Absolute best run out of all 542 of my runs.

2022.01.21 17:21 Hrurhejh Absolute best run out of all 542 of my runs.

Absolute best run out of all 542 of my runs. I also got one more brutality and one more survival in the spoiler biome. Spiked Shield did 1000000+ damage to the spoiler boss. (Seed is also in the screenshot if you want to try the GODRUN.)
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2022.01.21 17:21 slynachos id let someone steal

I’m at security guard at a local shop and honestly if I heard someone say Poggers when they were in the shop I wouldn’t even worry about them stealing anything in my head I’ll be like gamer respect and I just let them steal a little bit of something
(this is just a hypothetical though I actually haven’t let anyone steal for saying pogger)
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2022.01.21 17:21 JuJuBRZ tfw payroll makes a mistake and punishes you for it

17 yrs, part time employee. Last year for christmas I got payed 2 weeks off in december no issue.
This year I’m told at the work meeting it’ll be just like it was last year, and since we had a “good year”; and next years projected to be as well. So I thought i’d be getting paid 2 weeks off then returning to work as normal.
Nah, without notifying me in advance they gave me 40-60 hours I need to work off unpaid. That’s almost a week of manual labor.
I work 3 days a week 9 hrs a day, I’m not a bitch when I work, try to work hard and make a visible difference in when i’m there vs when i’m not there. This makes me not want to show up to work at all. I’m literally showing up working my ass off for 40hrs and not getting paid for any of it.
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2022.01.21 17:21 thecraigbert 2022 Arceus vs 1994 Magic Carpet

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2022.01.21 17:21 Machibex Why is Chandrachu***a even a judge?

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2022.01.21 17:21 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - UN Chief believes Russia won't invade Ukraine | USA Today

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2022.01.21 17:21 Imfrancescototti LFP PS4 on now. We need dm

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2022.01.21 17:21 KeystoneGray The real reason the SLUAV explosions kill you instantly instead of burst damage.

The SP2 SLUAVs fly in a straight line relative to your velocity. You can consistently hit them by flying straight when near them, and they will form up directly in front of you by themselves. Until now, I thought this was just a game mechanic to make them easier to take out. But, you're flying straight. In a predictable line. And the drone is watching...
Then I remembered...
"The target is the captain of the Puffin... Robin Airey."
Torres isn't trying to destroy Trigger's plane with an explosion.
He's trying to shoot Trigger.
It's not a bug that you sometimes die instantly from 0%.
It's a feature.
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2022.01.21 17:21 entalert Sold out at the OCS (Friday, 3:21 p.m. EST)

😢 Gone (for now)

Product Price
Purple Monkey 510 Thread Cartridge 1g by Good Supply $36.95
Stock-in tweets @entAlert
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2022.01.21 17:21 DisclosedDeception Mike G Deal exposed - Part 2: Excuses and Hope

Before reading Part 2, see Part 1: Lies
Now that we've unequivocally established that Mike G is a pathological liar who preys on unsuspecting victims, let's look at the reasons why the deal didn't close throughout the years, as well as why pledgers were always encouraged to take just one more hit of hopium.
This post summarizes the information provided on the various conference calls leading up to early November 2021, as well as from subsequent daily updates. It can be seen as a general outline of the overarching story.
Disclaimer: For the purpose of clarity and succinctness, the quotes have been clustered by date and some parts may have been paraphrased and/or condensed. All sources are available as evidence.
1 - March 7, 2020 | Call

We needed to boost the reserve, something to do with the end of Feb being a leap year.
Because of the market downturn, the buyers needed to recollateralized some of their positions.
Last summer, the deal was ready to close, but when the shipment of inventory had left from China to Hong Kong, the strike broke out over there.
Before that, one of the vendors had overproduced products that we used to import, but since we didn't need it, he threatened to destroy his whole inventory unless we bought everything at full retail price.
We are the little guy, all the issues were international scene stuff, not us.

The closer coming on Monday to close the deal. He will give the seller a break and only ask to show reserves for the first 4 days of March. We need to raise $52k by Monday afternoon and then we can close this deal.
Not closing is unfathomable!
If the deal does not close, the money will not be sent to Garry. We will send it back unused!
There will be tremendous amount of excitement and money flowing internationally at the close next week.
It's gonna happen! Help us make it happen, I'm all in. I borrowed against my income next month to help! No one is at fault for all the problems, we have been plagued by issues!
2 - March 28 2020 | Call
The market tumbled so the bigwigs had to add more collateral.
The COVID restrictions created delays with paperwork and travel.
The state of the global economy with COVID is scary. We were ready to close 2 weeks ago, but it has cost us time.

The bigwigs want this thing closed.
The closer expressed that our first payment installment is expected to be done by end of the month.
We are looking at a next week to close.
The bank comptroller cares about us and wants the deal to go through.
This recording is my proof to you that everything I say to you is accurate. It would hold up in court as my promise, my pledge and what we are doing here.
There is big money coming, these returns are very doable as I have crunched the numbers and it all makes sense.
We will get an enormous payback and we're looking to close next Tuesday, absolutely amazing!
3 - May 4 2020 | Call
The buyers weren't able to close the contracts with subcontractors and/or gaming developers and vendors.
The Korean verifier was quarantined for 14 days, so we did a pivot and hired another verifier (lawyecloseinternational attorney) known to Korea from LA.
We had no communication with the new American verifier (deputy) because he had crisis to deal with regarding the oil futures going negative.
I told you we weren't going to ask for more money, but that was when we thought we were gonna close on Monday, with the paperwork, but it turns out that they fired that guy (the deputy)!
Buyers were ready to recollateralize and the new deputy had to go to Vegas to register the collateral requirements.
We are all biting our nails, it was supposed to be simple with the end of month report registration in Vegas. We've had one problem after another, it's not our fault. The lawyers were only able to work 3 hours per day because of office access restrictions.

Everybody wants this deal. The buyers, the seller, the attorneys, the bank in Seoul, the government of Seoul, the government of Japan, this thing is going to happen.
The Chinese are doing their part! Bitcoin is up over 1,000 points since last Tuesday, that's a major clue that they know about the incoming close!
The close is imminent, I just can't imagine it not happening! Can you imagine a bank sending someone on a 1st class round trip to close after firing other another lawyer they had already paid $70k? They want it bad, there's lots of money in for the bank.
4 - August 5 2020 | Call
The lender (bank of Korea) was supposed to send their closer yesterday, but instead the person who showed up was a lady hired to be the temporary CEO and who the 5 partners have a business relationship with. She did a presentation, that had more twists and turns than a pretzel, to explain an issue that the central bank of Korea couldn't cover.
The central bank of Korea wanted to know when they (subcontractors in China) would be able to fulfill the production of their parts to ship to the main manufacturer, so that it can take those parts and stick them inside. Because of COVID, it could be up to 90 days before they can call in their workers in to make the pieces needed for those parts of inventory.

With the current inventory, if we can come up with $250k, they will put the closer on the plane and put the closer on his way. That's the plan!
Yesterday, Neil offered $5B of bonus to raise the $250k! I've been at it since then, writing to everyone. We have no time to waste, I need to have wires coming! If it's a credit card, that's OK. We're trying to close!
I am putting every dime between now and when we close this deal, in escrow. I will not be sending it to the seller until we know the closer is on his way to close this deal!! I will not send it until it's a done deal! I will give it back to you.
5 - October 10 2020 | Call
We heard from the gal, the new CEO, that we were supposed to close last week, but the central banks wanted to review the merchandise, the second to fifth levels of the deal. They wanted to make sure that with COVID and everything going on, manufacturing is back up to speed.
We got the news that the communist government in China said they couldn't open the factory, because they needed to disinfect it. So we had no control, but obviously the info didn't sit well with everybody. They finally got it done, but it took a while for the info to trickle down to us.
Some of the signing had already taken place, but they were waiting for the last thing that we didn't know about.

The bank in Seoul is spending a fortune to close this deal: every person flown here on 1st class ticket ($6,500) + suite here.
The bank paid $100k in advance for the new CEO's home in Southern California and she's moved into the house! People don't do things like that unless they're highly motivated and coming to the closing table.
We got word that the Chinese health department inspected the factory. We wanted them to clean it for a few days and then send the reports to Seoul. We did just get word that the info has now been sent to Seoul, and we expect the approval for everything and signing to start next week.
We need a big push for 1st full week of October's per diem requirements. It's much more than previously, because of a formula in the contract that determines how much it's supposed to be based on selling price of the company and every quarter it goes up 10%. We can't modify the formula.
I will sell 10% of my $9M company at the end of October and seller-finance it with 1st payment being $150k at closing, but that's not in time to do what we have to do! I've spent all my nickels of liquid dollars in this deal already.
I hate to have to do this, but here's the problem: now that the real facts are out, we need to 2-3 days of $38,500 per day of per diem to cover.
6 - October 24 2020 | Call
We are dealing with restrictions out here in Hawaii. Unfortunately, the banker wasn't aware of the restrictions and he got stuck in quarantine.
We need to meet the conditions to stay solvent and active.
South Korea spent $4.5M building a software so that they can have their own Coinbase, if you're familiar with that (cryptocurrency exchange).
Chances are that when we close, we could be asked to show the stability for the 2nd half of October. We did it for the 1st half, we're good, but now shy for the 2nd half.
The bank in Seoul has already spent a fortune closing this deal. They have been here several times now, and only fly their people 1st class, it's a credibility thing for them. Each ticket back and forth is 6,500$ and they treat them right in nice suites. They have invested over $1M in closing costs for the transaction.
I will sit on the money, the pledge, until the last possible minute. That means until the accountants the bean counters want to see how much Neil's company has on hand for the 2nd half of the month, to pay the bills. Garry always calls me before spending anything. I will not let it go, but if I do, it's because the closing is imminent.
To my knowledge all but but 2 Asian countries / central banks are in on this.
7 - November 14 2020 | Call
We had previously been ready to close at the end of this week, but then the posting delays over the weekend and the imbalances in the world prevented the close.
The executive VP was stuck in his hotel room on Lanai island, setting up the satellite offices.

The central bank of South Korea spent $4.5M on software to build their own exchange for cryptocurrencies, to be used throughout Asia. They spent $200k to fly their execs 1st class back and forth, $100k paying in advance 1 year house lease for future CEO (Miss K).
The satellite offices will be helpful for the future since they are now partners #5 and a half (because of their investment in crypto exchange). They're serious, they want this deal and it's gonna happen.
On Monday, we will be 5 days short of per diem. The reason I told you how much money the bank has invested in this deal ($4.5M in programming for exchange platform for Asia, dozens and dozens of 1st class tickets for travel, house rental in California) is because the bank is getting ready for the close. Their closing team still here in Hawaii!
We had bought 2x additional inventory and could sell some, but we can't get all the $150k, that's where you come in.
8 - December 5 2020 | Call
We were looking to close on Thanksgiving week, but it didn't work because the bank in Seoul was fighting with the other partnering Asian banks. They were concerned about the flow of continuity of OEM / proprietary equipment and had no confidence in the factory in China and their problems with getting products from their sub vendors because of COVID.

With all the delays and financial struggles, we instituted paperwork with the executive VP for a 30-35 day window equity finance loan to take care of everyone and put a smile on our faces shortly after New Years.
The deal needs to be closed during this presidential administration because this deal is totally funded / underwritten with the consent of the US (Fed chair of US treasury).
We can close this week with Plan A to get the big deal all at once, or with plan B 30 days down the road with less of a payout.
We need $250k for Plan A, to get the 1,000 missing pieces that Garry talked about.
9 - January 16 2021 | Call
Everybody was looking to get it closed between Christmas and New Years because the executive VP was in quarantine for the 1st half of December, and for reasons they don’t share with us, they want to get the end of year bookkeeping done. We obliged with that and we invited them to come over on the 1st week of the year. We were expecting movement then and now we’re wondering if this bank has its act together, what is going on?
The bank had set a closing date and we met our obligations, but they didn't show up. Don't beat us up about it, people change their minds.

To close we have to do the 1st week and mid month registrations.
Now with mid month statements, we need to show an increase in our per diem to show progression of the business’ growth. It's a precedent-setting event to allow the bank to move ahead.
Vendors and merchants will jump on this new payment system like kids at Halloween, because it'll cost them less than transacting in real dollars, it's going to be a global phenomenon.
10 - February 6 2021 | Call
The Korean verifier (international lawyer) was here and was looking back a few months and there were some irregularities in accounting to the tune of $30k-50k per month.

We must take care the irregularities in accounting before the next Board meeting and that's when we expect to start the paperwork signing.
To sign off on it quicker, we could steal $100k-200k from February's accounting instead of January.
11 - February 20 2021 | Call
Major setback. Without any control, we were looking to close and all of a sudden one of the vendors we use for our exchange into cryptocurrency declared bankruptcy.

We had to win the bid (€1.015M) for the bankrupt German company (valued at €25M), because we couldn't survive another 2 months or more of per diem, to hire programmers and recreate the technology. The per diem would have been more than the price to buy the company.
We were able to borrow some money from the seller's stability fund to make up the difference, plus $140k from Mike, but we are down to needing exactly $85k.
We need $85k to repay seller's funds, but also could use some safety money just in case, especially because I don’t want to hang up the call and have to do another raise later.
We must prove that we have replaced money we borrowed, Tuesday afternoon at the latest.
It would be nice to have a cushion, a bit more money is not a big deal compared to millions we’ve already put together.
12 - March 6 2021 | Call
When the vendor told the bank in Seoul that it went bankrupt, it was a punch in the gut. It was the second closest we'd ever been to closing!

All vendors have been cleared by the South Korea lenders, everything has double and triple checked out.
The German acquisition will close at the same time as the main deal next week.
What makes this time different? We don't see anything else on the horizon that could stop us!
We're just trying to build a reserve. We're all paid up: the per diem, the acquisition in Germany and all the bills. We're ready to go! There's not a dime owed anywhere! But for "what if", what if something happens? I need $100k-200k.
I have $7M of my own money in this deal now!
13 - April 10 2021 | Call
Some software sites (search engines) don't allow our website to be found, which is good because we don't want the whole world invited into this, we just want our people. But these search sites sometimes suggest fake websites that pretend to deal our products and the search sites warn the users by saying "This site may be a con/scam, do you wanna proceed?". People are spooked by that and are asking for chargebacks. That hurts us.
The delay for the German acquisition has to do with the seller's bank not allowing the $1.7M to leave the US.

We're so close, and I know I've said this before and I wanna cry... 3.5 years invested in this, not to mention my personal fortune.
We need to hold an amount of cash on hand. It’s high because of the formula in the contract that is based upon the price of Bitcoin and the company's expense ratio, which is going up with the German acquisition. The deal should close next Wednesday or Thursday.
Last week, I covered $500k myself, but now we need $165k and have friends that could help in the worst case scenario. They wanted be full partners with Garry and I, but we refused so that we can share the wealth with more people.
Right now, the German bankruptcy court granted us 30 days, but our lawyers say it should take 2-3 more days for Germany to get the money. The closer is looking to get us closed on the fast track with only 1 week worth of per diem. He's working his tail off to get us to that finish line. The closer has been here, in the last 2 years, at least 2 dozen times. Just brief stints, but for 2 weeks now since he came back and sometimes he's stayed a month at a time. He's looking at rushing this close, I guess he misses his family.
We are so close, but we need to reach our goal and take extra just for the cushion. The seller planning on going to Hawaii to close.
14 - April 22 2021 | Call
The 9 Asian country consortium is not democratic, they need a unanimous agreement for the registration changes, so this is a slow process.
After depositing $300-400k to the Germans to pay for the fees and the salaries, our $1.7M wire is having a hard time getting through to pay remaining balance of the $2.1M total.

We expect to close next week.
The funds distributed by the end of the year and the deal will close by the end of the month.
I had an offer of $20M for my company, so I borrowed $1.7M from the person with a % of my company as collateral. Now, we will use a cashier's cheque to close the German acquisition.
The closer has been here for 3 weeks and the executive VP ("Ol' Man") has been here for weeks as well, it's his "swan song" at 75 years old.
15 - June 30 2021 | Call
We stepped up to the plate to close and had all promises from executive VP of the South Korean bank, but then low and behold, things beyond our control happened: Neil got COVID at the start of June (14 day quarantine), and the central bank of China just pulled out of the deal. They don't want to help the USA keep its reserve currency. This deal would probably stabilize the US banking situation for 5-10 more years before the US have to do a write-down on their debt.

The situation with China has been resolved: 2 billionaire Silicon Valley guys saved everything. They colluded with Arab billionaires out of Dubai and got them on board, they were able to collateralize themselves to cover the position that China was in.
The executive banker said that Biden was looking to recapitalize the Fed on the deal and that that was adding bonus money to the deal. That's how we got the fast track in May.
We fully expect to be signing the paperwork this week and the closing docs in mid July, we just have some monetary issues to handle.
The bankers know about the Mike G team, and they are counting on us to come up with money for week 2, maybe 3.
I am opening the loans. We are 60% there on per diem, but I need your help.
16 - September 8 2021 | Call
Some of these new people, who have an IQ of a plant and maybe not that high, think that I'm BS'ing them and they tried contacting one of the billionaire buyers to ask.
The rumor mills are hurting the deal, could delay us. These rumors are potentially dangerous for the buyers, and can't be part of something where there's insider trading allegations later. Just leave it alone!
Had a shark come on board because we showed a bit of weakness in the month of July, so the Board brought him in to catch everything. Like a backstop, he will be there to scoop up things if we're not there at the finish line.

We are the primary movers and some of the Board members feel like the shark is more of a clown. They want to get this deal done and feel like it's been dragged out. We Just need a little more help to keep the shark at bay. It's looking good so far, but we will need to raise the money.
There are 5-6 Silicon Valley companies working together to create a new company and they are picking Neil's company. They've done their due diligence, they want him and his intellectual property.
Neil is not signing non-compete clause, that's how bad the billionaires want him. He could start new company right after contract.
17 - September 15 2021 | Call
We still have the shark issue. Every time we think it's behind us, he comes back. He put in an offer of $6M for the end of the month, and as a group we collectively raised $3M so we just have to double. However, we shouldn't stop because there is more bonus money coming if we go even higher.
In July we were $240k short, so we showed weakness. There was pressure from the diplomats on top of the Korean bank, asking: "Are you guys telling us that this $240k shortfall kept these trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars from getting into the currencies of the world, the restructuring of currencies?"

This thing is closing this month.
With the shark came closure, so it's a definitive thing now.
Even if we lose, we would still be getting some money, but we want to be over the $6M mark. We are $2M shy of the $6M mark and would like to get that extra $2M,so we are basically looking at $3.9M from here on out.
This deal is closing at the end of the month, it's going to be between us and the shark.
Since we're closing this month, we might as well raise as much as we possibly can and max out our bonus money.
Legal counsel was telling Neil to prepare for the end game and that we are 2 weeks away maximum from closing
If someone has money earning a couple of % per year, they could put it to use immediately and get pay back within 2 to 4 weeks with an astronomical return on investment.
Make sure your bills are paid: mortgage and gas, but if you still have money, you can get a position at $27 with a return of $12M.
18 - September 20 2021 | Call
In June, we were looking to close, but the country of China was looking to bail out and we heard that they did, but now we're finding out 2 months later that, well they really didn't! They still want to keep one foot in the door. Looking at it internationally, once the US got involved, basically China was looking at this as a detriment to the US, and they can't be working in conjunction with helping the US out. Once Joe Biden got involved in May, basically that's when the deal doubled, it just exploded! And the Chinese are saying "We shouldn't be doing this to help the US reset their economy and get ready for the crypto phase of the world. They may have 10-20 years adjustment having that much money flowing into their Federal reserve."

The Board (people who work for the buyers) voted to raise the ceiling on the bonus being paid out to people like us to $12T. In order to get that level, to snare that last bit, we would like to raise total of $5M, maybe $6M. If you know anybody who can come in at $1M, they will be the 1st to be paid within 30 days and we will pay them $500M per $1M.
We have met the September per diem requirements by the skin of our chinny chin chin. We're not worried about Mr. X (shark) coming back into the picture. We're really tight with for September, but by digging into my personal coffers, we've got it. I sure would like some help so I don't have to make more personal sacrifices though.
19 - September 24 2021 | Call
"Mr. Bill", the billionaire shark, was voted out of the picture, but the Board is considering to vote him back in under certain circumstances.
Mrs. Kim, the comptroller of the company, who has been here representing the primary buyer, who was here in August, Mr. Lee. She's allowed to go to the Board meetings and she going to put forth to allow Mr. Bill to come to the Board meetings, but he was not allowed so he has no say in the deal this month. He could exercise his option to make an appeal at the beginning of the month, to be a total backstop at the end of October at the latest.
There is no guaranteed for September because of the thing that had to be put in balance, but there is a guarantee for October because they are serious about making sure that this is not delayed anymore. The world is in a place where somebody has to step in and say "We really have to take control of this world financial crisis!" and that's who we are, that's who they are.
If we don't have the $5M by mid October, the bylaws written by Steve Mnuchin under Trump, allow for a last-in-first-priority. The Board could then contact "Mr. Bill" and ask him to make up the difference. If "Mr. Bill" gives them $2M, he would get 2/5 of the bonus pool which all belongs to us right now.
The deal is guaranteed to close, it's either our money or "Mr. Bill"'s. I need your help with more pledges, I hate to have to ask for more and I know we will get the crap beat out of me with people saying "scam! scam!". But scammers hide, they use proxy servers to register their websites and we don't do that! We have a guaranteed closing for the 1st time, one way or the other!
If we get the extra $3M, it will absolutely close in October. The loan program will stop if the $3M is raised in next 7 days, so act quickly!
We have 8 or 9 people in the pipe expressing interest in putting $1M, but we're also asking all partners to do what they can, just so we have both options.
Let's be CLEAR, the Board has GUARANTEED a closing by the end of October. Either with us, or with "Mr. B"! 3 million and THAT'S IT!!
20 - November 2 2021 | Call
When the buyers brought Coinbase into the fold, they made a deal with them, but I am not privy to that information. Garry nor the seller are either. We are at a point in this closing process where the secrecy is even more so than it has ever been! Now that's not a negative, that's a positive.

There's a big meeting that's going to happen. Neil is on the way to New York because the structure of the buyer corporations are all in stocks and we are holding in tokens, so we need to do an equity parity or regulatory thing to make this seamless transaction happen and do it right with the SEC, Wall Street and Mnuchin level.
Everyone that's involved in receiving some fongolas will be at the meeting in New York. This is specifically done for the purpose of the Wall Street people, everybody on the other side corporations, and when the money splits up there, it has to be 100% transparent. It's not as footloose as it is with us.
There are a lot of other companies backing up the one big company in Korea. I'm sure the car companies and others big companies in Korea are also piggy backing underneath this deal to give it backbone and support on the Asian side. It's amazing how much this thing has grown over just the last 6 months. The number of people who are banging on the door, saying "let me in, it's cold out here!" is astounding. They are aware that this is the largest financial deal in the last 2,500 years, going back to trade and barter.
Mike: Neil our seller is also going to NY to represent us, relative to the amount that we are anticipating, and to include us as a line item on the closing statement, right? Garry: That's what was understood before, but sounds like now there must be some kind of, um I don't know if it's for us the conversion of tokens to stock, or how that happens, but in addition to the cryptocurrency, crypto token market, this is also part of 1st big business exchange/trade that deals with stock and cryptos. Mike: Hold on right there Garry, you're not telling us that we're going to get paid in stock? We're getting paid in cash, green bags, right? Garry: Yeah, we're getting paid in fiat. Mike: Ok thanks, based on the value of the stock that's also something that we have come to be part of because of the support and all of our partners making loans.
Neil is not expecting any stalling. He will put on his battle uniform if necessary. This new process was added to the logistics because this deal has grown multiples of what it originally was, and it is a way to get us across the finish line.
We want make sure that everything is legal with Wall Street and big guys who are buying this. They'll wrap that up sometime this week.
Neil is expecting travel to Hawaii afterwards to meet the head honcho (executive VP / "Ol' man") so he can close his "swan song"!
Continued in the comments.... There is a character limit for posts, so the information from updates subsequent to November 2 2021 are in the comments. If you could upvote it so that it goes to the top, that would be great.
I wonder:
I can appreciate the fact that selling a business can take several years, but what is odd and suspect is that it's always been on the verge of closing throughout the process.
Businesses typically call the closing timeline with decent accuracy (often with quarterly targets eg: Q1 2022), but most importantly, they definitely do not announce it's "just a few days away" repeatedly when they fail to meet the deadline, let alone at least 25+ times (many more occurrences happened in updates between the conference calls).
Keep in mind that the recent January 2022 updates (see the comments below - this post was too long to include them) only mention that the seller's company is going public and that Mike will be collateralizing the loans with its stock. He has not mentioned that the company has been sold for trillions of dollars nor that the promised astronomical payouts are coming.
Also, I thought Mike always said that the deal would close and that the partners would get paid before the company went public... If it goes public before it's sold, won't that actually expose their charade? Once the company is listed, we will see its market cap. Since there's been so much hype behind it, I'm expecting it to list on the NYSE or the NASDAQ and crack at least the top 5 positions!
Final note:
The upcoming public SEC filings of the company will confirm that Neil Chandran is indeed the seller, so why did they try so hard to hide that fact back just a few months ago (see lie `#2)?
It's especially intriguing because, according to Mike, we should no longer be concerned by the seller's previous illegal activities since he is "regretful for not paying close attention to how many stocks he was selling" (listen @ ~3:40).
Well Mike, intentionally misleading listeners about the identity of the seller kind of mutes your plea to "leave it the hell alone!". Now we just know that you're a liar with your business partners.
Stay tuned for part 3.
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2022.01.21 17:21 Supreme7933 Bitcon falls below 38k. Billions are wiped off the market.🤣🤣🤣🥂🍻🤗

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2022.01.21 17:21 cherrimubi The parents were right: Documents show discrimination against Asian American students

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2022.01.21 17:21 Physical-Reward-6416 Go check out the new collection of NTFs I just released! Come take a look and buy if you like any!!

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2022.01.21 17:21 nogoodideas2020 F*ck law school

That feeling when you want to down 100 pills when you're bottom of your class and nothing else going right for you
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2022.01.21 17:21 stevecooper37 "Where do I find the app on Oculus????"

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2022.01.21 17:21 Carolinagirl9311 Remote GS Positions--Where art thou?

Are there keywords on a job posting that will tell you if a position is remote? I know people sometimes use remote interchangeably with telecommute. I was contacted last week for an interview and when I asked the HR specialist if the position was remote, she said..."Yea, I think so, but check with the interviewer to make sure". Before interviewing on Wed, I asked the panel and they stated that they weren't sure and that it could be but not sure if it would be. Hmmmm okayyyyyyyyy! I proceeded with the interview anyway. I'd love to hear from those who have landed fully remote positions.
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2022.01.21 17:21 FCGLITCHES How to turn visits into sales, despite doing everything

So I have started selling my products on oct 2021. I've made about 40 sales to date most of the sales coming during December which is no surprise. But my concern is how do i get products selling at least two items every day, currently for this month I have more visits than December but only half the number of orders up to now 21st Jan. I've increased my product portfolio, I've increased advertising slightly, but not by a lot, my listing ranges from low prices to around 30 ish gbp. I know this is the worst period for sellers but just curious if i need to change anything myself, I always have promotions for different products every week. Any help would be appreciated, oh yh I have 17 reviews all of them 5 stars, if that holds any value. I am 2% away from star seller which i am aware is very useful for a small business like myself, not so much for the bigger platforms. Finally I've created my business card and maybe stickers to increase my social media platforms, but uve only started this recently.
I know I've said a lot in almost like a list format, but if you can help i would greatly appreciate it.
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2022.01.21 17:21 hizuzya 22F just curious

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2022.01.21 17:21 FreeAndGloriousSelf What happens when I reach the 10Gb limit?

I won't receive anymore emails?
will my emails be stopped?
I know that I will be 'forced' to remove the previous emails; Its fair;
I'm just wondering... 🤔🤔🤔
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2022.01.21 17:21 CamTings My compressor hose

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2022.01.21 17:21 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Rutgers basketball player's painful road from dentist's chair to court | USA Today

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2022.01.21 17:21 boilerroom111 FS FS, icons on HOME always greyed out. Any decent fix? Thanks.
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2022.01.21 17:21 PLEASEHELPME618 Book to get moderatellslslsldlldldldldldldldldldldldlddlldldldldldldldlldldldlldl This post has been removed and you have been permanently banned from this subreddit, reddit and fucking life for being a stupid bitch.

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2022.01.21 17:21 ChaoticGoodnEvil Harry’s trial

I was rereading OTP again today and had some weird sinking feeling in my gut. We’re so used to Harry almost always managing to cope with disastrous and horrible situations that even if we know, I feel like we or definitely I did not truly appreciate how young he really was when he went to trial for the patronising charm.
The anxiety a teen boy must have felt when they tried him in a criminal court, the chained chair that he had to sit upon (where violent criminals have sat before him, some directly wanted his blood). It was supposed to be a simple hearing and Fudge and a whole bunch of babbling idiots through it right to traumatise a 15 year old boy to that extent because they couldn’t and didn’t want to face the truth. Just reading the way his inner turmoil has been expressed made me feel so sad. He was so alone in there.
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2022.01.21 17:21 2665jeff LET IT BE KNOWN - FINALEYEZ/ Broke Bugatti/ EYERAP Prod. TVOLTAGE

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