHY DID HE DO IT ON HIS OWN?!” Shea tried to calm her down saying “come on Vex, Khalid isn’t always easy to predict, but perhaps he had a reason for why he did it”. Vex’s fury died down after what Shea said, as she calmed down Luz said “i think he did it to protect us, he always tried to in his own way. Sometimes he would even risk wounding himself, just to for us” she stood up wearing her glyph filled cloak saying “no matter what, I will help him back to his senses” her speach did make Vex change her mind about not helping him, although she is most certainly going lecture him about it after they’ve returned him back to his senses

Venwesta displays the plan on a chalkboard, and using magic to write it. She said the following “Now that we’ve got enough canon fodder, here is what you have to do. First, we need to aquire his attention. Launching the solution at the cloud isn’t a viable option because he could be anywhere inside it. Next, we need to hold him off somewhere where he can’t escape back into his cloud. Finally, we have to coat him in the solution for it to remove the ossumium, although it might not be enough to remove the spell Belos casted on his mind” The plan sounded easy enough, but executing it will be a whole different thing. But, nonetheless, Luz, Amity, Vex and Shea were all ready to give it their all

Outside the Pot

Rain fell from the sky, but it wasn’t acidic. Instead it was almost tear-like, probably due to Khalid’s mental state inside the cloud. It didn’t take long for people to slowly discover this phenomenon and enjoy the weather outside their homes, laughter and happy faces were seen all around Bones Barrow. Many people didn’t believe what they saw, it was truly marvelous to see

although it was nice to see non-acidic rain, the people couldn’t help but think “how are we going to contain such a downpour?” . The rain began flooding most wildlife homes and started a river going from the emperor’s castle through Bones Barrow and finally flowing down into the glands

As much as it was fun, the people that were outside at the time ended getting caught in the river. But some of them hung onto houses and trees, till they were rescued by the emperor’s coven disaster unit which is a team of witches and demons recruited by the emperor to help in any natural disaster scenarios.

they consisted of three demon witches and three witches from other covens, despite their differences, they worked together and helped most of the people who got caught in the river downpour. But there were a few kids at Bones Barrow that were hanging by the tip of their fingers, trying to hold on to dear life. Till they fell and got caught by a mysterious flying creature resembling a woman, since it was raining heavily, the kids couldn’t see their savior, though they were pretty sure that she was some sort of guardian angel sent from the titan to ensure their safety

after she helped the kids, the mysterious flying woman returned them to their house and flew over and landed inside the Pot o’knowledge saying “That was a close call, a few seconds too late and they would have got boiled alive”. Luz handed an orange glowing potion over to the flying woman saying “here, drink this. Athen brewed it specifically for you Eda”, Eda drank the potion and she began returning back to her normal form saying “I am not getting used to that form any time soon” then she went to converse with Ven and Athena because she just arrived and only now did she discover what happened to Khalid, as she approached them she saw them concentrating on making a mix of different ingredients, they grinded them and blended them till they were turned into fine powder, then they mixed it into a bottle filled with a red liquid. They had to pour it in portions as to not trigger an explosive alchemical reaction or worse

Lilith and Amity were sitting close to them in hopes of learning a thing or two about this kind of alchemy, Eda however was a bit unclear as to what exactly their plan was to knock some sense back into him, so she said “so what’s our game plan exactly?” Ven took over Athena’s part of making the potion and let Athena talk to Eda since she’s way better at explaining this in terms she would understand

Athena walked up to Eda and said “I apologize for not debriefing about what we plan to do, you see. Me, Hamilton and Dr.Venwesta discovered a way, a solution that would help remove the material covering Khalid’s body. And we came up with a strategy to get his attention then lure him somewhere secluded, then we can coat him in the solution. The solution will react with the material and dissolve it, making it easier for the others to bring him back to his regular self”. Although Athena’s explanation was simple, Eda couldn’t help but notice that Luz and few other teens are preparing for a fight. That’s when she connected the dot and said “You are not! Sending them out there! They will get hurt or even worse!”.

Shea confident: but we’re just as strong!

Vex convincing: we might not look it, but we’re on the same level of strength as him!

Eda could almost see the outcome of this whole thing, but even if she tells them not to go, she can’t stop them from helping their friend out.

Luz: i know you’re worried about us, but it’s okay, i promise

Amity: I’ll be sure to protect Luz looks at Vex and Shea and those two

Eda took a moment to think to herself, “I have a bad feeling about this. But i can’t seem to convince them otherwise, guess i should just accept it”. She took a chair and sat next to Venwesta saying “tell me how i can help” the others took that as a sign of approval to go and help Khalid

During the trail and error process of making the dissolving solution, Luz and Amity were talking with Vex amd Shea about a way to jumpstart Khalid’s memories and maybe get him back to normal.

Luz: Any ideas?

Shea: Maybe we can show him a meme or two! They never feel to make him laugh!

Vex: i don’t think that’ll work Shea, it’s good backup though

Amity: do we have any physical objects that may be of sentimental value to him?

Luz: i think i know where to find one. But i don’t feel like it will help him mentally

Vex: how about we use that as a backup? It’s better then what Shea has in mind

Shea: though my pride as memer is hurt, i too think that idea will be great as a backup for when we eventually fail

Amity: we now have a backup plan, but what’s our initial plan?

Luz to thought about it for a minute, she had a plan but it might be too dangerous. She might get harmed in the process of executing it.

Luz: I’ll try talking to him?

Vex,Shea and Amity all went silent for a second, then they said in unison “What?!”. They weren’t expecting her to suggest such a dangerous plan, talking to a dangerous weather controlling human isn’t like talking to a normal human being.

Amity: your not serious, are you?

Vex worried: he’ll probably kill you if you get within his sights!

Shea: and here i thought my idea was dumb

Luz empathetic: I’m scared that i might hurt his brain if i show him the- sad pause i won’t do it. Instead, I’ll be the one talking to him, that way no one else will get hurt

Amity: i know he’s the only other human on the boiling Isles, but i can’t let him harm you. If you’re going to talk to him then I’ll follow along, can’t have you getting hurt because of your good nature

Luz and Amity stared at each other for what seems like hours only for Shea to cough and say “Maybe you guys can do this some other time? We still have a human to save”, suddenly as if existing a trance, they looked away from each other

After a few hours, the weather started worsening. Lightning began striking the ground, for some reason it didn’t strike any living beings or houses. Though it did drown most of the towns and tried to flood the boling sea, but the tear rain only manged to dilute it reducing it’s burning temperature. The change in temperature impacted the aquatic life forms that have adapted to the boiling sea’s waters, causing them to began hibernating till the weather changes

At the Emperor’s Castle (Emperor’s Coven HQ)

Adam (Coven Guardsman) was watching over Kikimora who was in the healing section of the castle, she had her eyes almost melted by Seeker. But Adam was fast enough to get her some medical attention, then he carried her to a healing bed. “hope you get well soon captain, and hopefully you won’t suspect me of being a traitor” he said before leaving the room she was getting treated at

He went around looking for hunter to tell him about what has happened, only to find out that it’s raining. He didn’t know it was actually non-acidic rain, but he accidentally slipped on a puddle and he fell out of the castle’s entrance. And as the rain hit his helmet, he thought it’s going to hurt like hell but, to his surprise it felt cold. He stood up from the ground and looked up into the sky, the view wasn’t exactly the best because the sky was gray mixed with grayish black and a hint of light gray, but it was the first time he had seen rain that won’t burn him

After he enjoyed the normal rain for a while, he went back into the castle to try looking for hunter again. After hours of him running around the castle, he noticed that no one except for the healing witches are around, it’s as if the castle was abandoned. “this is. Unusual” Adam said as he walked through the empty halls, he suddenly got a call on his scroll phone from his cousin Thomas

Thomas on call: have you seen the rain yet? It doesn’t burn anymore!

Adam: i did infact, i went out and it actually felt cold instead of the regular burning sensation I’d get. Also, how’s your day so far?

Thomas on call: well, I’m stuck in your house for a while, or after the storm stops. But other then that, Brittney has been cooking with me some of the finest snacks, and we have been hoping that you would come and have some

Adam: yeah sure, I’ll be there as soon as i tell my superior okay?

Suddenly, some snatching noise could be heard over the scroll phone

Adam: Tom? Thomas are you there?

Brittney on call: she’s doing something else at the moment. But nevermind that, I’ve been meaning to ask you if you found any proof yet?

Adam regretful: yeah, about that. I think we need to stop investigating it

Brittney went quite for a minute, then she shouted “WHAT?!”

Adam: it’s a bit complicated, but i can’t show any proof till i help someone out first

Brittney on call (angry): i swear to titan, if you say who i think you’re going to say, i am going to [Bleeeeeeeeeeeeep] do you understand me!?

Adam plugged his ears after saying “it’s the human” then a loud shout can be heard from all though at the glands sending fear into his spine. Adam then unplugged his ears and said “we still owe him for breaking you out of the emperor’s prison remember?”, Brittney went quite trying to disagree with Adam

But then Thomas and Her started talking and eventually she was able to convince her not to [Bleeeeeeeeep] Adam, Brittney picked up the scroll phone and sighed before saying “fine! But if you get hurt I’ll personally hurt that filthy human! Understand me?” Adam replied “loud and clear, see you later then?” Brittney calmed down and said “yeah, i guess so” and proceeded to end the call

Adam’s search for hunter led him to the top of the castle where he saw Hunter standing beside emperor Belos looking over at Bones Barrow and the rest of the boiling isles

Hunter: is this how rain in the human realm feels like?

Emperor Belos: yes, while we were living under acidic rain, the humans were living under all this pointing at the cloud

Hunter amd Emperor Belos just stood there admiring the rain and how cold it feels, till Emperor Belos said “you don’t need to hide, i can sense your presence” then Adam walked up from under the trap door that led to the roof of the castle

Emperor Belos never looked away from the magnificent view that is rain, all while talking to Adam

Emperor Belos curious: why are you here?

Adam sarcastically: went up for some fresh air, not like you’d care anyway

Emperor Belos composed: i care about the well being of my people, even those who break the law or sneak around thinking they’re unheard.

Emperor Belos turned around to face Adam and walked up to him, slowly reducing the distance between them. Adam felt like he’s in danger, so he got his finger ready to set the emperor ablaze if he had to

However, emperor Belos was standing right infront of him. Adam was unable to move his hand to defend himself, then Belos said “if you’re here because of your lover, then you’ll find that i didn’t hamr her nor was i planning to. She was imprisoned her yes, but she was treated better then the other prisoners.” Adam replied loudly “then why me?! Why did you go so far to ensure that I’ll do your bidding?” Emperor Belos replied “I was only following the titan’s plan, he required a pawn, and i so you became to be a Guardsman. It’s fairly simple really”

Adam struggled but he manged to make half a spell circle in the air, emperor Belos said as he walked away from Adam “do as you wish, you no longer serve a part in the titan’s plan. Your stay at the emperor’s coven is merely compensation for what she had to go through here, despite being treated fairly.” Every cell in Adam’s body wanted to hurt Belos for what he did, but he knew the consequences that will take place if he did, so instead he just calmed himself and said “I have a matter of great importance to discuss with hun- i mean golden guard”. Hunter stopped admiring the rain and said “excuse me for a moment uncle, It seems i am needed” emperor Belos excused him and let him and Adam go

both of them went all the way to ground floor of the castle, and they went outside into the rain.

Hunter slightly concerned: how?

Adam confused: what?

Hunter: how did you just talk to him like that?

Adam: i said what i wanted to say, he might be the emperor, but he has no right to take away my girlfriend. If it wasn’t for that human she would have stayed there for LIFE, someone who could do that deserves to be disrespected

Hunter sassy: you’re either the stupidest witch i know or the bravest. The first one fits you better now that i think about it

Adam: nevermind that casts a spell around them this should do it a square like area around them is sound proof now i don’t have to be quiet anymore

Hunter annoyed: so, do you have an actual reason for disturbing me and my uncle? Or did you want to make him demote you?

Adam serious: something big is going on

Hunter: you mean the weather? I guess it’s kinda weird but it’s nothing to worry about

Adam: I’m talking about the human ascending to the sky like some angel, right after he blinded captain Kikimora

Hunter suprised: holy crap! He did that? Guess the mind control spell uncle casted is weakening, better go notify him about that

Before Hunter could go he felt like his hood was grabbed

Adam serious: i need an explanation, what exactly did Belos do to the human? Amd why mess with the weather?

Hunter pulled Adam’s hand off of him saying “Long story short, the human is just another pawn. He’s uncle’s very own weather caster, and he will remain so for as long as he’s good for. As for the why?” he turned away to face the castle entrance saying “I honestly do not know, nor do i care. As long as things go according to the emperor’s plan” with that, he walked off into the castle leaving Adam alone in the rain

Adam pulls out his magic staff and attaches a purple crystal into it, causing the staff to charge up with magic. He mounted it and began ascending into the air till he could see the emperor, he said through the rain “You’re no messenger of the titan, you’re just another fool”. Then the staff’s crystal began shining a bright red as Adam flew through the air till he reached his house.

End of part one
Thanks for reading, hope you liked it

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2022.01.22 11:22 SweatyCardiologist80 Remember, when the time comes, stand your ground for wfh, don't sacrifice your priorities for a company.

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2022.01.22 11:22 arya_1205 You missed your tuition, what's the best excuse you can tell your parents??

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2022.01.22 11:22 Vronx_ Volume 11.5 Interesting conversation between tsukishiro and Kiyotaka.

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ESL One Cologne 2014 Legends ->18<- Tradable Now 22 TF2 keys
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B/O: 1 ESL One Cologne 2014 Legends : 22 TF2 keys
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2022.01.22 11:22 Etsune Has anyone heard of Jorden Makelle on YouTube?

And if you haven’t, she’s a freelance copywriter with a course. I’ve watched some of her videos and I feel weird about her. What do you think?
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2022.01.22 11:22 Blacey_ Genesect Raid 6569 4119 7242

6569 4119 7242
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2022.01.22 11:22 Willing-Reason-2312 This will get the oil markets moving Monday

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2022.01.22 11:22 littlet4lkss January Praxis Score

After I finished it said 169 and then it gave me a breakdown of 20, 27, 25 for the individual sections. This means I passed right?
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2022.01.22 11:22 jbspillman Drive Train and Brake upgrades for the Big Guys

I know that weight reduction is huge for performance and is usually the main reason to upgrade.. I ride a 2015 Tallboy with the stock drivetrain components I believe. SRAM XG1195, 11-Speed, 10-42 Tooth in rear and an Oval in the front for 30/28 I think. SRAM shifters and level T brakes (I think are bottom of their classes). I go through tons of chains, cassettes, cables, etc. Seems like it never has shifted great or braked either. So I don't mind weight, but not rock solid performance and durability... What do you think would be best upgrade path without breaking the bank.
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