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Satoshi Block Dojo Welcome Day: Experience a piece of the magic

DOJO Experiencing virtual reality with DOJO is a shared and social experience that promotes cooperation and friendly competition. This drives repeat play, adds value to any location and ignites the DOJO mantra: Play. Like. Share. Repeat. Puzzling Places is a love letter to both jigsaw puzzles and architecture. Each puzzle is actually a 3D scan of a real-world location—the billiards room at a Swedish mansion, a crumbling monastery, a cozy izakaya, a swathe of a French seaside town, or even a piece of the Mars Desert Research Station—broken up into anywhere from 25 to 400 pieces. But, it was then that I found the piece of paper asking for a tutor. I met Paul and family, and I had also met Rudi. I was surprised to see the love affair of Paul and his family. I was excited and jealous of the talent Rudi had. I watched Rudi who did not get carried away with magic like I did, and my feelings of respect towards him rose. Warp Pipes have appeared in nearly every Mario game since, and some of them can be entered by pressing , or and a jump button (for upside-down pipes); some Warp Pipes are found protruding from walls, and can be entered simply by having Mario walk into them, or swim if underwater. However, in Super Mario Bros. 2, they are temporarily replaced with jars. Starmen made their debut in the game Super Mario Bros., first found in World 1-1.It is a very rare item, only found in some levels. When Mario or Luigi gets it, they will turn invincible, allowing them to destroy enemies and go through hazards without getting hurt (though they will still lose a life if they fall in a pit or run out of time). However, the star's power is only temporary, and it ... Magolor (/mæ gə lɔr/) is an alien magician who first appeared in Kirby's Return to Dream Land as the main antagonist. He hails from the planet Halcandra, located within another dimension, and commands a dimension-crossing starship called the Lor Starcutter.He has since made several appearances in subsequent games in the Kirby series.Magolor is defined by his diminutive stature, his ability ... The magic armor my future self developed to fight Hitogami. Now created with his advice. Thinking of that, I can't help but feel suspicious. But Zanoba and Cliff made it. I believe in them.---We looked into magic tools as well, Roxy helped with this. Just as Hitogami said, we found them rather quickly on the street somewhere, a tube shaped ... Jump up to the mid-air block to unite another Koopa with his shell On the right half of the semi-small village there are some more tasks that you can complete. 6. Identical to 2 and 3. 7. Move the block on the blue block under the brown one and break it to return another shell to a desperate Koopa. 8. Great Plateau Tower: The Great Plateau Tower can be found towards the bottom of the map. It can be reached by heading east of Mushroom Valley by sailing across the Lake with the help of Kapp'n or by taking the rightward path at the beginning Crossroad and following the path downwards past the Figure-8 Circuit. An electric gate blocks the green Warp Pipe that can be used to travel to Lumiose City. Artoria Pendragon (アルトリア・ペンドラゴン, Arutoria Pendoragon?, also romanized as Arturia and Altria), Class Name Saber (セイバー, Seibā?), is one of the main characters of Fate/Zero and one of the three main heroines of Fate/stay night. She is the Saber-class Servant of Kiritsugu Emiya in the Fourth Holy Grail War and Shirou Emiya in the Fifth Holy Grail War. She is the ...

2022.01.25 01:34 Truth__Machine Satoshi Block Dojo Welcome Day: Experience a piece of the magic

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2022.01.25 01:34 StockDust7786 Is love an illusion?

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2022.01.25 01:34 warrenslo Peak6/Apex is using Proprietary Options Software to Trade against Retail

Matthew Hulsizer & Jennifer (Just) Makowiec created PEAK6 (owner of Apex) in 1997 (when they were in their 20s) after leaving O'Connor & Associates. Ed & Billy O'Connor, co-founders of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), provided the money to start Peak6. Their firm O'Connor & Associates was a pioneer of the use of mathematical models to guide trading decisions. There is a reason Apex pushes options and cheap options contract fees onto the brokers that use them for clearing.

Who are Matthew Hulsizer & Jennifer (Just) Makowiec? Source (pay wall)
Matthew Hulsizer & Jennifer (Just) Makowiec, the two co-founders and managing partners of PEAK6, owner of Apex. Both started their careers at O'Connor & Associates, a Chicago-based trading firm.
O'Connor was once was described as "the biggest securities firm no one had ever heard of." Its culture was so secretive that the company reportedly shredded the boxes its computers arrived in so competitors wouldn't discover the cutting-edge technology it used.
Hulsizer grew up in New Jersey. After graduating from college, he went to work for O'Connor on the floor of the American Stock Exchange in New York. Swiss Bank bought O'Connor in 1992, and the bank transferred Hulsizer to Chicago.
In Chicago, Hulsizer sat across the trading desk from Jennifer (Just) Makowiec, who would later become his wife and business partner. In 1997, they left Swiss Bank to start PEAK6. They were both in their late 20s when they started PEAK6.

Who are the O'Connor Brothers? Source (pay wall)
For more than a century, the Chicago Board of Trade occupied a narrow niche. Its members mainly traded grains, tying their fortunes in one way or another to the weather.
But Edmund O'Connor thought that needed to change and helped launch an exchange where traders could buy and sell securities options.
This new way to make money not only helped propel Chicago into a hotbed of financial engineering but also weaned it from its dependence on agriculture.
O'Connor, the driving force behind the creation of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and a backer of hundreds of local traders[.]
With his brother William, he amassed a fortune, founding three Chicago companies that are now part of Goldman Sachs, UBS and ABN AMRO.
"He would deny this, but he truly shaped modern American finance to a large degree," said Peter Ianello, who met Ed in 1975 and later worked for two of his companies. "When Tom Brokaw was writing about 'The Greatest Generation,' he was really describing Ed O'Connor, a child of the Depression who served in the military, saved the world and then came back and reshaped it."
Ed was born in 1925 and raised in the Austin neighborhood. His father was a policeman, Ed's son, Marty O'Connor, said. He attended St. Ignatius College Prep and then enlisted in the Marines, first serving as a tail gunner on a dive bomber in the Pacific. He attended DePaul University as an undergraduate and law student on the G.I. Bill, his son said.
He took a job as an insurance adjuster at night, trading during the day at the Chicago Board of Trade, Marty O'Connor said.
"His boss in the insurance business spotted him in the pits one day and told him, 'You either work for me or you trade,'" Marty said. "So he came home that night with a bottle of champagne and told my mother, 'Guess what, hon. I got fired.'"
He traded agricultural commodities and became wealthy enough to start a firm with his brother in 1959 that financially backed, or "cleared," other people's trades.
"I told him that I was looking to become a member of the CBOE, but … the only way to become a member was if somebody loaned me a seat," said William Floersch, who was chief executive of the O'Connors' clearing firm, O'Connor & Co., from 1997 until it was sold in 2006. "After a 15-minute conversation, Eddie told me that he would loan me a seat. Actually, he gave me a seat. He didn't charge me for it."
Billy O'Connor was the wild one. He smoked fine cigars, entertained heads of state, never had children, crashed motorcycles and speedboats, and was known for being driven around LaSalle Street in a green, custom-made replica of a London cab[.] He also was incredibly savvy with computers, "programming" them before the term likely was invented, said Clay Struve, an O'Connor company alumnus, who went on to co-found a trading firm with two other alumni.
Ed, meanwhile, enjoyed playing golf and gin rummy at the men-only Bob O'Link Golf Club in Highland Park. He was "the reserved one and the family man," according to his son, and the "crackerjack businessman," according to Floersch.
"If anyone was in over their head, they'd go see Eddie," Floersch said.
It was Ed, as vice chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade, who spent more than four years fighting battles with regulators and other board members to make the CBOE a reality.
"Although the idea came from Ed and a couple of others at the Board of Trade, they were constantly fighting at the Board of Trade about whether it should even happen and whether it should continue to be funded," said William Brodsky, CEO of the CBOE. "They were fighting the Securities and Exchange Commission on the other hand, which wasn't particularly thrilled it was happening either."
But the CBOE wasn't Ed's last contribution. Among all of the firms founded by the O'Connor brothers, O'Connor & Associates is the most revered. Notoriously secretive, it pioneered the use of mathematical models to guide trading decisions.
The O'Connors "recognized the advantages, the usefulness of the models, and then hired people like Clay [Struve] and Michael Greenbaum and others, who really were the ones instrumental in utilizing them," Ianello said.
When the firm was sold to Swiss Bank in 1992 for a sum that remains undisclosed, several of the firm's employees left to start their own ventures, such as Peak6, Wolverine Trading and the Chicago Trading Co., which now dominate Chicago's derivatives-trading industry.
Ed and Billy provided money to start Peak6, said co-founder Matthew Hulsizer, who worked at O'Connor & Associates in the early 1990s.
"There are thousands of people who owe their careers to Eddie O'Connor," Hulsizer said.

Peak6's IPO Plans
This Form S-1 draft filed with SEC in 2001 provides a great deal of info on Peak6 and it's structure. I believe this is still their model today.
Our Company
We make markets in exchange-listed equity options. As a market maker, we enter into equity option transactions on both sides of the market and respond to requests from counterparties for quotations in a wide variety of equity options. By buying and selling equity options and equity securities with our counterparties, we generate an expansive and diversified inventory of these securities. Through the use of our proprietary software, we are able to make markets and effectively manage this inventory with a consistent and disciplined approach to risk.
The volume of equity option transactions has increased dramatically in recent years due to a variety of factors, including growth in volume and liquidity of underlying equity securities, increasing sophistication of investors who use options to hedge their positions or enhance their returns, an increasing number of individual investors entering the market, and the increased issuance of options by corporations to their employees. As a result of these and other trends, the volume of exchange-listed equity options has increased rapidly from 174.4 million contracts in 1995 to 672.9 million contracts in 2000, representing a compound annual growth rate of 31.0%.
We believe the liquidity generated by our market-making activities benefits our counterparties and their customers. Our counterparties consist of brokerage firms and other securities market professionals, and their customers typically include financial institutions, corporations, high net worth individuals and retail investors. These counterparties focus primarily on providing a wide variety of investment services and typically not on making markets in equity options. To satisfy customer demand for liquidity, there is a need for market makers like us that manage a broad inventory of equity options using technology, capital and personnel.
We engage in market-making activities both from our office in Chicago, Illinois, which we refer to as off-floor market-making activities, and from the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Inc., or CBOE, which we refer to as on-floor market-making activities. We create liquidity in the equity option market through our off-floor market-making activities by identifying the demand for specific equity options and proactively demonstrating our willingness to purchase or sell equity options to satisfy that particular demand. During 2000, our inventory included options for equity securities of approximately 1,900 companies across various industries. We create liquidity in the equity option market through our on-floor market-making activities by acting as a designated primary market maker, or DPM, for options for equity securities of 18 companies. We also engage as an on-floor market maker in equity options of various other companies. To date, we have primarily engaged in transactions involving U.S. exchange-listed equity options. In June 2000, we began making markets in European exchange-listed equity options from our office in London, England.
Our Advantage
We compete in our market based on the following strengths:

Our net revenues increased from $8.1 million in 1998, our first full year of operations, to $80.4 million in 2000. Our 2000 pretax income was $51.8 million, and our 2000 pro forma net income, after giving effect to our conversion from a limited partnership to a corporation and pro forma compensation expense, was $30.6 million. In addition, we achieved a net gain on securities transactions in 41 out of 42 months from our inception in 1997 through December 2000.
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2022.01.25 01:34 vuoivolareconme Black Crystals?

Does anybody know what the black crystals that Grim keeps eating are?
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2022.01.25 01:34 tayhirtzer ADRENAL DISEASE undetected?

Long story short my vet and I both very strongly believe one of my girls has adrenal. We did a blood test but it came back reading that she was pretty much in perfect health. Next week we’re going for an ultrasound to look for any tumors, but the vet said there’s a chance they can go undetected because they can be very very small. She also said we can preemptively treat her, and we came to the conclusion that depending on the ultrasound we will either get the shot that lasts 1-4 months (in case it doesn’t make a difference in her then we know it wouldn’t be adrenal as the issue & waste $380 at the vet for the Suprelorin if we don’t need it) or we can get more blood drawn, frozen, & sent in for a hormone count. Depending on all of that it would be back to the drawing board to re-go over our options. Moral of the story, has anyone experienced something similar?? My vet said the physical exam very obviously raises concern in terms of adrenal, you can look at my girl and basically tell she has it, but the blood work came back healthy. I’m so stressed I just want her to be okay thanks for any help/advice
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2022.01.25 01:34 yellowdays Chambersburg PA City Council repeals LGBTQ anti-discrimination ordinance

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2022.01.25 01:34 HaitchCueZed I might be something inhuman and I need help figuring out the specifics (long)

The past few months has been a whirlwind of realizations and existential crises. There is A LOT of stuff that happened and I will try my hardest to format this in a way that's concise and reasonable. I'll go in chronological order of things I've noticed and the revelations that resulted from these things.

  1. My perception. For as long as I can remember something was off about my perception. I have this feeling, that's deep seated and continuous, that something is looking through my eyes. I kept asking questions like, "Why am I in this body?", "Why can't I swap from person to person?", "Why can't I see outside of my own vision?" I'm 22 currently but I've noticed and thought of these things since I was a little child. It feels like I'm in some first person POV that is solely unique to me. I said it was like God was looking through my eyes.
  2. The number 8 is EVERYWHERE. For context, the numerology of my name goes to 8. Heck, I even made sure that was consistent when I changed my legal name (yes, all 3 numbers related to numerology were taken into consideration). But, I see this number everywhere in a variety of ways. Either as written somewhere, or the shape forms on its own from hair ties or cords. They often coincide with events that occur that change my trajectory in life, either landing a good internship, moving into a decent apartment, etc. Etc. It seems like when I'm on the "right path" the number 8 soon follows.
  3. Visits from Supernatural entities. Both my mother and I have encountered some form of demon in our lives. She had a particular feral one try to attack her in a hotel room she stayed it, it jumped at her from the ceiling. I had an encounter when I was nearly sick and dying from some bacterial infection. It was articulate, and hidden in shadows so I could only see its glowing ember eyes. It told me it could give me untold power and cure my infection if I allowed it to bypass a sigil i tattooed on my chest. It was the anti possession symbol from the tv show Supernatural. It shouldn't work in real life, and I didn't believe in demons until that happened. I promptly told it to fuxk off, which angered it and it tried to claw out the sigil itself. It was unsuccessful from my understanding.
  4. Obvious course corrections. There have been times where I would make an active decision to go down a specific life path and fate circumvents my decision making me go a different way. For example I decided I wasn't going to tell my parents I was transgender, and I wanted to leave their place early. Low and behold when my Dad's car crashed when he tried to take me back to my apartment and I was forced to stay home a few more days. Which led me to tell my parents. I'm now hypervigilant of this and very much annoyed that my choices could be overturned by something I can't even see. I even tested it out, which looking back it was pretty stupid, where I tried to sabotage my chances to go to DC for a school program which would help me build my career in political science. I had $20 in my account, which I needed to pay for a fee to the program. I tried to by something stupid like stamps. My card was declined because some scammer got a hold of my card online and took all the money out. I was able to get it back but that resulted in my card being canceled so all I can pay for was my fee, since my bank had a direct connection to my school. Fate wouldn't let me do anything else.
  5. Past Life Revelation. Speaking of my time in DC, fate had a specific reason as to why I needed to go there. This is because I had the opportunity to go up to Philadelphia where there was an art museum. At this museum I saw this recreation piece of a fountain from an Abbey in France. I sat down at one of the benches and I felt like I was transported back to the 1100s. I was a nun, at this Abbey, that long ago. I had past lives. I didn't believe in that either until I saw this clear vision. What cemented it, was that one of my friends had the exact same thing happen to her at the same time. And the whole trip I thought for sure I would run into someone who I would recognize. It was her, we knew eachother back then, many lives ago. This can't be chocked up as just a coincidence.
  6. The Eyes. When I got back home, I did a past life guided meditation. I wanted to see my latest life, before me. But what I saw was something that shook me to my very core. I wasn't in another person's body, not yet, something else happened in between. I was in some void that was outside of time and space. I was surrounded by what looked to be trillions of white glowing eyes. I looked around more, just to see this giant cosmic tree. It was as bright as the eyes, and it's branches move and split in every conceivable direction. I knew what I was looking at, it was the multiverse, all of it, at once. I look at a portion just to see trillions of galaxies like their tiny swirling dots. Afterword, I got the chance to see the last hour of my previous life. I was an old woman named Helen, she died from a brown recluse spider bite in Upstate NY. That's far more mundane from the countless watchers looking at an infinity expanding multiverse, with me being one of them.
Idk what the hell is going on but I'm terrified and I need guidance. I learned I'm not human, I'm whatever these eyes were. But, I'm in a human's body, this isn't even my first time. And all of a sudden my perception confusion makes a bit more sense. Have any of you dealt with this before? Do any of you have any idea what all of this means and what I could possibly be? What should I even do next?
Tl;dr: weird magical stuff happened that i can't explain and I had a lovecraftian styled vision where I was some eyeball looking at a multiverse tree
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2022.01.25 01:34 333threepeat Pels. Pels. Pels.

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2022.01.25 01:34 thepopeofkeke Rias

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2022.01.25 01:34 nkk47 Startup founder seeking a job for a personal issue

Hey guys,

I did my Bachelors in India & my master's in computer Video Games in Canada. Completed in 2012. Since then, I have been living in Canada till December 31st, 2021. We as a family moved to India due to COVID reasons & we agreed that we could start fresh in India.

While I was working in 2018, that company did not pay me wages & signing bonus. I sued them in small claims courts & was won by default. In turn, I started a company. I have social proof. I have been open about it, to my wife. I have been open to my wife since I married here, in everything. I protected her. While in Canada, I smoked weed. She also did (have evidence). Not she is tarnishing my family that I'm an addict and concocting a lot of stories.

My experience in Augmented Reality since 2014 with video gaming since 2010. I am not sure, if I could post my resume/reference here - but can someone help me find a job?

Thank you
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2022.01.25 01:34 AnimeDE Just got this nibalius g10 first time modding a balisong tried to take off the latch accidentally unscrewed one too many screws any help for putting it back together would be nice 😢

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2022.01.25 01:34 Responsible_Thing437 I (28F) am a Jordanian living in Canada. AMA.

I came to Canada as an immigrant with my family in 2015. I became a citizen in Jan. 2021. I completed a master's program here and now work at a bank in Toronto. AMA - I'm an open book (but especially when the book is an anonymous post on reddit LOL).
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2022.01.25 01:34 Gonleaves When you remember a wholesome show from your childhood and look up the subreddit for it

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2022.01.25 01:34 Coping_Wojack Can't argue with success.

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2022.01.25 01:34 trueworldnews He was driving the wrong way and I wasn't looking. Hi my name is Charles, I'm a bolt/uber driver in Ghana. I record dashcam videos of my daily trips around Kumasi. Check out my Channel. Link in the comments. [/u/gameongh]

He was driving the wrong way and I wasn't looking. Hi my name is Charles, I'm a bolt/uber driver in Ghana. I record dashcam videos of my daily trips around Kumasi. Check out my Channel. Link in the comments. [gameongh] submitted by trueworldnews to worldGlance [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 01:34 melissajackson07 [Monday] Ipsy Glam Bag Plus - January '22 • Unboxing & Reviews (reviews in comments)

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2022.01.25 01:34 GodKingChrist psycho simulators

I recently discovered Jack Thompson and dived down the Manhunt rabbithole. I've got Punisher lined up next, but i'm hoping y'all will know other reverse-horror type games where you play the monstekiller such as carrion (which i really liked because i felt like the director of a monster movie, deciding who gets horribly mauled and who gets spared til act 3). No multiplayer games like DBD, or Last Year
and yes i am a direct threat to human life, i have been brainwashed by blood in ps2 games and will now worship satan and snort a marijuana and get the reefer madness
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2022.01.25 01:34 14159548210 What is stealth Omicron? Alarming subvariant needs its own Greek letter, scientists say | Fortune

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2022.01.25 01:34 princeikazuchi BLACKHAND MAFIA NOW RECRUTING PS4/5

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2022.01.25 01:34 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.25 01:34 ArsenalGoon Selling APE NFT Cheap

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2022.01.25 01:34 TobialTiro First day tomorrow. Any tips ?

My job title is sortation associate at a delivery station if it helps.
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2022.01.25 01:34 nicbentulan How many pawns are at the start of endgames? In all of magnus carlsen's standard world championship classical games, the average is around 11.11, following lichess’ definition of 6 pieces except kings and pawns. A fortiori, choker (chess + poker) seems to have too few pawns.

How many pawns are at the start of endgames? In all of magnus carlsen's standard world championship classical games, the average is around 11.11, following lichess’ definition of 6 pieces except kings and pawns. A fortiori, choker (chess + poker) seems to have too few pawns. submitted by nicbentulan to ChokerTheGame [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 01:34 random20190826 Why do the pitches of AirPods (3rd generation) change at random when playing music?

I have an iPhone XS with iOS 15.2.1 (had it for about a year and a half), and I just bought a pair of brand new AirPods (3rd Generation, model number A2564, version 4C170), as in I just got them today. Since I bought them at Shopper's Drug Mart (big box pharmacy here in Canada), and they cost $239.99 + HST, I am certain they are the real deal.
I am certain that I have absolute pitch (pitch perception, the kind of thing that allows me to play songs on the piano without reading sheet music). Since I listen to music all the time, even small changes in pitch are very noticeable. I downloaded hours upon hours of music onto my iPhone and use VLC Media Player (iOS version) to play these music files. Generally, an increase in pitch outside of what the file normally plays for only happens when you are sliding to seek (to a specific location) and the change only lasts for a few seconds then it reverts to its normal pitch (the kind of music I have is classical, and is mostly on A440 standard).
When I use the wired earbuds that come with the iPhone, I don't notice the random increases in pitch when I am listening to any given piece of music, but with these new AirPods, sometimes the music piece would ever so slightly have an increased pitch (which I don't mind, by the way, as I have this weird idea that a slightly increased pitch is an indication that the strings are tight on whatever instrument is used to play the music, and so it is a sign of an instrument that has just been fine-tuned). I am just curious to know whether this is something that fellow AirPods users experience, and what, if anything, works to stop it from happening.
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