How healthy are the Istari bodies?

2022.01.17 15:25 RotaVitae How healthy are the Istari bodies?

When the Wizards took the form of old men they took on human necessities of eating and sleeping. But they don't appear to suffer the effects of advanced age that we might expect of human men. They don't appear to be more prone to common illness like colds, or suffer from arthritis or other conditions. They have their vices like smoking, but it doesn't appear to affect them much. Gandalf is a fierce fighter and can keep up with the younger Fellowship members without much difficulty.
Was this one of the advantages granted them, that they might be confined to the bodies of old men, but not have to suffer as old men?
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2022.01.17 15:25 knife-wielder wound itchy :(

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2022.01.17 15:25 trowdatawhey How can I install a 60"shower pan into a 61" RO without completely reframing
The shower area will be tiled walls, then regular wall outside of the shower. My possible solutions are as followed:
1) Hug the shower base to the left wall. Shim the lower area near the shower base to secure the base to the studs. Install 5/8" or thicker wall board along the WHOLE rightside wall. But they don't make 5/8" cement board though, for the tile.
2) Hug the shower base to the left wall. Fir out the WHOLE rightside wall with ripped 2-bys. Install regular thickness wall board.
3) Center the tub and install regular thickness wall board. Have to shim left and rightside down low to secure the shower base. This is cutting it close, The wall board might not stick out past the tile flange of the shower base by 1/32", on both sides.
Any other thoughts?
The whole room is completely to the studs. It can't be reframed because the right-side wall is built ontop of a concrete foundation wall. The left side is exterior.
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2022.01.17 15:25 TeavelingVendor [USA-MN] [H] NCase M1 V6.1 Silver [W] Local Cash/PayPal+Shipping

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2022.01.17 15:25 MSAC101 California Supports the ERA!

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2022.01.17 15:25 CygnusMurdoch Was he chewing gum?

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2022.01.17 15:25 sticky4132 Still no word on Smackdown or Raw during mania weekend?

I know ticket sales haven’t been that great but when will they release tickets? I’m thinking they will drag it out and have minimal seating.
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2022.01.17 15:25 blinkingoutbadideas The DeFi class on Coursera

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2022.01.17 15:25 Ok-Razzmatazz2998 Me my brother and my mother got into a argument about a disrespectful joke my mom made

For content I am 16 female and my brother 18 male. We got into a disagreement with my mother 44 female in the parking lot outside of the mall after we had a family meal she made a joke about how there’s a Black Lives Matter car, the car was black and my mom as made a big joke about the BLM movement since it has started and will not stop and it has always bothered me but I have always said nothing because my parents think they know better then us because they are older. But I finally snap and told her the joke was racist and she can’t said that, long story short my brother join in on conversation and my mom use facts like ‘the movement is causing more racism’ and ‘I have black friends’ which I hated that agreement but my parents have always put words in your mouths and I told we the joke was disrespectful and racist and she said it was fine because she wasn’t racist but I told her it doesn’t matter it’s still rude and disrespectful for more context in the country we live in white peoples are killed for being with so I understood with the movement although I haven’t even exasperates half of the racism black people have. My mother and brother continue going back and forth and my mom end it which ‘is fine you know better like always’ trying to gaslight my bother both of my parents have used that a lot and I know she’s mad at both of us and will most likely tell my father he is currently in another country working tho and I know the next couple of days will be difficult but I am honestly so fed up with my mothers racist jokes and I don’t know how to approach the topic because it always leads to a disagreement
What should I do?
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2022.01.17 15:25 stefgel70 Relaxing Sleep Music - Gentle Rain Sounds - Ambience crickets chirping in very light rain

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2022.01.17 15:25 Newengland_vol On campus housing for my partner and I and our dog

Hi there! I am looking to transfer down to UT hopefully by next year, no later, hopefully by fall would be better. I’m engaged to my partner and we have a dog. UT has always been the school I’ve wanted to go to but there’s been a lot of personal situations which has kept me from getting my degree at my dream school. But finally approaching 30, I have a chance to move down there and get my degree. We are coming down from Ohio, and while I’ve done some research, I’m not sure where the best on campus apartments would be for us and our dog to live in while I’m finishing my degree there. Any recommendations?
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2022.01.17 15:25 hanahhhhhhhhhh should i reach out to an old friend?

it's a bit more complicated than the title. i had this friend, we'll call him jack. we met many years ago through a mutual friend and had pretty instant chemistry. i was in a very off-and-on abusive long-distance relationship with someone else at the time, let's call him mitch. but jack and i became romantically involved for periods of time throughout about 6 months. after that time i moved to try make things work with mitch, we moved in together and had two children and then ultimately separated about 4 years later. jack and i remained close friends throughout, we talked on the phone and through social media, and would occasionally see eachother when i would visit our mutual friend. we weren't romantically involved, however here were a couple times throughout the years that jack would tell me it was difficult to be my friend bc he had feelings for me and would cut contact with me for a few weeks. then he would apologize and tell me it was better to have me in his life as a friend than not at all. after things ended with mitch and i, jack and i spoke more frequently. he started dating someone shortly after i became single. i was very supportive of his relationship and often offered advice when he asked for it. suddenly one day i didn't hear from him the way i normally do. i realized he was unadded from my friends on snapchat, i thought it was a mistake. when i tried to re-add, i realized he had blocked me. then i realized he had blocked me on all other forms of social media as well. i don't know if he blocked my phone number, i never tried to text or call him again because the message felt pretty loud and clear. it really hurt my feelings that he just ghosted from my life in that manner. i assumed that our friendship may have felt threatening to his new relationship, so i could understand, despite it being painful. this was about 5 years ago. the other morning i got some notifications on my phone, and checked them as i was walking into work. jack had followed me on instagram, and sent me a long message. from the message preview, i could see some of the message content. he wrote an apology and an explanation for ghosting, that much i could see. i felt caught off guard, so i decided to wait to open the message and respond until i got home from work and had some time to think about what to say. when i got home later in the day and went to open the message, it was deleted and he had unfollowed me again. kind of a total mind-fuck, and triggered some old pain about losing our friendship. i would rather not know he was thinking about me and our friendship than know, and it's really bothering me. do you think i should reach out to him and let him know that i did see the content of the message though he deleted it? or should i just leave it alone and move on?
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2022.01.17 15:25 SaltyBukowski Dean/Castiel - I Love You So (Cas' Romantic Confession & Dean's Prayer)

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2022.01.17 15:25 cts917 Another buyer torn between Polestar 2 vs Model 3, help!

Hey everyone!
I'm going to be getting into either a Model 3 Long Range or Polestar 2 Dual Motor w/ Plus pack in the next couple of months, and I'm starting to struggle to commit to a decision. I'll try to cover how I feel about main aspects of the car, as well as my wants/needs, and hopefully some P2 owners can chime in with their own experiences. I'm currently in a Model 3 SR+ RWD, so I have some Tesla ownership experience here, and I've test driven a P2 twice.
I'm in central NJ, with family in MA that my partner and I drive up to see usually 4 times a year (assuming no pandemic, this is more like 1-2 a year currently). We do deal with winter weather from mid-December to mid-February, so performance in the snow is reasonably important.
Styling - subjective, don't need help here lol P2 takes the cake
Interior - The first of my concerns. Has it become uncomfortable in long drives with a tighter cabin? I love the screen on the driver's dash and quieter feel, but did not feel like there was a ton of room to stretch out here and there. I've also heard P2 interior (non nappa) can accumulate dirt/crumbs quickly? I really would love to have 0 creaks and rattles in my expensive EV, its honestly one of the biggest appeals to me of the P2!
Performance - From what I understand, P2 takes off better at the line, but loses out a touch from then on. I won't be pushing the limits of either car down a backroad, but a smooth and confident ride is important for the times I do choose to drive a bit spicier. I've heard complaints and praise on pedal calibration, with most agreeing the beginning portion of pedal travel is mapped more smoothly for P2. I had no major complaints in my test, but I know it takes a day or few to adapt to one pedal driving.
Range - the elephant in the room, really. Going from a real-world 320-ish range to a 220-ish range is a tough disparity. Currently our apartment doesn't allow for home charging, but this may change in the coming years. For now, I mostly use DC fast charging. Would only be 5 minutes further for me to charge a non-Tesla, so no biggie there, but I certainly would be stopping by much more often in a P2, but likely for the same amount of time with difference in battery size. Curious how much this impacts owners.
Audio - Would LOVE to hear opinions on sound system comparisons from anyone who has sat in both cars. I'm no audiophile, but i tend to really appreciate quality sound systems, especially when masking wind/road noise in EVs. The SR+ sound system doesn't come close to the P2 HK system, but I haven't tried the LR or Performance sound systems much. If it matters, I mostly listen to rock, metal, or hip hop.
Connectivity - I've seen reports of the phone app being extremely unreliable, I'm curious how the situation is these days. Frankly, I have issues almost daily getting my Tesla app to connect to my car, so I'm used to it. If anything, having an actual keyfob may be preferable to just know it will work.

2 years free charging, amazing build quality/materials, low NVH levels, stellar performance, fantastic audio, and the uniqueness of the Polestar 2 have had me leaning towards making the jump for months now. The range, newest tech, demand, and raw power of the Model 3 LR have recently made me second guess this. HELP ME DECIDE
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2022.01.17 15:25 Nohan07 Tarn : le corps de Cécile Monnot a été retrouvé dans Le Thoré

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2022.01.17 15:25 Superb_Efficiency_30 a lot of boats hehe

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2022.01.17 15:25 itscmillertime I just did a daily op where the only mutation was piercing gaze (default mutation for uplink)- never seen that before

Also I found a non-quest item robobrain interpolator in my inventory which is now in my display case.
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2022.01.17 15:25 parallax3900 What's something that should be taught at schools but isn't?

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2022.01.17 15:25 MikeGodwinCZ Základní tyčinka nejen pro začátečníky...

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2022.01.17 15:25 Immediate_Wonder_392 Ceaco. Disney Thomas Kinkade collection. 500×4 pieces

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2022.01.17 15:25 mumboconker What’s the worst first party controller and why?

As much as I enjoy the console, I think the SEGA Dreamcast controller is just awful in every way. People dog on Nintendo for the n64 controller all the time but they must’ve not held a DC controller. Buttons don’t feel great, the controller wire comes out the bottom of the controller, the joystick feels pretty cheap and is made of hard plastic, the dpad is super mushy.
Whats the worst controller in your opinion?
(I’m not counting Atari Jaguar, Coleco/Intellivision, or CDi because basically no one on planet earth had or plays those)
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2022.01.17 15:25 BaronRyder I can't be the only one that gets this ad constantly

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2022.01.17 15:25 gudazno1 Broxei na primeira vez com uma nova menina

Primeiramente, saí de um relacionamento de 5 anos há 3 meses, ta sendo meio complicado lidar, mas estou seguindo em frente.
Fim de semana saí para beber umas com um amigo, conheci uma menina e ficamos de papo, depois de muita pegação resolvemos ir para a minha casa. Na hora H, o malaquias ficou envergonhado e não quis subir de jeito nenhum. Boquete, punheta, nada adiantou, nem umas roçadas de ppk resolveram. No fim, consegui fazer ela gozar. Acredito que o fato de ter tomado umas a mais tenha influenciado no "trágico" resultado.
Ela parecia estar super de boa com a situação, depois levei ela em casa e combinamos de seguir nos falando. Mas, mandei mensagem para ela no dia seguinte e fui completamente ignorado. Agora não sei se procuro ela e tento um novo encontro para me "redimir" ou deixo para lá.
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2022.01.17 15:25 Necessary-Sail-3573 Why does Bobby sing Jerry songs so often?

I understand if Johnnys voice wouldn’t sound right but why do they have Bobby up there China Cat and Scarlet haha
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2022.01.17 15:25 LossOfProphet Kramer?

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