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A question for those who are Recipriosexual?

2022.01.23 21:55 MirrorMan22102018 A question for those who are Recipriosexual?

When a person of the gender you would get romantically drawn to; and is confident, were to reveal that they are sexually attracted to you; what goes through your mind? And what bodily sensation do you get?
I ask because I strongly suspect that I am Reciprioheterosexual; hence why I feel is the reason I would still be ok with dating a 'slutty' woman. That and her confidence, straightforward attitude, as well as aesthetically pleasing outfits. And if she gives the go ahead; I take it as a sign that she would be alright with sensual activities such as frenching and cuddling; preferably while also doing the nasty; to make it feel more special.
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2022.01.23 21:55 Shibefield Was looking for food, but they didn’t have a turkey burger

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2022.01.23 21:55 danilito_og My first auction is now online! Start in 5 $XTZ! LIBERO COME IL VENTO🖼️ (link in comments)

My first auction is now online! Start in 5 $XTZ! LIBERO COME IL VENTO🖼️ (link in comments) submitted by danilito_og to hicetnunc [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 21:55 gojiboy69 Here we go again

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2022.01.23 21:55 LeonJones Sprinkle Coal Dust On My Grave by Orville J. Jenks (UMWA)

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2022.01.23 21:55 TheRealDennisVang Save and Load Pawn not working. (8 Pictures)

Save and Load Pawn not working. (8 Pictures) Hello, I'm basically trying to select a character, save it, then load it next time I press play.
But here's my problem:
When I Save and Load my Pawn/Character, I can Load in my Saved Pawn/Character as the Print-string shows the correct Pawn/Character saved... but when I Press Play Again and select a different or same Pawn/Character and load up the saved files, the Print-string does not show the previous saved Pawn/Character, instead it's blank.
Here's what I got. Any tip is appreciated.
1) Player can Select Character
2) Character Select Blueprint
3) Blue/Green/Pink/Yellow Character Dispatcher Blueprint
This shows only the Blue Character, but it's the same for Green, Pink and Yellow Character.
4) Possess Blue Character Function
This shows only the Blue Character. It's the same blueprint for Green, Pink and Yellow. I just simply need to change the class on the SpawnActor Function.
5) Once i'm in control of any of the Pawns; Blue, Green, Pink or Yellow; I can press these keys to Save and Load
6) Save Player Character SGO Blueprint
7) Load Player Character SGO Blueprint
8) Player Character SGO (Save Game Object) variable is SET to Pawn
Everytime I press my Load Save File Button, the Printstring does not detect the Saved Pawn Class.
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2022.01.23 21:55 m01stpump3r ATTN u/BigPlayCrypto: Rate apt complex purchased with Shib (updated)

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2022.01.23 21:55 welpthisislifenow Cat/house sitting for some coworkers, I think he likes me

Cat/house sitting for some coworkers, I think he likes me submitted by welpthisislifenow to aww [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 21:55 lvgkg71 The Cassalanter Invitation [Alexandrian Remix]

My players have just finished investigating Fireball, and I see in the text that it says to have the Cassalanters invite the players BEFORE Gralhund Villa. I'm struggling to understand why it can't wait until after.
Assuming my players get the Stone at Gralhund Villa, Xanathar and Zhentarim will be after them. They would be sending their response teams. The Cassalanters could then offer protection and resources in exchange for helping them secure the treasure for their children. A "we know you have the Stone, we have 1 eye and money. Let's work together." situation.
Would this work? I'm so worried that I've missed something in the remix and don't want this to go against that. Would love some thoughts. Thanks!
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2022.01.23 21:55 Sea-Raccoon-3198 Mom just sent me this pic of my BC while I’m in college

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2022.01.23 21:55 burgosjose Al Final del Camino ¡Disponible ya!

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2022.01.23 21:55 itstheleviathan oh god no(oh god yes)

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2022.01.23 21:55 AllSeeingEye70 (Spoilers main) The AWoIaF section on Qohor is pretty suspicious.

Think about it. According to the book we only have one Maester who was ever able to glean any knowledge on what they do to make their steel.
But this guy has already been whipped once by the authorities for spying. When he failed to learn his lesson on respecting intellectual property the first time, he then gets his hand cut off.
And then suddenly he goes ‘oh Qohor? Those guys are totally murdering babies.’
I feel like he’s obviously covering for something.
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2022.01.23 21:55 Huge-Acanthisitta926 Kim/XIA Junsu (prev TVXQ, JYJ) to reprise his role as L in the musical Death Note, in April

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2022.01.23 21:55 Pure_Weakness_2152 raid

raid https://discord.gg/7vCMMFx4Fn
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2022.01.23 21:55 sorcerer666 Malos vs 10 Undecillion Gogols

If the Gogols were focused on killing Malos, would they be able to defeat him?
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2022.01.23 21:55 snowdrippy An excerpt of Kostornaia’s old program to Experience

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2022.01.23 21:55 swissbizz Los Angeles Cigar Bar Gem

Hey everyone, Happy Sunday!
I don't know how many people are in the Los Angeles area, but I wanted to report a great hidden gem of a cigar lounge that I found today!
It’s called Bad Ash (off of Ventura Blvd, just before Desoto). I wanted to find a spot to watch the game and I was blown away!
The place looks like it’s super tiny from the outside, but on the inside they have a massive humidor, indoor seating area, and outside area!
Check em out!
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2022.01.23 21:55 Ages-SMP Ages SMP Join NOW!!!!

Ages SMP 📷 description: The Ages SMP is a Lore/community-based server centered around history and community elements and events. On the Ages SMP we will spawn in as nomads and travel, after a little you'll become members of the area your in, and build china Greece and more. Events will be years of evolution as learning iron or better armor all the way to modern age are objective is to bring small communities together as well as the streamer community. Further information about the lore will be provided if you become a member. We are currently looking for content creators and admin, dev and player not matter the following or none you can join. (Rules) >In order to sustain a healthy community and server environment, we prohibit any activity we consider generally disruptive. That means no stealing, grieving, hacking, which we don’t think is a tall order. Additionally, the server community may also impose additional non-serious rules or regulations for fun, like prison or death row, which you might be expected to play along with. This is a lore/community-based server! Please do not join expecting to move a thousand blocks from spawn and never interact with anyone! Joining: In order to join, please fill out the following application Once we read and accept it, we will message you with the result. https://forms.gle/Y4327X7sAcFAqxfG9 (Ages SMP is a molded 1.16.5 SMP mainly for streamers and YouTubers and is goal is to go through the different ages of man through captivating lore and storytelling.
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2022.01.23 21:55 strawberrysorbett me thinking that if i didn’t date my ex he probably would’ve become an incel

or maybe he will in the future idk
he’d make a good one, too. mans let his friends talk shit about me + was sexist wow
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2022.01.23 21:55 XixiaSaber Grape Street Circuit (Pakistan)

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2022.01.23 21:55 BlueverseGacha --Returning--

Talk about timing, I come back the same time the sub reaches 25 members.
Anywho, time went by quicker than I believed it would.
Yes, I'm back - and I've finished what I've had to do.
Were Chemical and Traveler responsible while I was gone? (kidding)
I've got the sub's first “Mega Roleplay” set up, - which was partly why I left, - so I hope you lot are ready for it.
*I can't post it right now though, since it's currently 00:55 (AM) where I am.
Hope everyone was behaved while I had left~
Blueverse Gacha: Ending it here. - good to be back!ㅤ
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2022.01.23 21:55 dinoraye If You Like HGS, Maybe Check Out Petite Princess Yucie!

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2022.01.23 21:55 DangeruosDan Is it still possible to find secret bases in Pokemon diamond on the DS lite.

It says it connects to the internet but it needs WPE/WPA which isn't really around anymore. I could probably set it up temporarily to get online but I doubt anyone still plays so idk if I can capture flags. Are there any NPC bases I can get the flag from or do I need to find someone else with Pokemon diamond or get another DS lite?
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2022.01.23 21:55 Ryanfunroe My parents are strict about what I eat/drink so I’ve got a secret stash

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