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I don't get the hate around the dance monkey emote. I personally love the dance and song and has become one of my favorite emotes

2022.01.22 04:54 kasra602 I don't get the hate around the dance monkey emote. I personally love the dance and song and has become one of my favorite emotes

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2022.01.22 04:54 bozo682 Dear Bloon Trap users...

What is your reaction when you get your bloon trap up at the opponents bloons entrance and all of a sudden they stop ecoing and start placing farms/farming towers?
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2022.01.22 04:54 CornCuck New magic wand by Tyler The Creator and BPD

Does anybody else listen to New Magic wand and fully just get it?? Like, does anyone know if it was written with that in mind? It goes beyond the lyrics even. The pacing and the background vocals, the beat. It all feels like those episodes where you feel like everyone around you just doesnt... want to be there. And you'd do ANYTHING It took, healthy or not, not to lose them? I seriously wanna hear input from yall on what you think.
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2022.01.22 04:54 KobukanBudo There be Dragons [Warning: long post]

Part of what makes human beings so resilient is our will to survive. This is embedded into our basic programming, the same way an attractive person gets attention. We desire food and sex to survive, and we are also social creatures. Our small family based clans survived through their own internal co-operation – forming the basis of their cultural traditions – and eventually spread out across the Earth. Budo is by no means different. The internal traditions of each ryu of Koryu bujutsu formed a social glue in ancient wartime. Not only marking different physical stylisation, but eventually forming psychological trends and ways of thought – even dogma. Loyalty to one's clan helped ensure that clans survival.
In a world very different from feudal Japan some Koryu traditions serve as time capsules, essentially acting as “animated museums” of ancient wartime arts. Yet others still evolve, mostly slowly due to not being popular practice, but evolve all the same. A student that only physically demonstrates technique the exact same way as their teacher would not only have to be extremely physically similar, but also extremely psychologically similar. This, being somewhat rare, leads to a longstanding martial art changing through time. Regardless, loyalty should remain – otherwise students drift off to other pursuits. Not only is this loyalty to one's teacher, but the basic physical and philosophical principles of the school. This, to one degree or another, involves a mythos.
Consider a modern sports team. The meta-tribalism involved in its relative popularity is vast. People may follow it for reasons like: a) it's their local team b) they like the player's skill c) they like the “tribal mascot” d) the team wears their favourite colours, e) the team wins the most... the list goes on and on. The meta-tribe of a sports team is bonded by anything from teenagers with a crush on an attractive player to a bloke obsessed with dragons (in this case, obviously, the hypothetical team is probably called the Dragons). This is all part of the mythos of the meta-tribe.
Budo in the modern era is no different. Some practice for fitness, some to be tough, some for a obsession with the technique, others of a love of the art's philosophy. Long term practitioners usually end up with varying combinations of the “why-for”, and quite often assume a worldview that is influenced via a tradition's mythos. Consider then Daito-ryu. Daito-ryu is an accepted Koryu (old school) art, despite some idiosyncracies. It isn't taught like most Koryu jujutsu, it's curriculum is oddly rambling and vast, it lacks any exterior knowledge of its existence throughout history. This doesn't mean it isn't a Koryu however. Daito-ryu's mythos maintains it was a secret art, and realistically it still is. Many of it's practitioners are notoriously silent about what it is they do. This is just the art's tradition.
Even the claim that the art's founder is an ancient warlord called Shinra Minamoto no Yoshimitsu – entirely unproven historically – isn't unusual. Mythological figures being the founders of Asian martial traditions is relatively common, the Gautama Buddha seems to have “founded” a plethora of various methods to kick someone's butt. This is just a cultural thing, expecting the Buddha to actually BE the founder of “something something Wu Shu” is like expecting all the members of the “Dragon” sports team to be REAL dragons. This kind of phenomenon isn't even restricted to Asia. In western aristocracy, the Queen of England traces her linage back to Woden, the Teutonic All-Father deity.
Then there's the evolution of tradition. A teacher with a notably long career will have had many students. A particularly gifted teacher (such as Takeda Sokaku “interim reviver” of Daito-ryu) will have noticed individual talents of their loyal students, and will have taught them accordingly. These students then, could go out and become teachers themselves, often favouring their own methodology within their own individualised instruction. Two of these new schools may appear disimiliar to an outsider, despite having the same “Grandmaster”. Again, this is completely normal, an organic process of cultural evolution. However, my point here is LOYALTY.
A hypothetical: “Sensei B” and “Sensei C” are both loyal students of “Dai-sensei A”. They may or may not know of each other, they may or may not have met, they may or may not even like each other. Their techniques may or may not look similar, but they are loyal students of their teacher. Each claims to be doing the true art of “Dai-sensei A”. Hypothetically, they both are, despite whatever differences they have in approach. The thing is though, they're not practicing a “time capsule” style, they're part of an evolving art.
A true teacher of such methods is really just a “super student”. They're adapting their art to current conditions, always learning – from natural phenomena, other martial arts, even their own students. Takeda Sokaku was like this as well. There's suggestions he once called what he taught Yamato-ryu jujutsu, but his student Yoshida Kotaro apparently suggested altering the name to Daito-ryu jujutsu. Furthermore, another one of his students - Ueshiba Morihei – seems to have influenced the art's name into being known as Daito-ryu aikijujutsu. Realistically however, this is rumours and hearsay, it's part of the mythos. What is known for a fact however, is that Takeda was an accomplished swordsman of the Ono-ha Itto-ryu kenjutsu tradition. His son, and last inheritor of Daito-ryu within his family, taught both these arts as Daito-ryu aikibudo.
In Daito-ryu, there's lots of “aiki this” and “aiki that”. Aikijutsu, aiki no jutsu, aikijutsu, aikibudo, aiki in yo ho... you get the picture. What these terms mean however entirely depends on who's talking, which part of the mythos of the meta-tribe they subscribe to, how their teacher's opinions influenced their own. Often the noble value of loyalty to their teacher can make these opinions rigid and dogmatic. It's just human nature to be loyal to the meta-tribe. Then... insert dramatic drumroll... along comes aikido, yet another aiki-thingywotsit.
Aikido was the aforementioned Ueshiba's thing, and in fact is most likely the reason most people have even heard of Daito-ryu. Ueshiba was many things, the elder Takeda's favourite student, a religious zealot, an ultra right-wing conservative and a new age cultist. However, above all, he was a martial artist. He was a licensed teacher's assistant instructor in Daito-ryu. He learned other martial arts, often simply from observation. Ueshiba's spiritual beliefs were his whole life, he spouted ridiculously large amounts of mumbo jumbo about his gods – but all framed to contextualise his practice of Budo. Somehow within this all he was also a dragon and a Buddhist goddess of mercy. Yes, you read that correctly, he said he was a dragon.
This is truly adding some META to the whole meta-tribe thing. If it sounds nutty, that's because it is. If you've seen a picture of Ueshiba, he looks like a wizard. But like his master Takeda, he was a true budoka. Like his teacher, he took on challenges and won. Also like Takeda, he taught the military elite. The REAL cream on the cake is however that Ueshiba's aikido became world famous as an “art of peace”. Here I'm literally writing about a guy who thinks he is a dragon, assisting the military of an Empire allied with Nazi Germany. And somehow, his claim to fame in the global sense is founding an art of peace. I'd like to pause this bizarre tale here, so the reader can consider a moment what the hell I'm writing about. Breathe in, breathe out. Have a cup of tea or a beer or something. Perhaps mull over whether I'm talking about tribalism, tradition or mythology and the martial arts.
All this Daito-ryu stuff, Koryu or not, is all set in the modern era. Both Takeda and Ueshiba died relatively recently, they weren't ancient feudal samurai, they're modern martial artists with photographs to demonstrate this objectively. Both of them had numerous students, so much so that multiple traditions of Daito-ryu and aikido have flourished and spread around the world. Now, let's imagine two more modern martial artists, and let's imagine they both exist right here and now. Let's say they have the same schtick as Takeda and Ueshiba. One teaches an unheard of tradition said to stretch back many centuries, but it's super secret and the guy can't or won't prove it does. The other, his student, says he's a dragon. However, let's also say that both these guys kick some major butt when faced with challengers though.
Let's also imagine they have various followers, all arguing about which one is the the best, who does the most genuine art worth of the most respect, which word in their cryptic spellbook means what. Also, hardly of these disciples study other arts, they are so convinced of their glorious inheritance within their meta-tribe. Not to mention none of these guys take challengers, they're too busy yelling at each other about the recipes in their cooking. Would ANYONE take this seriously in the modern era? It sounds like the fever dream of some role-player who took too much acid while watching a “reality TV cooking show” and somehow woke up thinking “I know Kung Fu”.
This is barely breaching the surface of the paradox of Aiki. A “secret tradition” with now countless variants too wrapped up in their own mythology to stop arguing and excel past the erratic genius of a master's voice. It's practitioners too often unwilling to admit that “there be dragons” simply means the great unknown we're all exploring together.
An Afterword: I created this subreddit to bring people together, not at a platform for any one tradition. In this post I'm essentially talking about the human condition. The sub meanwhile has outgrown my expectations. I genuinely thank you all for your participation, and hope at least the spirit of what I'm attempting to communicate here is vaguely understood.
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2022.01.22 04:54 No-Mind-2688 Are angles sent from god or the devil?

Angel number also from god or the devil?
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2022.01.22 04:54 playboi17 Love this animal

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2022.01.22 04:54 rqnn11 check me

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2022.01.22 04:54 Takagixu 220122 Kep1er Twitter Update - Catch The Moment: Music Core Group Photo

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2022.01.22 04:54 BagerCast [220119] Yujin & Kep1er Twitter update

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2022.01.22 04:54 spicyboi_416 Want some friends to play bgmi no vc in game chatting an should have a discord.

Spicypro#2767 dm me on discord.should not be toxic Age around 13 to 15 yrs and when playing if someone dies don't leave ask to recall.
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2022.01.22 04:54 LA_Reyes82 Depechay Mode (1981)

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2022.01.22 04:54 tinaenders Just got Star Citizen and loving it OC]

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2022.01.22 04:54 eychave19 This was too relatable

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2022.01.22 04:54 CharlieBrownian Lagrangian Mechanics: non-spatial generalized coordinates?

So I'm learning Lagrangian Mechanics and I'm pretty impressed so far: I've seen the derivation of the Principle of Least Action along with the Euler-Lagrange equation used to solve it, and a proof for how, if there's a set of Euler-Lagrange equations that work for your choice of coordinates, there will be a set of Euler-Lagrange equations that work for my choice of coordinates (provided I can express my coordinates as a function of yours, and maybe also of time).
Where I get tripped-up is that I've seen the Euler-Lagrange equation used to solve problems in physics where our generalized coordinate q(t) can be something that's not a spatial coordinate at all.* For example, in (Dare Wells, Lagrangian Dynamics, Schaum Outline Series, 1967, p. 309), there's an example in which q(t) is the charge Q(t) flowing through an RLC circuit, and it's solved with the Euler-Lagrange equation by analogy with a damped spring oscillation. Likewise, Feynman vol. 2 lecture 19 (https://www.feynmanlectures.caltech.edu/II\_19.html) implicitly uses the Euler-Lagrange equation to solve a problem in E&M using q(t) = electric potential and recovers Poisson's equation for electrostatics. Jennifer Coopersmith (The Lazy Universe: An Introduction to the Principle of Least Action, p. 72) takes it even further than that by stating that:

We can free ourselves from thinking of ‘motions’ as just translations or rotations, and consider also changes in capacitance, surface tension, magnetic field, phase of a wave, strain in a beam, pressure within a fluid, and so on. In fact, any variable that can be quantified, is expressible as a function, and characterizes the physical system, can serve as a coordinate of that system. We have arrived at the generalized coordinates, qi, of Chapter 3.
How do we prove that q(t) is allowed to be things like charge or electric potential? I can't think of how I can express either of those quantities as a function of spatial and time coordinates alone... I can see from examples that the Euler-Lagrange equation and PLA do work when q(t) is something other than a spatial coordinate, but I don't understand why they work. Would appreciate any insights here 😅

*Yes, I've heard that different physically-measurable quantities can serve as "coordinates" in "configuration space," but again, I haven't really seen a proof for why that's true; it feels like that's just restating PLA in geometrical terms.
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2022.01.22 04:54 PRADYUSH2006 Maxime Cressy d. Christopher O'Connell [6-2 , 6(6)-7 , 6-3 , 6-2] to advance to the 4th round of Australian Open 2022

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2022.01.22 04:54 justpplwatching Capital investments and ebitda.

It’s been a very long time since I took accounting courses but can someone help me understand how increasing your capital investments can impact ebitda from a strategic point. Let’s say the move is to stop leasing capital equipment but instead buying it. I know the ebitda excludes the depreciation you’re now recording instead of recording the leases equipments as an operational expenses. Are there any advantages? I know a lot of things depend on how each company records certain things but an input or insight is really appreciated.
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2022.01.22 04:54 BunBunLovely How do I ask my boyfriend if he’s cheating?

I don’t have any solid enough evidence Other then him hiding a txt he was sending and a message he sent to a girl on instagram on his phone from over a year ago But I just have this feeling And I’ve had this feeling before and it turned out to be right When He cheated on me before but he only admitted to it a year later I just don’t know how to bring it up What if he’s not cheating and I just end up looking like an asshole? Or what if he is and lies when I ask him? Or if I ask him and he admits it to it?…. I just don’t we’re to even start
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2022.01.22 04:54 incelscandie still hoping for this encounter

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2022.01.22 04:54 pinhoklanguages HSK 3.0 Flashcards

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2022.01.22 04:54 Undertakeress Night owls and Aussies/ Kiwis night discussion thread!

OK so I'm in the states but I am a night owl.I know there's some Australians in New Zealanders out there. I figured maybe it would be fun to have a night owl discussion thread to talk about various Fundie topics. Hopefully the mods will allow this!
So, I'll ask a question. Which Birthy wedding dress is better, the white or blush one. If I had to pick, I would pick the white one
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2022.01.22 04:54 Desperate_Ad_1011 Trying to build a team, man.

Yeah. That’s all there is to it. I’ve got an idea for an extremely ambitious NFT project but I don’t even know where to begin. Design? I can handle that. Marketing? Dawg, I’ve done door to door sales and was good at it. I can handle marketing. Upfront costs? Crypto is dirt cheap and I’ve got disposable income. Upfront costs/minting is no problem. It’s the CODING part that I’ve got no clues about. If you’re even a tad interested, get a hold of me. Kluvubai 🤍
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2022.01.22 04:54 staccato5p $68 to $129 worth of referrals- Webull [$11-$2300], M1 Finance [$30], Public [$3-$70] Voyager [$25]

This is a compilation of some great (over $115) referral offers. They're all stock referral offers, but I'm gonna keep looking for and signing up to new things to add to list over time!
Webull- $11-$2300
Here is my link for Webull. All you have to do is deposit $5 and they give you between $11 and $2300 worth of stocks as a referral bonus. Obviously, odds are higher that you will get the lower end of that, but its still a decent bonus if you were interested in checking out a new investing app!
Referral link for Webull-
M1 Finance- $30
M1 Finance is another stock trading app like Webull. Instead of giving you a random stock, this one gives you $30 guaranteed for depositing $100.
Referral link for M1 Finance-
Public- $3-$70
Public is a stock trading app offering users a free stock valued between $3 to $70 for opening an account and making any deposit, with a minimum deposit amount of $1.
Referral link for Public-
Voyager- $25
Voyager is a crypto-trading app, they're giving users a free $25 worth of bitcoin just for opening an account with a referral code and trading $100 worth of crypto on the app. You can buy and then re-sell the bitcoin right away like I did and should get the $25 relatively risk-free, and fast (within 24 hours from my experience).
My referral code for Voyager-
Enter that code under the reward section during signup. Voyager is an app on the iPhone and Google Play stores, you can use the below direct links to download the app but you will still need to enter my referral code above during signup to get the $25.
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2022.01.22 04:54 AntisocialShadow14 Belgium 1939 conquest.

Have you ever beaten 1939 conquest as Belgium. If so, how did you do it.
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2022.01.22 04:54 Greylady13 Haven’t finished the second earring yet but here’s one snowy owl earring, nephrite jade above the face, glass Cabochon below face, a heart cut from cowhide fur with leopard print. Done silver plated seed beads, edged with amethyst, shell, and cats eye stone. Backed with genuine cobra snakeskin.

Haven’t finished the second earring yet but here’s one snowy owl earring, nephrite jade above the face, glass Cabochon below face, a heart cut from cowhide fur with leopard print. Done silver plated seed beads, edged with amethyst, shell, and cats eye stone. Backed with genuine cobra snakeskin. submitted by Greylady13 to BEADWORK [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 04:54 ZoobBot 202455

This is the 202455th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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