2022.01.25 02:12 itachiuchihar6 Sla

Cara eu ando feliz até mas percebi que me encontro com frequência em um momento de vazio ou infelicidade mesmo n tendo motivo pra isso eu tô com as coisas que queria atualmente eu... Sla me sinto num sei tô feliz mas é como se eu n estivesse
Pessoas almejam ser bonitos ter namoro enfim tem outras coisas tbm
Eu atualmente tive um namoro aí eu terminei e tô em um agr e com esse namoro ainda tem uma outra garota apaixonada em mim eu fui chamado de bonito por elas e sla msm assim eu n.... Fico bem feliz olha que eu normalmente n era de ser chamado de bonito em então n vem fala que ah vc é bonito sla
Oq eu quero dizer é que vc aí que queria ser bonito ou ter uma namorada tipo vc tem certeza que quer isso? E pq vc quer? Eu digo isso pq to no lado onde tenho as coisas que vc n tem e eu estando nesse lado n me sinto feliz sla e eu antigamente estava no seu lado então seu quiser algo pense eu realmente quero? E pq eu quero? Enfim só um desabafo já que minha namorada tá dormindo e a que tá apaixonada tem meu melhor amigo tvlz esteja acordado mas n quero falar com ele sobre isso
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2022.01.25 02:12 ben81PRO Watch "US-Funded "NGOs" Panic as Thailand Prepares New NGO Transparency Law" on YouTube

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2022.01.25 02:12 DaniiDeeDee Agnes in boxes

Looking for NMT. Also fyi she is in her starter home but everything I have read is she gets her real one once adopted 😊
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2022.01.25 02:12 HamburgerDinner The idea of "Cascadia" is inseparable from the racist settler-colonial history of the PNW

It's not your fucking land to build a state on. Cascadia would just be stealing stolen land.
Repping this idea that's backed by LARPers across the political spectrum makes you seem unserious at best and white-supremacist adjacent at worst.
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2022.01.25 02:12 LoveMangaBuddy Read I randomly have a new career every week - Chapter 33 - TrueManga

Read Manhua I randomly have a new career every week Raw At Website Experience the Didi driver and reward Pagani Zonda with one. Experience university teachers and reward ten buildings. Experience the charter company, reward one billion. Experience… ... Read I randomly have a new career every week - Chapter 33 - TrueManga. Read more at
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2022.01.25 02:12 Novel-Celery7931 Hello everyone, good evening, I am new to this world of NFTs and I would like to be able to count on your support. If you could take a look at my commercial profile, I would greatly appreciate it.

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2022.01.25 02:12 comfyggs Poor Sassal

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2022.01.25 02:12 New-Anistontoplous Diane Guerrero, UNDIES

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2022.01.25 02:12 MammothRelative5730 When I was 15 I slept with my bestfriend's and boyfriend's mom and got her pregnant..

this was almost 5 years ago. I was 15 and I was crushing really hard on my current boyfriend( bestfriend's older brother) and I would come over alot just to get a chance to see him. I went to their house one Saturday and apparently the guys had went on a fishing trip with their dad and only their mom was home. She just invited me in and we start talking and it seemed like she'd been drinking a little. She put her hand on my thigh and it started from there..
She wound up pregnant and pretended it was her husbands and I eventually started dating the older brother a year later. Everyday the kid looks more and more like me and nothing like her husband. It's constantly commented on as something funny like a weird coincidence.. like hes a celebrity doppelganger
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2022.01.25 02:12 SpringtraP-MasK Hombrew music player for gba? (cross post)

hay im getting a everdrive soon and i need help. my sandisk mp3 player is on its last legs and is close to completely falling apart. i need help in finding a homebrew application for gba that can let me play my music on gba as a backup for when my mp3 kicks the bucket. is there one out there that is easy to use that just needs to be in its own folder for it to work? or possibly a crack of the play yan to play music straight from a folder on the everdrive sd card?
if anybody can help plz comment. i want to be able to listien to music in the morning still while on my walks.
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2022.01.25 02:12 FwDorisdavenport132 What do you think his enneagram type is?

He’s my boyfriend, Chris. We’ve been going out for a little over a month now? Today, he came over to my house for the first time. I felt awkward idk? Like I felt awkward abt it bc I know my parents are judgmental. He was polite to them, talked to my dad p casually (didn’t quite initiate the convo but answered his questions) even though I had told him before that they were weird/I don’t have the best relationship w them and I mentioned my mom had called my brother a monkey when she was upset w them (we’re black so…) He still said they were nice and he enjoyed being over. I was being unintentionally rude bc I felt so awkward and idk.
He goes out w me, and has been open enough abt our relationship to agree to post couples pics w me (which we did in December) even though I’m a dark skinned black girl who is not conventionally attractive (I don’t wear makeup, have heard I’m below average, have heard I’m average. He’s black too but our school is mostly full of Asian and white people, and a girl who is white passing pointed out to me that black boys at our school tend to knock black girls or not date us. I’ve heard other black girls mention that before too)
He noticed I was being rude but didn’t seem insanely hurt by it idk, we were having trouble agreeing on what to watch bc he wanted to watch one thing and I wanted to watch the other. He wanted to Rock Paper Scissors it, so we did. I won but still more or less let him choose (well I mentioned that it’s more polite to let your guest choose, more than once, he brought it up to tease and ended up choosing - it’s a show I’ve seen before so I was fine w it.) It didn’t turn into a full blown argument but he wanted me to broaden my horizons on what we were gonna watch idk? When I did try letting him choose it was taking longer than I expected, like literally 5 something minutes. I remember I said he should choose bc it’s polite, he asked why I said bc I care abt social etiquette he said he doesn’t
I remember he said when we were walking back so he could go home that they were nicer than his ex’s family, that her “whole entire family” hated him. (He was still w her for 8 months)
I feel bad for saying this, like terrible but since I was already worried abt my parents’ judgement and felt weird abt idk us being at my house him seeming as relaxed as he did bothered me a bit? Like he had v relaxed posture when we were in my room together, and when he had a headache he said he “needed a minute” and like rested (literally) for a minute. I asked him twice if he wanted meds he said no. I was scared my parents would walk in the whole time. Idk I remember a thought that crossed my mind is that I personally wouldn’t be that relaxed if I were at someone else’s house? At all? He told my dad when my dad asked that he doesn’t play sports and Art is more his thing (he actually is like rlly good at drawing, he has an IEP and I’d say he’s smart but I kinda want him to take his education a little more seriously. And find a career that will help him make reasonable money)
Yesterday we kinda had an issue bc idk I was thinking abt how it took him 2-3wks to actually ask me out after confessing? And it pissed me off a little especially bc smthn else happened more recently (that we discussed but still.) I always felt I had to push him a bit into making things official even tho we were doing stuff and I got mad abt it bc even tho he has p much treated me well otherwise I felt like maybe he didn’t want to ask me out? Bc. I felt it wasn’t normal for a guy to take that long. He mentioned not all guys are the same and that it was bc of how badly things ended w his ex (ex moved to Indiana w/o telling him led to him feeling suicidal.) He seemed to mean it and has always said he was intending to ask me out not long after I had complained abt it idk
He doesn’t tend to stand up straight, but is a lot taller than I am. Will kinda walk w his head low and slouch a bit
He told me the other day that he feels he’s “outgrowing” his friends and kind of has wanted to j sit alone w me at lunch even though his friends didn’t do anything to him? I feel a little bad actually bc it’s not like he’s mean to them and ik how it feels to outgrow your friends but also his friends are actually p nice people. They aren’t toxic or anything, at all, j like a decent group of kids. But I understand.
He has done a few things that ppl have said were “red flags” one was a bit more recent, but he seemed genuinely very sorry/remorseful each time. I know that he does care about me, I am confident about that, he buys me things, he spends his time w me, etc.
He described his relationship w his ex as being “toxic” more recently, said that it was built on sex (but they never had it) and that he had to worry abt whether or not she was going to commit suicide, stuff like that. Weird part is that they dated for 8 months anyway, and that like not to be rude but it wouldn’t have been super hard to predict that she wasn’t going to be the best girlfriend? Just bc she had abusive parents/a v abusive childhood. I hate to say it but I had honestly been surprised that she had a boyfriend in the first place, bc she hadn’t struck me as being idk conventionally attractive (honestly like below average) and she also had like issues? Could be nice, but had issues. Wouldn’t have been tough to guess that a relationship w her wouldn’t have been healthy, but I remember he had said before we started dating that he felt like they were destined to meet and would love to try it again one day. They actually still did talk for a bit after officially breaking up j bc she had apparently attempted suicide and I guess he wanted to check in on her. Though that was over email, and not often.
he never told her he was dating me though said that her finding out was inevitable, and she texted him maybe a few weeks back sounding not confrontational but hurt over it? He face timed me bc he didn’t know what to do. I told him to j wrap it up quickly or advised that, said it was important to communicate but to not let it drag on. She face timed their other friend and they agreed to not talk anymore. He seemed nonchalant abt it even tho in like idk early December he talked abt her and the whole situation v differently. I get the sense now that I rlly don’t have to worry about her. So that’s that
I get the sense that he like, took his online relationships seriously or considered them to be “real” relationships? I had assumed that they were real relationships, based on what he had said when I first asked him early on if I was the only girl he’d ever dated. He actually met his most recent ex at our school and she lived close enough (like 5mins away by car,) to a point where I wouldn’t call it long distance even tho he does - he couldn’t come over bc he isn’t vaccinated (he’s not vaccinated due to his mom’s personal beliefs, and seems fine w this or like he doesn’t care to fight her on it.) he said one of his exes who he later on said he met online cheating on him gave him trust issues for a while
He seems to have a good relationship w his mom, I know he has some serious issues w his dad to a point where he mentioned that he’s worried if we had kids (I always pose that as a hypothetical) that he’d end up being like his father
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2022.01.25 02:12 BerryMcOckinner Getting Metal guitars to sound good - like Dio or similar?

Hey fellow Reaper users! I’ve been doing a lot of mixes based on Cambridge’s free multitrack library and while I feel like most of the genres so far have turned out pretty well, I’m really struggling to get Metal music to sound good. I feel like distortion guitars and getting that metal sound are my weakest links, especially from Direct Input tracks. Any advice for getting great sound without over-compressing everything? I’ve noticed the albums by Dio sound great (at least their older ones) and are nowhere near as compressed as more modern metal, but I can’t seem to match their sound. Any tips?
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2022.01.25 02:12 birb-want-seed Is chemical fertilizer like dyna gro considered toxic?

People always tell me that chemical fertilizer is bad, and I know that it kills fish and stuff when used outdoors, but is it dangerous to human health when used indoors?
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2022.01.25 02:12 starkilluh Is anyone in the UWT computer science BA program? If so, how is your experience? Currently picking between BA & BS. advices and experiences are appreciated

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2022.01.25 02:12 Bobbyjacks I was not aware you could do this

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2022.01.25 02:12 Louielovespokemon Oh man that hit me by surprise... so sad....

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2022.01.25 02:12 _kiminara /modelplanes Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.25 02:12 cbmtv This dude claims this as a natty 4 year transformation. Is this achievable without PEDS?

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2022.01.25 02:12 KennyGaming There’s a leader in every kid if you give them the right framework - Kid hyping up Cape Town City FC made me smile

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2022.01.25 02:12 Girlscout88-ttv My Wife made me some stickers today So good I love them...and her a bit.

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2022.01.25 02:12 gauxapen What is this floating castle cloud island

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2022.01.25 02:12 ayoayo123 Mesa Del Sol + Real Estate Investing?

How hard is it to find renters in Mesa Del Sol ? Is it a desirable place to live ? What would you say is the average rent for a 3 bed 2 bath house in that area ?
It seems to be a good place to invest given Netflix is in the area and will expand along with it being 10 mins away from the airport , close to the university and hospital and General Mills . . It looks like there's a lot of development in the coming years . . But at the same time , it sounds like that's been the story for many years . .
Looking at a property that is around 350k-360k , new construction . . . Is it safe to say that people would pay $750 per room on a single family house ?
That would make rent about $2250 / month.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.25 02:12 mhtran24 Advice on soundproofing sliding door

Hello! I’m looking for help with soundproofing my sliding door. My house is divided into two parts: the front house and the back. I’m currently living in the back house. The weird thing is that my living room has a sliding door that connects to the front living room.
The problem with this is that sound travels right through and it’s pretty loud, so much so that I can hear the conversations from the front living room very clearly. I’ve tried to weatherproof all the cracks by adding a thick foam strip plus the silicon seal strip, but this has barely helped. Theres a thick curtain on my side of the sliding door too.
Does anyone have any advice on making the sliding door more soundproof? The sliding door is never used either, so I’m open to any solutions that aren’t permanent. Appreciate any help and thanks for reading!
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2022.01.25 02:12 CrackORTweek Enjoying the sunset on approach in the Delta Airbus A320neo.

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2022.01.25 02:12 LogicSoulFood Question about Battle Code.

Just like the title, is there a universal singles or doubles code in Pokémon Lets Go in 2022? And if so, would someone kindly comment it below. I just got the game a week ago and would love to play online. Any codes help!
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