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⭐️ Tanagonewild

2022.01.26 19:51 PremiumForAll ⭐️ Tanagonewild

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2022.01.26 19:51 clairxobscur Does “$10+” on DraftKings mean $10 or more OR more than $10?

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2022.01.26 19:51 BSCSabreCat SabreCat 🚀 🔥 Low MC $13K 🔥 5% BUSD rewards💰 Donations to animal charities $25K+ 🎗 KYC + Audit 👍 LP Locked 🔒

Low Cap GEM, only $13K MC!!!!!!!! SabreCat: A community driven token backed by crypto enthusiasts. A BSC token that rewards holders and gives back to the animal community with donations at each major milestone.
• $100K MC, $1,000 donation
• $500K MC, $5,000 donation
• $1M MC, $10,000 donation
• $10M MC, $25,000 donation
• $100M+ MC, $$$$$$$$$
Charities will be chosen by SabreCat holders!!!!!
Our vision also includes customised NFT collectibles in the medium term and maximising our brand and meme potential with targeted marketing.
The meme space is over-saturated with the same tokens being recycled over and over, SabreCat will stand out in this crowded marketplace.
Contract: 0xa363D498d69202ddAf562FBa0d79C074610C04E9
🚀 5% BUSD Rewards
🚀 4% LP
🚀 3% Marketing
🚀 Liquidity locked
SabreCat Key Features:
🌟 Trustworthy
🌟 KYC + Audit, LP locked
🌟 Rewards Users
🌟 Animal charity donations
🌟 Community focus and community lead initiatives
While we are at heart a meme token, our charity focus gives us a real-life use case and sense of purpose!!!!!!
Join our movement!
📲 Telegram: http://t.me/SabreCatGroup
🦜 Twitter: https://twitter.com/BSCSabreCat
🌐 Website: https://www.sabrecattoken.com
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2022.01.26 19:51 SergeantPsychosis 3 Biden Admin Negotiators Leave Team Working on Iran Nuclear Deal Because Biden Being Too Soft: Report

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2022.01.26 19:51 Rudi10001 Therapsid or Archosaur? (Ik it's supposed to be a Dragon)

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2022.01.26 19:51 tylerbrickley Catrina Allen Testing New Proto Driver

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2022.01.26 19:51 DHA1999 [Wrestlenomics] "How The Big Bang Theory has affected AEW Dynamite’s early-minute viewership".

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2022.01.26 19:51 alfredfcd Meme coins and my ''clever advices''

The finest investment, according to successful businesses, ancient thinkers, and modern psychology, is an investment in the future. I think you must labor today in order to invest in your future. Investing in cryptocurrency has unquestionably become the most popular business trend in recent years. However, as with any business, there is a certain element of risk involved. When it comes to buying coin memes, the danger is related to the cryptocurrency's fluctuating value. Despite the fact that it is still a new and speculative venture, there is no need to be concerned. You shouldn't be concerned with short-term fluctuations in the value of meme coins if you're investing for long-term growth potential...
I guess you can quickly decide which coin is the best to invest in by simply tracking sites that post coin values on a daily basis. There is an easier way, which is also enjoyable, and that is to play online games that enable the usage of coins, such as coin fantasy. I read that Experts recommend emphasizing the fact that whenever the value of the meme coin changes, there is inevitably an emotional reaction that influences the making of quick judgments, potentially resulting in losses. So, take a break from the game, relax, have fun, and make the best decision you can.
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2022.01.26 19:51 bpfingj Hawk.

I've been listening on and off to R & F, starting at WNEW. I'm at October 2002, and from clips I've heard, Hawk doesn't make it to XM. He's my favourite secondary guy, does anyone know what became of him?
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2022.01.26 19:51 FairCaptain7 Hyatt Maui on points - Do you pay any of the taxes?

As mentioned in the title, I believe that Resort Fees are not charged when book with points, but do you have to pay any of the State Tax, Occupancy Tax or County Tax?
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2022.01.26 19:51 Arma-gaming You - ARMA & President Milk (Official Audio)(prod.Eric Godlow Beats) Let me know your thoughts!!! Your support always matter and is truly appreciated! https://youtu.be/XN22_HFR8ww

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2022.01.26 19:51 mark_marino Dropping Pro for awhile... am I really going to miss the 4K HDR streaming?

This is a legit question... I've been a Pro subscriber since I started using Stadia 2 years ago, but I have cancelled Pro for the first time b/c there's not much releasing I want to play... at some point in the future, I'll re-up Pro so I can play the Life Is Strange re-masters, but no rush with my current backlog.
The question is, if I'm playing games on a 65" LC C1 TV I have in my living room, which is fantastic, BTW... will I notice a significant drop in visual quality when it drops to 1080p with no HDR? I did a little bit of testing by dropping to 1080p with no HDR in the Stadia settings and I feel like I definitely noticed a difference, but it wasn't so dramatic I could pinpoint why it looked so much worse. It's hard to "A/B" test to see exactly the quality difference.
I guess I'll find out soon as my Pro sub expires in a few days.
I'm currently playing Metro Exodus, which definitely seems to look worse without 4K HDR, and Disco Elysium, which doesn't seem to benefit much from 4K. I also have queued up from the backlog Doom Eternal, AC: Valhalla, and eventually, I'll get back to re-starting Cyberpunk 2077... I'm thinking all of these *should* look better with 4K HDR.
Anybody have subjective opinions of their experience dropping from 4K to 1080p? Seems like most people don't stick to Pro subs just for the 4K HDR quality.
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2022.01.26 19:51 Mikkster643 As much as I hate it, this was pretty badass

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2022.01.26 19:51 chetthecatbaker Screener with not much of questions?

Hi all, just did a screener but was pretty abnormal in that they mostly introduced their works / work environment and asked me only two questions: how confident are you in your writing abilities; and are you willing to relocate? The interview was over with the interviewer's final question of how early do you wish to know your decision. I got an impression they already decided to hire me for an intern and just interviewed me to check if I'm not a total weirdo. Am I being delusional or what was the typical result turned out to be for those who had a similar pattern of the interview before?
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2022.01.26 19:51 TheJokerArkhamKing Jim Henson's "Labyrinth" remake

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2022.01.26 19:51 xansatz Trasferimento fondo pensione integrativa in altra nazione europea

Ciao a tutti! Avendo iniziato a lavorare lo scorso anno, ho pensato parallelamente di aprire un fondo pensione integrativo con Generali con contributo volontario mensile.
Dal momento che sto considerando un trasferimento in Germania già dal prossimo anno, vi chiedo: c’è la possibilità di trasferire una posizione con Generali presso un’altra forma di previdenza complementare in uno stato come può essere la Germania? (La stessa Generali Deutschland per dirne una).
Qualora volessi invece continuare ad avere questo fondo in Italia: - Dovrò mantenere la residenza qui? - Cosa avverrebbe nel caso di cambio residenza all’estero (sempre UE)? Posso continuare a versare? Perdo la deducibilità annuale? - Mi verrà riscattata la posizione normalmente al raggiungimento dei requisiti pensionistici anche se non residente?
Credete sia stata una scelta poco saggia quella di aprire una posizione del genere in Italia, ben cosciente del fatto che sarei comunque voluto andare fuori potenzialmente per diversi anni?
Grazie a chi riuscirà a chiarire i miei dubbi!
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2022.01.26 19:51 PC4evver Sena declares this sub is not dead!

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2022.01.26 19:51 kanethebutcher #fromthevault #rendthemasunder #2019 #live #deathmetal #ukdeathmetal #brutaldeathmetal #oldschooldeathmetal #evilblood #attheirmercy #danielwaxoff #blitzkriegpromotion 🪓

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2022.01.26 19:51 Bigfootsbrownstar And hurt I was…

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2022.01.26 19:51 LordZennin Reflections

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2022.01.26 19:51 seamankey Bean just taking a nap on my lap

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2022.01.26 19:51 Akinyemibabs735 Charlotte Hawkins

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2022.01.26 19:51 practicalkabbalah What is the current state of the Ukraine - Russia - Nato Crisis?

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2022.01.26 19:51 Significant-Lead6144 Please add I need xp

Please add me. I need gifts 7937 7119 7847
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2022.01.26 19:51 sandvichmeka What was the best looking game you ever played

What game blew your mind from how visually stunning it was?
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