Need recommendations!

2022.01.23 12:18 RLSeaweedBrain Need recommendations!

First post here, but does anyone have any recs for affordable, but quality home espresso machines? I don't need anything super big or fancy, just enough to pull a shot and steam some milk :)
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2022.01.23 12:18 Morgan-992 Real-Time Location Tracking: Our dogs GPS tracker uses advanced GPS and cellular technology to pinpoint your dogs's real-time location anywhere within 0-100 feet distance. Two-Way Notification: The two-way notification function will let you track your dog or be notified when they are out of range

Real-Time Location Tracking: Our dogs GPS tracker uses advanced GPS and cellular technology to pinpoint your dogs's real-time location anywhere within 0-100 feet distance. Two-Way Notification: The two-way notification function will let you track your dog or be notified when they are out of range submitted by Morgan-992 to McrOne [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 12:18 Just_Inpulse The insect’s that like to stick around in your basement…

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2022.01.23 12:18 LorraineBoedeker [Get] John Anthony Lifestyle - Corona Pickup Course (Full)

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2022.01.23 12:18 ouijisteve Why have community day hours been reduced?

I've noticed lately that community day hours have been 2-5pm. Any idea why they've gotten shortened? They used to be 11-5pm.
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2022.01.23 12:18 hawaiianbones It's our first time completing 10 waves in s Call to Arms mission! It was pretty damn intense but also fun🙌🏻

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2022.01.23 12:18 SlayerDaJuggalo Ranking: Bang! Pow! Boom! by Insane Clown Posse

(by the way in case anyone's going to ask, yes I did skip The Tempest, but that's because I don't have a CD for it yet, so I haven't listened to it besides a couple songs. Once I have a copy, I'll get to reviewing it)
BPB is a really important Jokers Card, as it was the proper return to the Dark Carnival after the lukewarm response to The Tempest. As for what I think about it, I used to absolutely adore this record. I even considered it better than The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, but obviously that's changed since then. Regardless, I still believe that BPB is really good and deserves a little bit more props. So without further ado, let's begin!
(Also for the record, I'll only be reviewing the songs from The Blue version, as that's the copy that I have)

  1. Beautiful Doom - While this song is low, keep in mind that no song on this album is bad in my opinion. In fact, I like how this track is one of the very few to stick to the concept of the album. However, it's just a short little song to introduce everything. I like the chorus and how it builds up to a certain song I'll get to later.
  2. Over a Bitch - I guess to be fair, I should include the hidden track from the Blue version. This song is comedic in tone, with the subject being that J and Shaggy went and killed people....over a bitch. I liked the carefree sound of it, and weirdly enough, I like Shaggy's singing on the chorus.
  3. Vera Lee - I honestly wish I liked this song a lot more. The pieces were there; It's a storytelling track about J coming into contact with the spirit of an outcast girl who died and wants him to come along with her to the otherside. This song should've been great, but it just lacks something that doesn't quite make it a top tier song. Maybe it's the lack of a strong hook, maybe it's cuz of the song's length, I dunno. It's decent, but not great.
  4. I Found a Body - Apparently J considers this song his favorite track from BPB. I don't agree on that, but it's nice to know what he thinks. Anyways, this song is pretty okay. It's pretty much sung all the way through rather than rapped, and it tells the story of J finding a body that he turns into a friend. J even sings the chorus and while his voice isn't amazing, it just fits the song well. Also, we all know J is a good friend in this song, cuz he cooked the body Pizza Rolls. That's a sign of true friendship.
  5. Love - This is one of the more forgotten songs from the album, but I really like it not gonna lie. The song depicts J and Shaggy "falling in love" with complete strangers, and this results in some of the funniest lyrics off the album.
  6. Boing Boing - I remember someone actually made a video saying that ICP was against communism cuz of the line "Fuck stallin'" XD Anyways this is a pretty cool song. It's very tongue-and-cheek, exaggerating how every woman just wants to fuck them everywhere they go. It's just hilarious hearing J saying that he'd flex his pecks. I also really like the chorus for some reason, I dunno why.
  7. Fonz Pond - This song (at least from what I understand) is actually a fan favorite off this album, and I can definitely understand why. The beat is great, with the loud crunching guitars, and the lyrics are full of descriptions of a pond that eats up anyone who swims in it. It's really dark and entertaining.
  8. Miracles - Even people I know who are not Juggalos know of this song, whether it be for the SNL parody or the "Fuckin' magnets, how do they work?" line. Though as a song by itself, I really like it memes aside. The lyrics tell about appreciating the everyday thing we see, and while some may see that as dumb, it's an interesting thing to think about, especially given J's explanation of the song in that Loudwire interview. Plus, this song has an amazing beat, which is something I don't think it gets a lot of credit for. Mike E Clark is an amazing producer, so its not surprise that this one is good, but it just has this airy atmosphere to it that I just love. Plus, that guitar solo at the end is just great.
  9. Zombie Slide - This is an entertaining song and one that I'm sure causes everyone to go crazy when they play this song live. It's just a song about being a zombie and dancing, but J and Shaggy's flows singlehandedly make this song really catchy.
  10. Imma Kill U - When you really think about it, a lot of ICP songs can be called "Imma Kill U", but this has to be one of my favorite ICP murder songs. First off, the flow is really tight. Second, the song is just an absolute banger, with the anthemic chorus, and third....I mean, I'd gladly do the things the song describes to a racist, homophobic bigot, so this song is just relatable XD
  11. Vultures - This is a song that's more or less forgotten, though I have heard some people talk about it, and it's usually in a positive light, and understandably so. This song is simple, but it just works. The flow (especially during J's pre-chorus) is catchy as hell and J's aggressive singing during the hook is powerful as fuck.
  12. In Yo Face - On whatever version of BPB you have, this song kick-starts the album off proper, and it doesn't disappoint. Not only is it the pure wicked shit Juggalos wanted after The Tempest, but it's just an entertaining listen. They even made one of the primary instruments in this song a banjo....for some reason, but I don't care cuz it weirdly fits.
  13. Bang! Pow! Boom! - What a way to end off the album. Not only does it tie in with the concept of the record as a whole, but its also very dramatic. I like to think of this song being performed on top of this big stage and who knows? Maybe that's exactly what they were going for, and they nailed it perfectly. I don't like how the outro goes on for too long though, but this song is just so good to the point I don't even care.
  14. The Bone - It's a Violent J storytelling track, no doubt it's entertaining as fuck. But yeah, this song is great. The story of J running away from getting sentenced to prison is really engaging and the weird surf rock production manages to fit the situation.
  15. To Catch a Predator - This song is fucking great. I could just end my explanation there, seeing as how many people know how great this song is, but lemme explain it a bit more. First of all, it's just super satisfying hearing how J kills pedophiles. Second, his flow is very erratic and unpredictable and third, it manages to be haunting and dark in a great way. Fucking love this song.
  16. Juggalo Island - I'm so glad Shaggy came around to liking this song, cuz living in a world without Juggalo Island would be a world not worth living in. I just love this song, from it's laid-back production, to the verses from J and Shaggs (with a few funny lines as well), to the catchy sing-along chorus. This is just a great song all around.
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2022.01.23 12:18 shadster23 What's the worst part of depression?

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2022.01.23 12:18 Guccistilltheg Citibank, Wells, BOA, 5/3rd, Huntington, Citizens tap in ASAP @beenpaid92 on varo & chime Sauce for sell tap in now

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2022.01.23 12:18 liftlovedance Update and prayer request

I posted this about a month ago : Prayer request : Assault
Seeing all the other prayer requests here, I feel like my problems are so trivial.. But I will ask anyway.
I have been working through healing, praying and keeping myself distracted following the incident... I was doing well... But then I was reminded that the man who hurt me and I share the same hobbies, community and friendship groups.
I have started to see him popping up in photos on friends' social media pages and a few days ago he was at a regular event I frequent. He didn't approach me but just his prescence made me feel so sick and anxious. I tried to distract myself and stick it out (knowing it will happen regularly) but by the end of the night it got the better of me and I had to leave the event without telling anyone and just spent the whole time praying.
Since then I have felt so sick just knowing I'll see him regularly at events and I have to watch as he talks to other girls, moving on so easily with no repurcussions for physically hurting me. I never told anyone the full extent of how he attacked me because I don't want his life ruined or anything. Its just that everyday I have been going through a rollercoaster of anxiety about the situation.
I pray continuously when I get into this loop of overthinking and just when I feel like I'm fine, he is shoved in my face again.
I don't know what I'm asking for... I guess prayers for strength to get through this, peace, for circumstances in my life to improve so I don't feel like I'm stangnant and pushed back everytime I try and advance.
I know things will improve but I just need help healing from this and not letting it consume me.
Thank you all and God bless you.
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2022.01.23 12:18 penrod1 Durango Summer Camps

We are looking for day camps in Durango for our 4 and 7 year old girls. We wanted to know if the Purgatory camp is a good one. They only allow 5 and up so looking for ones that go to 4 years old. What has everyone tried and what do you suggest?
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2022.01.23 12:18 OzBargainBot 3x 140pk (420 Tablets) Finish Classic Dishwashing Tabs for $45 ($0.0933 Each) + Shipping ($0 with Club Catch) @ Catch

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2022.01.23 12:18 AffectionateFilm8291 Wanna be depressed together? (19F)

So this is a rather unique request, but does someone want to bond over mental issues? I've been through multiple types of abuse during my past and half a year ago moved to Paris to escape all that. So I've dealt with most of my personal things but I am severely lacking connections with others. Basically I want to with time form a strong connection with someone so then we could help each other grow and just deal with everyday things together. I do have a few friends, but we don't really talk about mental/emptional stuff yet that's what I need
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2022.01.23 12:18 shinly517 First time flying out a drone using DJI MINI 2! Skill is still rustic but a good start off! Hope to get more awesome pictures and videos soon!

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2022.01.23 12:18 Ilyasbbx [Poly] Feel bad for leaving my friends.....

So basically, I accepted into TP Mechatronics via PFP. Obviously I'm happy and grateful....but at the same time kinda feel sad. Let me start from the beginning.
I applied for DPP in December while waiting for the PFP application which was in January. I applied for DPP as a backup in case my PFP application failed. I didn't want to go sec 5 bc I didn't think i could cope there. Anyway, my DPP application was successful and I would start ITE on Jan 10.
Fast forward to Jan 10, my first day there wasn't that great. Like I know beforehand that I would likely not make any new friends on the first day. On the first day, I was so lost, I had a hard time finding my class, I had social anxiety, didn't eat lunch bc I didn't had the courage to go to the cafe there. So it was kinda bad. But on the 2nd day, a classmate of mine talk to me and we started to chat. We ate lunch together and just chill. I was happy that I made a friend quite quickly. He was a chill dude plus we sat at the same table so we just talk during class breaks.
On the third day, everything changed. Our class had to do a group project so the teacher asked us to picked our own groupmates. At first I was scared to talk to new people bc I scared they will the type of people who don't give a shit about school or were bad influences. But my friend persuade me to talk to our other classmates. So we went over and talk to this girl bc she was the nearest to us and we just introduce ourselves. She was an enthusiastic person and she seemed happy when we talked to her. Then we three just picked our other groupmates randomly. We just picked the people who were sitting near us. They were shy but agreed to be in our group. And that's how our friendship grew.
From that day till the 2nd week, we just hang out during lunch and joked around. We actually found out we have quite the same interests. They were a fun bunch to chat with. Without us knowing, we made many new friends. Our friend group increase in numbers. They were all very friendly people and we would always hang out after school and just talk random stuff and just laugh at everything. Even in class we just would joke around. And they were the reason why I was eager to go to school and the reason why i found school fun.
But soon on Jan 12, I knew that fun will end. My ITE friends knew i was eligible for PFP so they knew that I might leave them. At first, I was in a dilemma. I knew that I wanted to apply for PFP bc that was what I wanted to achieved since the start of sec 4 but I was almost reluctant to apply for it bc I found my dpp journey fun and I didn't want to abandon my friends I just met. But I knew that I had to choose the PFP route bc I really want to go to poly and go to the course I wanted there. Tbh, before I could apply for PFP, I said to myself that if my pfp application failed, I wouldn't mind staying in ITE via DPP.
On the day of the pfp posting result, I went to the website to see if I got offered my chosen course and fortunately I did. I was screaming with joy and told my parents about it. They were proud and congratulated me. I quickly told my ITE friends about it and they were proud of me but they were sad bc I was going to leave them. I also felt sad and we had a long chat on whatsapp. I felt bad bc I was in their group for the project but now I feel like i just abandon them. But they understood that it wasn't my fault and said that It's fine bc I worked hard to get where I wanted.
So this was my story.But I still chat with them on whatsapp and instagram and we just joke around. We can still hangout outside of school so I can still see them face to face . But I will miss all the fun times we had in ITE... So i hope when I go to poly in April, I will meet new similar friends like them. But I hope they will still have fun without me and get along well with one another. I hope they will have fun in ITE and excel in their studies. I hope for the best for them.
Well now ima just find something to do for the next 2 months + till i can go to poly which is in April.
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2022.01.23 12:18 dimmest_azure Have you guys ever met fellow infps irl? If so what are their relations to you?

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2022.01.23 12:18 I_dont_like_noisy04 I recently started playing arena and reached above 3 wins for the first time, i read somewhere that i'd get a legendary after 7 wins, can some explain things to me?

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2022.01.23 12:18 BadKarma026 Help find the sauce🙏

Help find the sauce🙏
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2022.01.23 12:18 throwaway_644785458 Can anyone explain my ancestry results?

I was born in the East Midlands, England and had always assumed I'm English. Me and my mum decided to to do DNA tests to possibly find my mother's paternal half-sister and find more out about families. So we did tests with 23andMe and AncestryDNA and received these unexpected results. Also, why do I have varying results on different websites?
A link to the results here:
My family's Background Information:
Both my parents were born in early 1970s.
Maternal grandmother (late 1940s - late 1990s) - As far as my mum knows her mother's family comes solidly from Salford/Greater Manchester. Ancestry records indicate this for atleast 150-200 years. Though I struggle to find a father for her father. It's possible her father was raised in a work house because his mother was pregnant and unmarried. It's also possible my 3rd great-grandmother from Four Score Acres, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.
Maternal Grandfather (1940s - late 1980s) - My mum only met her father once and knows nothing about him other than he lived in Nottingham for a long time and died there. Not sure where he was born.
Paternal Grandmother (early 1950s - now) - She was born and lives in South Yorkshire. Records possibly indicate for atleast 150-200 years of her ancestry being from South Yorkshire and London. I'm still trying to find out more about her paternal grandfather as her dad was born out of wedlock.
Paternal Grandfather - Nothing is known about his background. When my dad was alive he was never told. I guessing rooted in South Yorkshire if a 3rd cousin DNA match is anything to go by.
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2022.01.23 12:18 Rfalcon13 'It has to get stopped': La Crosse business owner 'devastated' by racist attacks

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2022.01.23 12:18 ________1676 GAC

I wanted to make this post to express my opinions on the new gac system after having it for a while. For context I am an 8.5mil gp player, all gls, every half decent character at g13 decent mods #1700 global ranked
At first I thought that the move to gac crystals was great and I still believe it will be great for the game in terms of longevity as arena was boring and repetitive. And so far gac has been good, I’ve had a pretty nice win rate although I hear the matchmaking has been harsh on lower gp players.
The main problem I have with the new system is that the aim with skill based matchmaking in gac is for everyone to eventually flatten out and get a ~50% win rate. I think this is an awful idea because of how unregulated it is. Players should be rewarded for performing the best they can with the tools they have against opponents with similar tools at their disposal. Players should not be able to face opponents with massively different gear progression and mod progression levels. It shouldn’t be locked to almost the exact same gp, but the matchmaking system should ignore skill and focus on rosters. By putting winning players against people with better stuff cg is putting them at a disadvantage because they were better than other people with similar characters and mods as them. Gac should be: here are 2 players with similar amounts of lifetime crystal, slicing mats, relic mats and energy income. Let’s see who used it better and more efficiently. Or at the very least: here’s 2 players with similar numbers of gp and similar roster depth, let’s see which one can utilise it better.
Skill based matchmaking punishes good players, and was implemented partially to encourage players with underdeveloped rosters and high win rates to spend money to keep up with their new opponents to keep winning. A high win % for good players is not a bad thing and a eventually 50% win rate for everyone will cause many more people to quit the game
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2022.01.23 12:18 nickbulamadimla Gereksiz motivasyon part 1

View Poll
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2022.01.23 12:18 cdmcgrath What food combination do you eat that makes others cringe?

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2022.01.23 12:18 InfectionRx Hospital admins right now

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