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What happens if I get all the Trophies from Berlin?

2022.01.19 07:24 readball What happens if I get all the Trophies from Berlin?

First of all I don't see much chance of this happening, because I cannot really complete Berlin, but I thought I would ask.
So I had all the rings (except Venice and the other one) before Trophies were a thing. When Trophies went live, I had all Trophies completed, only had to pick up the gifts from the Trophies Progress Bar.
But, they also gave me my only active Trophies section, the Berlin Ring. I had 6 rings before Trophies, and now I can get the 7th, after I complete the current Berlin Ring with Trophies instead of the old way (win ~80 games)
So on to my actual question:
What would happen if I was able to complete the Berlin Trophy Ring the first time ever? (Note: I have no Venice access, since I don't pay for Pool Pass)

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2022.01.19 07:24 neon_musk Investing in a market listed public stock using a non-owned LLC

What’s the arrangement called when you wire money to a 3rd party pre-existing General Investment activity LLC firm as an individual in your country, with the agreement that it will simply placehold your transaction (you will wire money to its bank, it will open an account with a broker, and subscribe for your share issue, then intermediate your instructions until you divest)? It could take a cut of your gains.
Is it a proxy for you? Is it a limited PoA? Maybe there’s a name in the finance industry for this and a contract I can pull up to template off of. It won’t allow me to come onto its license as a partneowner for its own risk controls (otherwise it would simply be accepted as my SPV by the broker’s KYC!), but everything else it’s fine with.
There’s a white-knight situation and I need to jump on this trade ASAP with no time to register new entities etc., but I have this firm available to me as it’s managed by a friend.
N.B. In my domicile this is totally fine from a regulatory compliance perspective and the investment LLC doesn’t need any special brokerage license from its SEC equivalent if the transaction is in the size it is, and it isn’t advertising this service to the public but a private transaction with a knowledgeable/experienced investing individual like me
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2022.01.19 07:24 No_Action_717 rule

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2022.01.19 07:24 Dserved83 Does this item actually grant WoM to ALL factions? Or just the equipped characters own facion. Seems weird if it buffs everyone.

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2022.01.19 07:24 247vt parts of faith

i believe in the trinity. One God. faith alone salvation. annhhilationism [hebrews 10:39, matthew 10:28], Gog and Magog are zombies [revelation20:7-8]. heaven is like garden of paradise, and hell is like a lake of fire. atheist or theist, lets love our neighbors and get vaccinated
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2022.01.19 07:24 dimitrios_vlachos_04 A photo of an Asian jumping spider.

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2022.01.19 07:24 GRRND-0 (PC) W: a Stack of Embers H : Some Early game Items

Hello there, I managed to have have my gf play DS3 with me, both on fresh accounts, her because I just offered her the game and I because of Mods I play on my main Steam account (the convergeance is really great).
I can't trade with her with my main account and to ease things as we just started new characters (and we die a lot), I wanted to ask a generous person if any of the starting items could be interesting in exchange for a stack of embers. I have Soul of greatwood, and hammer of vordt +0 some raw and refined gems.
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2022.01.19 07:24 Spylandfr Can anyone recommend a vet in Chicagoland?

Sorry for the multiple posts but I’m not trusting my vet’s advice right now and very concerned about my pig
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2022.01.19 07:24 dragonsnap_ [Sky] Milan interested in Tanganga loan move; Spurs interest in Spence

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2022.01.19 07:24 ritchathomas Dental Instruments/Tools Drop 50%

It may be irrelevant but if you want to upgrade your dental tools? Here you can get chance to SAVE 50% on entire selection on dental instruments. Visit: https://surgicalmart.com/product-category/dental-instruments/ online. They huge range of dental surgical instruments online with excellent prices with Free shipping on all orders from USA.
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2022.01.19 07:24 GladysMeyer Breaking Free Metroid

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2022.01.19 07:24 Mrjonnyisabed I see a lot of hate in my comments because of my posts

How often do you see a genesis collector who wasn’t even born in the 90s, probably none. I respect this console and all the games on it, that’s why I gave it a chance. We are all the same, treat us with respect, we all collect for this legendary system. We support each other. Have similar interests. That’s why this community exists. So insisted of telling people that their idiots for not knowing this or that, some may not know about it, tell them what they need to know.
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2022.01.19 07:24 beermad Is there a way to copy data for an extension to a new profile?

I'm trying to create a new FF profile to start with a clean slate due to some problems I think are caused by changes I made in the past through about:config. But I use the Distill Web Monitor extension to watch a large number of pages for changes so I need to copy the data from that to my new profile so I don't have to set up several hundred watches again manually.
What I've tried so far:

So evidently I still haven't found the right things to copy. Is there any sensible way to copy all extension data between profiles? Alternatively, is there a way to reset everything that's been changed in about:config to the default values, while leaving everything else in place?
This is on a Linux system, so unfortunately Windows-specific solutions probably won't help.
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2022.01.19 07:24 ZoolShop Something bizarre is raining down on Uranus

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2022.01.19 07:24 Background_Shape_967 Reporting a telegram acc

How to
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2022.01.19 07:24 rose_apothecary88 Did she just compare herself to Michael Scott?

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2022.01.19 07:24 Strawberry_Fruxts Looking for ghost halo

Winter halo 21
Halloween halo 21
Every set in game
And a bunch of other accessories.
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2022.01.19 07:24 phil-swift4 Teams is just the worst

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2022.01.19 07:24 thrasherbuffy What is the obsession with Kirby Reed?

No hate its just I see a lot of posts and comments about her all the time, I loved her character and I always thought I would have loved a fight scene between her and Jill in the final act in Scream 4. I also think she’s a bit overrated (my personal opinion) what is the obsession with her and why do you want her to come back? What would they do with her character? Genuinely interested. I seen that YouTube scene in Scream 5 so they obviously know the fandom wants her back to do that.
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2022.01.19 07:24 ZXZQ195 Every single day every single year

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2022.01.19 07:24 ConnieM3 Who wants to see the concert of Dimash Qudaibergen ?

The 25th of March there will be the great concert of this Great Kazaki performer...at Coca Cola Arena, who wants to enjoy ?
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2022.01.19 07:24 greatloveartcom Girl Quotes Wallpapers

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2022.01.19 07:24 AbaddonEvell Tell me what you think on my First YT video!

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2022.01.19 07:24 aaronthrowaway34 28[M4F] [Chat] - looking for someone to text/chat with through out the day

really just looking for someone to chill and text through out the day and especially at night. definitely up for watching stuff/playing games at times as well.
Here's a little about me:
-I love gaming, I've been doing it all of my life and I've even made some money doing it. (mainly play wow right now)
-love anything to do with cinema...movies/tv/anime
-I love writing and reading, I enjoy writing prompts and roleplaying (mostly zombie or fantasy related).
-I've traveled all over the US, but haven't made it to any other countries yet, but plan to. I love the idea of traveling and seeing historic sights and museums.
-I like to research random shit/useless facts/trivia. I'm a huge history nerd.
-I like debating. Not in a hostile way or anything, but I love finding out other peoples view points on things and discussing it.
-I won't ghost you, please don't ghost me :|
Honestly can't think of anything else off the top of my head, but feel free to ask any questions, I'm up for any chats as long as they're fun. I will say that I prefer to message on reddit over anything else
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2022.01.19 07:24 youanus Iran to reportedly pilot central bank digital currency soon

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