Some questions about volume ratio

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2022.01.28 20:14 ChronicComa851 Some questions about volume ratio

So I've been working to match my volume:cylinder ratio to bb weight and had some questions that are more on the specific math side of things

  1. What is the equation for finding the ideal ratio per bb weight? I've see this equation, Cylinder:Barrel=(7.5*(weight of the bb in grams2))+1.55 Is this correct? The reason i ask becuase when i use this equation to find the ratio for .3g bbs I get a ratio of 2.225:1 butttt in 1tonnes' very informative guide about volume ratio he recommends a ratio of 2.27:1 for .3g bbs, 2.22:1 for .25gs. So ig I'm wondering why we're getting different numbers?
  2. In that equation, what are the constants (7.5) and (1.55) from? How do we get those numbers?
  3. So where/when do we start to have to worry about joule creep? What kind of tolerances in the ratio are "ok"? Ex. is +/- .02 in the ratio ok? Is it more like .05? Etc. 2.22:1 - 2.24:1, 2.22:1 - 2.27:1
Any help is greatly appreciated! I know its probably really not that big of a deal but I'd like to learn and am already this far down the rabbit hole lol
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2022.01.28 20:14 BanditbizZz Anti trudeau

Can I get fired for wearing an anti trudeau shirt to work? We are asked to work, buisness casual, but are Healthcare and mostly wear scrubs.
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2022.01.28 20:14 Spiritual_Curve2094 Is Age-Regression common in Psychosis?

I was reading an article on age regression and different examples of it and a lot of those examples pertained to how I was acting while I was going through my episode.
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2022.01.28 20:14 acn-aiueoqq Letting a child use your bike

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2022.01.28 20:14 Bear_Muffin_37 Adding a pocket watch to the collection

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2022.01.28 20:14 Doctordead_ Where is Shenmue 4

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2022.01.28 20:14 Mink1477 [S] Mink Survivor: Marquesas (Seaason 3)

20 castaways will be placed on a island to see if they can survive in the harsch nature of Marquesas. They will have to survive both that, and Eachother to win 1 Million Dollars!
Lets meet the players!

Maraamu Tribe
Amanda Young From Saw
Beck Oliver From Victorious
Diana From Zero Time Dilema
Fat Mama From Ur Mama
Fleetway Sonic From Creepypasta
Martha From Martha Speaks
Mirage From Apex Legend
Proffesor Laventon From Pokemon
Ruin From Fortnite
Weiss Schnee From RWBY

Rotu Tribe
Captain Price From Call Of Duty
Ellie Rose From Henry Sitckmen
Hurley From Lost
Jevil From Deltarune
Kang Sae-Byeok From Squid Game
Michael Myers From Halloween
Minerva Minx From Animaniacs
Rayman From Rayman
Rebecca From Fire Emblem
Sister From Red VS Blue

Season 3

My Thoughts/Summary: This season starts off slow as the Rotu tribe voted out Rayman and Kang Sae-byeok back to back as the 6 person Rotu alliance dominates. Episode 3 has Maraamu having 3 different Alliances, making tribal Exiting. Fleetway Wastes his idol, and The tribe doesnt make a united plan, and its a dubble tie between Ruin and Amanda, And laventon is rocked out, Who voted for ruin, what should mean Amanda is next. But instead of Amanda, Mama is voted out next. Episode 5 has A tribe swap. The new Rotu Tribe has Ruin alone from his tribe, and in the new Taipivai Tribe has Minerva alone from her former tribe. But at tribal, Ruin can get the Target of his back, and Rebecca is voted out. Next episode Rotu loses again, and Sister (who is slightly injured) Gets voted off. Episode 7 has Rotu lose AGAIN. Price and MIchael stick together and vote off Ruin.
Its merge time! It is ones again an Early merge, as 13 players made it to the merge. Theres a new Alliance, made of Amanda (who has an idol AND a vote steal), Diana, Fleetway, Hurley, Minerva and Weiss. At tribal, Beck is voted out. Hurley doesnt vote with the new alliance however, and stick with his old team. Next episode has Price, who has no Aliance voted off. Next Episode, Hurley leaves the majority Alliance, and now they arent the majority anymore. Mirage, who has been just making it thru since the merge episode, is sadly voted out. Next episode, The people not in the 5 person allience wanna take out Weiss, but she uses her idol perfectly, and with michael is eliminated. Next episode, Weiss wins immunity. at tribal, Amanda wastes her idol, BUt ellie decited to save her ally Hurley by using her idol on him, and eliminating Diana. Next Episode, Weiss wins immunity again. Hurley Joins a new allience, and it seems like he is trying to flip. At tribal, After a tie, Martha is eliminated, after hurley Switches his vote. Final 7 and There is a majority allaince of Amanda, Fleetway, Hurley and Weiss, but hurley seems closer with Ellie and Jevil. Ellie wins immunity, and at tribal, Minerva who didnt have a strong alliance, is eliminated.
Finale time! Fleetway sonic wins immunty. At tribal, Hurley and Weiss use their Adventages, and Weiss Nullyfies 4 voted, that shows fleetway and hurley flipped. Ellie is idoled out. Next episode, Fleetway wins immunity again, And a new allience forms between Weiss, Fleetwas and Jevil Forms. But at tribal, both of them flip on Weiss as they know she is to big of a target, and she is voted off. Jevil wins immunity, meaning the Majority needs to go against eachother. Amanda is eliminated, meaning we will get another Male winner.
Final Tribal Council: It is hurley, the flipflopper, against Fleetway, the End game beast, Against Jevil, the underdog. After A 5-3-2 vote.. Jevil Wins season 3! Fleetway got the expected votes but they werent enough, and Hurley's Villinous way of playing cost him the game. Congrats u/RedHood7000. THis was an Amazing season with some great returny Options!

Let me know your thoughts and see you soon For Season 4 of MInk Survivor!
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2022.01.28 20:14 Ok-Elderberry-1266 I hate hook up culture :(

So Im new to reddit and thought I would just vent a little bit on my dating experience..
I'm 23, Brazilian woman living in the city. I have always gotten a lot of attention from men so I know that I'm an attractive woman to men and finding a man to go on a date with isn't hard but its the actual quality of some men in this society?
Like wtf is going on?
I'm intelligent , loving, kind , warm. I love to dance. I love to paint and draw. I keep myself fit and healthy. I have hobbies. I have a promising career ahead of me. I always keep myself educated by reading, and Im always open minded.
I'm spiritual, Im soulful. I have goals and I have dreams..
I love who I am . I love how my mind works.
My mind is prettier than my face and my soul outshines them both...
So AGAIN what is going on?
Or maybe there must be something wrong with me because Finding a high value man that respects himself in this society is hard...
People always assume because I look the way that I do I must have a line of men waiting to date me. But this is not exactly true in my case at all. I find that most of the men im interested in just want sex and nothing more meaningful.
I crave a deep soulful connection. Life is HARD, I dont want to do it all by myself. I want a partner. My right hand man. Someone I can build with. I want someone to go through this journey of life with me, together. But most men today don't want that. They want meaningless flings that just revolve around sex. I don't want anyone touching me unless they prove them selves worthy of touching me...I respect my Body and I respect my time.
Commitment is too scary for them... maybe FOMO? because there is always other fish in the sea right?
Online dating sucks. I Feel like I'm just on a catalogue waiting to be picked and it doesn't feel right in my soul. I am so much better than that. People have an endless supply of people online and its so toxic.. they have so much option or the illusion of option that they get overwhelmed and get option overload...
I have always been into older men... at least 4 years older. I have been dating outside of my normal preferences to experiment and experience new things too.. so its not like im sticking to one particular type... but a lot of these men are so arrogant and so narcissistic I can't take it. All the boasting and all the love bombing it's exhausting. They love to boast about how much money they have and what car they drive and the nice apartment they have. Yes I look for financial security in a man but not in the way that some may think. I dont care for money like that. I come from a very humble upbringing and there's more to life than all this materialistic bullshit.
So I dont know... I just feel rubbish about the whole dating scene...
The men I like, don't like me and the men that like me ,I don't like them!!
Men talk a lot about the pain of being friend zoned but you have no idea how much it hurts that some men will actually go as far as PRETENDING to be your friend and that they are truly interested in you till they get you into bed and then discard you...
The feeling of being used and deceived HURTS.
I have a good connection with my intuition, I can smell it when a man is not taking me seriously so I dont hesitate to cut them off,,, so now Im starting to think that Im becoming too good at smelling bullshit that my options in men have drastically reduced... maybe ignorance IS bliss ... :(
Anyways.. I’m not perfect I have my problems like everyone else. But dating in this hook up culture really really sucks for people that want a genuine connection...
*Please note I know that its not all men that are like this. There are so many good men out there but I just can't seem to find any that are a good fit for me personally :(
Thank you for taking the time to read.
Love and Light x
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2022.01.28 20:14 iuqet Pedda sieht in dem Foto irgendwie aus wie ein sehr sehr kleiner Mann xD

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2022.01.28 20:14 Ok_Drawer_7561 Space Marine 40K : Captain Noelle

Wonder why Noelle is so strong, so unstoppable? Wonder no more here is why. Her father is a distinguished Captain of the Space Marine battalion itself. Fierce warriors' blood runs deep in her veins. XD.

Jokes aside, I played Noelle ever since I got her in the beginner's wish [1.3 Banner]. Now she is triple crowned and already has semi-decent artifacts [My luck sucks]. And believe it or not never got Geo Goblet Gladiator Finale.

For real no cap, when I first got her after I met Lisa or somewhen, I felt like her controls were very very familiar, my muscle memory already pairing well with Noelle movesets despite never trained for her at all. But I ignored it completely and passed it off as Dejavu.

Fast forward till yesterday night, out of resin, all maps explored 99%%-100%, etc, I decided to browse my old steam games. Then the Space Marine 40K was randomly selected [Last played 5 years ago], I replayed it all night until when I reached the chapter where I can pick the warhammer. The realization kicked in like a mule. And I just have to record this. XD.

Needless to say, my preference for her grows 100 fold now LOL. Also does anyone know when is the Red Thornthresher rerun? I didnt pull for the claymore since I want to save for the whole R5 set next time. I am having R5 whiteblind for now before I switch to the 5 star claymore.
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2022.01.28 20:14 spider_plays_YT I have spare laptop parts, do you think I should sell them

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2022.01.28 20:14 Hot_Comfortable_386 In need of transportation Walker-Belding commute daily

Basically I need to find something reliable for around $4,000-5k range. I know the market ain't the best and I looked at marketplace, and some used dealers in the area and it seems pretty difficult to find something. I also don't have like any credit because I just turned 18. I'm willing to make payments on something as well as long as it's realistic and a low interest (15% or loweM).
I don't care catruck/suv, maybe something 100k Miles or less. I don't car make model and year. Is there a website or some kind of Facebook group that can help me narrow down my results. I'm willing to find a dealership in the North Kent area (Rockford/CedaGreenville, etc).
If you know anyone or a website/group that could point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.28 20:14 Pepe69a Alguien me hace rol de hanna owo por telegram?

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2022.01.28 20:14 SnooDoggos7970 Building PC

Hey guys I’m building a PC and I just bought a motherboard it is the ASUS TUF GAMING A520M-PLUS WIFI. Does anybody know what CPU is compatible with it?
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2022.01.28 20:14 marrywilson233 Still looking for a honest cubs and spoiled in return with some $$

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2022.01.28 20:14 Onlyforfun10 Please Upvote me, i will upvote all your posts and comments

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2022.01.28 20:14 PhantomPhoenix44 Boba sacrificed his character integrity, how Din Djarin dares to undermine that?

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2022.01.28 20:14 lonely-blue-sheep Ah dang the child is temporarily homeless and Ranboo is just so done with him

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2022.01.28 20:14 DelvornAwbilan [M4A playing F] Goblins and More

Calling all Literate Writers. Hello. I am a roleplayer with several years of experience under my belt. I am searching for a literate and detailed roleplay partner, interested in creating an intricate and beautiful story together. I enjoy writing long and detailed posts, the maximum going up to three paragraphs. This would be for long term if at all possible.
As far as original ideas versus fandoms go, I enjoy both with equal passion. I do have a few original ideas in my mind at the moment, but we can discuss your ideas as well.
Currently I am looking for a Goblin Slayer, or slice of life.
Fandoms I enjoy are, but not limited to, Warhammer Fantasy Disney Pixar specifically Onward Doctor who Harry Potter Firefly Star Trek Star Wars Lord of the rings Pirates of the Caribbean Skyrim Fallout Marvel DC Big Bang Theory Game of Thrones Goblin Slayer The Witcher
There are a few other fandoms I like, but don’t know a lot about. Such as mortal combat and soulcaliber. I also have a multitude of platforms to rp on, mostly discord. If this interests you, please private message me, or shoot me a normal message here on reddit, a dm works best.
And have an amazing day!!
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2022.01.28 20:14 lilia-tea My mum outed my (25F) LGBTQ+ sister (12F) to her dad without sisters consent, what should I do, if anything?

Hi! I've not posted here before so I apologize if I accidentally do anything wrong.
TDLR: Exactly what it says in the title.
My (25F) sister (12F) came out to me a few years ago. I was supportive and kept the information to myself. I felt privileged when she told me.
My siblings (22m, 15m) are also supportive of the LGBTQ community, and only recently found out the information.
Whilst my mum (late 40s) claims to be supportive of LGBTQ+ people, she has been known to make controversial comments along the lines of "only lesbians have shaved heads" or similar. My sister has a different dad (late 40s) to me, but I have heard that her dad also makes similar homophobic and damanging comments. A specific example was that he thinks "lesbians are only ok if there's a camera filming them". My sister was very scared of coming out to her dad, and decided she wasn't going to yet.
Regardless, sister did come out to mum a few months ago. And since then our mum has told grandparents, family friends, work colleagues, my brother (15) and his girlfriend... Literally so many people. Everyone except my sister's dad seems to know.
My sister was very scared of her dad finding out, and as a result, my mum started threatening to tell her dad every time my sister acted out. Mum would use outing my sister as leverage, and it was disgusting frankly.
And that's exactly what happened tonight. My mum and sister were arguing about something unrelated and petty, and it led to my mum deciding to out my sister to the person she was most scared of telling.
So I am asking as an older sister (who does not live at home) and as an LGBTQ+ ally, what should I do next? I haven't seen or spoken to my mum. I hear she is in hysterics. My sister also. My brother (15) who lives at home has been pulled into the mess. Fortunately dad reacted well and has been supportive, but regardless what my mum did was very wrong. Should I talk to her? Should I stop talking to her? What can I do from here?
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2022.01.28 20:14 MrHobo35 Should I reroll for the 7th anni?

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2022.01.28 20:14 drizzt_x Carrying waste 1.2km by hand through the mountains of Daymar...

Carrying waste 1.2km by hand through the mountains of Daymar... So, last night I had a simple bunker mission to remove waste, but as I was hauling the second box out, an ERT bounty spawned and destroyed my Vanguard. I thought about just logging off for the night, as it was late. Then I thought about calling for a pickup, which usually works out, as people are pretty helpful.
But then I said NO. I refuse to let the game win. I'm gonna CARRY these two packages out of range of the outpost. So that's what I did.
This wouldn't have been so difficult, except for the fact that the area of Daymar I was in was extremely mountainous, and it was night time (when I started). By the time I finished, about an hour later, it was almost noon.
If you look just over my right shoulder, you'll see the outpost, about 1200m behind me.
Closer look at max zoom.
Boy are my arms tired.
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2022.01.28 20:14 twg-bot Valdosta man facing burglary, kidnapping charges

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2022.01.28 20:14 nsdjoe Razer Orochi v2 Spinning Out

I've had the Orochi for about 2 weeks and so far it's spun out on me three times. I've had the Basilisk X Hyperspeed for 2 years (same sensor IIRC) and never had an issue.
Possible I got a bad copy?
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2022.01.28 20:14 ClientTypical7395 Best percolator bongs for beginners?

Hey guys I’m looking to buy my first bong. I want a perculatior bong with an ice catcher + diffuser so I can get a smooth smoke. Honestly I don’t really know all the proper terminology yet so bare with me but I hope you all know what I mean. Also I’ve been asking around and hearing it should be about a foot to 18inches long. Anything you all recommend? Any types of percolators I should research? Anything helps! Thanks guys
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