Anyone selling the Barbri Conviser Mini Review for California?

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2022.01.28 02:46 Mosman_2018 Anyone selling the Barbri Conviser Mini Review for California?

I am also interested in the Mary Basick Essay Exam Writing for CA bar too. Thanks!
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2022.01.28 02:46 IndependenceUnable78 ds de argentinas sin invitaciones
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2022.01.28 02:46 WoodenImportance1553 no friends - GLOW

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2022.01.28 02:46 Enweereentje [OFFER] 45 € plus CASHBACK. 30 € FROM VIVID, 15 FROM ME!

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2022.01.28 02:46 Haunting-Solid4712 Esse redit é bugado no balde essa porra tá dizendo que tem 141 on-line na comunidade e eu só tenho 26 membros caralho para de ser bugado

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2022.01.28 02:46 musicims Bitforex 260k minimum withdrawal?!

Guess I'll have to buy more
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2022.01.28 02:46 Haidian-District 11:11

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2022.01.28 02:46 JULIO_XZ What if enmu went up against zenitsu on mugen train? Would his blood demon art work effectively on someone like zenitsu who unlocks his true strength when sleeping?

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2022.01.28 02:46 Minecraft_012 r/Turkey de kana ihtiyacı olan biri var repost olarak paylaşıyorum (There is someone who needs blood in r/Turkey İ m sharing this as a repost)

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2022.01.28 02:46 Capital_Resident_367 Passed capm!

Funny journey to passing this exam, I actually failed comptia’s project + exam I was super let down because I was so confident, I decided to move forward anyways and go for the capm knowing it’s way harder.
I studied for 3 months using Joseph Phillips course to earn the hours I’d listen to his cram sessions whenever practical like on the way to work at the gym etc And project prep definitely buy the premium version and I’d do minimum 300 questions a day.
I took a little longer to take the exam only because I wasn’t confident since I failed an easier exam and I have an extreme rotating schedule at work and I found it super difficult to absorb information after 12hr shifts day and night. Goodluck!
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2022.01.28 02:46 TheJackalsDoom As someone who has worked in plants for awhile, I absolutely LOVE Control's world details.

I started playing this game a few weeks ago because all the other games I have felt like a chore to play and I heard this was a fairly quick game with some interesting elements. I work on industrial plants for a living and don't have a lot of time off, so a quick game was perfect. I also recently got a PS5 and got the Ultimate Edition, which looks absolutely bonkers.
I tell you what, I'm not entirely sure how long this game was actually supposed to be, but I sure as hell didn't play it quickly. I kept stopping to look at the detail of everything. The offices, the plant areas, the humming of machinery. I loved every second of it. I liked looking at how it was all planned out. The unrealistic aspect of that place having so much room to work on between equipment is definitely a pipe dream, but there's far more moments of tight spaces, pipework, equipment storage, superior offices. It just all worked and I felt like I knew my way around before I even entered an area, at least in the places where it's supposed to be that way.
This game completely surprised me. I think the first 20 hours I had permanent goosebumps from the thick atmosphere of the place. There's a very simple horror element to the beginning of the game that took the absolutely mundane and twisted it all just enough to become unsettling. I wished they had played on the idea of the house moving things more, getting really freaky with the pipework, making more machines do funky stuff. I wish for a lot despite loving all that was there so much. It was such a perfect kind of weird that games don't seem to get right when doing horror. They make everything too obtuse to believe too quickly. This game really brings you slowly down the rabbit hole.
Speaking of rabbit holes, I loved the references in this game! So many good ones. And some of them were multiple part references. So each time I was like "is that...are they...are they really talking about....nahh. But...maybe?" And they totally were. Love it. Love it all so much. For the first time in a long, long time I was genuinely sad to come to the end of the game, and spent a lot of time trying to complete as much as I could to get every ounce of detail out of it.
The 1 concern I have currently is multiple parts. I hope they're making a sequel, but if they do I struggle to understand how they would bring the horror back to the game. In this one, you start out totally ordinary and a large part of the horror comes from your inability to do anything significant. You are just a voice-hearing muggle in a government building someone cast a spell of undetectable extension on and a whole bunch of vibrating dementors are throwing a huge end of the world party. There was a constant loop of "oh man, I don't like this. Oooohhhhh man. What? What is this? How...? What do I- OH SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIIIIIIIIIIIT!". They set you up so frequently to be totally knocked down, at least until the end game when you're just a straight up superhero. I hope they lean into that beginning aspect of the game if there's a sequel. The variation of the horror elements, the puzzle creativity, the tons of secrets, it all tells me they could very well do it successfully. I hope they do. That was the most fun I have ever had trying to problem solve in a giant plant facility.
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2022.01.28 02:46 Natureza0 Tales from Earthsea was voted out: now which one should I remove?

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2022.01.28 02:46 man049 Doomslayer tier list because it's 2am and I'm bored.

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2022.01.28 02:46 ThePrincipledWhip Shrinking / conditioning / care for deerskin leather

Just received a pair of nice deerskin leather gloves with nylon/wool lining. They're maybe a half-size too big, and am wondering what's the best way to shrink if possible? I'm familiar with just running a blowdryer on them, however I'm concerned doing that will damage / dry out the premium leather.
Also wondering what's the best conditioning / weather sealing protocol for deerskin?
Thanks in advance for your leather wisdom!
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2022.01.28 02:46 Parrachinno Not my screenshot but wtf

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2022.01.28 02:46 Ahrndz1684 I Really fucked up this time I hurt HER

I have a depression because my mother is not colic my father is too much to handle I have no friends like I talk to people at school or at work and extracurriculars but to talk to them outside of extracurriculars or outside of school I can never do it I’ve never been able to do it I feel like I’m in outcast by the promise zone my family is Latino so I try to balance being Latino and also was simulating to be white I don’t want to be as they say no Sabo kid but at the same time people use the bully me and ask if I had a green card. in the ninth grade I meet the most amazing girl Play the sake of it let’s just call her A problem was I was just getting over it just understand that I was raped when I was three and she was like the only person I could talk to out of school that actually kind of talk to me and for some reason I said the most rude disrespectful things ever things I wish I could take back the person God only knows why reason I gave her birthday and I gave this girl the biggest bruise on her arm. She eventually for gave me as a friend and mostly because she was the only friend I had so I always was talking to her and she has anxiety so much I don’t think she had the strength to tell me to fuck off back then the real long story short after three years I got her be my girlfriend was not been dating for like a year and a half she has body image problems and she went through my TickTock and saw that I was following a bunch of stupid girls who look nothing like her body and she feels like shit now and she also really wants to break up with me because isn’t the first time I’ve fucked up in our relationship and I’m terrified at losing her and him so I’m terrified of the time and she’s going to do her body and her mental health in that she’s telling me she’s going to eat like a boiled egg she’s not gonna have ice cream she’s gonna monitor eating like last time she tried this it was really sad and she was crying a lot like a lot and I cried too but I don’t tell her I cry because I have my machismo. Hey when we had this conversation it was like 6 o’clock so then from like 7 to 10 PM I was walking on the road Carlos hit me but I slapped on the hood of it so it didn’t hit me the lady wasn’t attention I’ll be honest I feel like going back and just making it so that late is Randy over so I didn’t have to know that my girlfriend felt so shitty because of me and tails ruined my last relationship because I was a shitty boyfriend and I feel like crap just wanna die she’s so sweet and kind to me when I do the start I’m a leech
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2022.01.28 02:46 joji9797 did anyone preorder games from GS and haven't receive tracking number

i did preorder pokemon games since Dec. until today it's Jan 27 and i didn't receive any tracking number,only thing i got is shipment with six numbers but can't track and i've no idea which company they use(I'm in Canada), but my payment already go through, so will i receive my game for tomorrow? or after few days? anyone had this experience before?
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2022.01.28 02:46 Vander-Walls Has Matt ever actually watched Initial D?

He puts a lot of initial d references in his videos but I don’t remember him ever saying if he’s actually seen the anime
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2022.01.28 02:46 Quick-Natural-4558 help me take my boyfriend on a date

i (25f) am taking my boyfriend (34m) on a date! his birthday is coming up and he’s never had someone plan a “date day” for him so here i am. ready to woo this man.
we’ve been together for 2yrs and don’t go out much (by choice, we’re tired and easily entertained lol) but i’m looking for suggestions outside the norm - tourist attractions, museum, park, etc. i’m obviously taking him out to eat, and at some point we’ll get some kind of dessert he’s never had - that’s key, he likes new experiences.
[sidebar: do not panic, blowjob is already on the itinerary]
it will just be the two of us, so aside from going out to eat, what are some other things to do that would actually be fun? he’s not outdoorsy or the museum type, but this man is full of childlike wonder so maybe more interactive things or just super neat places to go that aren’t tourist traps. bars are cool, i just want to make it more fun than just going out to get drunk.
TLDR - what do men in their mid 30s think is fun? also accepting any other ideas on how to make it fun/special/not suck! hearts and stars!
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2022.01.28 02:45 areithlepr 26F - Hello there.. Feeling alone! I hope you can help!

Really feel like all my friends were fake and I wasted years investing in people who didn’t even care about me it sucks how I had to cut people off who were mentally bullying me and draining me like I was a punching bag I wish I had real genuine people in my life. I am posting this here so i can find some new ones in my life :)
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2022.01.28 02:45 ToastyTomatoSauce Feeling worried about getting another sibling at 17

Hi! I am pretty new here so if this kind of post isn't allowed, let me know and I can remove it.
So about 2 weeks ago I (16f) found out my mom (44f) is pregnant. I'm not gunna lie, when she first told me I was really upset. I already have 3 younger siblings and didn't want another at this stage in my life. And my mom had told me she was dating another man at the same time she told me she was pregnant, so it was a lot to take in. The baby was an accident, and I would have never expected this. Since the birth of my youngest sister my mom has always said she doesn't want anymore children. And she would often talk bad about my aunt who accidentally got pregnant, resulting in a 11 year age gap between my cousins.
And I feel bad for admitting this but part of me wished that she would get an abortion. I really know it would hurt her feelings, but that was how I felt. And the living situation at home isn't great rn, and adding a baby will probably just make things worse. My parents have been divorced for 2 years but still live together (difficult situations preventing us from moving) and the baby is due in June, and the earliest we would be able to move would be in September. And I just feel like its gunna be so uncomfortable with my dad in this. He will be living with a baby that isn't even his, and its gunna be really awkward and uncomfortable, especially since my parents do not get along.
I really want to be in this baby's life. I know we won't have a normal sibling relationship, but I still want them to love me. I want to be someone they can talk to if they are going through something and them to know I love them. I don't want a 17 year age gap to stop that. We'll be in very different stages of life unlike most siblings. I don't know how I can be a good big sister. I'm scared that when the baby gets older they might feel like I abandoned them, since we won't live together for most of its life. It isn't even born yet, but I already love it so much. And I just feel really scared that we won't have a close bond. I also want to help out with the baby when I can, but I've never done anything like this so it this is all new to me. I really am going to try my best though, whatever the future looks likes. I want to be a good big sister.
TLDR: Mom accidentally got pregnant and I feel shocked and worried about the big age gap.
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2022.01.28 02:45 purplequill_777 20 Daily Positive Affirmations for Men | (Listen to this everyday first thing in the Morning. LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE

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2022.01.28 02:45 Chreasy-Bear Please Help identify - my dog ate this, he's ok at the moment

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2022.01.28 02:45 Stev18FTW i will never be able to look at a piece of wood the same way after precalc

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2022.01.28 02:45 I_whip_idiots Some of you be like

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