#MustListen_Satsang #GodMorningSaturday #Kabir_Is_God #Kabir_Is_SupremeGod पोथी पढ़-पढ़ जग मुआ, पंडित भया न कोय। ढ़ाई आखर प्रेम को, पढ़े सो पंडित होय।। For more info must visit our YouTube channel Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj 🙏

2022.01.22 02:32 Klutzy_Technician_18 #MustListen_Satsang #GodMorningSaturday #Kabir_Is_God #Kabir_Is_SupremeGod पोथी पढ़-पढ़ जग मुआ, पंडित भया न कोय। ढ़ाई आखर प्रेम को, पढ़े सो पंडित होय।। For more info must visit our YouTube channel Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj 🙏

#MustListen_Satsang #GodMorningSaturday #Kabir_Is_God #Kabir_Is_SupremeGod पोथी पढ़-पढ़ जग मुआ, पंडित भया न कोय। ढ़ाई आखर प्रेम को, पढ़े सो पंडित होय।। For more info must visit our YouTube channel Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj 🙏 submitted by Klutzy_Technician_18 to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 02:32 LambentEnigma [2021] Bravely Default II - 'Urgent Tidings'

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2022.01.22 02:32 FallCompetitive7976 22-January I am still here

It is 22-January 05:32. I am horrified.
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2022.01.22 02:32 TheSlapDash Local Colorado artists.

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2022.01.22 02:32 terrencealvianto Dreaming about the future(?)

I was doing a study tour to China and one night I dreamt about going to a place, in a building which has some bridge in it (to connect one place to another) and I have never been to this place. The next morning, we went to visit a place (I forgot whether it was some art or science museum) but I walk pass a bridge and I suddenly recalled the dream I had just last night and it is the same bridge.
Is there any scientific reason behind this? Or it is just coincidence?
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2022.01.22 02:32 Darth_Snek Exquisite Taste

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2022.01.22 02:32 Bruxa1111 Who do you dislike more?

I’m seeing a lot of mixed feelings about Chris and Alyssa. Overall, who do you DISLIKE more? Feel free to comment why!
View Poll
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2022.01.22 02:32 Specialist_Pear8793 i need funny jokes(no sexist/anti lgbt or any of that stuff. just normal, funny jokes

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2022.01.22 02:32 ZeusATM36 ░P░l░a░g░u░e░ ░T░a░l░e░

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2022.01.22 02:32 Astra145 Do yall fuck with Harry fraud or nah??

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2022.01.22 02:32 That_Contribution743 What has lower action, a Jackson Rhoads V or a Jackson King V?

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2022.01.22 02:32 balistafear There's this new function in Arena to rate & evaluate our defence.. really good stuff and a true game changer. Do check it out if you haven't

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2022.01.22 02:32 sassylildame Can anybody else not stand the dog-related puns in Navarro's Daytona music?

especially the "tastes like chicken" season 1
and then season 2 "now i'm off the leash"
like it's so cringey right? i can't be the only one who thinks this
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2022.01.22 02:32 the_universe_is_ded HOLY SHIT BEER + WINE TASTES LIKE MOLTEN BATTERY ACID

Yes I am drunk Very much cool
I have adhd so that doesn’t help toool much
Have a more ni few why. F ndjsjwoskcnndnakzmzmxncnbcbjdkkolo
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2022.01.22 02:32 NewsElfForEnterprise NASA gives a boost to 57 high-flying student experiments, including one from the Seattle area

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2022.01.22 02:32 emmadaviiss .

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2022.01.22 02:32 itsrose08 I need help. F16

Dms open for all
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2022.01.22 02:32 Cum_Cummoisseur Which uni is best for International Relations?

In any and every way you can think of, which uni is best to study IR at? LSE, Kings College London or UCL?
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2022.01.22 02:32 voithor12 Insane Wall my Friend Did

Insane Wall my Friend Did
basically my friend was fucking around with walls on icebox then she accidentally made a undefusable wall and you have to destroy it, its pretty easy to counter but yk i thought it was cool
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2022.01.22 02:32 Historical_Egg_5133 Java burn 🔥

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2022.01.22 02:32 Organic-Ad-8037 A chinchillas temperature?

I noticed my chinchilla felt maybe a little warmer than normal and her ears are a little red. I'm worried she might have a fever? How do I tell? Shes eating, playing, and sleeping just fine. I'm probably being a little paranoid, but I figure it might be good to know for the future! 68F is the room temp.
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2022.01.22 02:32 AreYaHoldingSon How to Know When it's the Market, Not Doge

How to Know When it's the Market, Not Doge Hey everyone, it's your local chart nerd AYHS.
People are freaking out over our most recent dip/crash/bear-market/end-of-cryptocurrency/whatever-fits-your-personal-narrative. Naturally, every time this happen, some people lose confidence in Dogecoin. This is in spite of the fact that Doge hasn't really lost value on its own, and in fact is about as strong as it was before November.
Today I'm gonna teach you how to determine if Doge is down just because the market is down or if it's because Doge is losing value on its own.
Buckle up and grab a snack, because there's going to be some chart-reading (though absolutely no technical analysis).

Understanding the relationship between the cryptocurrency market and Dogecoin
Before we can actually get into how to figure out the current actual value of Doge, we need to understand the fundamentals of how we value Doge.
You see, the average person goes by the price of Doge in US Dollars. This works fine for determining how your portfolio is doing, but it doesn't really actually tell you how strong Doge is at the moment by its own merit. It's not easy to tell, from dollar value alone, if Doge is going up or down because it's doing well, or if it's doing so because the crypto market is doing well.
This is because the crypto market is strongly connected. When the crypto market is doing well, pretty much coin does well. When the crypto market is doing poorly, pretty much every coin goes down. For the record, the crypto market isn't the only one that does this; the entire stock market, for instance, tends to move together, and is the main reason we have things like the Dow Jones Industrial Average to figure out the state of the market.
We don't really have a good index for crypto, but we do have Bitcoin, which tends to reflect the general state of the market. What's more, Bitcoin trading pairs are the common crypto-to-crypto trading pair that isn't based on a stablecoin, such as USDT.
This is handy, because we can't trust the dollar value of a crypto to tell us the full story of a crypto's price, because all crypto is affected by the market moving as a whole. But if we judge one crypto by its price in another crypto, then we have a more accurate way of knowing how it's doing outside the influence of the wider market.

To put it simply and briefly: if we want to know how Doge is really doing, we need to look at its price in Bitcoin, not USD.

So how do we actually get this information?
There are a few sources, but any exchange place that has Dogecoin/Bitcoin (usually listed as DOGE/BTC) will work. Every exchange deviates a little in price, but not enough to matter for our purposes, so long as you use that exchange's prices consistently.
For the sake of making this easy and consistent, though, we're going to use Coinmarketcap's Dogecoin charts.
When you first pull the chart up, it's going to look like this.
This screen is kind of busy. Don't worry too much about, what you care mainly about is green and red area (the price chart), the prices in USD on the left side of the price chart, the timeframe selection in the upper right, and the two checkboxes in the lower left saying "USD" and "BTC." You may notice a price highlighted on the left side of the screen; don't worry about that, that's just the price at the start of whatever time period you're looking at.
What we want to do is click USD so that the checkbox is empty, then click BTC so that the checkbox is full. That will give us the following chart.
The title in the upper left hasn't changed, but we're now looking at the Dogecoin/Bitcoin chart. The price of a single Dogecoin listed in Bitcoin is now listed on the right. Chances are you aren't buying Dogecoin with your Bitcoin, so the numbers might seem like they don't matter to you.
However, they do, because that number represents how much Bitcoin a single Dogecoin is worth. This is the key information we need.
One additional bit of information is helpful. If we check the USD box again and leave the BTC box checked, we can see the DOGE/USD and DOGE/BTC charts together.
I'll explain why this is helpful exactly in a moment but being able to see this at a glance makes figuring out what's happening with Doge easier. Note, though, that on Coinmarketcap, when you show USD and BTC together, the yellow line is DOGE/BTC, and the other line is DOGE/USD. It will be green or red depending on where the price is at the end of the timeframe.

Alright, AYHS, what exactly do I do with all this information?
Well, we can do a few things.
We're going to shift gears for a moment and use the past 3 months as an example. You can choose that timeframe using the buttons in the upper right.
First, we're going up look at the DOGE/USD chart.
Looks kind of dire, doesn't it? That helpful indicator says that back in October we were at $0.25, and now we're at $0.14. That's nearly half what it used to be, so Dogecoin must be dying, right?
Not exactly. To prove that, we're going to look at the 3 Month DOGE/BTC chart.
You need to squint a little at it, and it's best if you pull the chart up on your own. But this chart is a lot more horizontal. There's a period in late October to mid-December that the price seems to go down, but for the most part it's nearly the same. The very beginning of this chart has the Bitcoin price of a single Dogecoin at 0.00000400 (or, 400 Satoshis) The lowest it goes is around 0.00000330 (330 Satoshis), which around 82.5% of what it is at the start of that chart. That's still a drop of 17.5%, but nowhere nearly as bad as the near half you get if you just look at DOGE/USD.
What's more, at the time of writing, the price of DOGE/BTC is nearly what it was three months ago. It's slightly lower - by about 10 Satoshis - but it's nearly the same.

Wait, AYHS, I'm confused. How can Doge's US dollar value have gone down so much, but the price in Bitcoin stayed close to the same?
Because, as I stated earlier, the entire market is connected. Dogecoin hasn't gone down in the past three months because Dogecoin is losing value; it's gone down because the entire market is going down. And we can see that just by looking at Bitcoin.
Here's Coinmarketcap's Bitcoin chart for the past 3 months:
We've been on a steady downward trend. Now compare that to a combined chart of DOGE/USD and DOGE/BTC.
Note how Dogecoin trends downward on USD, but every time it takes a jump in price in USD, so does the DOGE/BTC chart. That's because that reflects times Dogecoin itself has changed in value, and so gotten more valuable compared to Bitcoin. Doge's value in BTC does decrease in places, but the percentage it moves on the DOGE/BTC chart doesn't line up with its movements on the DOGE/USD chart, indicating that its drop in USD value is due to the market declining, not Doge itself.
You can do this with any coin, in fact. As an example, here's a chart of LUNA/USD and LUNA/BTC over the past 3 months.
Terra (LUNA) was newsworthy for a bit because it was soaring in USD price while the rest of the market wasn't doing very hot. And you can see LUNA gaining value in the above graph. You can also see its USD price dropping but its price in BTC staying in roughly the same area, indicating that recent declines in LUNA's price are due to the market declining, not LUNA on its own.

So what's the point of knowing all this, for the average Shibe?
Because this information is how you know if Doge is truly dying. At the time of writing this, the price of Doge is ~$0.14. That's the lowest it's been since we hit the $0.70 ATH. And, I'm gonna be honest with you, there's no reason to believe Doge won't be going lower.
But, armed with this information, we can tell with objectivity that Doge's current decline isn't because of Doge itself, but instead due to the entire market declining. We can also tell when Doge is gaining in price because the market is moving up, and when it's gaining in price because Doge itself is gaining in value.
There's also value for speculation, but I'm going to spoil it because this post is mostly meant for education.
DOGE/BTC price history has us in entirely new territory; prior to 2021, we always ranged between around 15 and 150 satoshis. We haven't dropped below 300 satoshis since 2021, despite a couple short bear markets, general negative sentiment, and Doge's own history being that drops back into the sub-100-satoshi territory within a year of every spike.
It also tends to return to its previous BTC highs, especially during bull markets. That means that the next spike, coinciding with another bull market, will likely push us above $1 and beyond. This is all speculation

TL;DBottom Line
The best way to evaluate how Doge is currently doing is to look at the Doge/BTC charts. The Doge/USD charts can and will mislead, as they're influenced by the general state of the market and don't give the full picture on what a coin's current actual value is without the influence of the crypto market's general insanity.
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2022.01.22 02:32 Jankenpyon Davis Webb leaks critical strategies and tendencies of Bills players before the big game.

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2022.01.22 02:32 Electronic-Owl-4655 Ok bro like actually I need friends so like yeah hmu🔫🔫💙

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2022.01.22 02:32 angel-cowboy Young cat, newly adopted, not grooming?

I adopted a 10 month old ragdoll kitten. He came from a quite stressful home and had recently had claw caps applied when I brought him home this week. I haven’t seen him groom really at all and Im wondering if its just temporary because of the stress he has been, and is going through. Should I expect that he will start grooming when he has adjusted?
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