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Mama was basically solid black with a little white on her belly got 3 different colors

2022.01.27 01:47 SadDemonzs Mama was basically solid black with a little white on her belly got 3 different colors

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2022.01.27 01:47 proxmaxi Is Murata/ONE aware of the powerscalers? Do japanese fans do this as well?

Just wondering tbh
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2022.01.27 01:47 master156111 HAPPY 😊 BIRTHDAY 🎂 BRO!!!

HAPPY 😊 BIRTHDAY 🎂 BRO!!! 😎😜😩😆 Its time 🕦 to get LIT 🔥 for your special 👉😎👈 BIRTHDAY 🎊! You finna turn UP 👆🤯 and get DOWN 👇🤩 on this BEAUTIFUL day 😩💕 because you're 👀 a CHAMP🎖and a COOL 😎 DUDE 💪! Get all that 💰🤑 and 🤪🍹 and HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎊🎊🎊 don't forget 😤😤 to eat your cake 🍰😋 or your other cake 🍑😩👅💦 because today you the MAN 🤠😏🤤
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2022.01.27 01:47 Opoyiss Indian cricketer Krunal Pandyas Twitter account hacked

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2022.01.27 01:47 MichaelEarthOsada M4F ENFP - Girlfriend Would Be Nice (INFJ and INTJ) Los Angeles

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2022.01.27 01:47 Timbo2510 SFMTA ticket to the wrong person

Sharing my story.
I received a letter with my name on it from the Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector.
They are asking me to pay $216.00 for street cleaning violation. I was confused because I don't remember ever getting any tickets. So I went to the website
On the website it suddenly says I owe them $386.00

I was about to just click on PAY but good thing I didn't. When I selected the individual tickets there was a digital version of the ticket and the license plate number, make and model wasn't even mine.

Guess I'll just call them tomorrow and tell them they got the wrong guy.

You guys need to double-check whenever paying something.
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2022.01.27 01:47 burn_the_duopoly [WTB] Dead Air Keymo Flash Hider $70 - $80 (OH)

Need a 5/8-24 Dead Air Keymo Flash Hider Used is okay, if low sodium $70 used, $80 new?
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2022.01.27 01:47 Infamous_Turn60 Everything in this country started going to shit when Public schools started giving everybody a trophy .

Public schools 50 years ago and before that encouraged students to excel. Lessons were hard and expectations were high. The exit exam from the early 1900s for eighth grade was harder than most college level courses. People strove to be learned and scholarly. Those traits were admired.
At some point schools decided to lower the bar to make it easier for everyone to pass, so as not to stress out the lower achieving students. (In the name of equity) . "Everyone gets a trophy" Naturally gifted students are not motivated to do their best.. And neither is anyone else. They have never been stretched out of their comfort zones to see what great things they can accomplish. Frankly, we have done generations of people a huge disservice by making education into social justice labs instead of sticking with basic education and setting the bar high.
We also feed people inane messages like "90% of success is just showing up". ( Um, NO. You have to do more than be a warm body). The end result is generations of people who are mediocre and unhappy. They have a sense of entitlement and resent people who are successful. They expect politicians to fix everything for them and lack the ability to do things for themselves. When the government can't fix it, they become angry and unhinged. .
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2022.01.27 01:47 enderwig Pulling my hair out with a new well chlorinator

I had a my chlorinator replaced last Monday, everything was fine for the first 2 days, then we got horrendous chlorine smell in the house. I checked the system and found the 40 gallon drum that is supposed to last 1-2 months already empty. I refilled it and it was empty again the next day.
So today, I'm outside grilling and I hear this repeated clicking noise, I follow the noise to the chlorinator (see video here )
There is air getting in at the top of the little tube with the ball in it.
The chlorinator is wired to the well pump, and as you can see in this video solution is still getting suctioned out of the reservoir and into the well tank, even with the chlorinator unplugged.
If anybody knows what I need to do so that the solution only moves when the chlorine pump is on, let me know
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2022.01.27 01:47 commonthiem Today, a senior Lit student told me, "I already own all the books I like."

Like he couldn't imagine finding any other books he would like amongst the mountains of literature in the world. I encouraged him to try something new for his independent reading, and that he might be pleasantly surprised about what else is out there.
Don't walk in here with your stupid permed mullet and tell your English teacher there are only a dozen books worth reading in all of noveldom.
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2022.01.27 01:47 ForkedYourMom Septum too low? Smallest jewelry I can find still seems to hang too low. Left pic is the only thing I can find that seems to look “normal” and is a 5/16 (that I know is upside down, lol). Should I get it re-pierced or are my expectations unrealistic for my face? 2nd pic original jewellery.

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2022.01.27 01:47 whateverhouston Do the couples actually legally get married? (My findings say No)

So, I was curious because in most states before you are legally married you have to go to the registrar and get a license. In order to get the license the couple must go together, show ID’s, and some other legal declarations (never been married before, etc). At least I’ll speak for Texas, particularly Houston as I got married here.
So my thought process is if the couples haven’t met before they walk down the aisle then they couldn’t have met before… and if they don’t have the license before hand they technically aren’t officially legally married when they walk down the aisle.
I guess maybe production could get the marriage license for them beforehand??? And in extreme instances where one does not like the other then would they sign they license? I guess they could be contractually bound. Maybe for the couples who decide to stay together then they go to the court and make it official afterwards.
Now the most interesting part, in Houston, for Harris county you can search if anyone ever got married (even if they ended up getting a divorce) you can pull the record of the marriage. Out of curiosity I search for myrla and Gil by looking up their last names. Unless he or she go by a different name than feria or cuero there is no record that a marriage ever took place.
Also check for Rachel…no record.
Now I’m not saying there isn’t any other way, but I’m saying there is no. Record of either of these couples legally having been married in Harris county. This is a legit database and for quality assurance I’ve looked up friends and my husband and I and all our records are there. I could be wrong and I haven’t checked any other cities or states.
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2022.01.27 01:47 PlumpBerryHam A month old rivalry was revived when I turned u/tf2-gpt2 back on

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2022.01.27 01:47 Routine_Barber_4624 Dm batang kapatid ng kakilala ko

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2022.01.27 01:47 superbudda494 Can these boots be repaired? It looks like there’s some aging occurring between the leather and the sole. Anything is appreciated!

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2022.01.27 01:47 CadetB_ Need help with my cousin.

So me and my cousin, (W) are rlly close. We have been for several years. But he is pretty spoiled and can be entitled at some times. He is the oldest of 5 and he sometimes does have an excuse but has no excuse to be on video games 24/7. I’m talking every day he “gets his school work done” and the. Gets on Xbox early and plays for the res rod the day. Probably around 12 hours a day. We mainly play sea of thieves and (used to) apex legends. I will warn you, most of these examples are from sea of thieves or apex so if you do not know what I’m talking about, I recommend just doing whatever and continuing with your day lol.
Im going to talk about 3 things.
1st story: this happened about 2 weeks ago. We were playing SoT and we like pvp. We began server hopping for some and we got some. A reaper gally at a fof. We show up, try to fight, but get taken down almost instantly. (Some context to before that. We had already gotten a little upset at each other and that’s where this came from.) W tells us to just not go back because they are “better” than us. It was a gally vs brig and they weren’t the best. I said that we should just go back and there was no point in giving up because that is what quitters do. 2 seconds later he left the game. I mumble: “this is so stupid and pathetic…” I begin server hopping in silence and wam! Hit with a kick from the party. He said nothing. It was his friends party (didn’t know that before) and I msged my cousin: “Why’d you kick me?” He responded: “I didn’t” I said, “oh ok well why did … do it? Sorry didn’t know” he says this crap: “I told him to” Well I was PISSED and I only called him a bitch which he cried about of course. I told my parents before he could “tell on me.” My parents weren’t upset lol. They rlly don’t care I guess. (What I say to him I mean) I go off on him, saying that he is a spoiled, entitled, kid. And when he gets into high school (he is homeschooled in middle school) he will get killed by the kids who are going to call him it for being like that; he’ll cry when he just doesn’t get his way. I thought he had changed when I started playing with him again, but nope.
I’m hoping this won’t get taken down for just using sea of thieves as an example, but that’s what I wanted to say. I need to know if I should say anything else to him?
I left out a rlly important part that made me so mad at him:he told me that he kicked me and doesn’t want to play because I TALK TO MUCH?! How pathetic and spoiled do you have to be to say that? Speaking is a right and he told me that I just shouldn’t speak so much? How do I stop? By just not speaking? I don’t talk much either way! He is a kid and talks way less than me. Since he is my cousin I couldn’t curse him out but I rlly wish I could. The audacity dude. Alright well that’s the end of my rant. Any advice on how to be content about this? I think about it sometimes and it makes me pissed off just to rethink what he said to me.
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2022.01.27 01:47 InfraUY I has been showing up when i turn on the pc for a couple days now, but everthing's working fine. How can I get rid of this?

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2022.01.27 01:47 rc_polygons Does the chemist perk effect the duration of mentats?

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2022.01.27 01:47 Chance-Bobcat-8026 Axie

Good day! Looking for scholarship. I hope that you can choose me as one of your scholars.
Name: Denver Marzan Age: 15 Gender: Male Location: Manila Taguig city Nationality: Filipino Device to be used in playing Axie Infinity: Infinix hot10i (android) Internet: wifi,data
Online games experience: Mobile Legends, Call of Duty, COC, Genshin, Hyperfront
How many hours for day can you dedicate playing Axie: 6 to 8 hours of playing.
Do you already have experience playing Axie Infinity: Yes, By watching tutorials on YouTube, playing adventure and arena.
I will follow all the rules and regulations. Willing Hoping to find scholarship. Thank you and god bless.
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2022.01.27 01:47 ValuableBasil8 Urgent! Please help!

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2022.01.27 01:47 jookco toddler dies in west cork : Cause of Death - Passed Away and Obituary News Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.27 01:47 iamasheepbaa What are women intimidates you the most?

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2022.01.27 01:47 fisherbait Compiling XMRig with Visual Studio 2022

Is it possible to compile XMRig with visual studio 2022 or do you have to use vs 2019? I tried with vs 2022 and it didn't work, but I might have messed it up with something else.
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2022.01.27 01:47 Disastrous-Jelly7375 F

I got a new laptop recently, an Asus Zenbook 14, running on an AMD 5500U and just the regular integrated graphics. I dual booted it with bost windows and ubuntu. I had to dsiable Bitlocker btw, which im not sure if it really affects anything.
The first time it booted up, everything worked great, and worked exactly as expected. Nothing appeared wrong at all.
The problems started when I shut down my laptop and booted it back up a day later. The keyboard wasnt even working, and I couldnt type anything. The keyboard would only work when I rebooted it. I tried everything from reinstalling whatever drivers needed, and probably used every tutorial and online article I could find tryna fix it. I wasnt even sure what was hapening.
The next issue arose with wifi. Wifi worked great, but randomly the computer would almost just shit itself, and say "wifi adapter not available", to which I would also try to do everything the first google page would recommend, such as booting in insecure mode, trying to install proprietary drivers, etc. Didnt seem to fix the issue at all though, and I was basically just stuck.
One time, i opened up my laptop and the entire screen was just black and white noise. Almost like old analog tv static. I restarted it, and it worked somewhat fine though.
While all of this was happening, I could open up Windows, and have my computer boot up perfectly fine. It was clearly not something with the hardware or laptop itself. Im wondering if its just because of shitty driver support, because its a new laptop and whatnot, and maybe intel and asus just didnt bother making their stuff compatible?
Im new to linux and ubuntu, and am genuinely confused with what to do. Im wondering if anyone else had similar problems with Asus notebooks and linux.
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2022.01.27 01:47 jsc11592 Progress on samurai / geisha back piece

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