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i brought it in the bathroom with me during my shower to see what would happen and wow!! so much progress since this morning! (before in comments)

2022.01.21 01:45 wendxgo i brought it in the bathroom with me during my shower to see what would happen and wow!! so much progress since this morning! (before in comments)

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2022.01.21 01:45 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Pink Mandala]

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2022.01.21 01:45 Callie_20 Why does my cat meow and while frantically searching around the house for her brother cat?

My cat seems to be comfortable with her brother around, when he’s not around she starts meowing like crazy and searching the house for him. Once she finds him she stops meowing and she’ll cuddle with him.
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2022.01.21 01:45 Odin_Exploration living in my moms haunted house

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2022.01.21 01:45 Cyph0nn Rant/vent

I've been thinking, and i have been just getting increasingly mad that i want to come out, but i know my dad wouldn't accept me, i'm afraid people wouldn't accept me in general. I've been thinking about it more because things have been giving me like envy like "Those are cute clothes, i wish i could wear them." Or "That person is so cool, i wish i could be her". I want to be who i want to be, not who people want me to be. I don't think my dad'll accept me or use the right pronouns because he has already expressed just blatant transphobic behavior. I was talking about Elliot Page, right? Trans celebrity? I was talking about him to my dad, and everytime my dad was talking about him, he used she pronouns on him. Every single time, despite me using he/him pronouns on him, very obviously.
If he doesn't bother to use the right pronouns for him, why would he bother for me? He wants me to be a guy, and he wants me to be a manly man or some crap. I could go on and on, but i don't think i should. I just want to know that i'm not alone, and i have people who support me, because it doesn't feel like it. Goodnight.
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2022.01.21 01:45 whenyoucantthinkof Flags at my schools cafeteria. Despite it never serving Austrian cuisine, it serves Sandwiches and wraps.

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2022.01.21 01:45 BaphometSlaught Possible loan options.

I apologize ahead of times for a possible lengthy read, but it will probably help to fully explain the situation.
I opened a Towing business in 2019 just before the pandemic and shut down. During the shut down I was forced to sell the truck to pay other expenses after holding onto itas long as possible. I've currently been scraping by with Roadside calls, and missing out on big money without a tow truck. Today I missed out on approximately two grand, on top of that I am the only company in a 50 miles radius that is truly open 24/7 without charging a after hours premium for tows and operates in bad weather.
I am unable to get a personal loan due to medical debts on my credit.
If I was to log every call I receive and figure out the exact amount of money I'm missing out on is there any loan company that would take that into consideration so I can operate at %100 once again.
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2022.01.21 01:45 Sealix78 Curious if there’s an efficient way to convert mycelium to grass?

Disclaimer: I’m on bedrock edition.
Planning on converting a mushroom island completely to grass instead of mycelium. After testing, the water method hasn’t worked so far, and neither has the mushroom bonemeal method. Is there an efficient way on 1.18 to replace mycelium instead of replacing it by hand?
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2022.01.21 01:45 ousErone CHEM 4165 with Joanna Krueger Tips

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to prepare for quizzes and exams for biochemistry with Joanna Krueger? I've been confused about what to focus on since the content in class differs greatly from the assigned assignments. Anyone other comments or thoughts about the professoclass are greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.21 01:45 throwawayricksin 26 year old virgin

Hi, I’m a 26 year old virgin, almost 27. I have never had any romantic experience at all. I mean no dates, no dances, nothing like that. I really gave online dating my best shot (used various profile consultants, help from friends, new photos etc etc) but got no results. I have been quite busy in my life so far and will be starting medical residency soon. In real life I am a confident guy and I have found that I connect with people well, but when I do try to express any interest I get rejected. I’m getting to the age now where most of my classmates/peers/friends are in serious relationships (seems like people in medicine are highly sought after). I think overall I am just not a romantic option for women. I was wondering for men who have been in this situation, does being alone get easier with age? Are there ways to cope long term with not having a partner or romance in life?
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2022.01.21 01:45 NadalGOAT What are the best Eminem songs after MM2?

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2022.01.21 01:45 BitterScratch1081 Things I wish I knew about before playing this game

Honestly this post is just to help out any newcomers from the perspective of a F2P player (and is based on my personal opinions)

  1. Cash is the least farmable resource (use it wisely & it is ALWAYS worth to purchase cash using your gold bars)
  2. Only donate to your guild until you are able to access 3 guild orders (after that its lowkey a cash sinkhole)
  3. When using guild coins, do not spend it in the shop. Focus on the guild tech! (goes a LONG way to your gameplay)
  4. When using the Trial shop, HIGHLY recommend spending it on sacred beast EXP. Getting your sacred beast to level 90 should take first priority :) (do NOT level past 90 until all 5 sacred beasts are level 90)
  5. Refresh your ALL of your Radar Station quests until they are at least 4 stars! Statistically speaking as long as you don’t spend gold bars on the duration of the quest, you will always make more than you spent on refreshing. 4+ star hero quests will guarantee something worth 40 gold bars or more!
  6. Dracula + The Ancient (especially this unit) is probably the most BROKEN front line duo for campaign, skycraper, and arena, and EASIEST hero bond you can get (Dracula from campaign achievements, The Ancient is available in most shops). Even if these two units arent as strong as other units based on their combat rating, I would value their hero bond alone as +150K to your team’s power.
  7. Hero Type SHOES make a significant improvement to your gameplay! I would recommend leveling shoes that deal more damage to gene (you will eventually get to a point where you will fight multiple victorias, pandars, and iceburges… total cancer). Shoes alone allowed me to beat some stages! (only upgrade epic ones or better btw)
  8. STOCKPILE your advanced summon keys, space keys, and roulette coins for events! Do not give into the temptation to spend it whenever you get them. Only use it when theres a guarantee reward!
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2022.01.21 01:45 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.21 01:45 Efficient-Lab1033 Ontario Political Party Doners

Ontario Political Party Doners Here is the list for 2021.
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2022.01.21 01:45 SevagTitizian DK vs GEN VoD Review (Gameplay, Draft and Builds)

DK vs GEN VoD Review (Gameplay, Draft and Builds) Intro This is a basic rundown of the DK vs GEN series in LCK Spring Week 1. Going over the draft, gameplay and taking a look at the builds from every player.
Game 1 Draft Picks and Bans
  • Early Tryndamere ban has begun to be popular so that teams have the option of going Graves. Currently in the LCK Tryndamere has a 80% win rate versus Graves over five games.
  • GEN picking Lee Sin first round is really good to deny DK from getting Twisted Fate + Lee Sin. If you do leave Twisted Fate open it is essential to take away as many strong early game mid/jungle combos as possible such as Lee Sin, Xin Zhao, etc.
  • Samira/Nautilus is a very strong duo versus Yuumi. I would like to see some team try going Blitzcrank, especially in drafts where the enemy team has very low mobility champions. Of course this game would not be a good situation and this the Nautilus whom has the auto attack stun isn’t bad here.
  • GEN need to ban jungle second ban phase as their current win condition is to have a winning mid/jungle duo.
  • I feel as though DK should have banned Ezreal in the second round. Ezreal makes it very hard for DK to hard engage, which is what their team composition is shaping up to be focused on. And of course Ezreal goes really well with Yuumi.
  • Graves/Jax are big indicators that DK wants to pick Camille, but it isn’t the best matchup versus Gwen. That being said, Diana/Camille is a really strong combo and Camille goes really well with DK’s dive/flank composition.
  • DK used up two bans in the second round to setup the top matchup but they still ended up with a poor matchup. DK also wants to play towards bot with TF so it would have been better to ban Ezreal to make it easier to setup plays bot side.
Win Conditions
  • GEN have a much stronger mid/jungle early and should look to use that duo to get as much as an advantage as possible early on.
  • Top lane is very volatile and can snowball depending on which team helps out top the most.
  • DK’s composition is setup to play towards Samira but Camille/Diana is also a good combo to play towards.
  • GEN has better poke and kite. They should look to make a pick or land poke with LeBlanc/Ezreal before objectives. They must also kite out DK’s initial engage and look to slow chase with their range advantage.
  • DK has a lot of flank/dive tools. They must engage decisively and cohesively. They must all be on the same page. It is important for DK to get good flank wards prior to objectives. They must engage before being poked down.
Gameplay 3:10 Lee Sin paths back bot to counter the stacking wave. Very good read. Lee Sin could have been bot sooner if he hadn’t looked for the play mid lane. I think it is unreasonable to assume that Twisted Fate was going to walk up with the position the wave was in and with how stacked the bot wave was it would have been better to just shadow the bot lane. Lee Sin also sits in the river briefly in case there was an enemy ward in the jungle but in this situation it is more important to be present at the fight as soon as possible.
If both of these actions were taken I think GEN could have put themselves in an even better position to counter the dive. LeBlanc could have also looked to roam bot as the dive began instead of teleporting back mid lane. I understand that the mid lane minion wave was in a good spot and teleporting back prevents Twisted Fate from resetting the wave, but giving up a small lead mid to guarantee the bot play would be the better move.
5:40 Having red trinket on LeBlanc this early may not be the best choice versus Twisted Fate. Being able to ward in lane to scout Twisted Fate’s roams is very useful. Especially since he just got level 6. I would recommend swapping to yellow trinket for the laning phase so that you can see what side Twisted Fate hovers when he pushes in the minion wave.

6:30 After Gwen forces Camille to base, she could have made Camille lose even more gold by leaving the lane frozen here. Gwen does get more gold to spend on her base by clearing the next wave but she already has a large gold lead from the kill so it doesn’t really change the matchup much.
8:15 Herald fight. Samira should have stayed bot and pushed. They would have gotten more gold than what the Herald offers just by Samira pushing in two waves and getting two turret plates.
Ezreal missed an opportunity to secure the Herald by hitting the Eye instead of looking to land Qs on DK as they entered the pit. They need to hyper focus all the damage on taking the Herald and then look to escape over the wall with Lee Sin W. Yuumi’s exhaust was also way too early. You must hold the exhaust for Diana ult, but Yuumi ends up using it right as Lee Sin kicks her away.
10:30 This is a good control ward by Twisted Fate so that he can hover top lane after he pushes in the mid waves. I would have been good for him to have a second control ward in his inventory so that he can move it bot side. After Diana clears her top side jungle and looks for a gank top, DK will be looking to play towards bot side for Dragon. At that point it would be a lot better to move the control ward from top side to bot side.

15:20 Yuumi should have given the local gold to Ezreal, especially with it being the first tower. Bot tier one offers 250 bonus local gold and first turret offers 150 bonus local gold. By Yuumi staying beside Ezreal here, she takes 200 gold.
16:25 Dragon play. DK are very late to Dragon and don’t use Herald for pressure. GEN have full bot vision control from when DK did Herald so there are many flank wards for Gwe.n This makes it even more important for DK to be at Dragon as early as possible in order to clear out the bot side jungle and get control of the bot river.
Instead of looking to get the top scuttle, DK should have walked mid out of base with Camille to use Herald. This would also allow Diana to use her sweeper to secure vision control. Twisted Fate also notably wasted his sweeper at the Krug brush, meaning that the only sweeper available was Nautilus’. Since GEN have no wave clear, it would have been really hard for them to contest the Dragon if DK had placed the Herald mid before the Dragon spawned.
During the Dragon fight, Twisted Fate has a good position to deny Ezreal a way into the pit. Whether intentional or not, Yuumi attached to the clone LeBlanc which made DK waste a number of abilities and get baited into walking up. This gave GEN the opportunity to turn and win the fight.
DK’s team composition isn’t meant to fight reactively. It is far better suited to dive the enemy team under turrets or hard engage onto the enemy when they walk into the river for Dragon/Baron. This is why I believe having a better setup and using the Herald before the Dragon would have been a lot better for DK. GEN are a lot stronger at playing teamfights from range and using the LeBlanc/Ezreal poke before fully committing to the fight. GEN have a lot of disengage and kiting tools and use their composition really well in this teamfight.
21:30 This fight looks very disconnected from GEN. Ezreal is on a completely different page when it comes to how they want to play the teamfight. Gwen ends up getting split up from Ezreal. It almost appears like Ezreal wants to fall back after the Nautilus kill while Gwen wants to bypass Camille and go for the back line. Whatever play GEN would like to go with, it must be decisive and cohesive from all the members of GEN.
23:05 DK does not have any pressure mid lane or any jungle/river control for Camille to be pushing up this far. DK just got Dragon soul off the fight mid lane and are now behind in tempo. They need to retake control before Camille can safely split push like this.
25:30 Camille was able to push bot in safely here compared to 23:30. GEN use up all their tempo top side to get vision over the Baron. This gives Camille the opportunity to safely shove up.
26:50 This is a massive disconnect from the side of DK. Diana is looking to flank from the enemy raptor pit as they shove in the mid wave while Camille goes for an engage in the bot river on Lee Sin. Even if Gwen wasn’t in position to flank, the chances of this engage by Camille working on Lee Sin, who has flash, is very slim. DK’s composition is heavily reliant on pulling off the initial engage. If GEN are able to kite it out and kite it will be always lost for DK.

29:00 Baron teamfight. With stopwatch and flash being up. Twisted Fate should not have ran away so soon. If he had stayed on the outskirts of the fight he could have still assisted the team especially since he has Rapidfire Cannon. DK would have been able to ace GEN and remove all five of the elder dragon buffs.
That being said, this is a very hindsight remark and if LeBlanc and Ezreal didn’t both dash into the pit together and clump for the Diana ult there was a chance GEN could have aced DK and eliminate all of their Baron buffs had Twisted Fate stayed around.
34:40 Elder fight. This is simply a remarkable flank by DK. Not only does Camille get right onto Ezreal by using the Hexgate, but Twisted Fate is able to nullify LeBlanc as well by using his ult. This immediately forces Ezreal and LeBlanc to stopwatch and gives DK enough time to run right past Lee Sin and Gwen to get into the backline.
Builds DK Nautilus
  • Verus ranged compositions such as this, going W max second is often much better than E max second. The extra shield helps a lot with negating the poke and you won’t be able to land the slow on many of GEN’s champions. Especially with people going Glacial on Nautilus, having the extra durability is a lot more valuable than the extra damage/slow you get from maxing E second.
GEN Gwen
  • Going Doran’s Blade first instead of Doran’s Ring would have been a lot better for early skirmishes. However if Gwen is just planning on farming from ranged with Q and wanted the extra mana regen, then I can see the argument of going for Doran’s Ring.
Lee Sin
  • Getting Spectre’s Cowl and then going for Randuin’s isn’t that efficient. Especially since Lee Sin already had Mercury’s and MR runes, there isn’t a reason to delay his first armour item for more magic resistance.
  • Going Shadowflame over Void this game would have been better since the only MR DK had was two Mercury’s. DK also had shields on 4/5 of their champions (Camille passive, Diana W, Samira BloodthirsteShieldbow, Nautilus W).
  • Going unflinching versus Twisted Fate was a good choice however.
  • When having Yuumi as his support, I don’t believe that going Biscuits are necessary. Getting free boots or stopwatch would have been more valuable. Another option would have been to go Sorcery second.
  • I really like the Revitalize secondary. I think all shielding/healing support should look to pick it up as it provides so much additional power. This game Yuumi got 1418 additional healing and 896 additional shielding from Revitalize. I also looked back at all the major teamfights and Yuumi was able to intelligently use her passive to never run out of mana mid fight, making this rune choice a lot better than Presence of Mind.
Game 2 Draft Picks and Bans
  • Samira ban forces DK to ban Yuumi, This goes to show you that DK didn’t have more than one answer to the Yuumi pick.
  • With both Lee Sin/Xin Zhao being available, there is no reason for GEN to early prioritize the jungle pick. I agree with the Aphelios first pick.
  • DK respond really well by taking away the Thresh, Aphelios’ best support duo. This also opens up the option to go Jarvan since GEN will have no reliable peel for Apelios.
  • I’m not sure if Leona is the best support this game. It doesn’t do that great versus Thresh and they need some peel for Apelios. Aphelios/Lulu is also a very strong duo. Especially if GEN already know they want Poppy and Gragas, they don’t need more front line champions.
  • DK needs more dive and threat on Apelios, so LeBlanc, Akali or Vex are all good choices here.
  • Poppy jungle is and excellent counter to DK’s composition. DK all want to dive and Poppy makes it really hard for any of them to get on GEN’s backline.
  • The Kassadin pick is perfect here. It isn’t countered by the Poppy W, is strong versus the heave AP top side and fills the role of backline dive. The only issue about this draft is that by going for this flex it really shafted their top lane matchup. DK also don’t have a resilient front line and are heavily dependent on Kassadin being able to find perfect flanks.
Win Conditions
  • DK really wants to dive and flank.
  • GEN only Leona to lock down Kassadin, so Leona must mark Kassadin every teamfight.
  • GEN want to front to back teamfight and look to counter DK’s engage and kite with their range advantage as DK only really have Jinx as their ranged damage.
Gameplay 1:30 This is a really creative level 1 play by GEN, however Thresh should have hugged the top side of the lane and been on the other side of the minions. Even if Gragas wasn’t here, there was a high chance GEN could have forced the flash as Thresh face checked the bush without knowing for sure if the enemy bot lane leashed. Nevertheless it was a very unique play that I would like to see more teams try to pull off.
1:55 It looks like Corki is greeding for this trade because of first strike gold but it is very risky to do this versus champions like Jarvan and Graves who commonly can gank mid level 2 after red. Corki even warded bot river early so it is ever so more important to be hugging the bot side of mid. Corki should never be sitting in the center of the lane with his vision bot side. He should always stay within the green section and look to shove Kassadin in while staying as close to the bot side river as possible.

3:20 Here is another instance similar to the level 2 gank mid. Corki has a ward in the bot line and his jungler in the bot river. So he should be hugging bot side, but instead he is in the middle of the lane and is able to be knocked up by Jarvan.
7:15 Gank bot lane. Jarvan plays this very well by moving around the tri brush in the event GEN’s bot lane had it warded.
11:25 Herald play. This was really well setup by GEN. They picked the perfect time to use the Herald by shoving in both top/bot the using the shift timing to group mid to drop the Herald. There isn’t much DK can do as a response when Herald is used like this.
14:10 Thresh shouldn’t have gone into the river with how far back Jarvan is. If Thresh wants to see if GEN is on the dragon, he can ward over the wall without having to go into the jungle entrance.

Once the fight starts GEN is not nearly as coordinated as DK. Akali instantly teleports and Jinx moves up the river. Even though GEN got the pick right out of the gate and made it a 4v5, DK were able to collapse faster causing them to win the fight. I would have liked to see Corki hold onto his package until later. In hindsight Corki didn’t need to package in order for GEN to get the pick on Thresh. The biggest issue from GEN this fight was how long it took Aphelios to walk up the river and how late the Gragas teleport was.
15:30 Herald teamfight. Good play by GEN to force Herald 4v5 but Corki gets picked off moving from mid to the Herald. GEN knows that Kassadin is in the river and should respect Jarvan’s ability to follow up. The simple fix for this play is having Corki and Gragas shift together. Corki is greeding a minion when he needs to just prioritize getting into position for the Herald teamfight.
17:10 Gragas is playing the mid game really well by shadowing the Corki. Corki is 0/3 and would normally be unable to play side lane versus Kassadin at this stage of the game, but Grags sits with him and lets Corki get all of the CS and turret gold bot then resets to do the same thing top lane. This single handedly brings Corki back into the game. I would recommend Gragas to get the AP/Tank support item here since it would replay itself very fast and Gragas no longer needs to solo farm from this point forward.
18:00 Interestingly enough, even though Corki is 0/3 and Kassadin is 5/1, Corki is almost even in gold because of Cull + First Strike and the help he has received from Gragas.

19:25 DK could have used Herald better here. They want to get the bonus gold from the bot tier two since it is worth more than the mid tier two. But with GEN having both teleports up, it would have been more reliable to just use the Herald mid instantly after they pick off Aphelios and then look to do Dragon.
20:20 Jarvan going for this ward is very disrespectful, especially with Corki having package. There really is no point in clearing this ward at this time. DK are behind in tempo since they are coming off a reset from taking Dragon. They need to respect GEN’s position and play more defensive at this time.
21:05 DK could just have Kassadin solo push in bot lane instead of contesting the Baron. I don’t believe Kassadin being level 13 and Akali not having ult up are able to force GEN off the baron in this situation. With GEN having no teleports, Kassadin would have been able to get at least 3 waves and maybe even finish off the bot tier 2.
28:40 Very good standard baron play by GEN. They get really deep vision after shoving in mid/top and manage to chunk Jarvan out enough to rush the baron. I could see a argument that DK should just look to get bot tier 2 and setup dragon instead of trying to contest the baron after Jarvan is forced to base.
30:35 GEN aren’t in a position to get to the dragon in time. I think it would have been possible for GEN to sit in the top side jungle on the control ward they had in the brush and wait for DK to start the Dragon. GEN could then pressure top and look to take the nexus turrets or even possibly end the game.
35:30 The Baron ends up dropping down to 3k HP once GEN chooses the turn. At that moment they should just rush it down while DK goes after Leona. I also think that GEN don’t need more than one tank on the Baron. Gragas doesn’t offer anything by being in the pit. Gragas/Leona should have been looking to deny DK entry to the Baron while Corki and Aphelios burn the baron down, or you could just have Aphelios/Poppy do Baron while Corki threatens DK with the package.
37:20 Elder team fight. Akali should have red trinket at this point in the game to help clear wards when she looks to flank. Poppy has a really nice flank on the Akali but Gragas walks into the pit so that he can get over the wall and help the pick on Akali. In this fight, I don’t think that should be Gragas’ role/objective. You can see Leona marking the Kassadin on the side so Gragas should only be focused on standing in front of Corki/Aphelios while Poppy goes for the Akali. Once the fight starts Leona moves her focus onto the Jinx which left Aphelios alone to be picked off by Thresh/Kassadin. GEN were really all over the place this fight when trying to allocate roles. The front line were all focused on engaging or making a pick and had nobody focused on peeling.
42:10 Example of tempo swapping between DK and GEN. GEN uses tempo to try Baron. Then DK has tempo after shoving in mid lane, getting a free base. GEN have tempo after DK base and do the same, shove in mid and then base.
43:40 Poppy going for Krugs here is a big mistake. As Leona comes out of base here, Poppy should walk with her and look for vision top side. It isn’t enough to just have a ward in the pit, they must have vision in the jungle to scout DK walking towards the objective.
44:50 It is essential that DK keeps eyes on Poppy at all times. Jarvan did have a control ward on him that he could have used earlier to keep vision inside the Dragon pit. That way he would have been able to flash the Poppy ultimate if Poppy went for it. But aside from that it was a very good ult by Poopy to secure the Dragon. It does appear that teams are still not too comfortable playing versus Poppy and often forget how important it is to always keep eyes on her in objective teamfights.
Builds DK Akali
  • Should swap to red trinket later on in the game to look for flanks in teamfights.
  • The Chemtank build would have been a lot better this game, but if going the standard AP build, Akali needed to get a Void staff. GEN have two Maws on their carries and two MR items on Poppy.
  • Getting Stormrazor fourth really hurts Jinx’s damage. I only think it is a good buy when you have Rapidfire Cannon so that you can fully make use of the utility, but since Jinx went Phantom Dancer, getting I.E. would have been the better build order.
  • I like that Thresh went for Aftershock this game instead of Glacial. It helps a lot versus the Leona matchup and with GEN having long ranged carries, I don’t believe Glacial would have much impact this game from Thresh.
GEN Poppy
  • The Crucible, while it does give a lot of MR, isn’t really needed in this game. The only thing it really can be used for is Thresh hook, which should be eaten by GEN’s front line.
  • At 17:00 Gragas should get the AP-Tank support item to help Corki. For the next 10 minutes he shaddows Corki in the side lanes and gives Corki all the CS. If Gragas had the support item it would stack up and pay for itself in a matter of minutes. This would also help make it so that Gragas doesn’t fall behind while GEN are still able to help Corki back into the game.
  • I like the E max this game versus the Kassadin. DK as a whole has a lot of melee champions making E max good overall even post laning phase.
  • Getting the early Cull was also a very smart play.
  • Not having Exhaust versus Akali/Kassadin is very odd.
  • Evershroud would probably be better this game as DK don’t have much AoE damage. All of their damage is single target burst, making it all that important to pick off the assassins as soon as Leona applies CC. Evershroud would help with that.
  • Bone Plating or even Font of Life would be better than Second Wind. There isn’t much poke on DK so you would heal a lot more from Bone Plating.
Game 3 Draft Picks and Bans
  • As this series progressed, you can see the large increase in priority of Aphelios and the Jarvan/Thresh round one red side combo.
  • DK picking Ezreal, Yuumi and Gragas makes the Jarvan ban lose a lot of value. If DK intended on going for that initially then I would think Poppy would have been a better ban than Jarvan.
  • DK should ban out support that synergizes well with Samira. The Nautilus ban is good. Lehends did play two games of Singed support in solo queue before this match. One of which was versus Yuumi. If DK were very worried about it I think it may have been a better ban than Graves.
Win Conditions
  • DK wants to play from range and look to snowball the Viego/Yuumi in teamfights. If Gragas is ever picked off or gets chunked, it will be very hard for DK to play teamfights.
  • GEN wants to play around bot and hard engage teamfights with Ornn/Poppy ult. GEN don’t have nearly as much damage as DK so it is very important that they time all of their ults and even the Corki package in order to gain an advantage in teamfights as they lose extended teamfights.
  • GEN lose top and mid early but can win bot 2v2 if Yuumi ever steps too far up. Yuumi should also feel very reluctant to use her passive which should give Samira/Singed windows where they can have pressure bot lane when Yuumi is out of mana.
Gameplay 7:30 This is a good play by GEN. Since they are losing bot, it was good of Singed to sack the lane in order to guarantee Herald. DK makes the correct play here to force a plate bot lane instead of rotating all the way top. Corki has package available in base and Viego still isn’t level 6. DK would have had to give up their entire bot lead to contest this which given the state of the game is definitely not the right play.
9:30 Gank top lane. Could have synergized the Ornn/Poppy stun combo better if Poppy instantly flash E’d before Ornn knocked him up.
11:20 Ornn ends up being weakside as GEN play for dragon. Gragas will be looking to dive top with Viego and this should be very telegraphed. GEN should also know that it will happen on the cannon wave.
In order to counter this play, Corki should have saved his teleport so that he can use it top lane when they look to dive. Viktor wouldn’t be able to match since it is pre-14 minutes. Ornn should have also popped his potion a lot earlier as well. If both of these happen I believe DK wouldn’t have been able to dive Ornn and GEN would have gotten the Dragon at the same time.
15:10 This play looks very odd from Singed, however it is a really good play. It buys time for his team to potentially get the bot tier 2 which is worth 600 total gold. Singed dying here only grants DK 450 gold (300 gold kill + three assists worth 50 gold each). It only becomes a poor play once DK is able to also pick off Samira. Also, even though GEN weren’t able to finish the bot turret, getting Gragas’ teleport could also be argued as worth a single kill. But I would not say it is worth giving up both the Samira and Singed kill gold.
21:35 Dragon play. Very good flank by Corki. Poppy had an interesting idea to flank with the Hexgate. She went too early and Poppy needs to be the one on the dragon in order to keep DK focused on moving into the pit. Having Ornn or Singed go into the Hexgate in order to flank from behind with Corki would have been the best play.
23:50 A small note, but Gragas should always hit the scryer’s bloom here. Later on The enemy team ends up using it.
26:00 Ornn upgrading the Singed’s item first is very poor. Each upgrade offers around 1000 gold worth of stats which would be amplified a lot more on the carry champions rather than the Singed.
28:45 GEN dropped the dragon aggro by stepping too far back. This allows Viktor to get close enough to steal the dragon at 955 HP. The Ornn/Poppy ultimate also don’t end up resulting in much. Corki also should look to use the package before GEN try to burn the dragon.
31:10 At this point in the game Ezreal should have for sure sold his Doran’s Blade for control wards. It is very important for situations such as when they need more vision around late game objectives.
34:00 Like stated at 21:35, having Singed or Ornn flank with the Hexgate and comboing all their ults with the package results in a very decisive win for GEN. Very well played teamfight from GEN.
Builds DK Gragas
  • Since DK have Yuumi on their team, I feel that Spirit Visage would be a better MR item this game over Force of Nature. Gragas also gets to take advantage of the increased healing for his passive.
  • Again, while Force of Nature is a better MR item, since DK have Yuumi I think going Spirit Visage would have been better.
  • Since Viktor is going Celerity, I think waterwalking wouldn’t have been too bad this game. Similar to Ryze, it is somewhat common to go Waterwalking to help in dragon/baron teamfights and also early roams. Versus a Corki, being able to dodge the rockets is incredibly valuable in teamfights.
  • If Waterwalking isn’t taken, then I would recommend not going Celerity and instead having Transcendence + Gathering Storm
GEN Ornn
  • Upgrading the Singed item first is very poor.
  • I don’t think Cosmic Insight is essential for Ornn as he doesn’t heavily rely on his flash to engage. Having free boots may have been better.
  • Getting elixir right before the Dragon fight was very smart. After getting his Mythic, Singed purely focused on buying elixirs, which when you are this far behind is a large amount of instant stats that can be the difference maker in whether or not you are able to make it to the backline before being blown up.
  • Unflinching secondary would have been really good to help make it to the enemy back line.
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