Ian giving his gift to Zack

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2022.01.27 14:16 6iannis How many picks would you realistically package Dragic with to get Sabonis

I think 2023 and 2025 FRP + Dragic and Flynn seem good for both sides.
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2022.01.27 14:16 DumbBroadMagic69 Last Night I Dreamed

The first thing I remember about my dream… I’m back in high school. Some of the girls I knew are there, Arden, Molly, Sydney. There was a big pep-rally or some kind of celebration around us in the gym. It may have been a musical number, like in High School Musical. The girls start talking about Prom tomorrow, I realize this will be my fourth prom. Like a light went off I knew I was too old to be here. I ask if they already have their dresses and they say they did, they looked at me like I was crazy. It became clear to me they don’t realize we all had graduated and somehow got sucked back here. I made a joke about my old dress probably not fitting, they didn’t get it.
My dream shifts…
My fiancé West asks me if I want to see something cool, maybe he called it a crater or a canyon. We walked to the top of a winding hill, once at the top the soil looks dry and rocky. The sky looks grey, like a night when the moon is big enough to still illuminate everything. The first thing is see is a 5 foot wide hole leading straight down. Vaporous gas is rolling out of it. Wide black tubing is hung into the hole, diverting the gasses somewhere else. West walks backwards while talking to me and nears the edge. I yell for him to turnaround, thinking hes going to fall in. He doesn’t, he seemed to float, like gravity is reduced by the gas.
There are other smaller holes all around. Just out of sight I can make out one massive opening twirls the back of the hill. There’s a haze above it that looks like it goes back for half a mile.
Instead of walking back to see the larger hole we go into a building situationed to the left. It looks like an office building. In the building I see other people, it looks like a tour group. We walk into a hallway, yellow walls, there are doors every five feet or so on the left and right. I’m getting board of walking and choose one of the doors.
When I walk through I’m in a normal house. Theres an open living room with a little kitchen and table to the back. The girls from high school are there, having a sleep over I guess. It looks like they just got back from Prom, they all have their awards on. I make polite conversation. Suddently I notice the magnets on the fridge in the kitchen. The magnets are the same ones my grandmother had, layed out in the same pattern she had them in for years. Her magnets always stood out to me because they came from all over. Her friends and family always brought them back as souvoneirs for her. Theres no way someone could have traveled to Aruba, Florida, or any of the other places and found the exact matchs to them all. I’m so baffeled and tell the other girls to come look. They think I’m having an episode or something. They don’t understand why I’m freaking our over magnets. I start to notice the photos on the walls. My dad in his 20s, me when I was 3 or 4. At this point I go into flight mode. I don’t understand whats happening. I walk back out the door I entered. I was outside now at dads. Being his work barn. I went into a door at the back of dads barn, it doesn’t exist in real life but it looked like the safest option. Once through I was in my grandmothers house, no one lives there anymore but all the lights were on. All of her decorations were laid out like they had been when she was alive. I keep walking down the hall to the back room, I had a feeling I might find someone back there. I run through the open door stopping in the middle of the room. There she is, my grandmother is sitting there with a baby in her arms. She’s wearing her night gown, and she looks like shes in her 50s again. Just facing forword, rocking this baby in the familure green recliner. I’m not scared at all, I’m filled with joy. Excited to speak with her for the first time in years. She looks at me and smiles. Then she opens the extra 4 sets of eyes on each side of her face, like a spider.
I stare at her for a while, and she stared back not blinking. I think if I had stayed any longer I would have been trapped in whatever fake reality she created around me in this office building. I run out of the room but instead of being in the hallway of her house I’m back in the office building hallway. There is only one door now, I run to it. I can hear her behind me. I push the handle and fall out onto the rocky hill top. I’m back outside with the craters but West isnt there.
TLDR; An alien has made its home/trap on top of a mountain. The alien pipes some unknown hallucinogenic gas into a building to recreate my memories and create a false environment. It poses as my grandmother and scares the living hell out of me.
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2022.01.27 14:16 take7pieces You are Alec Baldwin, you just shot someone

You are Alec Baldwin, you are 63, you are rich, you are famous, you... used to be handsome.
You have six kids. Your eldest, she doesn't do anything, even though you called her a pig years ago, she still loves you, after all, you are the one that gives her money so she can pretend to be a writemodel.
The rest of your kids? Well they are little. Very little. You sometimes hang out with them in "the apartment". You have your own man cave, you need your own space, you are Alec Baldwin.
Your wife, your dear wife. You keep telling yourself that even though she's not a Spanish citizen, she did grow up in Spain most of her childhood. Otherwise you will look like a clown, you are old but you are not dead, you remember how many times you said "my wife is from Spain".
You are important, you have many followers, people listen to you. Even though you don't actually know much about politics, environment issues, racism, culture, history and Spain, people still need to listen to you. Who doesn't want a rich old white man to tell them what to do in life?
You are ageing, unfortunately, unlike George Clooney that man who you are not jealous of, you are ageing naturally. Your acting though, isn't. When was the last time you are being critically praised about a role?
You've spent a lot of money and connection to push your wife to be a star, that's what she wants anyway, of course that doesn't mean she married you for fame and money. In December 2020, your wife finally came into the spotlight of public, not the way she wanted but she's famous now.
Now what? It's alright. You are Alec Baldwin, people fucking love you, they respect you! This will pass.
You go home, kids screaming Daddy Daddy. Your wife is on her phone as always. There are nannies everywhere, Well you and your wife need them, you are 63, you are not changing a diaper.
You are angrier. People are afraid of you, good. You tell them to go Fuck themselves on Twitter. You are so authentic, you don't hide your personality.
Then you went to film Rust.
Then you shot two people, one is dead.
OMG, Holy FUCK. Your money! Your reputation! Your future! Ah!
You do feel bad, but you can't help but worry about yourself.
You need to heal, so you went to a vacation. That woman is dead but you already bought her family a nice breakfast. Why still targeting you? You are the victim here!
You are back on Twitter and IG. Well, your fans need you, they love you they pray for you. You know you need to be careful but you can't help it.
"alec Baldwin was handed the gun" Forwarded.
You went on an interview, you successfully cried.
OK now everything should back to normal now, right?
You stopped by to see your kids, you have a new ideas about this family, Let's all become Beatles fans! Yes you should've done that a long time ago!
John Lenon was shot but at that time he wasn't in the Beatles anymore so that doesn't count.
Where's your wife? There she is, she is taking selfies. She didn't even look at you.
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2022.01.27 14:16 Eaglion71 How to install Custom icon decks

Hi all,
I am new to Reddit and Stream I created a set of icons to use in my profiles. I want to make a icon pack and install into stream deck app but i can not manage the app to recognize the pack.
I created my own custom pack according to specifications mentioned in elgato's site as png format. I do not know javascript but i also made icons.json license.md and Manifest.json files with the same format the other packs followed. I created a folder named tb.racing.sdIconPack under icon packs folder which includes those script files and icons folder. i was confident that the stream deck app would recognize it but it did not.
I asked this to elgato and several icon pack developers but none of them provided any instructions other than saying i have to load each one one by one whenever i need. As you manage to create your own pack i would like to ask you what i should have done to make it work Your answers are highly appreciated
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2022.01.27 14:16 tfilus TMT | The Money Team needs 6-8 new members! 56 🥇 war finishes 10 🥈 place! Join a team who WINS | Former top 200 USA [5300][#YLRUQRRL]

We had a few guys be inactive, looking for a couple people to rejuvenate and win wars! It is open 5300+
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2022.01.27 14:16 RadioactiveSalt Can someone explain why are weapons like hurricane pike, manta style, witch blade, echo sabre, halberd, diffusal and mjollnir not considered as weapons ?

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2022.01.27 14:16 Wihyaaa When will next nether gacha be???

Do y’all have any clue?
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2022.01.27 14:16 Notsmallppman Deadline.

Does form admission deadline means that friday 24:00 is the deadline or Thursday 24:00
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2022.01.27 14:16 Cool_Coconut1754 Any interviews in which celebs have accidentally (or deliberately) dished out information about their relationship or previous relationships?

For me it'd be Shahid and Mira's KWK interview where When Karan asked when he realized he was in love with Mira, Shahid said, "That happened after she got pregnant. We got very close." TBH I just felt bad for Mira because Shahid accidentally admitted that he wasn't in love with Mira when they got married.
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2022.01.27 14:16 Siarry [UNNOTICED] Vaxei | DJ Ozawa - Tokyo (Innovaderz Remix) [Welcome to Skystar's Tokyo] + DT (9*) 94.64% 466/907x 6xMiss | 407pp | 2nd DT pass, best DT acc by 13.75%

[UNNOTICED] Vaxei | DJ Ozawa - Tokyo (Innovaderz Remix) [Welcome to Skystar's Tokyo] + DT (9*) 94.64% 466/907x 6xMiss | 407pp | 2nd DT pass, best DT acc by 13.75% submitted by Siarry to osugame [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 14:16 maruhoi Bulletproof Brass - Airports DLC Trailer Music

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2022.01.27 14:16 Effective-Camel9398 the KHARTU-AL catching the Talon in the space its look so amazing like that

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2022.01.27 14:16 KimDeRim Syracuse University buys prominent hospital building on edge of campus for $34 million

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2022.01.27 14:16 KirbySunny 4 years ago Nintendo sent codes for games to fans through daily question thread on reddit. This is really cool!

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2022.01.27 14:16 Mango_ZYC_sol 出大事了阿! StepN 能100%用走路速度跑出Runner 成績! 出大事了阿阿阿阿阿阿!

出大事了阿! StepN 能100%用走路速度跑出Runner 成績! 出大事了阿阿阿阿阿阿! 你好, 有把你從標題騙進來了嗎? 其實真的可以用走路的速度跑出100%Runner成績,但也沒那麼嚴重就一個小bug 是不是可以真的用走路拿到Runner GST獎勵?請看我接下來這幾天的實測 既然都進來看這篇文章,幫我點讚和twitter 分享吧
目前遊戲確定是有速度的bug的,在公測時候身為認真的玩家,這篇文章目的是協助官方debug,身為手機工程師的我很清楚,給官方一張截圖說有BUG無法有效率的解決問題,所以我的動機是找出可以複製這個問題100%的操作(跑步)手法,再提交給官方,依循我找到的100% 複現問題的手法, 官方肯定可以迅速debug,所以這2天都再用各種不同跑步的玩法來找問題,很幸運的被我找到了100%的複製方法
結論1 100% 複製這問題的手法為 a.開始跑步直接用9-15km/h 速度起跑維持一小段時間,建議維持0.2 Energy 到有GST收益 b.跑步的過程中速度不減,直接按暫停 c.在暫停模式慢慢走,你想走多久多慢都可以 d.在暫停模式走到你高興為止,直接長按幾秒鐘終止遊戲,最後成績頁面你會用全程高速完成 目前這方式在我今天(2022/1/27) 測試是2/2 有效的也就是100%
結論2 目前暫定為顯示頁面的問題,GST 有沒有以全程runner完成?目前沒實測,明天我會更新,就知道了
結論3 StepN 是非常有趣好玩的遊戲,希望大家可以動起來,用實際行動支持 公測的目的就是要完善遊戲,此篇文章的初衷是為了讓喜歡的遊戲更完善,希望遊戲可以及時修正
--------------------------------------------------- 接下來是測試數據截圖的部分,基本上結論看完應該就差不多了 下面測試比較無聊,大家隨便看看就好
1.測試環境 河濱河堤跑步,天氣很好,GPS收訊很不錯 直線跑步沒有來回(來回會有距離誤判,所以直線跑步測試簡單省事)
2.測試裝備 Garmin GPS Runner 手錶(我用幾年的跑步錶,小貴功能很好,數據是可以信任的)主要拿一個公正第三方設備來和StepN數據做交叉測試 手機是iPHONE SE2 (2020新款上市)
跑鞋為創世綠Runner LV13跑鞋,下面是數據表,主要數據是Efficiency 50
目前我帳號能量為6,只能跑30分鐘 所以拆成9小段來跑,每一段大概0.4-0.8能量不等 主要是想多測試不同手法,來找到這個bug的規律性
第一段跑步是全穩定速開場,這是數遽是完美沒問題的 0.8x公里,花費4:20秒左右 可以看以下紅色框框部分對於距離GPS錶和手機上上對於距離和速度都很接近 我的配速也很穩,這一段是穩定速度下,StepN能不能完美辨識,這回合是沒問題的 0.8能量在穩定11-12km/h速度下,我拿到了4.3GST (平均 5.375 GST/per energy,這是我目前這雙鞋的預期天花板收益吧)

第二回合測試,我打算用快跑(9-11km/h) 和慢跑 (5-6km/h)混合交叉使用看有沒有問題 0.8km 我使用前段快跑後段走路, 總共花了7分鐘半 下圖可以看到一段跑步中我前段用快跑的收益為6.65 GST / per energy 後段慢跑收益因為速度不夠快所以有逞罰, 收益下降為 1.85 GST / per energy
本回合測試重點1:快跑混合慢跑的GST是否能正確發放? 這邊混合快跑慢跑的回合,GST發放是Pass的, StepN APP 也可以正確偵測和發放 本回合測試重點2:能量消耗使否有異常 我在StepNAPP能量扣1.0 時候, 停止所有運動,GPS 也中止紀錄 但GPS錶整體運動為7分鐘36秒,但是最終StepN APP卻是能量-1.0 ? 這邊疑似是有問題的 這邊有個特別的操作,我在快跑0.4 Energy後改成慢跑.我GPS 錶是持續記錄慢跑的活動 但是我把StepN APP按了Pause, 混合PAUSE功能測試, 目前疑似PAUSE功能造成這個異常(就是GPS錶實際上運動7分鐘36秒,但最終StepN APP 完成運動卻是 -1.0 Energy) 結論是在扣Energy 和運動時間混合PAUSE功能是疑似有問題的(後面也是因為這個延伸下去測試讓我找到100%問題的複製手法)

第二回合結束了嗎?並沒有 前面提到第二回合我另外在StepN APP 上快跑0.4KM後,我做了一個PAUSE的動作(但我的GPS錶是沒有PAUSE的) 對於StepN APP 我是PAUSE了2分鐘左右. 在PAUSE其實我是維持慢跑(5-6km/h) 然後GPS 是正常紀錄慢跑 所以第二回合我們可以來觀察, StepN APP 有沒有正確的去統計一段7分鐘多跑步(內含2分鐘PAUSE的功能) 我們再來和GPS 錶比較一下
本回合測試重點3: PAUSE後到底StepN APP 統計了那些?不統計那些? - 步頻應該是沒有統計的,合理,PAUSE都不要統計是ok的 -距離是有統計的, PAUSE 時候距離似乎有統計到?不然數字兜不太起來.但統計的也不是很精準,數值介於統計和不統計之間
這一回合很多觀察重點,但結論是,肯定PAUSE功能有異常 接下來我做了很多混合實驗 快跑,pause,慢跑,走路,基本上能多刁鑽玩就多刁鑽玩,想說一定要把RUNNER統計問題給複製出來 中間過程就不多說了,直接說結果,也就是我本文重點提到我如何2/2複製這個問題的手法&數據
100% 複製這問題的手法為 a.開始跑步直接用9-15km/h 速度起跑維持一小段時間,建議維持0.2 Energy 到有GST收益 b.跑步的過程中速度不減,直接按暫停 c.在暫停模式慢慢走,你想走多久多慢都可以 d.在暫停模式走到你高興為止,直接長按幾秒鐘終止遊戲,最後成績頁面你會用全程高速完成 目前這方式在我今天(2022/1/27) 測試是2/2 有效的也就是100% 數據
數據回顧 GPS錶因為都沒有停止,所以前段快跑顏色是橘色,後面慢慢走顏色是藍色 或者從GPS錶可以看出我心跳配速都因為慢慢走而降低 但是StepN APP時間顯示是正常的(快跑時間2分鐘,後面PAUSE的時間不列計算)
但是再StepN APP上面的運動軌跡顯示,他是有把我PAUSE的運動距離算進去的 所以平均速度飆高到17km/h
我的結論,這個BUG 來自於StepN APP在Pause 時候的數據統計 -PAUSE步頻是不列入統計的 -PAUSE運動時間是不列入統計得 -PAUSE時候的運動距離列入統計了,這就是這個問題的BUG
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2022.01.27 14:16 toughDiet82 Is it possible to download music from YouTube and listen to it in the car?

Hi there!

Guys, I really hope that you can help me out. I’m asking you to help me download music from YouTube because I want to listen to some playlists in my car. Besides, I also found a couple of old Stand up shows, and I would like to listen to them.

I’m asking for that because I’m about to take a long trip soon. I need to drive from Milwaukee, WI, to Baltimore, MD. It’s about a 12-13 hours drive. Besides, this time I’m going alone. Don’t even ask me why I’m not taking a plane instead. I’m a bit scared of flights. Also, driving helps me clear up my head from negative thoughts, or when I take my friends with me, we always have some fun. Well, except for this time, because now I need to go there alone. Luckily, on my way back, I’m driving with my cousin.

So, I need somehow to survive 12-13 hours alone in the car. I guess I will stop in a motel when I feel tired, and nothing horrible will happen to me during this trip. I don’t wanna be one of the victims in a horror story. That’s why I’ve decided to download a couple of stand-up shows to interact myself during my trip and actually to hear a couple of good jokes. I thought that time flies when I watch those shows on TV, and I won’t even notice long hours driving if I listen to them in my car.

But, last time when I had to drive alone. I didn’t think about music and other entertainment in advance. So, I ended up listening to my old records in my car, which now seem boring to me. Besides, all music I found on the radio seemed dull, and I ended up listening to music on the phone the entire time. The battery drained off quickly, and I forgot my car charger somewhere. So, I had to stop at the gas station and ask the staff to charge my phone. Surprisingly they didn’t sell any car chargers for iPhones there.

So, this time I’m preparing for such a long trip by myself in advance. But the question is, if I use this youtube to mp3 converter and upload all those files on a memory stick, will I be able to listen to them in my car? I tried to do it with other files, but it didn’t work.

Anyway, thank you for your time reading all my plans. I hope you can suggest me something.
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2022.01.27 14:16 psychiatricpenguin Anyone switch from tandem to omnipod?

I'm annoyed with my tandem pump. I am constantly having bent cannulas, ripping out sites, or having painful insertions. I hate having it attached to me 24/7. I hate how it looks in clothes. I love the control IQ. I love how level it keeps me overnight. But it's just so annoying. So, I'm wondering if I'd like the omnipod better. Thoughts?
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