Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea — Employment in Sidney

2022.01.28 20:27 lattakia Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea — Employment in Sidney

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2022.01.28 20:27 Itsumi_Erika_ This card I found. Estimated value anyone?

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2022.01.28 20:27 ISorrowDoom [Event] Это была не она. /// It wasn't her.

Act I: The Sun has set for the last time. Disclaimer: This is a purely fictional scenario. It may disturb some audiences, read at your own volition. May 5th 2032, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk; 16:25
As the working day for Kolya began to come to a close, the noisy streets of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk began to calm down as the ordinary citizens embraced their loved ones in their homes. Kolya Olegovich was no ordinary worker; He was employed as one of the general managers at the nearby oil field, with his position came valuable influence and immense responsibility.
It was this position that allowed him and his family to live a comfortable life, despite the economic hardship experienced by some citizens of the city; Which, despite its immense wealth, appeared to be shooting in the dark when it came to effectively reinvest it.
As Olegovich drove to his front door, the laughter of his two children became ever more present. The house they lived in had a mediocre front lawn, allowing for some free space for recreation and other activities.

Natasha! Oleg! Daddy's home. - he shouted.
And within moments, you could hear the laughter getting louder and louder, their steps growing nearer and nearer. They ran up to him for the sweet fatherly embrace. He hugged him with his two arms and softly caressed Natasha's hair.
Where is mommy? Is she in the house? - he inquired.
They simply replied by nodding gently and grabbing his hands, walking with him to the kitchen. There, Tamara prepared the dinner. She appeared like your typical Russian housewife, and despite her appearance, she was rather intelligent and assertive in certain situations.
Tamara's relationship with Kolya was... difficult. They met each other in Moscow, quickly fell in love and the rest is history. Seeing as he was the workaholic of the family, Kolya didn't have much free time; Even if he did, most of it was spent on figuring the quarterly reports.
Now, where were we? Ah yes...
It had now been half an hour since Kolya arrived home and the dinner was yet to be served. While his patience was running low, he could find calm in his work. Deficits here and here, here we have increased revenue by 1.5% - the usual economist drill.
His long streak of work was disrupted by the not so distant shout:
Dinner's ready!
They all sat around the table, exchanging their experiences about the day - from the most mundane to the most exciting events; Tamara got another job interview at a law firm, Oleg joined the science club and Natasha had received her first grade.
After dinner, they all went their separate ways. The children strolled out of the dining room, while Tamara and Kolya remained at the dinner table. You could feel the tension in the air, broken by the sigh of anger mixed with relief.
How was the interview today? - Kolya asked.
It was fine. Why do you even care? - Tamara swiftly replied before brushing it off.
Me being your husband would grant me that, would it not? - Kolya attempted to remain calm.
Sure, whatever you say, boss. - it was the sarcastic delivery of Tamara that spilled the water over the top.
I've had enough! First, you ignore me, then you degrade me, now you are acting like a child?! - the calm discussion quickly turned into a shouting match.
The image they had created for their children of a happy marriage quickly deteriorated. Whatever happened to the smiles and unruffled laughter? Had it all gone to Hell? And just as the shouts grew louder and louder...
Yuri, Yuri. Wake up, it's almost 3 in the morning, what were you doing this late?
Nothing. Just read something I picked up yesterday from the library. Why are you awake?
I can't sleep. I am having those nightmares again...
Oh don't worry. It's probably nothing. Come here.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Yuri! What was that?
Probably nothing, just the machines turning.
Yuri, please check outside.
Ugh, fine...
Get the bags now.
Yuri, what is it?
Get. The. Bags. Now.
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2022.01.28 20:27 Kitten-rouge Careful kid, or you might end up like that other curly haired bully....

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2022.01.28 20:27 theflex96 Sudden crashes and no clues

Hello everyone. I finally started playing ETS 2 (I only got the base game, with no additional DLCs whatsoever). Unfortunately I had quite a few freezes and subsequent crashes while playing the game. Sometimes I can play for more than an hour just fine, but sometimes the game crashes within 5 minutes of playing (especially when I load a game just after another crash).
I tried reinstalling the game, but it didn't work. I tried reinstalling the drivers, but it didn't work.
I'll link you my game.log and game.crash files. Can you help me find the problem?
game.log: game.crash:
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2022.01.28 20:27 Perpetuallyseeking36 I feel like such an idiot, I got scammed by clicking a link on a discord to buy an NFT

Okay, so I clicked the link and have bought NFT's off Magic Eden before and this site looked exactly like the Magic Eden page, because after being all depressed for a while I brought up the actual ME page and noticed the only thing that is different is that the spacing is slightly different. So when I linked my phantom account and hit the button to mint it just immediately took all the SOL I had in the account. Obviously I realize I am an idiot, but does anyone know anything I can do? It sounds dumb but 2+ SOL is actually a lot for me to lose to some scumbag scammer. I can see through my transactions and can see the scam address that took my money, is there any way to get any of it back? Or am I completely screwed? Is there somewhere I can report it? My phantom address 6Au74rwYq2Ynwf9ecJ2tnv4UzxYZFwRVujqWGFu8ywM9 so I think you can see the transactions with that address and maybe do something to the scammers wallet, so if anyone knows how to help that would be greatly appreciated. And if I'm just screwed, I guess I need someone to give me the cold hard truth. Thanks guys.
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2022.01.28 20:27 Mic_Time_With_Mike M.2 NAND NVMe Internal SSD drive - Unbox and Install - Crucial - #MTWWMnow

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2022.01.28 20:27 sadsam2 Marxist BLM misusing funds once again

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2022.01.28 20:27 Strength_Zestyclose Link cable

i’m thinking about buying a oculus quest 2 i’ve done some research. but what exactly does the “link cable” do
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2022.01.28 20:27 KyleJAndrews1994 Penn State women’s ice hockey claims 2-1 victory in overtime against Mercyhurst and now lead their conference

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2022.01.28 20:27 robertoachavez LOOKING FOR SUMMONERS! Gold 2 AW. Maps 554x5. Epic/Master mods. 230 million pts+ No event minimums. Must be active. Line required. Add pnutt2 on Line or add me in game. LL PNUTT LL

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2022.01.28 20:27 carnivalcrash Supplements that changed my life

I am a 32 year old male. In recent years I've been interested in finding ways to increase my well being and my longevity. I've tried a bunch of supplements during the years but I feel like there are three supplements that actually worked for me in the psychological level. Now these may sound like weird anecdotes but I'm a overly sensitive about stuff like this and I analyze behaviour alot so this is normal to me. But bare with me:
Ashwagandha: Increased my resilience
After I started taking this I feel like I became more resilient to adversity or more in tuned with the reality. It's in part the increase of self confidence but in some sense maturity. Firstly what happened within two or three months after I started taking ashwagandha was I started listening to hardcore punk alot. I was prone to listening to rock and metal before but hardcore punk I think was a little too much for me before because of the gritty, raw and for the lack of a better a better word noisy vocals. But now it just felt right. I felt empowered by it's aggressive and no bullshit type of lyrics. As a whole I feel like I became more straightforward and assertive as a person. Those two were part of my personality before but after I started taking ashwaganda I feel like those parts of my personality were emphasized.
I feel like hardcore punk is the most honest and most in tuned with the reality type of music there is. And that reflects how I feel about myself now compared to my former self.
It's not just the increase of self confidence it's just that I feel more emporewed about facing the reality and getting after it (whatever it is) so to speak and I have less patience about trivial stuff standing in my way.
One thing I also noted was how different I seemed to feel when I got drunk (by myself at home). This happened within month or two after I started the supplement use. After the initial relaxation of getting tipsy as I got more drunk I in a way got bored. I think it was because I saw through the intoxication and that what I was doing was just running away from reality and not really having fun. Hard to explain. But alcohol seized to have the influence on me that it used to have. So that's a good thing I guess. I still wanted to get drunk every once in awhile but I just didn't want to go over the top with it.
I also got more aggressive I think. I could see this happening to me during video games. I don't mind it. I was prone to aggression before but it is controllable.
L-tyrosine: decreased my neuroticism
This is something I did not expect. I am quite neurotic person which means I'm prone to anxiety and rumination. I didn't think tyrosine was going to affect my neuroticism per se but rather my ability to handle stress ie. my focus. So after I started taking this to focus better in online gaming I noticed after some time that my need for impulsivity decreased. I no longer longed getting drunk just for the sake of it or ordering fast food. I started actually being more careful about my money and spending. I feel like my attitude towards my life, my relationships and my goals became more mature. It definitely isn't placebo because like I said I did not expect this.
All in all I feel like l-tyrosine made more mature which is to say less impulsive.
I don't know if it has anything to do with it but my mother has hypothyroidism which I think is associated with some psychiatric disorders. And l-tyrosine helps with that. So could it be I had a mild version of that? I don't know since it was never diagnosed.
Rhodiola rosea: Gets me through bad mornings
The one thing I noticed after taking this one was that I felt so lively in the mornings when I usually would feel gloomy or tired. Especially on days when I was a bit hungover or when I had just slept 3-5 hours last night it felt like all that was irrelevant and this supplement gave me the boost I needed to get through the first few hours of my day at work. And this is also something I did not expect so it can't be placebo.
So these are the three supplements that have impacted me the most. I would also like to mention theanine which I think relaxes me a bit and phospholipids which I think speed up my reactions (maybe has something to do with DHA having a good bioavailability for brains) especially during online gaming.
So what do you think about this? Any similar experiences?
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2022.01.28 20:27 bloodyhunterx300 Feng 300th cosmetic when?

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2022.01.28 20:27 jcambridge95 How do you know if your standards are too high?

I haven’t had much luck in the dating department lately and I’m trying to figure out if part of my problem is that I’m going after guys who are out of my league.
For context, I’m a mid-twenty-something woman, currently working on a masters degree and I’ve been told I’m above average when it comes to beauty. A major caveat to this is that I gained quite a bit of weight a little over a year ago. While I’ve lost some, I’m still right on the border of overweight and healthy according to my height. I’m also not as active as I used to be, although I’m working on this as well.
Also to clarify - my issue is not so much gaining initial interest on dating apps - it’s more in person. I find that if I let myself swipe right on men that I actually find attractive and potentially a good match in other respects (as opposed to guys who I think are just okay), then they usually either only want to hook up or things fizzle out.
Am I just interested in men who are out of my league? How do you tell? Especially when it comes to physical appearance, I feel pretty clueless…
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2022.01.28 20:27 Affectionate_Book129 Groups of flag holders on overpass

Question for anyone using the M1 today. Does anyone know why there are groups of people standing and waving on the overpass. Some were holding signs and flags. Quite distracting for drivers and hopefully dosent cause any accidents.
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2022.01.28 20:27 That_one_weirdo69 I recently learnt in class that the prefix ‘gon’ means angle. I apologize in advance.

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2022.01.28 20:27 nemanjitca It was a hard decision, but I decided not to finish new blood.

I’m a huge fan of Dexter, how huge, well, there are three shows I can watch on repeat, Seinfeld, Sopranos and Dexter. And, oh do I.
I learned about Dexter while in college, back in 2014, and I immediately fell in love with the show.
I’m someone who generally loves shows set in Miami but the sole idea behind the show was also so refreshing.
MCH also plays Dexter so fabulously that it’s hard not to like the show. The rest of the cast is also beyond amazing.
Anyways, I must have seen the first 4 seasons at least 50 times and the last 4 probably another 25 or so. In fact, since the first few runs, I have found myself just playing Dexter on the Tv non stop the last 5 years. Just running in the background. It’s a show that makes me feel good. Hard to explain.
Anyways… I was so excited when learning about its revival, I couldn’t wait, I watched the first couple episodes and, Dexter was, well, Dexter. He was great. However, I missed the old cast, I missed the setting and finding out that this will run only as a 10 episode special kind of made me believe that they will kill Dexter at the end.
There were other things I didn’t like, but Dexter was, Dexter so I kept watching for a couple more episodes and then, I stopped.
I followed this sub, and I would read up on each episode and I felt like the writers were taking the show somewhere where I didn’t want them to take it to.
I started to feel, well, I guess a little protective of Dexter so I thought I’d rather keep the awesome memories I have of the original show in my head, I felt like if I continue watching new blood, it would, well not ruin dexter for me but, idk.
So, I stopped. I started replaying old episodes and, I don’t know, I’m happy with my decision.
I don’t see new blood as the 9th season, rather than something new, and that makes me feel better about the original series.
I know many didn’t like the last few seasons, but I loved them all, I even loved the ending simply because it allowed us to continue Dexter’s story how we wish.
I hope I made the right decision.
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2022.01.28 20:27 Emperor_Chowder LIAN LI PC-O11 Dynamic EVO Pre-Order Delayed...Again

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2022.01.28 20:27 Enameloblast Looking for advise/suggestions. Two autos both planted early December. One doing well the other starting to show signs of struggle

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2022.01.28 20:27 Emerentus Got my ender 3 max today, trying to print a benchy. This keeps happening and i just cant figure out why. Nozzle keeps digging into previous layers

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2022.01.28 20:27 g7en Domesticated Feline Abuse!!

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2022.01.28 20:27 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Injury N US 95 and W LAKE MEAD BLVD; NBSO 01/28/2022 03:23:38 PM
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2022.01.28 20:27 XanaxCatthew Blue Ferrari F40 // Forza Horizon 5

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2022.01.28 20:27 lissishannyn I’m 18 in 30 mins - what should I do?

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2022.01.28 20:27 Ash0024 Advice on Blinn?

I got offered options for other campuses for engineering and I want to choose Blinn but I also got offered admission into the University of Houston Honors. I just wanted to know which might be the better choice and if Blinn is a good choice for me to take.
What are the pros and cons of taking Blinn over UH?
Any information or advice would help!
Thank you!
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