How do I identify a malware file without using antimalware scanner? Is it malware easily identifiable by users?

2022.01.18 06:51 anxiousboy20 How do I identify a malware file without using antimalware scanner? Is it malware easily identifiable by users?

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2022.01.18 06:51 Bonus1Fact French Presidential Hopeful Zemmour Stands by His Remarks on #Migrants After Fine for Hate Speech

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2022.01.18 06:51 svanapps Block is officially building an 'open Bitcoin mining system,' says founder Jack Dorsey

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2022.01.18 06:51 sensiblecentrist20 Green Party's response to Ken Livingston wanting to join
Asked about prospect of Ken Livingstone joining Green Party spokesperson for Jewish Greens says:”'Any new high-profile application has to go through a process through which the GPRC (Green Party Regional Council) decide on their eligibility to be members of the party and its 1/2
very clear in the party’s rules that antisemitism, racism, sexism or transphobia or any form of discrimination are not welcome. We also have a code of conduct, which all members are expected to follow, that makes this clear. Jewish Greens are confident in these processes.'
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2022.01.18 06:51 Trasvi89 Successful print delamination before post-curing

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2022.01.18 06:51 NinaAbby I purchased these seat covers from Tesery official store. If you are interested in them, you can check them yourself on:

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2022.01.18 06:51 splishyandsplashy What is the best way to accept payment from a client in USA?

Just scored my first gig from a client in USA. If I was to receive a payment from them and I have an Indonesian bank account, what service do you recommend?
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2022.01.18 06:51 shopovbogomil TIL Grace Hopper - recorded the world's 1st ever real computer bug :)

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2022.01.18 06:51 visaraspy Extreme Inconsistency

I know that I can't expect every day to bring the same ROAS and that fluctuations are bound to happen with FB Ads
But I am experiencing some extremes. So on Saturday for example I made $100 with a ROAS of 3.0. Then no sales at all for a few days. The same thing happened last Sunday, and Monday before that. So some days are just crazy good, some are really bad and bring 0 or maybe 1 sale and I'm not profitable in the long run.
So, when I look at those days, something is clearly working. The ad metrics are pretty good and they DON'T fluctuate... And people are clearly clicking the ad and are interested in the products. So my ads are great. The website is also clearly designed great because the people are converting and CR is great.
But FB Ads just work on certain days, and it's not even the weekend thing, Mondays are really good sometimes...
What is the problem? I don't know what to fix, as this is showing me that my ads and website and the offer are good. It could be that the budget on FB ads is too low and unstable because of that?
I am currently running multiple $10 and $20 adsets. The only thing that comes to my mind is increasing the budget. What do you think is the issue and what should I do?
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2022.01.18 06:51 Reasonable_Ad8966 IWFTR

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2022.01.18 06:51 ConduckKing Fanmade DFFOO Character: Warrior of Light (FFXIV)

We've seen many large-scale characters, but this is perhaps the largest in scale. Just to be clear, this is the WoL that you play as, not the boss fight agains WoL Elidibus. Meaning I went all out with all his jobs and abilities. So without further ado, here's the Warrior of Light.
Basic info: The Warrior of Light uses a different job depending on his placement in the party:
Left (Warrior): WoL is a self-sufficient tank with mitigation and self-healing
Middle (Samurai): WoL is a damage dealer who focuses on targeting certain enemies for benefits
Right (Astrologian): WoL is a battery and healer with linked support for one ally
WoL gets an FR based on his current job and a BT that stays the same constantly.

Sphere slots: ABC (one for each job specialty)
Sphere (B): When party member takes BRV DMG, raises ATK by 4% for 3T
Crystal color: Blue
Weapon: Other
HA/HA+: Support, Dual Limit +
Appearance: WoL is a male Hyur who appears in his basic Hyuran gear from the 1.0/ARR trailers, with Ardbert's attire as an alternate costume

WoL uses multiple jobs, so each piece of gear uses 3 weapons, one for each job. His weapons are based on different expansions endgame gear with two from ARR. His armor is the tomestone gear from Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers.
15cp: Magitek Arsenal (Ironworks Magitek Axe, Ironworks Magitek Samurai Blade, Ironworks Magitek Orrery)
35cp: Primal Arsenal (Ragnarok, Thunderstroke, Sirius)
EX: Warring Arsenal (Sophic Axe, Katana of the Demon, Star of the Sephirot)
LD: Auspicious Arsenal (Suzaku's Greataxe, Byakko's Katana, Seiryu's Ephemeris)
FR: Relic Arsenal (Skullrender, Hoshikiri, Solstice)
BT: Radiant Arsenal (Radiant's Battleaxe, Radiant's Blade, Radiant's Torquetum)
35cp armor: Shire Armors
70cp armor: Scaevan Armors
HA: Cryptlurker's Armors
LEFT (Deals weak DMG to enemies targeting self)
S1: Storm's Path Combo (9 uses)
BREAK all enemies
3 AoE BRV + ST HP 3x
Heal own HP (150% cHP)
Inflicts [Lock] on all enemies for 8T
Grants 1 stack of [Beast Gauge] for 5T (iBRV & DEF + 30%, HP regen for 10% mHP, max 3 stacks)

S2: Upheaval (8 uses)
6 BRV + HP 2x (50% splash)
Action changes to Fell Cleave while at 3 stacks of Beast Gauge:
5 AoE BRV + ST HP (50% splash) 3x
Consumes 2 stacks of [Beast Gauge]
Grants [Surging Tempest] for 9T (ATK, BRV & HP DMG + 10%)

EX: Inner Release & Inner Chaos (3 skill recast)
1 BRV + HP 8x
BRV gain (40% HP DMG) between HP attacks
Grants 3 stacks of [Beast Gauge] for 5T
Grants for 3T (DEF + 70%, Crit rate + 100%, [Beast Gauge] stacks do not decrease)

LD: Bloodwhetting & Holmgang (4 uses)
BRV gain (100% DEF)
Grants [Bloodwhetting] for 16T (BRV & HP DMG taken - 70%, heal HP equivalent to 30% HP DMG after attacking)
Grants [Holmgang] for 6T (HP cannot drop below 1, inflict [Holmgang] debuff for 1T when attacking, 100% debuff evasion)
[Holmgang] debuff: Cannot act, forced to target WoL
Extends all buffs 1T
Instant turn rate
Free ability after use

AA: Defense All (3 uses)
Party DEF + 40% for 6T
Instant turn rate, no turn count

FR: Axe of Light
Partner: FF1 WoL
4 AoE BRV + Split HP 4x
DMG Limit: 250% BRV, 300% HP
Battery party, heal self (50% HP DMG)
Force Time (10T):
Starting Bonus 110%
Consumes 80% of Force Gauge upon expiration
When a character heals HP greater than 20% mHP: HP DMG Bonus + 20%
When an enemy turn passes while a Lock debuff is inflicted: HP DMG Bonus + 40%
All enemies cannot act if not targeting WoL

MIDDLE (Deals weak DMG if enemy has correct positional)
Mechanic: Positionals
Appears on an enemy on WoL's turn if the enemy was attacked with an ST attack on previous turn
All WoL's attacks gain bonuses if they hit an enemy with a positional

S1: Hakaze (14 uses)
5 BRV + HP 2x
Triggers Yukikaze if enemy has no positional
Yukikaze: 5 BRV + HP, grants ATK Up 65% for 6T
Triggers Jinpu & Gekko if enemy has positional
Jinpu & Gekko: 3 BRV + HP 3x, grants [ATK & MAX BRV Up] 65% for 6T
Grants 1 stack of [Sen] for infinite duration [ATK & BRV DMG Limit + 10% per stack, max 3 stacks]

S2: Iaijutsu (5 uses)
Triggers a different move based on number of [Sen] stacks:
1 Sen: Higanbana:
3 BRV + HP 3x
Inflicts [HP Poison] for 6T based on HP DMG dealt by last Higanbana
2 Sen: Tenka Goken:
6 AoE BRV + Full HP 2x
3 Sen: Midare Setsugeka:
4 BRV + HP 5x
Does not consume BRV
All moves dispel [Sen]
Executes twice if target has positional

EX: Hissatsu (3 skill recast)
Grants [Hissatsu: Kaiten] for 6T (ATK + 50%, BRV & HP DMG + 10%, BRV gain + 10%)
Triggers Hissatsu: Gyoten (4 BRV + HP, delays target 1T)
Triggers Hissatsu: Yaten if enemy is debuffed (2 BRV + HP 2x, delays target 1T)
Triggers Hissatsu: Senei if enemy has positional (3 BRV + HP 6x, delays target 1T)
Grants ATK Up 40%, MAX BRV Up 60%, INT BRV Up 40% for 5T when hitting positional

LD: Ogi Namakiri (4 uses)
1 BRV + HP 7x
Does not consume BRV
Grants [Samurai of Doma] for 16T (BRV & HP DMG + 20%, increase BRV by 20% mBRV when dealing HP DMG, lower enemies melee resist while attacking]
Deletes enemy's next turn when hitting positional

AA: Set Sen Advance
Grants 1 stack of [Sen]
OF DMG + 10% for 6T

FR: Katana of Light
Partner: FF1 WoL
4 AoE BRV + Split HP 4x
DMG Limit: 250% BRV, 300% HP
Triggers twice if enemy has positional
Force Time (10T):
Starting Bonus 110%
Consumes 80% of Force Gauge upon expiration
When a character deals non-elemental weakness damage: HP DMG Bonus + 50%
When a character deals single-target damage: HP DMG Bonus + 10%
On WoL's turn, all enemies have positionals

RIGHT (Increases party's HP gain by 50%)
S1: Draw (10 uses)
Dispels all card buffs from party
Draws a random card buff from deck and gives it to a party member of your choice for 6T:
The Balance: Increases BRV & HP DMG dealt by 10%
The Arrow: Decreases BRV & HP DMG taken by 10%
The Spear: Increases ATK & mBRV by 30%
The Bole: Grants BRV regen for 100% iBRV
The Ewer: Lowers all enemies' ATK & mBRV by 15%
The Spire: Increases SPD and turn rate by 30%
If card is Balance, Arrow or Spear, trigger Lord of Crowns (10 AoE BRV + Full HP)
If card is Bole, Ewer or Spire, trigger Lady of Crowns (Battery party & heal party for 100% mBRV)

S2: Malefic IV & Benefic II (9 uses)
5 BRV + HP 2x
Heal party (50% mHP)
High turn rate

EX: Earthly Star (3 skill recast)
Battery party (50% mBRV)
Heal party (30% mHP)
Grants [Earthly Dominance] to self for 8T (PartyBRV & HP Regen (150% iBRV), mHP + 30%, party can overheal up to 40%)
Charges EX gauge fully
Becomes Stellar Detonation:
5 AoE BRV + Full HP 2x
Heal party (50% HP DMG)
Dispels [Earthly Dominance] from party
Does not charge EX gauge
Returns to Earthly Star after use

LD: Empyrean Rain (4 uses)
Heal party (140% mHP. excess to BRV)
Cleanse all party's debuffs, dispel all enemy buffs
Commands allies to use their skill with the lowest number of uses (does not consume uses)
Extends all card buffs by 6T
Instant turn rate

AA: Buff Longer All Burst (3 uses)
2 BRV + HP
Extends all party buffs 1T
Instant turn rate, no turn count

FR: Cards of Light
Partner: FF1 WoL
4 AoE BRV + Split HP 4x
DMG Limit: 250% BRV, 300% HP
Heal party (100% HP DMG, excess to BRV)
Force Time (10T):
Starting Bonus 110%
Consumes 80% of Force Gauge upon expiration
When a character's HP is healed by a move: HP DMG Bonus + 15%
When a character's HP is healed by regen: HP DMG Bonus + 15%
When a character receives a buff from another character: HP DMG Bonus + 25%
Party 500% excess healing goes to BRV

BT: Aetherblade (Does not change based on job)
8 AoE BRV + Full HP 2x (DMG Limit 250% BRV, 500% HP)
BT Effect (10T):If WoL is Warrior: Party HP cannot go downIf WoL is Samurai: Own moves all execute twice regardless of positionalsIf WoL is Astrologian: 999% party excess healing goes to BRVAlways: BRV DMG + 50%, HP DMG + 20%, HP DMG Limit + 25%
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2022.01.18 06:51 cottoncoutil Voice acting - opinions?

I'm on a relistening campaign of TMA, and I'm starting to appreciate the voice acting for how strong it is, particularly Jon but really the whole cast of characters.
I must admit my least favourite is Jude Perry as I feel like the vocal characterisation is a bit hokey and trying hard to be threatening without being threatening at all.
What are everyone's thoughts and opinions?
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2022.01.18 06:51 The_Hermaeus_Mora r/MyRegretsKeepMeUp

Please join my group! It’s a community where you share any regrets in life no matter how atrocious or small they may be! It’s a no judgment zone where we shall give each other consolation and advice!
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2022.01.18 06:51 North_School_9925

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2022.01.18 06:51 settlementpet MV CRUSH EXCLUSIVE Tohka Yatogami creampie

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2022.01.18 06:51 thedarkknight_13_ Does everybody cough up tar like I do?

I’ve been consistently coughing up black colored spit ever since I started heavily smoking weed. I’ve been blazing for over 6 years now and this has basically been a norm for me. I’m mostly a bong smoker too. Is this normal?
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2022.01.18 06:51 One_Advantage8259 Why can't gojo heal other people

Like he has the six eyes and can control curse energy on a atomic level and understand the core of curse energy, for Him it should be easy to heal other but can only heal himself.
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2022.01.18 06:51 PEBKAC-Live Recommendations for backing up a single workstation

As most of our clients either user Roaming profiles or InTune, we dont tend to back up user workstations as they are easily replace with no loss.
However one client runs a legacy piece of software using Win 7 32 bit and following an incident recently we are looking for a method to back up the workstation that would ideally allow a bare metal restore.
Do you guys use anything you would recommend for a single workstation?
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2022.01.18 06:51 jienjienjien IRL Shogi Meetup 2.0

IRL Shogi Meetup 2.0 Shogi Malaysia is happy to announce our next IRL Meetup 2.0 will be held :
Date: 22 Jan 2022 (Saturday) Time: 12.00pm (Tentatively ends at 4.00pm) Venue: EkoCheras Mall
Tentative Agenda: 12.00pm - Arrival to EkoCheras Mall 12.10pm - Makan ** 1.00pm - SHOGI TIME 4.00pm - Meeting ends (?)
** We may follow majority vote on where to eat, and continue with Shogi at Starbucks if the venue is not suitable for a large crowd.
Suggested places to eat: - Next Food Garden (Large seating space) - Kingyo Restaurant (Japanese restaurant but may need to move to new location after eat) - A&W (Large seating space) - Starbucks (Large seating place)
Don't need to bring anything, just yourself, we'll bring everything. If you want to show off your Shogi set, you can bring it if you want 📷📷
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2022.01.18 06:51 pinoynamatalino How do I do this mission very confused

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2022.01.18 06:51 Sch3bang Top U.S. general Milley tests positive for COVID-19

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2022.01.18 06:51 InevitableStress3 Cryptocurrency prices continue to fall because buying demand is absent: CEO

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2022.01.18 06:51 God_Gangster "Not on the LIST"

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2022.01.18 06:51 z3nch4n Russia Takes Down REvil Ransomware Operation, Arrests Key Members

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