9h92r 5b4i6 93hn3 2n668 r78yr ta6rb kriib 4detr 9tdh7 67i23 fdzd2 az37b 4ftbs y6z3k a37d8 486bz yh4en reada b6hy7 4e3k7 bkz9s QYLD certificate |

QYLD certificate

2022.01.18 02:21 rclr_ QYLD certificate

So im kinda bored and been looking around online if there's any QYLD share certificate like this one.
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2022.01.18 02:21 Agreeable_Gas2354 How the sage Ved Vyasa (The composer of Mahabharata) gave birth to his son as per Narada Purana

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2022.01.18 02:21 Aevile_ New enchant question

What do I do with my old enchants that aren’t high enough of a level? Do I just convert them to RP?
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2022.01.18 02:21 FalcaoHermanos Syrian militant accused of torturing Kurds seeks asylum in Germany

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2022.01.18 02:21 youknowwho05 was wondering but what food is good for a heartbreak

I don't know what happened I didn't even go through a break up but a friend told me to stop texting her because her boyfriend didn't like seeing guys texting his bf which I understand but for some reason when she told me about it my heart was just broken
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2022.01.18 02:21 Team0Swish Engine monitoring

I gonna say this first, I AM NOT trying to self tune my car I only want to see how my car is doing. I wanna see what the dashboard isn't telling me and the only software I've found so far requires me to buy a $400 add-on that would allow me to tune which I'm not even gonna think about doing.
the software is for the HPtuners "MPV12+" that "is an OBDII interface tool that connects VCM Suite to your vehicle’s various control modules. Read > Diagnose and clear trouble codes, monitor vehicle performance or read from your various vehicle control modules ..."
TL;DR I just want the "monitor vehicle performance or read from your various vehicle control modules" without spending $400, what should I be using
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2022.01.18 02:21 butimnormal spore prints

would anyone be willing to send a gal a spore print or two, any mushroom variety is fine. I used to swap spore prints, and want to start my collection up again!!!!
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2022.01.18 02:21 vlad-imagino is ethereum blockchain and data storage scalable (for storage, sync across all nodes) over years and years

with every passing year the length of the blockchain and the data stored within, is going to exponentially increase.
every time a new full node joins the network, the entire blockchain and DB(state/storage trie) is replicated
right now, it takes a few hours, but ...
In a few years, how the replication for new full node, is going to remain sustainable ?
many of you might have thought about this, seeking expert opinions and information
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2022.01.18 02:21 vael16 Should I drop my online friends?

I went through a bad situation with a guy I met online. I left my bf to be with him because I thought I would be happier with him. He claimed to have feelings for me and wanted to be in a relationship. For the duration of our relationship he emotionally abused me. He gaslit me, constantly lied about things, said “I don’t love you and I never will”. He told our mutual friends that he just wanted to be friends with me and see where it went. I became very depressed and had suicidal thoughts. He would also keep leaving and rejoining the online group whenever we argued (me calling out his shitty behaviour).
He basically treated the group as a revolving door. I tried warning my friends about him, that he’s not a good person, but they didn’t believe me. I was treated like shit. One of them said to me “you got what you wanted, you’re the victim” and blocked me. He got the royal treatment from them. They begged him to stay in the group while I got no support for what he put me through. I stopped being friends with him at that point.
Fast forward a few months and I’m in a separate group with the same friends and he’s in another with them. He ends up leaving that group and ghosting everyone again. They finally realized that I was right about him. Someone told me that he deliberately tried to sabotage my relationship with my ex. He was heard saying “ why does she (me) have to have a boyfriend?” Said person warned him not to try anything as I was in a relationship. He responded with “if the relationship is good nothing will break it”. Another person confirmed that he said that.
The reason for this post is because recently I had a major depressive episode where I came close to killing myself. I went to a mental health hospital and saw a psychiatrist. I was diagnosed with depression and show signs of PTSD. I have difficulties sleeping and I have nightmares about the whole situation. I constantly feel angry and upset over what I went through. I cry often at night over losing my ex. I don’t understand why no one thought to warn me about this dude. Why no one helped me when they could have.
I am starting to resent my friends over how they treated me and just the fact that some of them knew what he said and didn’t tell me. I am unsure what to do. Should I move on and find new friends or do I give them another chance?
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2022.01.18 02:21 richkingpin Me and my girlfriend broke up 6 hours ago

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2022.01.18 02:21 Lookingforsauce101 Name?

There’s this man his I’m lookin for it was essentially around a guy who has a marble fall into his room and gives him a system that helps him build a kingdom in a world he can go to at will through a portal (he can come and go as he pleases) he also got a modified car and killed the traitors In the village later on.
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2022.01.18 02:21 Willing-Clock-8884 La ultima curda (Troilo y Castillo) Agus Voltta + Caracotche-Moro-Trío

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2022.01.18 02:21 Anon_4620 getint() and getfloat()

I have written two functions - getint() and getfloat().
I need your thoughts about the code and how can I improve it.
Please don't tell me to use getch() and ungetch().
Thank you.
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2022.01.18 02:21 snappyface107 send me some good shit

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2022.01.18 02:21 Bhiribzian Looking For Mod Help!

Looking For Mod Help! I'm making a 7 Grand Dad mod and I'm looking for a pixel artist who can make sprites and backgrounds, as well as a musician who can help with some music stuff. So far the only stuff done is two songs for Grand Dad, as well as the assets and song for an unlockable song with Vinesauce. It won't be paid, however, you will get credit! If you're interested, let me know!
The logo is not final
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2022.01.18 02:21 consultinglove Insider Insights: Consulting Firms With The Highest Pay & Happiest Employees

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2022.01.18 02:21 ramarama123 Kanika Mann

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2022.01.18 02:21 TheVantal Loch Drunkie, Scotland (1200x800)

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2022.01.18 02:21 flowerbomb_official Well hello there

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2022.01.18 02:21 whisky_scotch Android 12/One UI 4 update now available in Canada.

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2022.01.18 02:21 CuriousTelevision941 Yeah do it

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2022.01.18 02:21 M_i_c_K How Dare You !!!

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2022.01.18 02:21 bravo68web My Keybase proof [reddit:bravo68web = keybase:bravo68web] (_AkZadbRs30xl2MLV63Qk054ewrh_WzDwZRa-Hw3V10)

Keybase proof I am:

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2022.01.18 02:21 JoeyNoSoul805 My icon SBC/Swaps pulls this year

Stoichkov (Mid)
Gullit (base, from the most recent player pick SBC)
Not complaining because I knew I was likely to get shit each time. Stoichkov currently serves as my chem-bitch until I can get someone better.
Who did y’all get? Anyone worse than mine?
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2022.01.18 02:21 JakariZ Thieves/Scammers Of Reddit, what was one of the best times or best thing you've stole or scammed?

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