My Chemical Romance & Paramore to Headline When We Were Young Festival

2022.01.18 23:24 Choiceofart My Chemical Romance & Paramore to Headline When We Were Young Festival

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2022.01.18 23:24 Sirkibz Mouse stuttering and lagging

I just got my glorious and when it's in wireless it lags and skips around the screen, pretty much like this video Anyone got any suggetions?
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2022.01.18 23:24 omgitsbella-sweetiee Statistically, how many people believe in astrology?

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2022.01.18 23:24 castlestorms1 He’s a bit confused but he’s got the spirit

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2022.01.18 23:24 maxdesigns Scenic minimal

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2022.01.18 23:24 dalarnessisforme The Ice House

I’m just watching a show called the The Ice House filmed in 1997. I gotta say the way the police in this show speak to women makes me cringe. I do hope it’s not a realistic representation and if it is I hope to God they don’t speak to them like this any longer.
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2022.01.18 23:24 Alive_Fox3037 Will multiplayer ever be added to the VR version?

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2022.01.18 23:24 psychotc13 [H] $250 Barbara Lynch Restaursnts, Boston. [W] $200 PayPal or Venmo.

Barbara Lynch Restaurants in Boston. My favorite was Menton, but there several venues to use the card for. Unfortunately I'm currently stationed in Kentucky for work and won't be able to visit anytime soon.
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2022.01.18 23:24 asiyanaaz USB C Multiport Adapter, 7-in-1 USB-C Hub with 4K HDMI, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, 100W Power Delivery, SD/TF Card Reader for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad Pro, HP, XPS and More type devices $34.99 Free For USA 🇺🇸 Testers DM me for more details

USB C Multiport Adapter, 7-in-1 USB-C Hub with 4K HDMI, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, 100W Power Delivery, SD/TF Card Reader for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad Pro, HP, XPS and More type devices $34.99 Free For USA 🇺🇸 Testers DM me for more details submitted by asiyanaaz to Freebies_Sweepstakes [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 23:24 QualityRemarkable246 What should suck my dick

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2022.01.18 23:24 J0E_Blow Are Restaurant Actually Short on **Servers**?

So roughly 5 months ago I took a 3 day a week busing job. (someone told me it'd be easy and fun)
I'm in my mid-twenties and quickly realized that I can likely be just as good a server as my peers- if not better. (though that might be cocky of me to think)
Anyway I didn't get a verbal agreement that in X months I could become a server. But now I'm starting to wonder...

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2022.01.18 23:24 beepbop1278 Just got prescribed spiro after 3 months of nothing with tret. Feeling very hopeful and excited that this could be the key to clear skin. Fingers crossed. I’m ready to drink a shit ton of water and pee A LOT. Hopefully no bad side effects and no purging

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2022.01.18 23:24 CosmicAon Insane Performance from OXY

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2022.01.18 23:24 iccaecumsa Shiba X Moon 🚀 | Just Launched | 💰| Anti-Whale 🐳| No Team Wallet | Liquidity Locked | Next Gem BSC 🚀

No team tokens, No presale, 100% for liquidity
Automatic LP added to allow the price floor to steadily increase. This allows a healthy growth with stability! Increasing returns for holders! Auto LP Feature & Auto Reflections, Increasing the Price Floor & Returns
We all hate snipers and whales, so ShibaWorld has some great measures coded into its smart contract to prevent these. ShibaWorld is aiming to become a community oriented project, where members can participate and get rewarded through reflections and giveaways. LP will be locked, no hidden team wallets, no closed chat, VC is open every day. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have!
🌟We’d be marketing this token aggressively, it will wipe out all competition and supersede other memecoins in fame & gains.
Contract: 0x1a335d4e9c8d12879dcc33962b37538566f9fdda
Buy Here:
Liquidity Locked:
Roadmap of the Project:
🔥Phase 1: (Completed)
🌟Token idea
🌟Create TG group
🌟Create social accounts
🌟Awareness through Reddit/Influencers.
🚀 Giveaways on twitter to promote the project and give it a global outreach!
🔥Phase 2:
🌟Minor crypto related websites listings with paid upvotes: Coinsniper, Coinhunt, Gemfinder, Coinvote
🌟Marketing push
🌟Video by Youtube Influencers
🌟Instagram paid stories
🌟Shill Bots
🌟Pinned messages in major Telegram groups
🔥 Phase 3:
💪Hire private PIs to locate the scammers and ensure justice is served
Apply for major listings such as:
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2022.01.18 23:24 unknownname96 Is this legit?

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2022.01.18 23:24 KactusKing Is it worth getting into as a FTP?

I used to semi be into duel links a while back but I could never really seem to keep up with everything going on in the game as well as never really being able to get an optimized deck going before new things came out and the meta shifted entirely. It's just frustrating when the deck you've been working toward for so long is irrelevant before you even get to use it
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2022.01.18 23:24 Amens39 THE GREAT TOASTER

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2022.01.18 23:24 ionutel090 Can anyone help me it’s very stressful(15year old)

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2022.01.18 23:24 SlightStock164 Denver, Jan 27th - pregame meet up

Me and my friends have a 12 year tradition of pregaming in the parking lot at the tool shows in Denver. It consists of us die-hard fans banging out to Ænima, drinking white wine, eating salmon spread and sharing stories of concerts past. It’s corky and fun! Weather-permitting
Any interest? Feel free to contact me
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2022.01.18 23:24 Austinwon2 Vampirism is ridiculous

I spent the last 3 days trying to get the cure for vampirism. Its obnoxious how difficult they made this quest. I was holding off from the main quest line and hadnt gotten other oblivion gates to open, had to travel alchemy to alchemy seller and wait til day and try to make it in the daylight rinse and repeat. Just an awful route to go to get rid of this debilitating curse that impacts the game to this level.
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2022.01.18 23:24 AccomplishedKing6888 Drawing request

Can someone draw a really cool xinqiu
If you can DM me for an idea of what I want it to look like (:
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2022.01.18 23:24 SpiritualGangstaGirl I’m excited but also sad that this will be the last installment of BCS

Does anyone else have mixed feelings about this upcoming season being the last? Or am I just a big cry baby? It’s ok, I can take it lol
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2022.01.18 23:24 ststeveg Gollum's time in Moria

In my most recent re-read, I noticed that while passing through Moria, Frodo mentions to Gandalf that he heard something following them, and Gandalf said he'd heard it ever since they got into Moria. I wondered how Gollum happened to be there?
Reading the appendix, The Tale of Years, it says that around August 3018 Gollum, being sought by Sauron and the Elves, hid in Moria. He eventually found his way to the west gate, but could not get out. The Fellowship doesn't come through until January of 3019, so Stinker was living in there for about five months. I can imagine he would find bugs and worms to eat, maybe blind fish in an underground river. But how did he know that the ringbearer was among these travellers? Maybe he would have followed anyone just because he had nothing else to do, but at some point he knew Frodo was there with the ring. Coincidence? If coincidence be.
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2022.01.18 23:24 hfzelman Just got 8000 Arcane Dust for no reason. Anyone have any ideas what caused that?

I just hearthstone running on my laptop and when I came back and clicked on the game (while browsing my collection) the 8000 arcane dust prompt came up.
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2022.01.18 23:24 MicboyYaboy Spirits, what is the moon made out of?

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