Exit strategy suggestion?

2022.01.25 16:18 liam_miller900 Exit strategy suggestion?

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2022.01.25 16:18 Life-From-Scratch Just finished second viewing (Spoilers)

So many things to unpackage. At year 20, Kirsten is 28-29. It occurred to me that it's at this time when she's reunited with Jeevan, when he was likely that age when they first met.
The other thing that occurred to me is that the book, has taken years for Kirsten to unpackage. It seems to be about the process of grief while still having to survive.
I'm gonna read the book next, even though I know it will be more disturbing. I haven't experienced a show this compelling in a very long time.
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2022.01.25 16:18 uttftytfuyt buy or not?

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2022.01.25 16:18 Gungoespewpew Hiring

Looking for someone who do something with one of two photos.
Fiancée lost her grandmother a long time ago and never really healed from it emotionally. She misses her grandmother a lot.
To make things worse, her baby book was stolen a long time ago. I was able to get two pictures of her grandmother but they are not the best.
Was hoping someone could mash the old picture and a picture of my fiancée together so it seems like they are next to each other. Pictures I have of grandmother are from old Polaroids.
Willing to pay about $150’ish as I still need to put it in canvas or get it printed into canvas. If you can do that too I’d be willing to pay more.
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2022.01.25 16:18 Misterbeemer Purchase Advice

Looking at the Hifiman he- 400i and Douk P1. Any advice will help. Like the bluetooth and tube features
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2022.01.25 16:18 mrcardin Having trouble with embossing feature. Ok button is still grayed out!!

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2022.01.25 16:18 John_aka_Alwayz [Octane.gg] Top 20 Players of 2021: Honourable mentions

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2022.01.25 16:18 Raddbrd My gun collection

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2022.01.25 16:18 dougy181 Which names have been ruined thanks to bad people ?

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2022.01.25 16:18 TheWhiteStone CAMPING FOR GOLD 🌟

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2022.01.25 16:18 BlameJakers I was deactivated for having two minor traffic violations.. Q&A

Hi I was deactivated for having two minor violations in 2021 and Lyft support did not answer my questions about how and when can I possibly be eligible to activate my account in the future.
Does anyone know how long do I need to wait until the age of the violations no longer impact my qualification for driving?
Thanks for your help!
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2022.01.25 16:18 Matthewcawood Play Any Song On The Piano By Listening To It

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2022.01.25 16:18 emilev72 They change the rules all the te

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2022.01.25 16:18 aJfromtheblocc Parking help?

Hello! I have a class in the knes building and at the pool, where would be the best structure to park in? State college? I’ll be getting to campus around 12 for both of these classes.
I haven’t been on campus yet since we’ve been virtual so wanted to make sure I’m on time for my classes. thanks!!
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2022.01.25 16:18 Bluegunder Is infinity war gone?

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2022.01.25 16:18 StragoMagus70 Dragonlance series reading order question/clarification

I've put together this list from the dragonlance fandom site


I've mostly stuck to the organization structure layed out by the Series Order on that page (though I'm not sure why some are in the order listed)

There are only a few books that I'm aware of, but am not sure where they would fit into the list included below. They are the History of Krynn: Age of Dreams Volumes 1-5:

The rest are outlined below. Though I don't have all of these books, I'm trying to sort them out in the best order to read them. I see the dragonlance fandom site has listed Chronicles as 01, then broken up the Second Generation to position 20. I'm just wondering if the list put them in the most cohesive chronology from the series perspective, and if anyone who knows more about the series ordering would change anything from the list below. Or would suggest skipping over entire books, or if some are game guides, which I think some are, and so can be skipped. Any insight into this would be great. Thanks!

+---01 - Chronicles
Chronicles 01 - Dragons of Autumn Twilight
Chronicles 02 - Dragons of Winter Night
Chronicles 03 - Dragons of Spring Dawning

+---02 - AD&D Adventure Gamebooks
01 - Prisoners of Pax Tharkas
02 - The Soulforge
03 - Lords of Doom
04 - Shadow Over Nordmaar

+---03 - Legends
Legends 01 - Time of the Twins
Legends 02 - War of the Twins
Legends 03 - Test of the Twins

+---04 - Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home
01 - Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home
02 - More Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home
03 - Lost Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home

+---05 - Tales
Tales 01 - The Magic of Krynn
Tales 02 - Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes
Tales 03 - Love and War

+---06 - Heroes
Heroes 01 - The Legend of Huma
Heroes 02 - Stormblade
Heroes 03 - Weasel's Luck

+---07 - Preludes
Preludes Sextet 01 - Darkness and Light
Preludes Sextet 02 - Kendermore
Preludes Sextet 03 - Brothers Majere

+---08 - Preludes II
Preludes Sextet 04 - Riverwind the Plainsman
Preludes Sextet 05 - Flint the King
Preludes Sextet 06 - Tanis the Shadow Years

+---09 - Heroes
Heroes 04 - Kaz, the Minotaur
Heroes 05 - The Gates of Thorbardin
Heroes 06 - Galen Beknighted

+---10 - Elven Nations
Elven Nations 01 - Firstborn
Elven Nations 02 - The Kinslayer Wars
Elven Nations 03 - The Qualinesti

+---11 - Meetings Sextet
Meetings Sextet, The 01 - Kindred Spirits
Meetings Sextet, The 02 - Wanderlust
Meetings Sextet, The 03 - Dark Heart
Meetings Sextet, The 04 - The Oath and The Measure
Meetings Sextet, The 05 - Steel and Stone
Meetings Sextet, The 06 - The Companions

+---12 - Spelljammer
01 - Beyond the Moons
02 - Into the Void
03 - The Maelstrom's Eye
04 - The Radiant Dragon
05 - The Broken Sphere
06 - The Ultimate Helm

+---13 - Ravenloft
01 - Knight of the Black Rose
02 - Spectre of the Black Rose

+---14 - Tales II
Tales 04 - The Reign of Istar
Tales 05 - The Cataclysm
Tales 06 - The War of the Lance

+---15 - Dwarven Nations
Dwarven Nations 01 - The Covenant of the Forge
Dwarven Nations 02 - Hammer and Axe
Dwarven Nations 03 - The Swordsheath Scroll

+---16 - Villians
Villains 01 - Before the Mask
Villains 02 - The Black Wing
Villains 03 - Emperor of Ansalon
Villains 04 - Hederick the Theocrat
Villains 05 - Lord Toede
Villains 06 - The Dark Queen

+---17 - Dragons Anthologies
Dragon Anthologies 01 - The Dragons of Krynn
Dragon Anthologies 02 - The Dragons at War
Dragon Anthologies 03 - The Dragons of Chaos
* Dragon Anthologies 04 - The Dragons of Time <-- listed as part of 50-02

+---18 - Defenders of Magic
Defenders of Magic 01 - Night of the Eye
Defenders of Magic 02 - The Medusa Plague
Defenders of Magic 03 - Seventh Sentinel

+---19 - Lost Histories
Lost Histories, The 01 - The Kagonesti
Lost Histories, The 02 - The Irda-Children of the Stars
Lost Histories, The 03 - The Dargonesti
Lost Histories, The 04 - Land of the Minotaurs
Lost Histories, The 05 - The Gully Dwarves
Lost Histories, The 06 - The Dragons

+---20 - Second Generation
Chronicles 04 - The Second Generation
Chronicles 05 - Dragons of Summer Flame

+---21 - Warriors
Warriors, The 01 - Knights of the Crown
Warriors, The 02 - Maquesta Kar-Thon
Warriors, The 03 - Knights of the Sword
Warriors, The 04 - Theros Ironfeld
Warriors, The 05 - Knights of the Rose
Warriors, The 06 - Lord Soth
Warriors, The 07 - Wayward Knights

+---22 - Dragons of a New Age
Dragons of a New Age 01 - The Dawning of a New Age
Dragons of a New Age 02 - The Day of the Tempest
Dragons of a New Age 03 - The Eve of the Maelstrom

+---23 - Chaos War
Chaos War, The 01 - The Last Thane
Chaos War, The 02 - Tears of the Night Sky
Chaos War, The 03 - The Puppet King
Chaos War, The 04 - Reavers of the Blood Sea
Chaos War, The 05 - The Siege of Mt. Nevermind

+---24 - Kang's Regiment
Kang's Regiment 01 - The Doom Brigade
Kang's Regiment 02 - Draconian Measures

+---25 - Lost Legends
Lost Legends 01 - Vinas Solamnus
Lost Legends 02 - Fistandantilus Reborn
* Lost Legends 03 - Adventures in Krynn - Tales of Uncle Trapspringer <-- (listed as 26-01, only entry in 26)

+---27 - Raistlin Chronicles
Raistlin Chronicles, The 01 - The Soulforge
Raistlin Chronicles, The 02 - Brothers in Arms

+---28 - Tales of the Fifth Age
Tales of the Fifth Age 01 - Relics and Omens
Tales of the Fifth Age 02 - Heroes and Fools
Tales of the Fifth Age 03 - Rebels and Tyrants

+---29 - Bridges of Time
Bridges of Time 01 - Spirit of the Wind
Bridges of Time 02 - Legacy of Steel
Bridges of Time 03 - The Silver Stair
Bridges of Time 04 - The Rose and the Skull
Bridges of Time 05 - Dezra's Quest

+---30 - Reader's Companion
Readers Companion? The Odyssey of Gilthanas

+---31 - Classics
Classics 01 - Murder in Tarsis
Classics 02 - Dalamar the Dark
Classics 03 - Citadel
Classics 04 - The Inheritance

+---32 - Best of Anthologies
01 - The Best of Tales, Volume One
02 - The Best of Tales, Volume Two
03 - Dragons in the Archives: The Best of Weis and Hickman Anthology

+---33 - War of Souls
War of Souls, The 01 - Dragons of a Fallen Sun
War of Souls, The 02 - Dragons of a Lost Star
War of Souls, The 03 - Dragons of a Vanished Moon

+---34 - Crossroads
Crossroads 01 - The Clandestine Circle
Crossroads 02 - The Thieves' Guild
Crossroads 03 - Dragon's Bluff
Crossroads 04 - The Dragon Isles
Crossroads 05 - The Middle of Nowhere

+---35 - Barbarians
Barbarians 01 - Children of the Plains
Barbarians 02 - Brother of the Dragon
Barbarians 03 - Sister of the Sword

+---36 - Bertrem's Guide
Bertrem's Guide to the Age of Mortals
Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls, Volume 1
Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls, Volume 2

+---37 - Icewall
Icewall 01 - The Messenger
Icewall 02 - The Golden Orb
Icewall 03 - Winterheim

+---38 - Dhamon Saga
Dhamon Saga 01 - Downfall
Dhamon Saga 02 - Betrayal
Dhamon Saga 03 - Redemption

+---39 - Tales from the War of Souls World of Krynn
Anthologies 01 - The Search for Magic
Anthologies 02 - The Players of Gilean
Anthologies 03 - The Search for Power

+---40 - Kingpriest
Kingpriest 01 - Chosen of the Gods
Kingpriest 02 - Divine Hammer
Kingpriest 03 - Sacred Fire

+---41 - Age of Mortals
Age of Mortals 01 - Conundrum
Age of Mortals 02 - The Lioness
Age of Mortals 03 - Dark Thane
Age of Mortals 04 - Prisoner of Haven
Age of Mortals 05 - Wizards' Conclave
Age of Mortals 06 - The Lake of Death

+---42 - Ergoth
Ergoth 01 - A Warrior's Journey
Ergoth 02 - The Wizard's Fate
Ergoth 03 - A Hero's Justice

+---43 - Minotaur Wars
Minotaur Wars, The 01 - Night of Blood
Minotaur Wars, The 02 - Tides of Blood
Minotaur Wars, The 03 - Empire of Blood

+---44 - Linsha
Linsha 01 - City of the Lost
Linsha 02 - Flight of the Fallen
Linsha 03 - Return of the Exile

+---45 - Dark Disciple
Dark Disciple 01 - Amber and Ashes
Dark Disciple 02 - Amber and Iron
Dark Disciple 03 - Amber and Blood

+---46 - Rise of Solamnia
Rise of Solamnia, The 01 - Lord of the Rose
Rise of Solamnia, The 02 - The Crown and the Sword
Rise of Solamnia, The 03 - The Measure and the Truth

+---47 - Taladas
Taladas Chronicles, The 01 - Blades of the Tiger
Taladas Chronicles, The 02 - Trail of the Black Wyrm
Taladas Chronicles, The 03 - Shadow of the Flame

+---48 - Elven Exiles
Elven Exiles 01 - Sanctuary
Elven Exiles 02 - Alliances
Elven Exiles 03 - Destiny

+---49 - Champions
Champions 01 - Saving Solace
Champions 02 - The Alien Sea
Champions 03 - The Great White Wyrm
Champions 04 - Protecting Palanthas

+---50 - Further Dragons Anthologies
01 - Dragons: Worlds Afire
* 02 - Dragons of Time <-- (included as 17-04)

+---51 - Lost Chronicles
Lost Chronicles, The 01 - Dragons of the Dwarven Depths
Lost Chronicles, The 02 - Dragons of the Highlord Skies
Lost Chronicles, The 03 - Dragons of the Hourglass Mage

+---52 - Stonetellers
Stonetellers 01 - The Rebellion
Stonetellers 02 - Death March
Stonetellers 03 - Goblin Nation

+---53 - Dwarf Home
Dwarf Home 01 - The Secret of Pax Tharkas
Dwarf Home 02 - The Heir of Kayolin
Dwarf Home 03 - Fate of Thorbardin

+---54 - Ogre Titans
Ogre Titans 01 - Black Talon
Ogre Titans 02 - Fire Rose
Ogre Titans 03 - Gargoyle King

+---55 - Anvil of Time
Anvil of Time 01 - Sellsword
Anvil of Time 02 - Survivors
Anvil of Time 03 - Renegade Wizards
Anvil of Time 04 - Forest King
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2022.01.25 16:18 NewsElfForEnterprise B2C e-commerce Market May Set New Growth Story | Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Alibaba, Aliexpress

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2022.01.25 16:18 dinanm4 All retail

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2022.01.25 16:18 Casualte How will you waste your life if Reddit went down for long period of time?

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2022.01.25 16:18 alicedeelite Would your office find this Workers Comp Service helpful?

A website portal where you submit patient, employer, and pharmacy info, and the service researches all workers comp/payer info, seeks prior authorizations, and contacts pharmacy directly to provide correct billing info and ensures claim processes. Website subscription will also include searchable database, codes to provide to patients so they can enter the info themselves, and the ability to process claims for dispensing offices.
View Poll
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2022.01.25 16:18 bruadair Chromecast Audio - music stutters from windows pc but not from android phone/tablet

I just received a Chromecast Audio yesterday and hooked it up to my stereo receiver. My router, laptop and phone using the wifi signal are all in the same room (23'x23'). When I cast from my windows pc using the chrome browser, the music starts and after a few seconds it stutters, a few more seconds the song plays without further interruption. Until the next song starts. This happens with Amazon Music, Tidal, Youtube Music, all casting from the chrome browser.
If I change to my android based phone and cast the music from the same music servers there is no stuttering. I'm using the same wifi signal. I would much prefer to cast and control the music from my laptop. Is there an issue with casting from the Chrome browser, or a windows pc? I'm considering buying an android tablet to use for my music casting but if there is a fix that would cost less than a new tablet I would rather do that.
One more question. My Pixel 3a XL is running Android 12. When I open the Google Home app I can see my Chromecast Audio. When I click on it to check the settings the screen has the cca name, but the rest of the screen is blank. How can I check the firmware or any other settings?
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2022.01.25 16:18 TaxiDriverThankGod I am deleting Liberals and having fun doing it.

That's right, you anti-science and anti-fact fruitcakes. It's judgment day, and I am the grim reaper. Lol
I work for social media as a content manager, and orders have come down to clean house. Usually, my job is 2nd review, which means I handle appeals. Today, I was given 1st review, and boy, am I having fun —2+ years of reading nonsense and often having to wait for someone else to do the heavy lifting. Tonight, I am nuking people left and right.
Downvote me all you like. I don't care. I just thought I would share; today, I am enjoying my job
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2022.01.25 16:18 Alternative-Skirt-11 [USA-GA] [H] Xbox One Series S 512gb [W] PayPal

I have a Xbox One Series S for sale. Console will be Sanitized and wiped to factory settings before shipping. Bought it the week before Christmas and it is only used 3 days a week out of boredom lol.
Asking Price: $300 shipped ($275 for console and $25 Shipping cost)
If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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2022.01.25 16:18 robinhoodnews San Francisco 49ers star left tackle Trent Williams was diagnosed with a right ankle sprain, which he suffered in Saturday's playoff win over the Green Bay Packers. Coach Kyle Shanahan said Monday that Williams' X-rays were negative and left open the possibility that he'll be able to play in

San Francisco 49ers star left tackle Trent Williams was diagnosed with a right ankle sprain, which he suffered in Saturday's playoff win over the Green Bay Packers. Coach Kyle Shanahan said Monday that Williams' X-rays were negative and left open the possibility that he'll be able to play in submitted by robinhoodnews to robinhoodsports [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 16:18 Tempiizt Can someone explain A.I. Shadow to me?

I’m new to yugioh, And I want to know if A.I. Shadow is sent to the graveyard when the monster it’s targeting is sent to the graveyard or if it stays on the field. Also if it stays on the field, can I target another @ignister monster or is the spell now dead weight pretty much?
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