Australia's Western Pygmy Possum

Suggested site content and search history menu. All Departments. All Departments; Universal Studios; Harry Potter; Jurassic World Learn from renowned master taxidermist Dan Rinehart and become a master taxidermist yourself all from the comfort of your own home. Explore the art and learn how to taxidermy. From whitetail to fish and coyote, Free Taxidermy School can supply you with the tools and direction you need to be a self-sufficient taxidermist. Container Farm: 19200 SW 168 St. Miami, FL 33187 Phone 305-253-2649 Fax 305-253-3171 Sales Team: Lilly Gonzalez 305-619-1713 The 2022 NPGA Convention will be in Warsaw, IN on June 9-14, 2022 and hosted by the Heartland Pygmy Goat Club. National Pygmy Goat Association 14620 Sunnybank Ave. Bakersfield, CA 93314 Phone: 661-448-5141 Fax: 661-535-8113 Email: Office Hours: The unnamed male pygmy hippo calf went for a stroll in the nursery yard on Sunday.(ABC News)Just two weeks after the male calf was born, zookeeper James Uren said mother Petre was doing a good job. The American Pygmy is an American breed of achondroplastic goat.It is small, compact and stockily built. Like the Nigerian Dwarf, it derives from the West African Dwarf group of breeds of West Africa.: 355 : 35 Between 1930 and 1960, animals of this type were imported to the United States for use either as zoo animals or for research; some were later kept and bred as companion animals and ... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Pygmy goats are small goats of African origin. They were originally called the Cameroon Dwarf goat. The goat is mostly restricted to the West African countries. Similar forms of Pygmy goats also occur in all of northern Africa, in the southwestern African countries and also in east Africa. However, what we call the Cameroon Dwarf goat is the ... While they are also known as Borneo pygmy elephants due to their smaller size, at 8.2-9.8 feet tall, the Bornean elephant is the largest mammal on the island. Once believed to be remnants of a domesticated herd given to the Sultan of Sulu in the 17th century, Bornean elephants were determined by WWF to be genetically different from other Asian ... Pygmy-Owls can now be found along the Arizona Trail at the Phoenix Zoo. Harris hopes that one day Pygmy-Owls will once again be a common sight in the deserts of Arizona. Up to Speed.

2022.01.22 20:46 bugminer Australia's Western Pygmy Possum

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2022.01.22 20:46 Mauigirl2322 CS dat you???

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2022.01.22 20:46 deadturtle12 Why do I get the unrelenting urge to beat people up who’s parents pay for everything for them?

It’s not that I’d act on it. I’m not exactly poor either, but when I see people who’s parents pay for their college tuition, high end car, and high end apartment, it just gets something going in me. It may just be jealousy, but this is the only thing that really makes me wanna hit someone. Anyone else feel this way?
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2022.01.22 20:46 MedinainMiami The crypto president. Not a MEME

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2022.01.22 20:46 DollFacedBunny Would Like Help For My Friend Who Is Homeless

So my friend Thomas is homeless due to Covid-19. He's lost his parents and wife to the disease and I am in the negatives in my bank account and am barely getting by even when I am not. I would like if i could leave his cashapp here and if anyone needs anything to verify the validity of this, I would be happy to do so.

His cashapp is $tjsimmonsjr2
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2022.01.22 20:46 drunken_vampire POST I: A little first step into Constructions LJA. Omega Bijection.

If we "could" build the next serie of "facts":
|A| not bigger than |B| not bigger than |C| not bigger than |D|
We could say: |A| is not bigger than |D|
A concrete Construction LJA, is an abstract data structure that helps us to create THAT serie of "facts" and intermediate "sets", in a particular example, between two different sets. Mostly between N being "D", and another set being "A". B uses to be a set of "representations", designed for THAT case. And "C" uses to be what we are going to call "Lists of finite paths" (LCF: 'Lista de Caminos Finitos' in spanish), designed for that concrete case too.
The data structure helps us, as a nemothecnic tool, to create the relations and the sets involved in them. The frustating stuff is once you have designed the relations, that helps you to prove in each step:
|I| is not biggert than |J|
You don't need the data structure anymore: evrything works fine... but seems very strange. But it works, if we take definitions as they are. We don't understand WHY the sets are the way they are, or why relations works so fine. The only way to understand all, is talking about the concrete example of CLJA we used to design each step and set, for that coparison of sets.
If we change the set "A"... we need to redesign everything. It would be another "concrete example", but the technic is always very very similar.

Like once a guy tried to publish a work with the same subject as mine... and he didn't publish formulas, let me publish in this post formulas, written in python, and some results, between the set LCF and N, for the comparison between P(N) and N.
PLEASE: realize THIS a step of many... it is just "a piece" of all the work... and LCF is a set that you won't understand. Probably, the formula is impossible to understand just with the code. Let me put some links, and finally I will explain, a little, members of LCF.
This is the code in python of the bijection Omega: LCF -> N. It has the inverse function too... and it is not using prime numbers. In code, Omega Bijection is called "flja" (Function LJA).
These are results created with that code. The firsts 300 millions pairs of that bijection.
Each entry follows this:
The natural number -> Member of LCF [ok!]
We make a "for", for each natural number, using the inverse function to transform it into a member of LCF. After that, we pass that member to the direct function, to obtain a natural number. If both are equal, things "seems" to work fine. Then is when "ok" appears. If you think twice, it is not a perfect test, but it is a HARD test.
To understand fully why THIS is a bijection, we need to talk about the CLJA-FTC... and that is a large explanation.

Another funny thing is that THIS is not the limit of CLJAs. P(N) is not complex enough to make CLJAs technic put all his capabilities into the work.
To finish this post, let me try to explain members of LCF (for this case P(N) vs N):
One snef that belongs to 'SNEFs': Is a "representation", ORDERED, from left to right, from the smaller to the greater, of a "Subset of N with a Finite quantity of Elements" (SNEF: "Subconjunto de N con una cantidad de Elementos Finita", in spanish).
We will use t-uplas, to put very clear that the "position", is important, so:
{13, 7, 5, 21} -> SNEF representation of this subset would be: (5, 7, 13, 21). Okey?
A Finite Path, or CF ("Camino Finito", in spanish), is a t-upla of a SNEF and a DR value:
( (SNEF), (DR_value))
For example: ( (5, 7 , 13, 21), (1) )
Like it has too many parenthesis, an alternative way to write a CF is:
LCF members, are lists of one OR two CFs. Just that. You will not understand right now what is a DR_value, for this example we can talk about them as constants.
In case the list has just ONE CF: the DR value of the CF, MUST be 0
In case the list has TWO CFs: the DR_Value in the left CF MUST BE 1, and the DR_value in the right CF MUST BE zero.
In another case it is an invalid member of LCF.
Really are like zeros to the left of a natural number... every CF beyond the CF with DR_value=0 are going to be ignored in the list.
TAKE this post, as a "proof" about the bijection between LCF and N, "could" exists... waiting for a larger explanation in the future... because in the next posts I am going to talk LIKE "if" that bijection exists.
THANKS FOR YOU TIME, I will se you in the next post.
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2022.01.22 20:46 imsotilted Shortness of Breath

Hi there,
I am writing this because I’ve seen 5 doctors (an allergist, 3 different general physicians, and a GI tract doctor) about my issue and still have yet to figure out what is causing my health problems. I am a relatively healthy individual, I’m not overweight. I don’t smoke, but I drank a decent amount around the time this problem developed. The allergist did a scratch test and told me I don’t have allergies. The GI tract doctor just told me to see an allergist.
I have been short of breath for 3-4 months now, and am suffering terribly from it. There are no other symptoms, and it honestly came out of nowhere. I’ve never had breathing issues, and wasn’t diagnosed with asthma at a young age. The last time I visited my doctor she essentially shrugged off my health issues and said it’s from “stress” and told me to “go take vitamins” and “get more sunlight.” None of these things helped, and the only stress I have comes from the breathing issue itself.
I’ve noticed my heart might be a bit wonky lately, but I don’t know if that came after the breathing problem or is from the breathing problem. Also I don’t know if I’m overthinking it too, since I’ve been paying more attention to it. But it did start beating very hard when I was just doing some light exercise and when I was playing Beat Saber.
So if there is anyone who might have any idea what’s wrong with me, I’m open to all advice since the doctors I paid to visit couldn’t even help me. At this point I’m desperate for any sort of guidance so I can move forward. Please feel free to ask any other questions if you have any.
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this too.
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2022.01.22 20:46 redalchemy The past month's worth of pickups! I really like obscure hidden gems and Yu-Gi-Oh games lol

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2022.01.22 20:46 BigWingWangKen One pizza didn’t want to let go of the peel. So I had to make due by rolling it up and throwing it in the oven.

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2022.01.22 20:46 ProfessorVoodoo Underrated Squidward meme/reaction face

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2022.01.22 20:46 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY) E CHEYENNE AVE / N WALNUT RD 1/22/2022 3:34:40 PM incident #LLV220100087052
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2022.01.22 20:46 Japan_Underground First time cracking open a PS3 went well (sans the HDD screws stripping) This one is getting a deep clean, new thermal pads, new application of thermal paste, a newer upper shell with card reader door and HDD cover as well as upper and lower chrome trim and an APS-226. Also got a 500gb SSD!

First time cracking open a PS3 went well (sans the HDD screws stripping) This one is getting a deep clean, new thermal pads, new application of thermal paste, a newer upper shell with card reader door and HDD cover as well as upper and lower chrome trim and an APS-226. Also got a 500gb SSD! submitted by Japan_Underground to PS3 [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 20:46 Adrienne_Ember HAWT AND LIVE RN 🔥

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2022.01.22 20:46 ProcEvade ProcEvade Bypassed Proctors *REQUESTS OPEN* *UPDATING EVERYDAY*

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2022.01.22 20:46 Whyamifulloftrouble Why are there so many horny guys here

I sometimes wonder do horny girls exist? Probably not
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DM ME!!!
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2022.01.22 20:46 Sir_Crablegs I finally got it!

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2022.01.22 20:46 TheAngelof_theOpera Aggression?...

I'm caring for my sick dads 7–8-month-old German Sheperd. He's okay with the family, but one thing I noticed when he's in his crate he tends to bark at the kids whenever they pass (Not all the time, but it happens). Another time he starts to bark is when strangers are near our house but what really got me worried was when we took him to the vet the other day. Five seconds upon walking in he was barking and lunging, there was only two other people inside and he seemed fine up until that point. He got so loud they asked us to take him out to try and calm him down until the vet was ready, he was calmer but was still barking when he saw people out in the parking lot. It was only when he was in the car was when he calmed down completely. When we took him back in to see the vet it was the same, barking and jumping. I'm not experienced with dogs who get behave the way he does with strangers, so I can't tell if he meant any harm or was just warning him to back off and the vet didn't really help with my worries. "If I were you, I would honestly just kill that dog." Was what he said. He didn't even try to get near the dog, let alone touch him. My dad told me he was just being protective, and I want to believe that but the way he acted and what the vet said made me really unsure. We got him a muzzle for his next trip to (another) vet, and I'm scared for that day, maybe there isn't any need to be, but I can't help it. Is this aggressive behavior? Should I be as worried as I am?
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2022.01.22 20:46 kbeauty101 Selling Dyson airwrap for 400 $

Dm me ,i didn't use it that much works perfectly fine
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2022.01.22 20:46 afercrombieandbitch Bagel cat

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2022.01.22 20:46 caseyt210 [US-KY] [H] Switch Games [W] PayPal

All games CiB and in great condition
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2022.01.22 20:46 BigRedKahuna I get the first couple of times, but holy shit dude...

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2022.01.22 20:46 n8fucker Making a belt

Okay I have everything to make my belts, I got some 2 belt strips that are 72” long, clients wear a 27” and & 36” in pants. So how much extra should I make the belt, also does anyone have the belt buckle hole pattern they could direct me to please. Thanks I’m advanced
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2022.01.22 20:46 MadDogNils2002 RS125

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2022.01.22 20:46 russiannin Gundam-esque Giant Mecha Sci-fi

What attracts me to Gundam (even though I don’t think it always succeeds) are the mature anti-war themes, mixed with the hard sci-fi elements of space colonies, mech and space ship designs with some thoughts toward realism, and exciting space/ground combat. I like this sort of sci-fi setting more than I like the guns-blazing action though. I’m more interested in compelling story and themes.
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