Its an art

2022.01.20 19:34 LyniVinyL Its an art

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2022.01.20 19:34 fufm Are you able to short SPY overnight?

I have some calls I may want to hedge out but would like to watch how futures open and move later tonight. I know SPY is 24-hour EXTO eligible but not sure if shorting is allowed in the overnight period. I tried to short USO (also EXTO) one time overnight and it did not allow it so just want to verify
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2022.01.20 19:34 beatsbyredee Sleepy Hallow x Eli Fross Type Beat

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2022.01.20 19:34 One_Fun_8236 TANGO LILY BY CHERYL 2022

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2022.01.20 19:34 Twistyy67 One of the best servers

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2022.01.20 19:34 smokysmokyjj What is this?

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2022.01.20 19:34 bemfoy_shapiro Kid Sticks Key Into Outlet

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2022.01.20 19:34 Battlefront228 Hmmmmmmmmm

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2022.01.20 19:34 benike88 Hol lehet jó rákot enni Budapesten?

Tudnak ajánlani olyan éttermeket ahol megfizethető áron lehet tengeri ételeket enni? Elsősorban rák érdekelne, de más is szóba jöhet. Egyedül a Shrimpy-t ismerem ahol kifejezetten jól főznek és az árak is megfelelőek, viszont elég messze van a belvárostól és valami olyan hely kéne ami kicsit bentebb van.
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2022.01.20 19:34 RealTimeWW2Bot US 36th Infantry Division are trying to bridge Rapido river- both banks & cliffs heavily mined- under German artillery & machine-gun fire.

- Second World War tweets from 1944 (@RealTimeWWII) | January 20, 2022
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2022.01.20 19:34 Ylou023 CoinMENA. Just account verification. No need to buy to get rewards. 25usd

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2022.01.20 19:34 baldybaddie gss 3305 gender and sexuality in times of pandemic w Karen Hammer?

Title. Can't find the course on brightspace and need to know how doable it is.
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2022.01.20 19:34 Lucky-Draw1053 Dilligence of all Dilligence- Price target as base case scenario $30

Dilligence of all Dilligence- Price target as base case scenario $30 Hello Clov Apes,
Its been a while since I had something to say. But while there was all this FUD, I went back to white board and started learning more about the business model and path to profitability. I re- watched all their interviews and tried to extrapolate underlying message of what they are trying to accomplish. With all this information it became really for me to organize my thoughts and present it in such a way and you guys can follow through. I am going to try my best to explain it here and why I think its worth more than what I am getting but to be conservative I will present the base case scenario.
Firstly, let me speak about the Medicare Advantage. So , we know recently Clover health has exceeded their previous guidance, the numbers are being finalized and we should hear something about sometime this week. Where as Humana has revised its enrolled downwards. UHN has disclosed the member guidance.
Mind you this is MA market
This is a big opportunity where United health, Humana, Cigna, Aetna and playing and have majority of market share. Clover has show us recently how they have taken over the NJ from United health and they are confident that they can employ the same growth strategy in other counties. IMPORTANT POINT TO NOTE- as per Vivek " most of their growth has come from competitor's base line" meaning UNH beneficiaries switched to Clover (just want to emphasis on that). In addition, he stated "in order for incumbents to compete Clover on plan to plan basis, there MCR will increase by 1000 basis point (10%).
So modeling into excel:
Average membership growth assumption
Revenue per member
MCR Assumptions: I can explain briefly what I am trying to do there. Every new member in MA plan starts at 90% -85% MCR in 10years and returning members MCR will be 85%-78%. (these assumption were indicated in the presentation)
Given the snap from below the returning members have low MCR than the one starting off.

Lastly, Operational Cost- Now this is where it gets tricky. I have tried best to incorporate as much details into this because this is very important line item as this determines our profitability. See below average Opex/member. Please be mindful, 2018-2020 this was all put Medicare advantage business. In 2021, this number stayed pretty much the same even though we went to DC market except for 1Q where we saw them ramping to prepare for that.
I have allocated 35% to the DC member and the remaining to MA segment. As per the management, DC is B2B business where it can take on more lives when signing up with one PCP rather than B2C.
As you can see the total SG&A as % of revenue is $3,267 and is linerally decreased to $2,532 which is still above the industry average but i am taking the worst case here.

Putting everything together we get:
Ok what my model tells my, If we continue to grow MA to 183,022 by 2024 ( btw management projection is 500k members by 2023) - my assumptions are 1 year Late and growth in DC model is expected to add only 450K which I believe is also conservative as they were able to grow this 100% in the beginning of this model.
Medicare Advantage is a private plan industry. Original Medicare is tradition government sponsored Fees for service market. CLOVER HEALTH IS THE ONLY COMPANY THAT HAS SAAS BUSINESS MODEL IN THIS MARKET. Let me explain:
In order to grow in this market one can partner with PCP and manage their patients. As of now, there are ACO (Accountable care organization) that are managing these lives. Companies like Humana, United Health, Aetna, Cigna can compete in this market but GUESS WHAT- who can grow faster??? A company that has a software which need to get installed at PCP's office OR Incumbents who have to either buy ACO organizations/recreate their business model to manage those lives. Its the FORMER. There is a reason why Andrew Toy compares its software to Tesla. Its faster, easier and less expensive. Now you guys must be wondering oh that's just the growth story but what about profitability. Ok I was wondering the same thing. Then as I was re-watching Vivek at JPmorgan, he very smartly mentioned one thing that caught my attention. He stated "When GOOGLE started , they chose AD revenue to monetize their growth". So guys, here is what I will do if i was running a company like this - Grow my DC model via SAAS model, help manage patients life, CA will increase the savings which will be shared between DC/PCP. So lets say, they can grow to 500K in DC members, this again is below management guidance
They are projected to do 500K members by this year but they wont be on CA by the end of 2022, so this technically is for 2023. Similar to this 2021 projection, They aligned 68K members in the beginning and now we are 128K as they promised by the end of 2021 which will be on CA this year.
Anyways, seeing what I see if they are able to generate atleast an average revenue per DC member was on an average $10,702. This is going to increase as COVID adjustment will be made by CMS this year, we will hear more about it soon. So simply put, CLOVER will be growing this segment by alot and even if we can get 5-7% on average 300K members @ 11,000 = the total revenue close $3.3Billion and lets just say for sake of conservativity the MCR is 6% that itself gives us an additional 200M for OPEX. If you see my chart I have grown DC members to only 375K by 2024 and the price target is still over $30.
So , in conclusion don't look at the stock price- I believe most of us here didn't understand this business quite well which is why most of us are panicking. I was listening to a famous and he said "You know, you only learn about the business when you are losing money in it" and I tell you what, I have learned so much about this business that NOTHING scares me about this. I will it at this.
PS. This is not a financial advise.
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2022.01.20 19:34 alireza008bat dammit newton!

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2022.01.20 19:34 Cute-Lunch-6094 Tribunal advice for harassment by a former boss.

Based in England.
I’ve raised a grievance and have a tribunal pending regarding my former boss’ harassment. The grievance has been ongoing for nearly a year and I have no faith this will be resolved through HR.
I raised the below points for my tribunal: - Sex discrimination (only woman in the department) - Disability discrimination (due to injuries from my bike accident) - Constructive dismissal (forcing me out of the role)
I don’t qualify for free legal advice. I don’t have insurance so if I do this, I’m doing it on my own.
My main concerns are: 1. Do I have to leave the company if I go through with the tribunal? 2. I only have emails, a timeline and calendar entries for meetings etc. Is this valid evidence? 3. Can I access interviews carried out in the grievance that may support my case? 4. Do I have to pay any tribunal costs? 5. What does the worst case scenario look like?
I got a new boss two years ago who struggled to pick up the role and abused his position.
He’d send me emails late at night accusing me of making mistakes demanding I explain myself when more often than not no mistake had been made, he just didn’t understand a standardised company report.
My less qualified, less experienced colleague was treated completely differently. He’d praise him in meetings / via email. He’d have regular 1:1s about his development. Whereas I was offered no support in my role (a role I was meant to be trained up to a qualified accountant) and put down at any opportunity.
I had an accident leaving me with several injuries including a broken wrist. I was signed off for two months.
On informing my boss of the accident and my sick note he pressured me to continue to work saying I was still responsible for the finances and had to either do the work or arrange cover. I pulled in some favours to help with admin but as I was the only one capable of doing my core duties, I agreed to still complete the fundamental tasks to stop my department from falling down in my absence.
Some points to note, this was a trainee role. I was on a low salary and had no family support so I was in a position where I felt I couldn’t say no. I needed the salary to pay my rent and was reliant on references for my qualification and future employment. At the time, my boss said I would be paid for the days worked and I didn’t want to let the team I’d worked so hard to improve down.
During this time my boss sent emails demanding responses on “urgent issues” which he should know the answer to or be able to do himself putting additional strain on my broken wrist. In meetings he’d pressure me to agree to a date I’ll be fully recovered and denied any discretionary company sick pay. He did however agree to some pre determined days I’d be working during my sick leave where I would be paid to do my core duties and created a record of this on an HR portal.
Later it was apparent I wasn’t paid for any days apart from SSP and the HR report was modified blocking out the entire two months. The notes on the report change from mentioning I’m in financial distress to “the BU has advised Cute-Lunch-6094 not to work”.
This put me into financial hardship.
I worked closely with operations to improve our performance and we ended up becoming the most profitable and successful team in the BU. When the results were clear, my boss suddenly started attending meetings he previously ignored, wanted me to handover parts of my role to him and my less qualified colleague. He said this was to cross-train but I was never included in my colleagues work.
Year end review came. My boss stated that all the success in my department was due to him and not me. I was an average performer and will have more work taken off me in the new year. There was no room for me to develop in the business. He then encouraged me to leave the company and said “I’ve got rid of people before and if your performance drops, I can get rid of you”.
My response was as I’m nearly qualified and experienced, I fit the criteria to apply for management positions and would he provide a reference. He said “if your performance drops I will make it difficult for you to leave”.
The following morning he called me and said I’m to handover all of my work immediately, non negotiable. I called the BU lead who said he would speak to my boss. My boss followed up with an email pretended the conversation never happened and immediately amended my role. The amendment was replacing areas I was managing with admin tasks.
Things got increasingly more uncomfortable for me at work. I was left out of meetings I used to lead. Points I raised were dismissed and when speaking I was talked over by my boss.
I applied for a manager position elsewhere in the company (same title as my boss) and got the job. I understand he messed my new boss around with a start date and failed to inform her the transfer date interfered with my exams.
Once I moved roles he did the following things: - deleted me from payroll - requested my access to the accounting system be removed during key deadlines without informing anyone - demanded I return my ergonomic mouse during key deadlines (I expensed a specialist mouse due to my broken wrist) - Divulged personal information to my new boss and others in the business. This was not company policy and my new boss found it strange and uncomfortable.
I raised a formal grievance but it wasn’t investigated properly and am waiting for a delayed decision on the appeal.
Having raised a tribunal my employers lawyers responded saying I was a poor performing employee etc.
My most recent appraisal totally contradicts this.
I’m aware my former boss’ role has changed removing some of his duties and changing his job title to a lower role. His last direct report (the colleague mentioned earlier) has been taken off him.
Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated!!
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2022.01.20 19:34 LD1612 Sports Volunteer programs in mexico?

Hi guys,
I’m travelling to Mexico next month for roughly 4-6 weeks starting in QR and then heading south to Oaxaca. I’m keen on volunteering specifically a sport oriented program. Has anybody had any experience or know of organisations/ngo’s which do this kind of thing?
I see sites such as IVHQ and GVI but the majority of sport based programs are in surrounding countries in Latam and South America.
Cheers 😄
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2022.01.20 19:34 feather08126 I have a question

I made an offer for someone's turtle and he said I was under, it was: F fury, 2 dragons, skele dog, and some other small pets to fill up the rest of the slots. Was I actually under or was he just pulling my leg? If I am under what do I need to change?
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2022.01.20 19:34 ferralsol The best sandwich is buttered bread

Fresh, high-quality bread, for example, baguette or sourdough bread with butter is superior to all other sandwiches. Simplicity at its best.
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2022.01.20 19:34 worktheshoot bapa goin to soupleggs city, B

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2022.01.20 19:34 uzuariukk otrox paint.exe edition by me 👍

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2022.01.20 19:34 Bright_Ad_6895 Florida’s Roadmap to Living with Covid

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2022.01.20 19:34 Turtle_Boi_9 I take rhino art uhm we can talk abt non art stuff

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2022.01.20 19:34 jacobfinch04 Explain this please

Aight so I'm listening through the aerois campaign and I just learned of the suit of armor with fire under it's helmet in episode #70 who forgot to turn the oxygen on for her spaceship crew and they all suffocated and I assumed that the fire is part of it's life source so I was wondering why the fire didn't go out if it is her life source
Much thanks
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2022.01.20 19:34 xcoalminerscanaryx Butte County Behavioral Health Proposes Project to Provide Services to Homeless

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2022.01.20 19:34 Nickwitdablick Need rumble fighter account

Does any who doesn’t play the game anymore have an acc they don’t use anymore ??
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