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Non-Build Modus PLS

2022.01.25 14:13 NiioPlex Non-Build Modus PLS

Good evening,

Yesterday I started Fortnite for the first time, I always left it because I didn't like this "build" at all.

Now I've tried the game and I had a lot of fun until I got to the "higher" lobbies and because now everyone just "builds" for their lives and that has less to do with skill. And now I don't feel like being put in such lobbies anymore!

Finally introduce a PERMANENT mode where there is no building!

I've talked to so many people ingame and every second one just doesn't like this build at all.

I hope such a mode will be added soon, until then I'll be back at Apex.

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2022.01.25 14:13 xYoKx HR newbie in need for a chart containing most relevant IT jobs

I just started in HR and I am dealing with developers of all kind. Although I am familiar with most technologies, I am looking for a table/list/chart/scheme or anything of sorts with all jobs in this field. It would be better if this chart would also include technologies that developers usually use.
I asked a couple of my senior developers and they told me it would be almost impossible to do something like this, because the IT world is in a continuous development and that names of jobs do not stick. That being said, I am looking for an overview, not something really specific.
For example, I would like this chart to state that Java developers are grouped into three categories (junior, mid, senior), that they use the Spring framework, Hibernate, JPA or whatever they use. The same for Python, BI Power and so on. Is there anything of sorts on the vast internet?

Thank you!
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2022.01.25 14:13 pvtdixynormus Footage of me fighting rashala during Christmas

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2022.01.25 14:13 LunaStonePics Procrastination

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2022.01.25 14:13 Chark10 Jet Jaller

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2022.01.25 14:13 one-man-team [HIRING] Men & Women to make videos using products

Looking for models both men & women who can create videos for social media (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram) showcasing, unboxing, or wearing various products.
This job is completely remote, and long-term yet we do not require commitment.
Let me start by explaining how our program works.

  1. We ship you products
  2. You create videos showcasing / using the product
  3. We pay you for those videos
  4. We ship you more products for you to shoot more videos
Who we're looking for:
This is similar to an acting job in a way, we're searching for certain attributes in appearance & other.
Why you should join us:
$210-$280 per month for 30 short videos.
Shortly after you start working with us we will give you opportunities to make more videos and get paid more.
About Us:
We make social media ad videos for ecommerce companies.
Sounds interesting? Apply by message me directly.
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2022.01.25 14:13 Pippy1010 Suicide

I don’t understand why I’d be a villain if I ended my own life. I didn’t ask to be here and I try everyday to like it. I just don’t. I haven’t since I was very young. I have a thousand diagnoses and a thousand meds to take a day and they still do nothing. The only thing keeping me alive is guilt. I’d feel guilty leaving my family to suffer but at the same time I suffer every day living. It’s not fair. If I didn’t have my parents or brother I would have happily killed myself along time ago. But I feel guilty. It was their choice to have me and send me off into this world (that no one seems to like). I feel like I’m alive out of obligation. All of my actions are out of obligation. I don’t even want the simplest things out of life
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2022.01.25 14:13 wirsteve What is the market cap?

I'm wondering what the floor / ceiling is and I want to know what the market cap is as it stands now.
Anybody know?
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2022.01.25 14:13 Pozydon Pc suddenly shut down, no display

Hi, i was playing black mesa and everything was normal but out of nowhere my pc shuts down and restarts but there is no display. only 1 short beep and when the gpu is in my mouse and keyboard rgb wont light up but with no gpu they do I had this pc for over 1.5 year and done alot of gaming and rendering with it and no such thing has happens before
Mobo : asus prime b360m-a Cpu : intel core i3 9100f Gpu : msi armor rx 580 8gb Ram : mixed 16gb Psu :Green 580 watt(its a local brand)
So can i blame it on gpu or psu? (I checked the 8 pin of my gpu it was slightly out a bit but i dont think that could be the problem i mean how the hell would it get too much out that kill the gpu?)
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2022.01.25 14:13 Kokarn Wanna know how much each hideout module costs to build? We got a calculator for you

Hey hey! Hope everyone is doing alright. I know for me personally 0.12.12 has been pretty sweet.
I got to thinking what each module in the hideout costs to build, so I did a small page where you can see total costs.
Damn that solar at a soothing ~22mil...
Without further ado, here you go tarkov hideout costs
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2022.01.25 14:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - Amit Shah to be in huddle with Jat influencers today | Times of India

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2022.01.25 14:13 EndlessKng [Brainstorming] Pieces that have weapons built into them

I have an idea for a glam that involves a heavily overarmed character. Several pieces have added weapons for decoration - nonfunctional, but still there - and I wanted to see what could work. But, to do that, I need to first figure out what pieces exist, and was hoping I could get some advice.
Ones I know about:

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2022.01.25 14:13 mrgtoyz They punch for a bit, then they're mates

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2022.01.25 14:13 FadedGenius So today I got a RTX 3080 Ti for free. Crypto miner wanted my RTX 3080 non lhr and offered his brand new gpu for it. Win win?

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2022.01.25 14:13 Star_Inari In need of help. Close to being homeless again

Hi I’m Kris. I’m a non-binary 24 year old and I’m making a desperate attempt at getting some help. I’ve been in and out of homeless shelters, friends couches, and back at my abusive parent’s house on and off since I was in high school. I finally was able to scape enough money together to rent a room but now With Covid ramping up so much in my area my job has been closed indefinitely and I’m unable to pay rent or even buy myself groceries. I’ve been in some bad places before but this is seemingly one of the worst and I’m struggling to be able to get myself out of this and I’m in danger of being thrown out and end up on the street again now. I ask for absolutely any help anyone can feel comfortable enough to give. I need help paying rent, bills like my phone bill, and for help with groceries. I’ve never reached out to Reddit for help like this before but I just want to thank absolutely anyone who even just takes the time to read this post. Thank you so much
My PayPal fundraiser for those who can comfortably help
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2022.01.25 14:13 TobyK98 Upgrade from a Ryzen 5 3500x/2060 build

So currently, I have an MSI B450 tomahawk motherboard with an Ryzen 5 3500x and an RTX 2060. I was thinking, after I get my tax return, about upgrading to a higher core count CPU and GPU since I plan on messing around with unity, as well as doing some streaming and light video editing as well (nothing involving 1440p or 4k videos).
My original plan was to go for a 5800x since it's AM4 and I could slap it onto my current motherboard and then go for a 6800 XT since AMD cards are more readily available than NVIDIA ones. However, after doing some research, I found out that I would face a decrease in performance with both parts if I used the B450 I have now and would have to get a B550 or higher to get the most out of them. So I started looking around and found some for around $120-$150.
Then it occurred to me: if I'm going to have to go and buy a new motherboard on top of everything else, why not just go for an Intel build instead? Something like a 12600k and a budget B660 (which would come out to the same price more or less) instead since that would grant me two more extra cores at the cost of a higher power consumption. Maybe even go for something like a 3070 instead to get a better cooler for those higher temps.
So what should I do? Should I just stick with the original plan at the cost of performance or should I go for the full upgrade including the motherboard as well? And if so, which one should I go for, Intel or AMD?
If there's any other details that you need to know, feel free to ask.
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2022.01.25 14:13 chrisdh79 GM and LG announce giant new 50 GWh battery cell factory in the US

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2022.01.25 14:13 IcantchoosewhatIwant Regarding Unlockables

I just wanted to clear some misconceptions I have seen people have regarding unlockable lords.

Be'lakor is confirmed to be unlockable at some stage in the campaign but not to start as a stand alone faction. The safe assumptions so far is that you will get him as a legendary lord after completing the final battle in the campaign and then choose to keep going. It is also unknown if he is unlockable only if you play as Daniel the daemon prince or as any of the Daemon factions. The confirming factor on why he is not playable as a stand alone faction is the domination campaign victory requirements. It shows all important factions that exist or might appear and there is no room for old Be'lakor which leads me to the next character on the list.

This is from Okoii's stream on Zhao Ming.
Boris Bokha:
There is already lots of evidence that Boris will be playable at some point in the campaign. Such as the fact there is an achievement for reviving him or his selection screen having been leaked.

Credit to u/that1dwarvensexlord

Credit to u/DTAPPSNZ
All of this isn't new but I have seen a lot of people that think he will only be playable in the "Something rotten in Kislev" multiplayer campaign and then get the Be'lakor treatment in the main campaign when I don't think that is the case. Boris' faction appears in the domination victory requirements for the main campaign which means that he can be played as from the beginning once unlocked unlike Be'lakor who doesn't have a spare faction in the requirements. This leaves the question of Cathay.
I have not seen any evidence towards her being unlockable in any way so far because CA has not stated anything yet unlike with Be'lakor and no leaks have gone through yet about her unlike Boris. The only things pointing towards her being unlockable is the lack of evidence to say she isn't and the pattern that has been made regarding unlockable lords . The domination victory requirements are from the perspective of Cathay so I don't know if there is a spare faction that Shen-Zoo could fit in the way there is for Boris but maybe that has been showed by a streamer in Skarbrand's campaign. And the other fact pointing towards her being in is that Kislev is confirmed to have their own unlockable lord and so does potentially all of chaos but it would be strange to leave Cathay with nothing.
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2022.01.25 14:13 wdya0 [Wrap-up] Never thought I'd hit 1000 trophies in one year! And 20 platinums! I only even got my first PlayStation in summer 2019, so I'm proud of how fast I've hit my stride.

[Wrap-up] Never thought I'd hit 1000 trophies in one year! And 20 platinums! I only even got my first PlayStation in summer 2019, so I'm proud of how fast I've hit my stride. submitted by wdya0 to Trophies [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 14:13 Apocalypse_God She was afraid of the singing Christmas decoration.

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2022.01.25 14:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee refuses to accept Padma Bhushan | Times of India

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2022.01.25 14:13 AdventurousShut-in Hair update, a bit dry (might delete later because face)

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2022.01.25 14:13 jaymo54 Looking for advice on cable or hardware that’s best for vhs import for digital storage

I’m wanting to back up a LOT of family movies that are vhs and hi-8. I’ve seen a lot of rca dongles online but I didn’t know what is best and if you lose quality or the speed of input is affected depending on how it’s imported. I’ll be using my M1 max 64gb ram laptop
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.25 14:13 Tuiika After playing 9 years straight I am quiting League of Legends today

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2022.01.25 14:13 I_Hope_I_Die_In_Pain I didn't expect that

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