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2022.01.21 16:49 Status-Ganache-8617 LF DBZ_PERCUSSION_HITS

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2022.01.21 16:49 HardwareFoxx Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000: Founders Edition will be up to 100 euro more expensive

Nvidia has now raised the prices of the GeForce RTX 3000 ("Ampere") from the Founders Edition by up to 100 Euros in Germany. This continues the trend that the manufacturers of the graphics cards also want to profit from the record prices on the market and do not want to leave the profits to the wholesalers and retailers without further ado.
Link: More information@ComputerBase
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2022.01.21 16:49 Tais001 Palworld - Second Official Trailer! (Trailer&Reaction) (very surprising)

I was quite surprised at this trailer to be completely honest and I think many other people will be too, surely this can only be a good thing.
The way it got some dark at one stage while still maintaining a colourful and vibrant art style is really interesting.
For me personally a game first and foremost is about the features and this game seems to have, all of them.
What did everyone else think of the latest trailer?
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2022.01.21 16:49 Ouroboros612 Friendship ended with isometric Rimworld. Now 3D Rimworld is my best friend.

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2022.01.21 16:49 didishitinyourcereal FSD Beta Weird Lane Changes

I’ve had FSD Beta since v10.3.1 and I’ve noticed especially since 10.5 an increasing number of weird or unnecessary lane changes. None of the subsequent updates have seemed to improve this issue and in some cases it is getting worse.
Here’s some common examples of what I’m experiencing:

  1. FSD makes a left turn at a light, into the left lane of a street with two lanes in each direction. It continues driving down the road in the left lane, with little to no other traffic on the road. Once we’re about 2 miles away from the next left turn, it will randomly get into the right lane and stays there for about half a mile or so before moving back to the left lane in order to make the upcoming left turn. It will also do the opposite where we’re in the right lane with an upcoming right turn, and it will randomly get into the left lane for half a mile or so before moving back into the right lane to make the turn. This happens randomly and not in a specific spot each time. It also doesn’t seem to be a speed based lane change as this has happened plenty of times when there are no other cars around me. FAD does this in both Chill and Average modes - I haven’t experimented with Assertive yet. In all of the cases I’ve experienced, the navigation on the screen appears correct and does not indicate the need for a lane change.
  2. This example is specific to one intersection. There’s an intersection where you’re supposed to go through the traffic light and make a left on the 3rd neighborhood street after the light. This road is one lane in each direction with a temporary left turn lane for each of the available turns into the neighborhood. The navigation displays correctly and says to stay in the main lane, go through the light and make the 3rd left. FSD 10.3.1 executed this perfectly but beginning with 10.5 the car can’t figure it out. It will proceed through the traffic light, immediately swerve into the 1st left turn lane, then serve back to the main lane and continue to the correct 3rd left turn. I don’t know why it has started this weird swerving maneuver where it tries to make the 1st left turn before swerving back to correct itself. Map data doesn’t appear to have changed and the navigation still gives the correct guidance. I report it each time it does it but still hasn’t been fixed.
That’s just two examples but I seem to get a fair amount of random, nonsensical lane changes and it seems to be getting more frequent with newer versions. Has anyone else experienced this or something similar?
2021 M3LR FSD 10.9
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2022.01.21 16:49 Typical-Abroad-4743 $Useless - With a full time app developer starting on Monday, the ball can really get rolling. The all in one crypto app, whale watching, multiple wallets, crypto news and fiat on ramping coming soon!

$Useless - With a full time app developer starting on Monday, the ball can really get rolling. The all in one crypto app, whale watching, multiple wallets, crypto news and fiat on ramping coming soon! submitted by Typical-Abroad-4743 to TokenMarsShots [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 16:49 SaltySolomon Squirrel in a cold winter tree

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2022.01.21 16:49 Buschhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 2 for one in a doctor strange trailer

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2022.01.21 16:49 The10andundermenu Why did this call gain 57% on $6 movement?

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2022.01.21 16:49 Chief_Of_Operations Is there a way to test if im dumb?

Howdy, I wanted to know how I can find out whether I'm dumb or not, I've had this feeling for a long time, always depressed, behind, failing to meet basic standards compared to my peers, ect I get the impression that I'm dumb, but is there a way to prove it? From my knowledge what you know (if that is the case im pretty screwed dealing with anxiety, depression and untreated adhd i barely know much of anything sadly) isn't exactly intelligence its understanding, how can I go about testing that?
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2022.01.21 16:49 C70--- Elite heist challenge

Looking for people who’re down for OG heist elite challenge
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2022.01.21 16:49 thespiffingbot VIDEO DISCUSSION: When Playing God Goes Wrong - WorldBox God Game Is Perfectly Balanced

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2022.01.21 16:49 Zestyclose-Shop-9966 Punishment of one game playing style! Nice Job Epic!

I have had this game since I preordered the founders pack. I did not get in it until last year as a daily player but since I have become a daily player I finished all the storm shields and have all but twine fully AFK kill style. I do not dupe or buy traps but have had players give me some stuff. I have played through the full quest log with only the play with others to finish off. We all know why this one is so hard. I enjoyed the fight and killing play style until twine. Then it became harder to get wins on missions, like it should be, and even harder to replace trap mats to play more missions in twine. Pubic matches like any game has its ups and downs with players but I always block those that are toxic and go about my game play. I have seen and learned different styles of playing the different missions. I played different styles depending on the mission and how I feel. In public I usually will go with what the others are going with. Now since I have little to do in the game I have been working on AFK / Jailing / and more effective no kill style basses. I do most of my mission in private I might add. I am an adult so I like the challenge it gave me. I enjoyed it and have gotten pretty good at it. Yes I can set spawn kill traps, kill tunnels, and shoot the husk but you can only come up with so many ways to do this that I found fun and before i run out of mats for those traps that may or may not kill the husk. Plus I should add I had an accident that limits the use of my hands and to much use causes pain in them so the so called afk style gave me a chance to prolong my game play with less pain by resting them and watching my build do what I took the time to develop it to do. Protect the objective like the mission told me to do.
With this said i am at a loss for a lot of you still say that AFK build or jail build is a problem. Do I tell you that killing husk is a problem or tell you not to use traps or how to play the game you bought. Nope! Stop trying to control how others play their game it is their game. Also Epic if you are not going to add content to this side just leave it alone because the problems you seem to work on the most are things that most do not see as a problem but more of a nuisance at best most of the time.
The news letter even state that some players like letting their walls do the work, well ya that is what walls do keep things out. Otherwise you should have just made us have traps that place walls with the trap then recycling could give you trap mats back. Why do I upgrade the walls if they are not supposed to be used? And to top this off popcorning is back, wall and floor launchers now work like before no crowd control, so now you can just toss all the husk all over the map and they will die out every minute and spawn new ones so jail builds are still easy just need to adjust for the despawn and respawn husk every minute. Which is a short time when you go for the mini bosses. LOL good luck for those that try this for Storm King kill 3 mini bosses in a 140. I enjoy a good trap and killing missions as much as the next but I do not understand the people that are complaining about the no kill builds, if you are in public and want to trap from one side of the map to the other than feel free it is a public match, just don't come in and farm while others build no kill and start shooting without setting up some traps if you don't want to hear people say it's afk / no kill, stop shooting, and so on. Epic does not and never has given enough trap materials to replace a trapped out defense and in most maps you can not farm enough to get the materials in higher missions. This is why people set it up for no kill with minimal to no traps. If i place 200 traps or so in a 160 four atlas mission it will take a day or two of farming to get all those mats back without placing more traps just go in to farm and leave. Also some of us enjoy figuring out how to do no kills and minimal builds as part of the game. Look at the afk storm shield defenses/endurances that use recycling. They are all over YouTube. Lets all getaway from saying it is a problem with AFK/ no kills and say epic does not like it and for those that see it as a problem play with your friends in private lobbies like most of us that build afk/ no kills do because we don't like to carry those that think it is a problem until they want their ten 160's done for the superchargers every week. You want to hit on true problems of the game like carries, duping, and trading in game then do that this type of building should not be stated as a problem as it should only be stated as something that epic sees as a problem for some reason. Lets stop complaining to Epic about so call problems that are not problems and this really goes out to the youtubers that seem to grab their ears more than just the players because if you don't want to see this problem just play private matches and poof the so called problem no longer exist.
Back to the point. Epic I do not see a kill counter on most missions that are out there as a matter of fact the most of them just say defend the shelter, atlas, data pack, the storm shield, and so on. Nothing told me I need to kill those husk or how many in order to beat the board just protect the objective for the time period my way. If you wanted me to do nothing but kill husk you should just have a kill count to meet and we would have seen this game as a mindless killing zombie game and nothing more. I can say I still might have bought it but like other shooting games would have boxed it away by now. This game got it right originally. It catered to a multitude of game playing styles like those that wanted to kill and those that like to think about the challenge. Now you have set it so if I want to kill I only have a minute or the husk respawn and that's about it. You ever tried killing some of these mini bosses in 160 in less than a minute? And giving us back no crowd control count mean nothing other than in storm shields because you can not toss the same husk 5 times in a minute in most cases. I am sure those youtubers and game fly base builders love it though because their AFK storm shields are back! Yes all of it works because epic did not make the storm shield husk despawn. I guess Epics idea here is for us all to work hard to finish all the challenges then do your storm king and storm shield and just quit for you are done with this game unless you want to keep just killing husk mindlessly now and then.
My view on the game goes something like all of those missions you see on each board (stonewood, plankerton, canny, Twine) are to get you mats to put around your storm shield in that area to defend it in it's endurance. That meant the sooner I got those mats and developed a working storm shield the sooner I moved to the next. OK then use the least amount of traps as possible and have more for the storm shields. Got it! I can do these without traps so yah lets do that. After all trap materials do not come out in twine as much as you will need them! That did not end the game though because I wanted to do a lot of different builds and see what I can come up with out using traps or at least few traps. Now that is what kept me interested in the game. Not just mindless killing and supercharging weapons that I do not use.
I can go on and on but please play your game style and let others play ours and if we meet up in a public match lets be considerate and just block each other without the name calling and go to another match. GG guys and girls!
Epic please just fix the real problems of the game not these things that are merely a dislike at best by the few that seem to enjoy just killing husk.
Problems Like: Trading in game, duping, scamming, husk phasing through walls, the stealing of mats from the constructors base, The way you have to destroy full base in storm shield in order to replace one wall because of build count, to name a few. These are not major but I assure you I believe most players think they are more important than the AFK / Jail build / no kill building going on out there!
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2022.01.21 16:49 gamelorr When were paladins at their best?

Since i am unfamiliar with most of the older expansions, during which expansion were paladins at their best?
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2022.01.21 16:49 C0ltFury Is it called Cummin? Nobody here knows!!! 🤷

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2022.01.21 16:49 Bonus1Fact RT @NWSCorpus: We've put together a simulation of how precipitation (such as a snowflake) would have descended through the atmosphere last night based off of our midnight weather balloon launch. #txwx #stxwx

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2022.01.21 16:49 pyxie27 Join my Live Group "home of the fucked", ONLY valid for 24h. Come join a bratty babe.

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2022.01.21 16:49 martonon No tengo nada en contra de Honduras 😃👍

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2022.01.21 16:49 pgrim91 [USA-IL][H] IBM Model M "F7" and "F1" [W] Paypal

I have a couple of IBM Model M keyboards for sale. Both are untested, unrestored, and have been in storage for a while. They have dirt expected for their age, and the cables are a little worn from use. Please let me know if you need any more details or pictures.

The first is a Model M "F7" from April 4, 1990. Asking $80, including shipping to lower 48.
Timestamp and album here

The second is a Model M "F1" from January 9, 1991, with an incredible 24 function keys! Asking $150, including shipping to lower 48.
Timestamp and album here
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2022.01.21 16:49 SpeakerIntelligent49 This was originally a cake btw

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2022.01.21 16:49 King_Obvious_III New $10 Risc-V development board

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2022.01.21 16:49 TapDaddy24 TapDaddy - Black Lotus

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2022.01.21 16:49 Quiquag Steamlink for cordless Couch CoOp

So file this more under hypothetical use case, and "dock probably better" but hear me out.
A number of TVs support steam link, and The SteamDeck can plug in an external controller, or bluetooth one.
TV -> Steamlink from SteamDeck, TV shows a mirrored screen of the deck.
Player 1 plays handheld on the deck. Player 2 plays on TV, with controller that is connected to deck. ??? Profit! Cordless and dockless couch coop!
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2022.01.21 16:49 Doggenova What kind of team should I build 🤔

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2022.01.21 16:49 Chambers35 2 Bugs. 1 Annoying, the Other Just Weird.

I'm surely not the only one experiencing these. And I'm playing on PS5 if it makes a difference.
Firstly the weird one:
On the mission complete screen when the dwarves are walking forwards, sometimes their heads aren't there until they get closer. Then it just sort of materialises. Not sure if it's to do with certain helmets/facial hair or what?
As for the annoying one:
It's during the moment when you're sat in the drop pod on the way down to a mission. It seems like the trigger is someone else joining the game just after the loading screen when you see the drop pod flying through space on the way to the planet. For some reason you, and any other dwarf with you at the time, can just walk around the pod when the doors are still closed. I've even had it when we landed and the bugs are around you (sometimes even clipping through the walls), you can shoot, but the doors still don't open.
The time is takes to fix and reset you back into the seats before the usual scene varies, and I think it's on how long the new player takes to load into your game. I've even had fellow players leave the game as they think it's just broken, and have done so myself before I learned that it does eventually self fix.
Neither bugs are massive deals, but they do happen quite often so I thought it was worth mentioning just in case the devs see this.
Anyone else had these before too?
Rock and Stone! ✊
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