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Difference between "Market Value" and "Net Liquidation Value"

2022.01.21 23:27 AdaptiveEntrepioneer Difference between "Market Value" and "Net Liquidation Value"

I was unable to find the difference between Market value and Net liquidation value in the IBKR FAQ section. Since mine are different, I'm trying to figure out what the difference is. Thanks.
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2022.01.21 23:27 Immediate-Ad-6479 Lil nuggies malevolent and tetra

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2022.01.21 23:27 Cranialorigami6 Pair Of Dice Lost File#3

Pair Of 🎲🎲 Lost: File #3 The Lawn Section
Now I been a drug user for a long time but it was one night in particular in Haleyville Alabama in a basement with my then girlfriend. We had been up three days smoking clear out of test tubes from the hospital where her mom worked and some how she managed to put candle wax in one and well we smoked it needless to say shit hit real very quickly after that she was mad and said something about how we went into a coma and she woke up but I was still living the nightmare. Of course I believed everything she was saying up till she said there was a demon at the door waiting on me. Scared to fucking death I was looking out the window of the door and I swear to Christ all I saw were stars. I finally got the balls to face the creature that awaited me and open the door to nothing but the night air I started horse laughing so hard then I went into a rant about how I knew that this was not my fucking heaven in her moms basement with her damn cat and less then a half letter of vodka and dust in the bag. When I’ll be damned if she didn’t say (well Val Kilmer is pissed at you) witch threw me for a loop what’s more I herd someone say something in the woods out back. I went out and man the damn things were everywhere all I could see was a Predator like shimmer as they moved between the branch’s like shades in a class A horror movie. My first instinct was to start cussing them for everything and anything I found wrong with me or this whole coma heaven basement debacle. I don’t remember when I got the 22 out but some how I was walking around her moms house at 2:54am letting lose with random shots half mad and fucking shook to my sole over what I can now only say became what I call the lawn section. After my John Wayne moment we were inside and her poor mom is having to listen to us talk about ghost figures and shadow people out in the woods and In the yard. She rightly took the 22 back and hid it from me sending us back to the basement yet again. That’s when I heard them start talking to me asking questions that there was no way anyone but me and god knew man. Real talk they knew everything about me I saw her face change into the next two women that would be in my life after her because when the next day came we were shooting coke in the bathroom and she left a huge air bubble in my rig, back thin I didn’t hit myself I let her do it an when I saw that I yanked my arm back through a fit and called my dad to ask if I could stay at his place till I fixed my Mazda Mx 6 that she had ran dry of oil while I was somewhere I don’t even remember but I let her use my car for a few months and when I drove it back from Mississippi it fucking blew the lifters. I have tried to remember were the hell I had been before all that but I really can’t remember we had been together for almost three years at that point from Birmingham on 7th ave south were for three blocks every damn sign an post had JonRT¿? wrote all around our apartment. No idea why but I know my name is Jon Ryan Thomas so I didn’t mind much. After that we moved to Addison and I was working in the mobile home industry just like everyone my age unless you went off to college but this is when ICE hit not this meth shit ICE that blue shit Walter White was pumping out the real one from bama I think. Anyway one of the places she would go and score they all got busted I just happened to be at work in fact I had just went back after staying out there for four days thinking it was Monday when in fact it was Thursday my boss was like where the fuck you been I said I was sick he said yeah I can tell with that Fucking tan you got you were real sick you on that dope ant you. Hell nah boss man that shits in the movies I ant never even seen it. Mean while I’m decking a roof with my eyes closed and didn’t even realize it no one would even get around me because I’m talking to myself and can’t stand still for more then three seconds at a time. I get home she ant no we’re to be seen and it starts up (fuck you) from the window I jump up and look but I’m on the top floor of our town house no way anyone is at the window. Then I hear my girlfriend through the walls fucking a bunch of dudes shit like that was driving me bat shit crazy so I jump in the car an go over to the spot. King fish is posted up at his house with some other scab I don’t know but I know. My girl is high as rat ass and he starts telling me shit like you know Ryan I can understand a tweaker but I don’t know why you don’t like to get gettered up. I say it’s the environment man it’s hostile in here he shows me some duct taped up dude playing a guitar all crazy with bottles of his own piss all around the room he’s in and says that guy knows what people won’t to hear. Fucked up thing was it was my damn guitar. Fucking lost years hell I don’t know I would get fucked up on acid and do ice for twenty one days straight and lose whole months but I’d walk back in to work like nothing happened and just start slinging NOVA decking on the sides of trailers like a beast and anyone who came up to me I’d just stair down and grunt. Everyone knew I was fucked in the head and I’m not a small man really I’m no bad ass but back then I just didn’t give a fuck. I was walking down the road after we had got into a fight and a slant nose van picked me up. The girls in the back ask me to sign there hats and were telling me how cool it was to meet me while they’re mom was saying shit like I knew it was you when I saw you were wearing the Dale Earnhardt fire jacket with duct tape on your knees but that shit was cuz I’d use my knees to kick stick the 3/4 inch decking to the damn wall to shoot it in place they act like it was some new age fashion or some shit hell I don’t know man like I said them was the lost years. So as the years went on the lawn section got more and more intense right to the point I’d throw dope out the door and yell go ahead and take it it won’t fill that empty hole in your life. That was back in 98 it’s now 2021 and I still hear them at times hell most of this book came about from conversation with window talking lawn people. They ant bad sorts but they damn sure let me know when I’m not doing right some aspects of how I am are based off the interactions with em not the gay shit but like idk it feels like I went through a boot camp of mental torment to get built up for the real fight. The one after death the one that counts. Any way this was mostly just a rant I ant going to tell you shit about the lawn section other then you will know If you know. Poem: I wish it were fancy again a truer savage Christ stamped down upon kingdoms where people have never heard of wayfarer blight in an aesthetic trudge of posts about your dog or makeup oof! Song: I’m Alright by Kenny Loggins as background.
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2022.01.21 23:27 Difficult_Coffee_967 Dip in the freezer?

So I've heard from people that its not a bad idea to keep unopened cans of dip in the freezer to stay fresher for longer. I'm one who buys multiple cans at once. Like 2 or 3 cans. Should I keep my unopened cans in the freezer, refrigerator, or just room temp?
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2022.01.21 23:27 red_pyrylium45 CHEM 466 w/Wooley?

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2022.01.21 23:27 PpMaster6985 Death by Glamour remix/cover

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2022.01.21 23:27 jordanearth What was the most difficult year for you?

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2022.01.21 23:27 SuperiorMigurdia Aveces...

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2022.01.21 23:27 vixen643 Am I bad person for feeling a sense of hesitance on talking about LGBTQIA+?

I feel like before talking about my issue I need to talk about my background.
I grew up in the Middle East which isn’t really known to taking kind to queer folks. The place I lived in (and especially my school) can only be described as “living in a bubble” in which outside news are limited, such as LGBTQIA+ (I mean, we didn’t even get a sex Ed). Now, people rarely say anything directly bad about queer folks - in fact, they never say anything about it at all. Which is why I call it a bubble cause if you want to know about anything you’d have to research it yourself.
Next up is my family. My mom is your stereotypical homophobe and my dad in recent years has been making that transphobic helicopter joke and always seems to not take the whole “fighting for your rights!” thing seriously (not just trans/gay rights, there’s also feminism and racism and stuff. But he’s also is the type of guy who goes to where the majority is and I feel like that’s a good enough explanation to his character. My MUN senior once told me that my brother is homophobic but I never heard him talk about it. All I remember is whenever gay rights gets brought up he just rolls his eyes and walks away. I would also add that for 10 years I was the youngest so suffice to say when I talk my family doesn’t seem to take me seriously.
Despite all that the queer community was never brought up during my childhood and I was able to learn about them by myself. I would hope to say that I never had a negative response towards LGBTQIA+. When I first heard about it I was just like “Well there’s like a billion people out there, makes sense some are gonna like the same gender” and tried my best to research and be supportive. However, I started to see that I’ve grown a hesitance towards talking about it. At first I thought it’s just because of where I live and how I feel scared and train my ears in case I hear someone spout something that can clue on them being homophobic. So I always feel hesitant talking about it to my school friends and especially my family (for reasons above).
However, after what I like to call the “immigration” of the old students (a few years ago some students went to another school close to their homes but that got shut down so they came back to my school) I notice that a lot of them are more open to LGBTQIA+, but for some reason I am still hesitant. Like one time I was doing this project with this older girl and on the list for famous people from the Philippines I put Manila Luzon who’s a drag queen. When she asked who he is I froze up. And you know the craziest part of this is? She’s a lesbian. I’m even in the same class as her girlfriend. Their tables are in front of mine in the one lesson we all share so I watch them act sappy weekly. But for some reason I clammed up even though I knew she’d be cool with it. She just said “Ohh, the drag queen” and we continued on our work as if nothing happened but I felt terrible for feeling so hesitant, and this isn’t even the first time.
Am I a bad person for doing? Is there anyone who had a similar experience? What did you do?
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2022.01.21 23:27 Alacrity305 Boat Camping in the Bahams

Anyone ever do boat camping where you actually stay on the boat for 4-5 days? We've done so a few times in the Bahamas and have a few trips planned this spring/summer. Have a 30 foot center console but with a ton of camping equipment to make staying on the boat reasonably comfortable. We sleep on cots and air mattresses and cook our catch.
would enjoy hearing others' stories and experiences and any advice regarding equipment or techniques.
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2022.01.21 23:27 abhirathmahipal Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles - A Cheerful Cover

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2022.01.21 23:27 Initial_Appeal_7382 How many pounds of muscle can one build per year on average ? And what is your source of info ?

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2022.01.21 23:27 ok5756 19f hey

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2022.01.21 23:27 nerdypineapple20 Base Pace Fleece

Hi guys!
For those of you that have the fleece lined version of the Base Pace tights, are they actually lined with fleece on the inside as opposed to only being brushed? Would they be warm enough for someone skiing and skating? I'd love to see what the interior looks like before I pick them up on WMTM so if anyone has a photo of the interior that would be amazing! Thanks everyone
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2022.01.21 23:27 _your_a_towel_ Homemade Venison Backstrap Tacos

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2022.01.21 23:27 elontug I need some comment upvotes, can y’all upvote my comment below, I’ll do the same for you too. Thank you

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2022.01.21 23:27 Professional_Nose317 Concentrated mix of pop-dance-club music from stunning era of 00s-10s with MTV, early YouTube and radio hits. 💔 Non-skipping playlist for parties

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2022.01.21 23:27 clydefrog125 Spoiler Siege of Paris hood ending

Is the good ending sparing Charles ?
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2022.01.21 23:27 xhannix why is ‘cry about it later’ is so overlooked?!

the production is addicting and the lyrics are so relatable (i’m going through it right now) but it’s perfect all round honestly.
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2022.01.21 23:27 livin_a_good_life I’m Addicted to my Toxic Ex, and I Need to Recover. How?

My (25M) ex (25F) is so toxic. Our relationship was a rollercoaster and was abusive in many ways. To name a few problems:

I have a 12 page list where I’ve been keeping track of every crazy thing that’s happened between us. I’ve broken up with her lots of times, and have wanted out of the relationship for a long time. A huge problem though was trying to get her to leave my apartment and accept that we were breaking up. She wouldn’t go, and after hours of fighting and refusal, I would just give in and stay to end the drama. Plus, I loved her like no one I had ever loved before. But finally, after a crazy crazy week with no fewer than three police involvements, I kicked her out, and blocked her on everything.
The first few days were so peaceful. I loved it. But now, I am feeling serious withdrawals and I miss her enough to cry. What is wrong with me?? This woman brings nothing but chaos wherever she goes, and I’ve experienced so much pain with her. I was unhappy for most of our relationship. But I fell head over heels in love with her. I can’t help but think that if I reached out, we’d get back together in a heartbeat.
Maybe it was the good times. They were super! The fun times we had were the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. And maybe those just “high”s.
I wonder if this is how drug addicts feel. It’s toxic, unhealthy, and could potentially ruin my life. But for some reason, I just want the highs back so so badly. I feel dependent. And a hard truth is that she manipulated me, and the love probably wasn’t real. I got wrapped up in her game and fell for every trap. It sucks.
How can I recover from this? Before y’all start suggesting it, I AM going to therapy. But I want to get thoughts from the internet. Especially those who have broken drug or alcohol addictions.
TL/DR: breaking up with my toxic ex feels like trying to break an addiction. How do I recover?
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2022.01.21 23:27 MinnMaxx Seeking advices on resources to start learning Python (both text & video materials)

Hi guys, as a beginner I'm quite overwhelmed on the amount of resources out there for Python. Of course most materials are quite as good, and it's just the teaching methods are different.
As a start I plan to stick with 1 text-based and 1 video course, but with the amount of resources out there I could really use some help on deciding which resources to focus on. And probably most importantly, the ones that are not outdated.
May I kindly ask your opinions on this guys? Thanks a lot!

These are the ones that I currently think of. Please feel free to suggest others.
Text based:

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2022.01.21 23:27 LeagueRecapped- Tyler1 talks about D1 players xD

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2022.01.21 23:27 blisterpearl Non-paid collaboration gone sour. Is my creative/intellectual property protected?

About a year ago a friend of mine and I agreed that we would work on a music video together for his upcoming album. I asked only that he pay for half the materials, as it was shot entirely on 8mm film. We shot a few rolls of fresh film of him singing and doing things, but there is an equal amount of footage from my personal library of footage that I have shot in my life in the video. At a certain point he decided that he wanted to be in control of the edit and demanded that I give him High-res scans of all the footage, including my personal footage so that he could edit and release the video himself. I refused, as I had conceived of the project, the ideas and film techniques in the video, and ended up paying twice as much as him on materials alone, as well as having spent at least 20 hours of my own on the project, unpaid. I offered to work with him on the edit but he refused, as he wanted to be in control. I sent him his financial contribution back. Over the course of our collaboration, I have sent him lower-res edits of the video as well as the raw footage that would be plugged into the edit. Our working relationship has now soured to the point that I am afraid that even after I have stated that he does not have my permission to use any of the material that I have sent him, it is possible that he will attempt to use it anyway for promotion of his album, still images and video alike. I own all of the actual film as well the high-res professional scans. He appears in approximately 1/3 of the video as it is currently edited. The rest is compromised of my original creative material. What recourse do I have should he attempt to use any of this material?
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2022.01.21 23:27 Impressive_Ad_5976 am i the only one getting better

every time i think or read my application it boosts my confidence (intl needing a full ride). i really hope colleges like sad stories and progressive evolution due to better environments good luck everybody i really am hopeful
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2022.01.21 23:27 BongoOfPower Any good places/websites to find help for trials?

Ello, Playstation player here. I play pvp frequently but struggle a little bit in trials and was wondering if there was a certain sub or website i could find teammates/help.
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