Fully recovered from covid except for one strange symptom that I only noticed after feeling entirely better.

I had Covid back in March. Was legit tested positive and the only symptom I had was loss of taste and smell that occurred on March 29th. It still has not fully returned. I can only smell certain things. And only taste sweet and salty but no flavor. Somethings taste and smell the same that I know are completely different. 4) One has to wear a muzzle and chain harness on every walk and only the husband can walk him, since he goes berserk if he sees other dogs. Etc. And all except number 3 above are people who are good with dogs, did everything you're supposed to do, consulted with trainers, etc. Look at the Biden's dog, Hunter - all the money in the world for ... TRANSLATOR'S INTRODUCTION. Ecce Homo is the last prose work that Nietzsche wrote. It is true that the pamphlet Nietzsche contra Wagner was prepared a month later than the Autobiography; but we cannot consider this pamphlet as anything more than a compilation, seeing that it consists entirely of aphorisms drawn from such previous works as Joyful Wisdom, Beyond Good and Evil, The Genealogy of ... After a median follow-up of 83 days after the onset of myocarditis, 1 patient had been readmitted to the hospital, and 1 had died of an unknown cause after discharge. Of 14 patients who had left ventricular dysfunction on echocardiography during admission, 10 still had such dysfunction at the time of hospital discharge. I would tell them stress caused my hair to fall out and smoking relieves that so mind your own business! … But I digress. I was completely hairless for 5-6 years. Then one day I noticed fine fuzz on the back of my head! After several months, I actually had a patch of white, baby fine hair at the back of my neck. Melanie is right in that lupron was designed for men with prostate cancer and not for women. However apart from the obvious differences between the sexes,we suffer many of the effects of this drug together.So we all know how awful this drug can be,i write this to let men know that there are comments on here from men,so keep on reading the posts because many of the awful effects are felt by men ... The panel consisted of these experts: Dr. Kevin R. Loughlin, professor of surgery (urology) at Harvard Medical School, who is senior surgeon and director of urologic research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and staff urologist at Harvard University Health Services, a large university health program that serves the needs of Harvard students, faculty, employees, and their families. Dana and all, Thank you so very much for this list – my son has had quite the journey (still in the middle of it). 19 year old college freshman 100% functional and active athlete and A student in 2019, strange symptoms in Fall 2018, all labs “in range” until they weren’t (with the exception of AbTg (2100! range >1), Spring 2019 covid hit and TSH finally bottomed out and he received RAI ... Limerence is a mental state of profound romantic infatuation, first defined in the 1970s by the psychologist Dorothy Tennov. It is characterised by an initial period of elation and intense emotional arousal that can progress to an involuntary, obsessive craving for another person. The worst part of having a PE is that every time I have an ache in my leg, a strange twitch or “butterfly” feeling in my chest I’m terrified it’s another PE. I keep a pulse-ox meter around me and test 1-2 times a day to make sure my oxygen is good and if the pain I feel doesn’t dissipate, I don’t hesitate to go to the ER.

2022.01.24 14:18 A_Boosted_FA20 Fully recovered from covid except for one strange symptom that I only noticed after feeling entirely better.

This is a really strange thing that has been happening to me ever since recovering from covid. It very well may have nothing to do with covid, but I was curious to see if anyone else experienced it after recovery.
I noticed this happening about two weeks after recovering from covid. When I step outside or into a new room, I often get a strong whiff of some sort of food. The first few times it happened I chalked it off to be my imagination. However it continued to happen and it still does to this day. It generally only last for about two or three inhales and then the scent is gone. For example, just now, I walked outside and as soon as the outside air hit me I got a strong smell of pizza sauce. Where I live I’m not close enough to other houses or restaurants that I could be smelling someone’s cooking. Like I said, even when I walk into a new room and I’m the only one home, I often smell some sort of food for a brief moment. I have noticed temperature changes seem to trigger the scents, the starker the temperature change the stronger the scent is. It’s all very bizarre and I know it sounds crazy but it’s been my experience. Anyone else getting phantom smells post covid?
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2022.01.24 14:18 Daniil_Z Whenever Chronos is one-shot

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2022.01.24 14:18 soccer_mom_16 She looks rough in this live

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2022.01.24 14:18 nectarstreamco Re-assign Purchase agreement - Richcraft

Hi guys,
I'm buying a brand new house from Richcraft (findlay creek) which will be ready at the end of March and now I have someone who is interested in buying it from me.
Im wondering if i can sell this place before completion so i can avoid all the fees related to purchasing a barnd new house (gst, land transfer fee etc)

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2022.01.24 14:18 thenewrepublic No, Democracy Isn’t About to Die

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2022.01.24 14:18 FoundersSociety Alexander Crowley - Rage! (Official Music Video)

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2022.01.24 14:18 Mani0770 Lol

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2022.01.24 14:18 alexwells12 Questionnaire

Hello everyone,

I am a Film Student and for an upcoming exam I have been tasked with gathering market research. This specific questionnaire touches on 1984 briefly so I thought it would be okay to post here. My idea is to make a film adaptation of 1984.

Plz remove if this is not allowed
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2022.01.24 14:18 bordoisse Exchange Tokens across multiple Blockchains through SideShift.ai (No SignUp)

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2022.01.24 14:18 LuinAelin It turns out people wanted to fuck the green M&M. What other food mascot do people want to fuck?

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2022.01.24 14:18 AlphaCentauriBear SMACX modding - tuning up AI

Hello fellow players. This is a continuation of everlasting discussion on "whether and how to tune SMACX AI". Triggered by this post: https://alphacentauri2.info/index.php?topic=21013.msg132703#msg132703 and all the following notes.
Users keep complaining about AI sucking big time in SMACX. Thinker did a lot in this regards and WTP added on top. However, people still able to beat it and lacking challenge. While the work could be continued on that in many aspects I'd like to discuss philosophical questions first before embarking further on that. Please share your opinion.
Need First and foremost, whether AI has to be strengthened at all and, if yes, to which level? Games like that were designed to be partially exploratory. There were never designed to be pure competitive games like chess or StarCraft for example. Human and AI factions are even governed by different rules all over the place so the game is not strictly "fair" and will never be.
Do you as a player expect to constantly beat the game at the highest difficulty? Is there a certain pride or tradition for it to be always beatable? Would you comfortably settle with some medium difficulty if you know that the highest one is impossible (for you)?
What is the bigger frustration to you: for AI to suck and don't present enough challenge or the opposite? Like for it to actually catch you unprepared use your mistakes and weaknesses, destroy your hard built empire?
If you allow for AI to be very strong how would you measure difficulty levels comparing to the strongest human player (winning percentage)?
Focus areas Just collecting worst AI mistakes as they are perceived by players. Some of them from the top of my head. Feel free to comment or add your own.

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2022.01.24 14:18 Justamurderdonesfan He's dead

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2022.01.24 14:18 Acceptable-Plate8975 Another trilogy coming?...

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2022.01.24 14:18 BenLuk02 mr incredible funny haha

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2022.01.24 14:18 ok_tyler Does anyone know of a hopping spot looking for experienced bartender / server?

I’ve got years of experience under my belt and looking for a place to work closer to home. Indeed kinda comes up empty with search results, so I’m hitting the streets today. Preferably Greenpoint / williamsburg area. Thanks for any help!
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2022.01.24 14:18 SkinnheisFC Der røyk BSUèn !

La oss gå! Til månen!
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2022.01.24 14:18 saxore Rainer und der Knast

Falls es schon die Jurahaider in den neuen Sub geschafft haben hätte ich da eine Frage. Momentan gehen ja gefühlt alle davon aus, dass die Knast Staffel nach dem nächsten Gerichtstermin beginnt. Jedoch ist es doch so wenn ich mich nicht irre, dass er danach erstmal noch in Revision gehen kann, was ihm natürlich nicht mehr als einen Aufschub aber dennoch diesen Aufschub bringt. Stimmt das oder irre ich mich?
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2022.01.24 14:18 Affectionate_Hold660 Checking out the impressive builds at the Grand Pirate Capital Archives! This base is a must see!

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2022.01.24 14:18 Spirited-Fishing8760 Trading 6.4mil RHD & Goth lolita skirts for ROBUX!

Will be using a middleman (MM)!
The minimum amount of RHD you can purchase is 100k. I calculated how much the diamonds would cost with tax added so you don't need to.
I have 6.4mil RHD altogether.
Using the ratio 1k rhd = 2robux
Prices for RHD!
100k = 200 + tax (total=286 robux)
200k = 400 + tax (total=572 robux)
300k = 600 + tax (total=857 robux)
400k = 800 + tax (total=1143 robux)
500k = 1000 + tax (total=1429 robux)
600k = 1200 + tax (total=1715 robux)
700k = 1400 + tax (total=2000 robux)
800k = 1600 + tax (total=2286 robux)
900k = 1800 + tax (total=2572 robux)
1mil = 2k + tax (total=2857 robux)
Goth lolita skirt! x4 in stock
80 + tax (115 robux)
Comment or message me if you'd like to buy. Ty :)
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2022.01.24 14:18 Civil_Act1864 Trying to pick springs for a project

I'm designing some tooling/fixtures for my company's workers and I'd like to include some spring loaded features. The springs will be to hold moving components down, but allow the operator to easily make adjustments. Problem is I don't really have a sense of what strength of compression springs I should use. Could anyone give me a range for something that isn't so strong that the operator would have to use a lot of effort to compress them, but not so weak that they might as well not be there?
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2022.01.24 14:18 Toxic_22 [US-CA] [H] Decent65, gmk8008, Rama Koyu PCB [W] Paypal

Hi, have some things to get rid of. Local to 91321
Decent65 e-white
- Soldered PCB with black POM Half-plate, Soldered for 7u bottom row and split backspace and stepped caps. PCB has flex cut in the alphas section.
- L+F 67g tangerine switches, Used OPblacks for backspace and spacebar, Gat Black Inks for enter and shift. Used 2x lavender in bottom row as fillers. All switches lubed and filmed. All the alphas and most used keys except for stabilizer keys are tangies and sound uniform.
- tx stab on spacebar, c3 and durock combo on enter and shift.
- Comes with IFK amalfi keycaps mounted to fill the board and extras for arrows, enter and esc in alternate color.
- Has hand cut case foam, sounds better with the foam imo but if you want a bouncy board you can remove the foam to let the half plate and flex cut PCB shine.
- Has a small mark as pictures here
$375 shipped OBO

GMK 8008 Base + Modern - Pic
- Used GMK 8008 shipped in bags, No shine on any keycaps. Used sparingly.

Rama Koyu hotswap PCB
$69 shipped

Need everything gone so im open to reasonable offers.
Discounts for local pickups for all. Big discount on keyboard for local pickup
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2022.01.24 14:18 southwesthex Her name is Peach, but sometimes she's a ham!

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2022.01.24 14:18 LaTitfalsaf No, we don’t have to be friends.

There seems to be a general sentiment on the sub that Palestinians and Israelis have to start trusting each other for the conflict to end. In general, most Israeli arguments boil down to some form of “Palestinians are violent against us!”. I’ve decided to compile a few points about the conflict that I think a lot of people need to understand.
Palestinians and Israelis don’t have to be friends for the conflict to end. In fact, Palestinians and Israelis will probably still hate each other for a few generations after the conflict ends.
Palestinians don’t need economic cooperation with Israel. In fact, any economic cooperation would probably end up with Israeli domination of Palestinian markets. Don’t you worry about the Palestinian economy - it’ll probably boom the moment the occupation ends naturally.
Palestinians are justified in disliking Israelis. I think anyone would hate the population occupying them.
The best solution would be for big walls to be built on something resembling the 1967 borders. There’s no reason that the two states have to be exclusively Jewish or Arab, but they probably will end up being something close to that with people not wanting to be a minority. Maybe both will be around 80%-90% homogenous.
None of these statements are incompatible with peace. We just have to cease hostilities and allow everyone to live their lives in the society they choose. It is unrealistic to say that everyone will become friends. To create any solution which relies upon the two populations reconciling is to say that the conflict will never end. (That’s why hard-right Zionists say that they will annex an Arab population as soon as they recognize Israel as an exclusively Jewish state, by the way.)
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2022.01.24 14:18 CounterfeitTacos I need help

Hi first time posting. I have a question about the summer carnival event. I am trying to get tequila, but I can't receive him, do I only get him via a mission? or something else? I have already bought every token of his on the event store, and he's not in operators list. I didn't even get an intro for him for buying his token, did they change how you acquire characters in events?
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2022.01.24 14:18 Shortcut_fixer 100 more like 0

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