Yo mama so dumb she brought wet cloths to a dry cleaner.

2022.01.20 20:11 Dramatic_Letter7516 Yo mama so dumb she brought wet cloths to a dry cleaner.

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2022.01.20 20:11 TheCarnageOfBattle Insane Urban Warfare in Tripoli, Libya

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2022.01.20 20:11 NinFanBoi Want to try out the Castlevania series.

As the title says I want to try out the series and have time to try it. I currently have access to Castlevania, Castlevania IV, and Bloodlines. Out of the three which ones are best for beginners I also know that the series is difficult or at least the NES games so difficulty is a factor.
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2022.01.20 20:11 AndresMFIT Track tilts when moving in Z axis a vertex of the curve...

Track tilts when moving in Z axis a vertex of the curve...
Vertex to move in Z axis

When moving vertex all track tilts


I want the track to not tilt this way. I just want to add height to that part of the track.
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2022.01.20 20:11 jimbo147 Those eyes

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2022.01.20 20:11 Granolawarfare Batman vs Killer Croc!

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2022.01.20 20:11 MaliciousIntentWorks Is Moder a dragon or a large ostrich?

Is Moder a dragon or a large ostrich? Second play through after H&H update. Haven't been able to find the marker for the plains boss at all. So I have been decorating and needed more Moder heads. So I thought it was a bug when I first defeated Moder but the next two times were the same. Moder kept sticking it's head in the ground and shaking like a scared ostrich. I took 25% of it's health with repeated area effect of the sledge hammer. My first time I didn't take advantage of this but Moder was often hiding among the rocks shaking. Although I did die the first time, it was from a weird glitch where I got stuck in a rock and kept taking fall damage, unable to move. Moder fights were never great just looked cool and were time consuming before H&H but I don't recall Moder actually hiding to avoid you. Anyway just wondering if anyone else had found Moder hides from them during the fight like a dam cry baby.
On a side note I was using Moder to mine rocks in the area for a while (the ice attacks are great for that) and found something interesting. Every other creature can't hit hard enough to break up a silver vein, but Moder's ice breath can destroy it as it passes through the ground. Not efficient but was able to harvest a good portion of a silver vein during the fight by keeping Moder in that area.
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2022.01.20 20:11 COOLWHIPMANGNO smurfs reported me for "abusive chat" for staying positive while 1 tricking sombra/widow/etc low pick rate/nonmeta heroes.

yup you read that right.

i wanted to be a sombra 1 trick and i always stayed positive but i guess i made a bunch of smurfs so mad of me being positive they reported me for "abusive chat" so much i got a nice 1 month vacation.

i wanted to appeal it but i doubt they would care cause i did it so many times that they say i have to be "stop being toxic in vc" like ????, also they said if i did it again i would get a perma ban (lol).

but ya i am very concerned about the "support" for this game cause they let smurfs roam free and be toxic on multi accounts and false reporting here but i a honest positive member of overwatch is seen as "toxic" even tho i play to win, stay positive and follow the rules.

like at least i am not permed i guess but i am getting annoyed i can't be positive and play the heroes i want to play and maybe climb cause the people smurfing in my sr have to be a bunch of babys and false reporting or throwing or whatever the toxic smurfs do tbh.

its so dumb people like me on our mains are just trying to have fun, be competitive and climb but ruined by smurfs and their entitled egos of thinking the world revolves around them.

i just want to have fun like old overwatch but have to deal with false reporting toxic smurfs who get so butt hurt on people not playing the "meta" heroes on their teams.
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2022.01.20 20:11 Comprehensive-Set919 A Bathroom Stall (found on u/90ozjugofdiarrhea)

Public restrooms always remind me of a ravishing chance encounter I once had with a stranger in the late 90s. His name was Tyrone - black gangster type with baggy pants and an urban accent. He was a big guy (with an even bigger afro) originally from the Detroit projects. Our paths crossed one night in a public restroom located within a seafood restaurant where Tyrone was moonlighting by giving blowjobs in the toilet stalls. His slogan was, "I got kids and a spouse with payments on a house, so when my lips go south, you're balls deep in my mouth."
Allow me to reminisce.
My wife and I had just finished a delectable dinner at the establishment, and after paying our bill I politely excused myself to use the bathroom while she headed out to the car.
As I stood casually relieving myself at an otherwise long, empty row of urinals, Tyrone playfully shuffled toward me from behind with his pants around his ankles, gently nudging me to one side with his body before springing a leak into the same bowl. As we simultaneously micturated side by side in a moment of awkward silence, Tyrone slowly turned his head toward me, offering me a warm, friendly smile. Then, with his enormous urinating pud still in one hand, he extended me his other, politely introducing himself with a firm handshake and a wholesome proposition for salacious oral sex.
I shrugged. Yeah, sure. Why not, right? I mean, I’m not gay but I could always use a good dick suckin', plus I'd be helping the guy earn a little extra cash on the side. To my surprise Tyrone got completely naked to perform oral sex. He told me it not only felt more liberating, but at the same time helped keep his clientele comfortable - giving them some psychological leverage. Evidently his nudity helped ease some tension for first-time patrons. He was a really cool guy.
Anyway, we entered the stall and Tyrone got right to work, plopping to his knees butt naked and slurping my man-meat better than any bitch ever could. I was really taken back by his professional technique; long, deep mouth strokes that went down to the balls followed by a quick tongue-flick against my scrotum. Unbelievably, despite his large teeth, he didn't scrape my dong once. How's that for service? My eyes rolled into the back of my head as his warm mouth worked its magic on my throbbing ram-rod. It was truly amazing. I could even hear other guys outside the stall asking where the persistent moans of ecstasy were coming from. That's how into it I was.
After just a few moments my cock exploded in Tyrone's mouth. I was so relaxed I actually let loose at both ends, spraying the stall door behind me with a powerful stream of diarrhea. Tyrone asked if I'd like "dessert" with the main course. Fuck yeah! After a blowjob like that, I'd take anything he had to offer. Tyrone promptly stood up, turned his back to me and spread his ass cheeks, revealing a remarkably swollen hemorrhoid growing on his asshole. It looked positively appetizing. I asked him if it was okay to lick it, he just turned his head over his shoulder, smirked and said, "That's the idea, dawg."
Hypnotized with lust, I began licking and sucking his distended hemorrhoid like a starving animal. This wasn’t a typical rimjob; no, this felt more like a deep religious experience. I couldn't stop slurping, I felt compelled to suck his bloated sphincter lumps as good as he sucked my schlong. It tasted better than the grilled salmon I had just eaten for dinner. Tyrone moaned then farted, seasoning his anus with a warm blast of smoky flavor that overwhelmed my tastebuds. It was like adding a scrumptious steak rub to an already delectable ribeye - positively mouth-watering. Remarkably, I achieved another orgasm just munching Tyrone's gnarled ass-growth.
We finished up and I paid Tyrone all I had in my wallet: $127.00. Still glowing with a sense of carnal bliss, I was curious to know what exactly I just experienced while vivaciously eating Tyrone’s ass. As we respectively shook hands farewell, I looked my transient lover directly in the eye, asking him what the hell just happened in that bathroom stall. Tyrone placed his masculine hand firmly on my shoulder, smiled and said, "That was my deformed asshole, son. It has magic powers."
To this day, I believe it.
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2022.01.20 20:11 No_Web_9514 Does clarity tk gives red trust factor, also, does it gets detected pretty often? Want a movement cheat which doesn't give me red trust factor (random image)

Does clarity tk gives red trust factor, also, does it gets detected pretty often? Want a movement cheat which doesn't give me red trust factor (random image) submitted by No_Web_9514 to Csgohacks [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 20:11 dokuliebe Es gibt 40 Milliarden Milliarden Schwarze Löcher im Universum

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2022.01.20 20:11 AlazmecColonist Just had clavicle surgery on Tuesday, how do I recover?

Last week on Wednesday I was doing a sprinting speed workout on an outdoor track when one of my teammates accidentally clipped me from behind. I landed directly onto my shoulder and received a displaced clavicle. My surgery was this Tuesday and now I'm off painkillers and can be functional. I'm not allowed any shoulder movement until two weeks and no running until four, but my question is how can I train and recover in these four weeks so I can be in a good place before starting to run again? To give you an idea of my fitness before this week, I ran a 9:48 3200m last week before my fall and a 16:05 5K in November, so if anyone has had a similar injury or has any insight, how long do you think it would take for me to reach that level again. Thank you so much!
(Of course, I'm not asking for serious medical help, but please if anyone has experienced such an injury or has any additional insight please share)
(Also, I hope I've supplied enough information to be informative for responses but if not please comment and I will respond)
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2022.01.20 20:11 pakabu69 i ve used ds4 before because of GYRO, now for dualsense

it suck ball, it feel not accurate as ds4
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2022.01.20 20:11 Difficult_Win_6159 AMP SUMO

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2022.01.20 20:11 TacoSlayer666 Patina Pthursday y'all with the Microtech collection

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2022.01.20 20:11 Mother-Bored This is why you don't put double flares in freshly stretched ears...

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2022.01.20 20:11 heyitsmebigchad Success the first week, complete silence the next, has this happened to anyone else?

Okay so I started my onlyfans account about two and a half weeks ago and at first it took off really well. I shot up to 16 subs and my PPV videos were selling and my subs were giving feedback and it was great. But now it’s completely different and I’m not sure what changed. My nsfw twitter is almost completely silent and my posts get almost no feedback, and my onlyfans is dead: my subs don’t give feedback, respond to DMs, or even like my posts anymore. Plus I haven’t gotten a tip, sold a PPV, or gained a new sub in over a week. I’m really not sure what’s happening considering I didn’t stop posting or promoting, the only place I still get interaction is here on Reddit but still no new subs, am I doing something wrong?
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2022.01.20 20:11 FarConsideration1496 Error When Deploying Token Contract to TestNet?

I am developing a token for the BSC Network. I have it all coded out and am currently trying to thoroughly test it. I can't seem to get it to deploy. By commenting out this line that is located in the constructor the contract will deploy....
" router.addLiquidityETH{value: msg.value}(token,amountToken,0, 0, to, block.timestamp);"
Here is the simplified version of the code:
constructor() payable{ _balances[address(this)] = _totalSupply; router = IUniswapV2Router02(0xD99D1c33F9fC3444f8101754aBC46c52416550D1); _allowances[address(this)][address(router)] = type(uint256).max; router.addLiquidityETH{value: msg.value}(address(this),_balances[address(this)],0, 0, address(this), block.timestamp); }
A couple things to point out because I am sure someone will ask:

  1. .createPair() is not needed as calling addliquidityETH() will create a liquidity pair if one does not exist.
  2. I am using Remix Ethereum IDE with Metamask injected web3.
  3. The code compiles just fine. When I go to deploy I get this error.
Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
Am I not allowed to call .addLiquidity() in the constructor?
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2022.01.20 20:11 csyeniden Depresyon mevzuları ve psikiyatriste anlatmayı planladıklarım

Öncelikle depresyonu tetikleyebilecek şeylerden hangileri bende var.
1- Genetik olarak olabilir. Amcam intihar girişiminde bulunmuş defalarca binadan atlamanın kıyısından dönmüş ve yoğun stres yaşayan babam var. Psikiyatriste gitmedikleri için elimde şu hastalıkları vardı diyebileceğim bir belge yok. Maalesef.
2- Zor bir ilişki geçirmek. Bunu anlatmak bile istemiyorum ama tek diyebileceğim bana "Ya kız mevzu yüzünden depresyona mı girilir" derseniz amınıza korum sen mi belirliyorsun insanların neye üzüleceğini.
3- Yoğun stres. Okul hayatım ve yanında yürüttüğüm babamın işleri dolayısıyla sürekli ekonomik ve sorumluluk anlamında baskı yaşıyorum.
Bu depresyon ve anksiyete öyle bir şey ki kimseye gerçekten hasta olduğunuzu anlatamıyorsunuz. Derdim var, stres doluyum desen sana kendi derdini anlatıp haline şükret demeye getiriyor. Veya herkes hemen uzman oluyor. En basit hastalıkta bile doktorun teşhisi değerliyken bu tip psikolojik sorunlarda herkes uzman kesiliyor. İnsafsız patavatsız halden anlamaz orospu evlatları.
9 belirtiden 9u da var. Ve bunların en az iki hafta geçerli olması gerekiyor. Ben 2.5 yıldır bu haldeyim. Zamanla 6 olan belirti sayım 9 oldu. Siktigimin onedio testleri değil ki bunlar amk özellikle tıbbi kaynağı olan sitelerden yaptım araştırmamı. Diyeceksiniz ki "Be amına kodugum internetten teşhis mi koyulur?" Ben de biliyorum profesyonel yardım almayı ama para yok ki amk. Dertlerimin çoğu parasal kaynaklı zaten. Para dediysek hemen boş şeyler peşindeyim diye düşünmeyin. Babamın işleri beni derin strese sokuyor. Çünkü üniversitede tek güvencem babamdan gelecek para. Ayrıca derslere odaklanmak için gereken sağlıklı koşullar da yok para yüzünden. Öğün diye bir şey yok öğrenci evi zaten ne varsa yiyorum bazen düz ekmek oluyor bazen çikolata sürüyorum. Doğalgazı açtırmadık amına koyim fatura korkusundan. Donuyorum evde. Üç kişiyiz ısıtıcı aldık onu kullanıyoruz. Şimdi ben değil de kim girsin bu depresyona?
Asla bir duyguyu tam olarak yaşayamıyorum. Üzgünken bile etrafa gülüp muhabbet ediyorum ve bu yüzden kimse asla depresyonda olduğuma inanmıyor. Veya mutluyken asla neşem sabit kalmıyor. Saatlik hatta dakikalık olarak bitkin veya enerjik hissediyorum. Bu araf beni yıpratıyor. Tam bir melankoli bile bu araftan iyidir. En azından bir terapist veya psikiyatriste gitmek için yeterli durumda hissederim ve öyle görünürüm.
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2022.01.20 20:11 StanRichie Kavanaugh's enemy nr.2, Dana White, is making moves in XXI century :D

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2022.01.20 20:11 newsdk Sygeplejerske på intensivafdeling: Selv om antallet af patienter med corona falder, løber vi stadig hurtigt på afdelingerne

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2022.01.20 20:11 Difficult-Quiet-3276 💫 Bad Chicks Only, DM Content Only. 💫 Hit me for Vip.

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2022.01.20 20:11 cephaszach [Hire ME] Got A Problem? Odds Against You? Get professional writing help. Please feel free to reach out via the following platforms: Discord: cephaszach#3657 OR Email: contentsavvy6@gmail.com. I'll be at your beck and call.

Up-front payment will only be paid after the delivery of a good draft (reasonable length & top-tier quality). I guarantee the following:
- Quality papers ( well-researched, plagiarism-free, and void of grammatical errors)
-Timely delivery
-Free adjustments/ revisions
-Absolute discretion
-Good communication
P.S: Vouches and Samples will be presented upon request.
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2022.01.20 20:11 malt03 Small (pinky fingernail sized), shiny, circular pink nodule on my knee for 7ish years. Not painful to touch, but excruciating if I hit it against something. Dermatologist said it was a fibroid cyst, gave me a cortisone shot, and said it would go away—it didn’t. Any ideas?

Small (pinky fingernail sized), shiny, circular pink nodule on my knee for 7ish years. Not painful to touch, but excruciating if I hit it against something. Dermatologist said it was a fibroid cyst, gave me a cortisone shot, and said it would go away—it didn’t. Any ideas? submitted by malt03 to DermatologyQuestions [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 20:11 OnlyAshleyEllisFans Just hiding 🙈

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