Should I alch buff everything?

I'm a herb/alch got 375 in alch, and making Adept's Elixir, and that is very grey for me :) I farmed for all the greater prot. potions, hoping that they beeing yellow for me that would help me in learning flasks faster, but no, it's just random, doesn't matter whar lvl in alch you have, or what you are making, as long as it is a TBC pot/elixir. Torstol incense sticks are incense sticks that are made using the Firemaking skill that provide a stacking buff. When initially lit, incense has a base time of 10 minutes. Additional incense can be lit to add 10 minutes to the timer each. The timer cannot exceed 60 minutes. Luminite is a resource that can be obtained through mining luminite rocks, requiring level 40 Mining, in various places around RuneScape.. Luminite is required to craft adamant and rune bars.As players increase their Mining level and use higher tier pickaxes, they are able to mine luminite at quicker rates.. Luminite, like other mining resources, can be stored in an ore box. 100 luminite can ...

2022.01.24 14:50 Emergency_Actuary_32 Should I alch buff everything?

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2022.01.24 14:50 Chisea93 how to get into a PhD program. U.S?

I'm in the halfway to complete my master's and I wonder how to get accepted into a PhD program, Do you apply and wait? do you contact the possible advisor before applying? what if you don't have an advisor? what if you have funding for your studies but not for the research itself?,
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2022.01.24 14:50 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - Russia wants to 'extort' US, West: Former CIA station chief | FOX

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2022.01.24 14:50 MenInTights1993 Hypothetical situation: Wizards decide to trade Beal by the deadline.

What teams would be interested in his skill set? I know the obvious answer is most teams, but who can realistically trade for him? Are there any contenders (perhaps trying to win within the next 2-3 years) that you think would be interested in adding Beal as a solid #2 or #3 guy? I'm admittedly not well versed on Western Conference teams, but I don't see any obvious fits with contenders in the Eastern Conference.
Most importantly, what/who would you like the Wizards to get in return? Do the Wizards target young talent and high 1st round draft picks or look for comparably skilled star who may fit better with the roster (whatever that ends up looking like following the deadline)?
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2022.01.24 14:50 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - How a ‘Precious’ 8-Year-Old Ended Up Dead on a Chicago Street | The Daily Beast

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2022.01.24 14:50 kodakquackk What is this noise?
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2022.01.24 14:50 Fo99yh3art Check out my latest track “ No More Clouds “ on SoundCloud link below 💿❤️‍🔥🐝

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2022.01.24 14:50 TrashyRoyale I (f) am in a longterm relationship but also want to have sex with other men

I feel so guilty writing this. He's the first man I had sex with. We've been together for more than 8 years. We're a happy couple and I trust him. But everytime I mention that I would love to experiment a bit more, he doesn't want to talk about it and is not okay with anything like e.g. an open relationship. And I respect that, I don't want to hurt him and will not be unfaithful. But also I feel like I'm missing out. In the end I guess a stable and happy relationship is more important than sexual experiences... still it bothers me. Has anyone similar experiences?
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2022.01.24 14:50 JamesLovesGames *Bear Necessities Intensifies*

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2022.01.24 14:50 Ghtsql #172 of putting Docsen into posted pictures

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2022.01.24 14:50 Due_Leopard_5468 Nude Free

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2022.01.24 14:50 TheRockWarlock stultissime

adj. Superlatively stupid or foolish; stupidest.
n. One who is superlatively stupid or foolish.
From Latin stultissimus ("stupidest"), superlative form of stultus ("stupid, foolish").
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2022.01.24 14:50 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - Joey Jones: Doesn't seem like Biden has a plan to deescalate with Russia | FOX

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2022.01.24 14:50 jerricka What’s going on with my new buddy?

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2022.01.24 14:50 Chris7307 Assetto corsa suggested gear app

As the title says, is there in Assetto Corsa an app that shows you the gear you wanna be in when entering a corner? Like in the f1 games.
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2022.01.24 14:50 UnrealSquare CAAD13 - BB and Front Derailleur Question/Help

Just picked up a CAAD13 105 Rim at REI (yay!!). Pretty sure the person who built it used the cable housing as-is and didn’t bother to shorten it (assuming it comes in the box from the factory in precut lengths and trimmed from there, not sure). I’ve already shortened the rear brake housing by about 3 inches (it was a backwards S shape instead of a gentle transition from the housing stop in the frame) since that could be easily done without messing with the internal cable routing. I’ll need to tackle the front cable housing at some point since it’s unnecessarily big/loopy and my knees hit it when out of the saddle. Will see if zip ties can remedy this until I summon the mental fortitude for internal routing.
Is there anything else in the bike assembly process I should check on? Headset seems good. Not sure if the bottom bracket/cranks are installed at the factory but they seem to be ok, no play or noise. Should I remove/reinstall anyway or leave it be and come back to it if issues come up? My feeling with the BB30 is that if it’s not having issues I should probably just leave it alone. I’ve already properly centered the brake arms and am still trying to dial in the front derailleur so that it neither hits the crank arm or rubs on the chain in big ring/small cog combos. Not a spare mm of wiggle room in there it seems.
Totally understand that I could take it back to REI but I’d rather do it right myself versus going back and forth with them. My main concern is the bottom bracket/cranks since I’ve not dealt with BB30 before, and if there are any tips for the front derailleur with the tolerance/clearance so tight to the crank arm. Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.24 14:50 TheAyanabanana Why this happen to my aloe ? ?

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2022.01.24 14:50 Greene_Mr New Cast Member OR Member of Maneskin?

...because that little game worked out SO well the last time; why not? :-D
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2022.01.24 14:50 Trevor78935 School laptop

I need help bypassing the spyware my school installed on my school laptop. It runs Windows 10 and I have tried just about everything. VPNs sorta work but I can’t run any .exe files.
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2022.01.24 14:50 Gabriel_AEROSPACE I'm sad to se how mean and uncivil people can be over here.

I just posted here about anticapitalism in the autistic community, and even tough I asked for a civilized discution people loose all their shit all over.
Like I'm not giving users, but even there was someone who claimed to have university titles Used ad hominem argumentation to discredit me, and called me an Aericacentrist child, even tough I'm neither, I'm far away from the USA and proudly chilean.
Like, how this people can be this way?, how we can hope to keep our democracies alive if we can't even talk to each other?
I'm sadden because aspergers is already more open to debate than autism, sadden to see people acting like adult children, and far from trying to find common grounds.
I wish I didn't posted that, maybe we are few who want civil discussion of interesting and important topics.
And I thank everyone who is civilized, if we are, we can hear each other out, we can find common grounds, we can make civilization work.
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2022.01.24 14:50 AdventurousQuail36 Any real use for an Alphus anymore?

Priority Target affects CORE CROSSFIRE only now, so its useless on our vehicles, which is where we wanted it previously. Jackals already give exposed within 6", have mostly a bunch of short range weapons, and you want them close regardless. Only real effective use I can see for this ability is to rip the alphus up behind a big unit of handflamers or maybe a full unit of 20 Neophytes. None of this is very appealing when the other character options offer so much more. Thoughts?
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2022.01.24 14:50 Ultravi0lett Asking a professor I've met a few times for a letter of recommendation?

Hey everyone I was wondering if its a good idea to ask my Ecology professor from last semester for a lor if I've only been to her office hours a few times. The thing is that I was always the only person in her office hours and it hasn't been that long ago so I'm sure she remembers me. Also, she actually got to know a bit about me and the fact that I'm looking to apply to med school. Also she told me I ask good questions and stuff like that.. is it a good idea to email her about a lor? or have I not interacted with her enough to do that?
Thank you.
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2022.01.24 14:50 monkey_d_ordinary me_irl

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2022.01.24 14:50 ArtsyStrains [For Hire] Fantasy character artist, digital medium.

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2022.01.24 14:50 towongfoothanks Updating ledger monero app?

I cant seem to use the ledger live app to update my ledger monero app. The monero gui is telling me to update to 1.7.8.
Im on windows 10
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