Centre Right hoon isliye, tumhari thodi zyada mari hai

2022.01.28 04:56 rootischad Centre Right hoon isliye, tumhari thodi zyada mari hai

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2022.01.28 04:56 cup_ofchai FRIDAY DERA THREAD!!!

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2022.01.28 04:56 TarmboPoster2 i drew fanon dave because lol

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2022.01.28 04:56 Glittering_Sector_77 Not loading into games and getting disconnected from tournaments

My friend who is pretty much the only person I play rl with keeps having a problem where he doesn’t load into games and is constantly disconnected from turnnaments. Any idea on a fix or reason behind this? Playing on PS
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2022.01.28 04:56 BrokenCPU98 Just got into Batman Comics and now I want to get into Spider-Man Care comics, is there like Batman year one type graphic novel for Spider-Man?

So yeah I’ve been on a binge with Batman Comice, finally found a new passion that I love. I’ve really wanted to try Spider-Man as those two have been my favorites. For Batman there was Year one, the long Halloween, and Dark victory as the trilogy to get you started, Hush was also a good one to have. Is there something similar here for Spider-Man or is it more complicated then a few well known GN’s? If so, what should I be getting?
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2022.01.28 04:56 seantheaussie Match Discussion: 2022 Australian Open Men's Semi Final - [4] Stefanos Tsitsipas Vs [2] Daniil Medvedev

Remember to follow Tennis rules and be respectful to other users in the match thread. Please report any rule breaking behaviour.
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2022.01.28 04:56 rbrow499 Can anyone ID Found Queensland Austrlia

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2022.01.28 04:56 thecoder439 Redmi 9T MIUI 12.5 when??

I've searched online and it seems that the redmi 9t has miui 12.5 already, but when I search for it it isn't there? I am a total and utter noob with phone things, I'm better with pcs so please help me.
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2022.01.28 04:56 ohbranana Late night ramblings

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2022.01.28 04:56 Muscleguyy I've got to try that

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2022.01.28 04:56 random_visitor1 Women of reddit, What's the funniest and the creepiest DM you have received till date?

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2022.01.28 04:56 TheNerdWithASuit The Infinite Universe Problem and God's Morality

So as a background here, I am an ex-Catholic who became agnostic around 2013, then an atheist around 2014/2015. I simply don't believe in a higher, supernatural power. I also don't believe in spiritualism or any other type of belief system that invokes the idea of the supernatural existing in our universe.
So, this may seem like a redundant question, but I want to approach it from a more specific viewpoint and ask a question that lurks in my mind. This also really applies to more evangelical or hardcore Christians who believe in the whole heaven (place of eternal joy for those who follow Christ people who) and hell (place of eternal torture for those who reject Christ) dynamic. So if you're a fire and brimstone follower, you may want to keep reading.
Let's get started: The key defining elements of the Christian God is that he is eternal, he knows everything about anything (including the past, present, and future), and he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and is limited by absolutely nothing. So, he has always known everything that will ever happen down to every last possible detail both big and small, he has ALWAYS known that, and as he has known all this, everything he does and happens in his creation is due to him. That's what the logic says according to the qualities of God stated in both the OT and NT. If this wasn't the case, then he would cease to be...well...the Christian God.
In that case, why did God create a universe where he knew ahead of time, before anything in it ever happened, before it was created, that the majority or even the vast majority of the enormous human population that would exist from the beginning to the end of time would end up in a lake of fire to be eternally tortured horribly forever with no hope of getting out? Born-again Christians have never been a majority of the entire world's population, and as it stands now, about 33% of the population at max could be considered born again. However if you want to be even more extreme, you could argue only about 0.005% of the population can get into heaven as according to the math, 99.995% of the world's population don't identify as Baptist Christians. And Baptism claims to be a denomination of Christianity dedicated to complete immersion to Christ and they make up a large chunk of evangelicals. But regardless of what percentage you choose, that's about 67%-99% of the human population that is going to be burning in hell without a single-waking moment of anything that isn't pure and indescribable agony.
So why did God do this, and what did he want from this? If we do really believe that God wanted a creation so that he could basically have a family to worship and love him forever (I guess he must have felt a bit lonely, which, you know, fair-enough...) why did he create a universe where he knew well ahead of time only a small fraction of them would end up in heaven by his side and his son's to actually be his family forever? And why did he specifically make the punishment for people who don't follow him to be this awful? If he wants a universe where his entire creation ends up with him in eternal happiness and joy, then he could have done just that. After all, if he can't, he wouldn't be the all-powerful Christian God. He doesn't have to do anything mind all of you. Why not just make that universe where everybody ends up being good by the time it's all over and not a single soul has to end up suffering such a terrible fate. Which is why I don't think the "free will" argument ever made sense either. God could have very well made a universe where everybody did have free will, and could have still wound up in heaven. Again, he is all-powerful.
Is there something we are missing that doesn't just to the vague arguments of "Well, we mortals couldn't possibly understand his almighty master plan." or "He works in mysterious ways."? We are supposed to expect him to be all good and a being who loves us, is the most intelligent thing ever, and has out best interests in heart right? A being whom we can have a close and personal relationship towards and really know in our lives? It doesn't seem moral at all that he would hide or refuse to answer such a huge question to his whole plan and his intentional results in his intentional creation if he put everything together. Are billions upon billions of people burning in hell supposed to apparently do something incredibly amazing for the universe as a whole that we can't see because God has a huge surprise he's going to reveal at the end? Is there like magical amazing energy emitted from their torture that really gives us an "End justifies the means" scenario?
This is just something, a question I cannot ignore in this belief system. Or any religion that does feature both the idea of an eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing God(s) who loves us alongside a destination for our souls when we die that is very black and white.
For references, her are two videos that really made me think about this idea. They are both from Underlings. An atheist channel that I think is SEVERELY undernoticed:
What I have written is largely what he calls the Infinite Universes Problem. Original video by him can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FP7te9PR0Rk
Next is basically a satirical video that would picture what exactly God was thinking in words before he made the universe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYtbfkgRp3o
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2022.01.28 04:56 giuseppe_art I minted my first nft, go and check it out! giuseppe_art on OpenSea :) https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963/32846899288473560458811828406652402972622108348105291464023223168529149722625/

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2022.01.28 04:56 No-Satisfaction1984 Do you guys sometimes feel that you have done something so wrong with your partner but when you talk about it to someone they say that you are just overthinking the situation?

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2022.01.28 04:56 Arnadus [GST] Gunstar Metaverse. Price ↘ -2.33% in 5 minutes

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2022.01.28 04:56 imalesbian_69 I HATE THE NEW RESIDENT CAMPING!

(Hi I use he/him pronouse please)

Ok, I am a scout in North East Texas, and this year they changed the way they do new summer residential camping. They used to have diffrent sessions each week and do something new each time. Say for example, one session, there would be a week centered around swimming and water, and next session was a week centered around riding horses and barn work, and I really liked the way they did this, it was always fun to look through and find out which session i wanted to go to that year, and i do know some people, who would sell a bunch of cookies, so they would get a free camp session and go to multiple each year, because they wanted to try more then one session. This year though, they announced that they were changing how they do camps though.
This year, theyre doing as i describe them, "cookie cutter sessions." Bassically every week is not spelcial in any way, and every week you would be doing the same thing, and youre supposed to get, "a little bit of everything." Now, camp sessions have just been released and I noticed quite a few problems, first of all, any grade could sign up for the weeks, (contrary to the last sessions where only certain grades could do certain sessions) Then i noticed that the older scouts, could only sign up to be a CIT (counsler in training) where bassically, you pay to go and get trained to be a counsler, (or as i put it,) you pay so you can be a baby sitter. This is incredably unfair to older scouts as, I dont want to go to camp to babysit some children, I want to go and have fun! Im paying for this, so i want to get the most out of what im doing, not go and watch the children have fun while i sit and "help them."
Not only that, but (like the past years) during the sessions, we are going to be in diffrent cabins/tents based on age, but we dont get to choose which ones! When registering for camps in the past, we used to get a discription of the housing that session was going to stay at. (For example, Raised cabins, Platform tents, Cabin) But now, only the certain ages were going to be FORCED into the housing. So like, kids ages 6-8th grade, had to stay in the platform tents, and they had no other option as for every week, they were going to stay in the tents, and the girls 9-10th grads were forced to stay in raised cabins. BUT, NOT ALL KIDS LIKE THE TENTS, NOT ALL KIDS WANNA BE IN THE CABINS. I know specifically for me, I loved staying in the tents, it was reffreshing to be out in nature, but my sister hated being in the tents and would prefer to be in the cabins. But now, we don't have that option! I have to be in the cabins, and my sister has to be in the tents!
LAst point, is, EVERING THING IS THE SAME. The point of going tocamp is so that you can have a unique and fun experience, but you cant do that with cookie cutter sessions. Im going to use my sister as an example here again but, I like more swimming and arts based activties, my sister like more horses and wilderness based activities, therefore when we chose are sessions, she would always chose something that leaned more towards horses and I to swimming. Now there is no leaning more towards something. we cant specalize in doing what we like, and we have to try everything. They litterally described these new camps when they announced them as, "sampler camps." In past years, we did try a lot of things while at camp, we did basics, we had at least one archery session, one trip to the barn, one trip to the pool, and arts and crafts with other activities in between. Now it feels like we are only going to get one of everything. one day we go to the pool then next we do crafts and next we do barn and so on and so on. At lease if you didnt like an activity at camp in the past, unless that was what the session was about, you didnt have to be there long.
Overall, with the new camps, it just feels like theyre trying to shove everyone in a box!

(also pardon any mistakes its like 2am and i havent slept yet)
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2022.01.28 04:56 Alex_Dik_Web BattoryS [9] - BongaCams Webcam Model

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2022.01.28 04:56 m_renee86 Low Rating

I’m so bummed, I had a really bad day yesterday. For the first time I received a 7! And an 8 on the same day. My overall score went down to a 9.58. As a result they removed a few scheduled classes from today.
This system seems so unfair. I can’t control a child’s behavior, and I can’t control the students internet speed or lag. Will my overall scheduled classes go down because of this?
Any tips to get a high rating? I am genuinely very positive and motivated with all my students. I sing I give rewards, praise, I don’t know what else to do? Before they leave I always say thank you for joining me and say I hope to see them again. I’m fairly new so I’m still trying to learn the ropes here.
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2022.01.28 04:56 king_schlong_27 Help

I can’t stop using but I’m also a collegiate athlete and I’m worried it’s damaging my heart and/or lungs
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2022.01.28 04:56 Salt-Shop Bitcoin analysts fear new BTC price dip as funding rates drop post Fed

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2022.01.28 04:56 ColdBlackWater Song of the Month 🎨 After the Goldrush by Neil Young

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2022.01.28 04:56 amiee1234 Worried about increasing medicine

Hi guys! I’m(23f) not sure if I’m allowed to ask about this (I know no one on here can offer me medical advice) but I’m just looking for maybe some personal experiences. I started having severe anxiety when I was 16, i couldn’t leave the house and had to do all my schooling online for 6 months. I started Celexa very slowly and once I got to 20 mg daily I felt better! I was able to do so many things! However I never completely healed and still struggled with things- just to a lesser extent. The 20 mg just took the edge off, I did have some uncomfortable side effects when I started, but they passed. I am now 23, and for the last year or so my anxiety has been gaining traction, I’m struggling to do a lot of the basics again and depression is getting worse. My doctor has been encouraging me to increase my medicine from 20mg daily to 30mg. Again I will do this very slowly. A huge trigger for my panic attacks is taking medications, so I’m just so so terrified of raising my meds or changing them in anyway. But I also want to because I am struggling so much and in theory they should help. I worry about ruining the slight quality of life increase they have given me. Like if I go up on the doseage and it feels worse, will I be able to go back to 20 mg and be ok? Hoping I could have some insight to increasing meds and how that experience was for others. Thanks(:
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2022.01.28 04:56 PrincessAlyssa1671 My (23F) Ex-Boyfriend (25M) Broke Up With Me Because He Loves Me, But Can’t Love ME Fully Yet

Hello. Me and my ex had been dating since June. Official in October, and he broke up with me last week. Our relationship had been up & down the entire time. There was a lot of warning signs I ignored. He flat out told me the first week or two when we started dating that he broke up with a long term gf ( 6yrs ), a year ago. And was dating causally. I’d had many bad relationships, mainly on my inability to love, and felt I was ready for something serious. We had a lot of chemistry and mutual hobbies ( we met through one years ago, and just got close ) but I told him I was gonna back out as I wanted more than just fun. He asked me to stick around as, “he’s not psychic” and maybe this would somewhere. He liked me a lot. A week later after he took me to Disneyland for my birthday, as I told him I’m usually sad on my birthday. As you can imagine it went off like a rocket from there. Together all the time. I feel hard and quickly. He certainly liked me, and felt something special, but opened up to still having issues from his ex, and girls he dated inbetween. Long story short he loved his ex, only left her because she wouldn’t do anything with her life, and he felt like a babysitter. He tried to make it work, but realized she wouldn’t try while he was around to take care of her. And he’d been ghosted by a few girls he dated after. He found it hard to trust and open up cause of this. He tried to break it off cause he felt I deserved more ( I was head over heels) , and he had to many issues. I, went after him with a big romantic display, and he stood. I know, my mistake. I already loved him, and wanted to be there no matter what. I thought I could be patient and help him through his issues. Things went okay, we argued cause of his lack of emotional intimacy/ commitment. But our bond together held us, and he made it official. Thinking he was ready. Till he broke up with me after a fight. Which lead to him sleeping with his ex. He was mentally lost. So confused about his love and everything. For a bout a week, we stood talking. I was so hurt, but held it all in just to talk to him and be there for him. As he seemed truly lost. I ended up helping, and after he sounded like himself again. He asked for us to get back together, as he realized he didn’t want a life without me. I agreed. Again, I know. I truly thought his actions were just based off his un mended heart. Even know I still believe he’s not just a jerk, just lost. After everything was nice. Holidays together, we really grew close. But then he said doubts were filling his head. Like If there’s a block on his heart. He dosent know what’s wrong with him. He wants to be with me, and be happy. But he still feels self hate for leaving his ex for what he feels is a shitty reason. He’s afraid he’s could do it again to someone like me. He’s afraid he can’t love again truly. Though, he told me yesterday, for the first time, he loves me. But love isn’t enough. He wants to give me the love I deserve, to be in love with me as I am with him. He wants to be all in. But feels like he can’t. He says he needs to get over his issues before he commit. We broke up a week ago but kept talking constantly. Now today, he told me he can’t anymore. That he wants to fix this. But he can’t with me around. That he needs to be alone to fix this. He wants to come back when he’s ready, but told me it’s not fair to ask me to wait. As he can’t promise he’ll be back. Only wants to. He said I should move on, even if it hurts him, he wants me happy. So one long story later. I need advice. I don’t want lose hope that he’ll come back. But I’m sure most people will say move the hell on. I know he dosent sound great here. But I love this man. He’s truly so kind to me, we have so much in common, and love spending time with one another. I know he’s not a jerk, he’s just a guy trying to learn to love again. Please help me.
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2022.01.28 04:56 mrchristian_ Heads up, Zoho blocks certain domains - terrible support

Heads up, Zoho blocks certain domains - terrible support Background:
I've had a Zoho account for about three years now. I used it to host email for one of my many vanity/project related domains.
I also have several domains in the Google Workspace Legacy (Free) account. With the shakeup happening there, forcing users to a paid tier, I decided it was time to rehome all my various addresses/domains to a single place.
To do this, I went about adding domains to my Zoho Mail Control panel, and then adding aliases for my primary account (I don't really need separate mailboxes, just send/receive and I can use filters). Most of the domains went in without a hitch. But a few threw errors. Specifically domains with a .wang TLD, and one of my personal favorites- fuckyourselv.es
I opened support tickets for these...and waited. It took over 24 hours for a response...that didn't help. A follow up to the ticket...another 24 hours... they made "changes on the backend" and I was able to add one of my .wang domains.
Another follow up, four days go past, second .wang domain added. And a follow up to the .es domain (see spoiler above).
But don't worry! Please share the reason you would like to use the domain: fuckyourselv.es with the proof. So that we can check and do the needful
I didn't really understand the request, but I'm not dumb. Clearly the domain has triggered something internally. I respond, explaining the the domain is for an email address that I use (and have used for 9 years). I even send an email from the .es email account to the thread to show that it's a real address (hosted on google). I figure they can check spamhaus/dnsrbl/whatever to see that it's not tied to any sort of spam campaign or whatever.
Crickets for two days. Then a response. And it looks like it's been escalated!
Dear Christian Gfy,
Hope you understood our query.
Please update us the valid reason, you would like to use the domain: fuckyourselv.es for business along with the proof. Unless we get a satisfactory clarifications from you, we can't allow with zoho.
This is a preventive measure to protect our service from any intended misuse.
Kindly get back to us for any further clarifications.
I still have no idea what clarification I can possibly provide. It's not a business, it's a domain that I use for an email address that is tied to all of my bills. Yes, seriously. It gives me a certain satisfaction.
I try again, explaining that it's not for business, it's for personal use. I complain about the speed of support and the arbitrary (and frankly mystifying) process they are putting me through.
I give it ~12 hours, waiting for (but not expecting) a response from support. It's clear that they have a problem of some sort with the domain name, or want some sort of verification of use that I can't provide (and they won't explain what I need to provide).
I start looking for alternatives.
A friend recommended a service, and while I won't promote here- I'm extremely happy with them. In the span about an hour, I get several domains moved over, I've synced up my email (I use imapsync on a server at home to keep backups). Life is good. And I'm over zoho.
So I reply to the ticket. I instruct them to close it and point out how insanely poor their support is, taking multiple days to even respond, much less address issues with the other domains and the sheer absurdity of the .es issue. I close my account with zoho- I'm done with them.
As if by magic, I get a response within *minutes* of my missive!
Dear Christian Gfy,
Thanks for your update and we will consider this ticket closed.
We at Zoho do not want to be associated with domains like>! fuckyourselv.es!< as its derogatory and abusive. If there is any valid business reason we could have considered it.
Please get in touch with us, for any further clarification or assistance.
Thanks & Regards, Siva Shankar K Zoho Abuse Monitoring Desk
So there you have it. They do have an issue with the domain name, although there doesn't appear to be any clear policy or warning about this. Moreover, that's a pretty subjective perspective, one I happen to wholly disagree with. And they can't seem to understand that there isn't a valid business reason because it's still not a business domain/email. It's their business, they can make up whatever rules they want- but it would be nice if it were spelled out somewhere.

TL;DR: Zoho support sucks. If you use TLDs that are off the beaten path, be prepared for lengthy exchanges with support to get them added. And if you use a domain name that someone at Zoho finds personally objectionable, be prepared for them to just refuse to support it.

\"You can't rent here anymore!\" - Clerks
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2022.01.28 04:56 yep_its_nikki Requesting motorcycle parking on my street?

Has anyone ever made a request for motorcycle parking in their street? My LGA is Sydney City Council and my house is allocated 2 parking permits. My house mate has one, and I have the other for my car.
I've just purchased a scooter and tried to get a permit for it, but apparently it's not possible because we've already used our two for the house.
On my street we have about 6 motorcycles/scooters and we all park together. I was wondering if anyone has ever made a request to council for a nominated "motorcycle parking" area? It would just make so much sense for everyone but I don't know how to go about it?
Thanks for any help and advice!
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