Do I buy the new 6500xt?

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2022.01.19 13:25 lukas2006089 Do I buy the new 6500xt?

It’s in stock for now, I currently have a 1050. I know it’s not a very good gpu but it will be a big upgrade I think. I also know that I can get a better deal on the second hand market, but I’d rather buy it new and I can pay more than a month later so I can set some money aside but I still have it for emergencies. And I can always send it back if it disappoints.
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2022.01.19 13:25 aunty-national No, BJP MP Ravi Kishan did not complain about the 'smell of sweat' of Dalits in this video - Alt News

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2022.01.19 13:25 Odd_Human4444 Anaiah is mad

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2022.01.19 13:25 MedozvezdkaKriklava Suggestions

Here are some ideas to implement in the future:
1) Pacemaker neurons for more complex spontaneous activity
2) K/R strategy - spectrum between having immature offspring frequently or a bit more mature offspring less frequently
3) Shells - they would make organism more durable, but slower
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2022.01.19 13:25 balamenon WARP+ Unlimited: Does not connect on iOS 15.3. Connects on DNS-only mode.

I’m a paid subscriber for WARP+ Unlimited and for the past week or so, it doesn’t connect at all. It does on DNS-only mode but then it doesn’t make sense to pay, no?
I can’t seem to get a response from anyone on the app either. Anyone had any luck with support?
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2022.01.19 13:25 AccomplishedBig7666 [Discussion] Reading books is similar to playing video games. How? Read on!

I have covered a detailed article on it. Please do check it out!
Here is the summary of the article.
There are so many parallels that both gamers and avid book readers share with each other. How?

  1. Books and video games improve your cognitive ability
  2. Books and video games provide a powerful mode of escapism
  3. Books and video games offer you amazing life lessons
  4. Both are sources of entertainment.
How is book reading different to playing video games?
  1. It is easier to get addicted to gaming than books
  2. Books offer more than just entertainment. They offer skill development since books are of so many different types
  3. Books help in development of your creative writing skills in a much better way.
What do you think? I would love to get to know your opinion on this.
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2022.01.19 13:25 Pitbits Mclaren vs Nissan - So much speed.....

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2022.01.19 13:25 mostafa_tux وزیر اقتصاد:فرایند تجارت با روسیه تسهیل می شود

مسکو - ایرنا- احسان خاندوزی وزیر اقتصاد و دارایی جمهوری اسلامی ایران گفت : با برنامه ریزی های که انجام شده است و امیدواریم در سفر رییس جمهوری به مسکو نهایی شود، روند امور تجاری، نظیر موانع گمرکی، بانکی و انتقال ارز برای تجار ایرانی مقیم روسیه تسهیل خواهد شد.روسیه,اقتصاد,سید-احسان-خاندوزی-وزیر-اقتصادفرایند-تجارت-روسیه-تسهیل
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2022.01.19 13:25 gaurav_kumrawat Portfolio tracker?

Does anyone know any app or software which will track all of my stocks portfolio and respective allocation for each individual company stocks. I use groww if anyone is wondering.
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2022.01.19 13:25 A_brief_passerby Slaaneshi cultist testing new tech

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2022.01.19 13:25 jennaypenny Is it worth it to miss Extra Evening Hours to attend Flower and Garden?

We will be going Feb 25-March 3 for the Princess Half Marathon weekend. As of now, we have reservations for Epcot Mon Feb 28, and MK Wed Mar 2, in order to take advantage of the two hours of evening hours for deluxe resort guests. We would prefer to NOT pay for park hoppers as we are already paying so much to stay on site.
With flower and garden starting on the 2nd, I’m torn between sacrificing the two night of evening hours in order to see (and eat!) the special festival offerings. My fiancé hasn’t been to Epcot and there is just something so fun about the festival periods with the topiary and scavenger hunt, I can see it really making the day special. However, we sprung for Dolphin in order to get those extra evening hours. Would it be worth it to just enjoy standard park hours to get the festival, or do you recommend keeping those extra hours to ensure we can ride and enjoy as much of the parks as possible?
I haven’t been to WDW in ~5 years, so I’d love the opinions of those who have gone more recently and are more familiar with current park offerings! Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.19 13:25 Fenicio71 ???

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2022.01.19 13:25 elfkebler tasmota object not in scope of a berry rule function

If I try to call a tasmota object function like publish inside a function like a rule function it throws an error that indicates that the tasmota object is not in the scope of the function. What? so I can't call publish from within a rule function? Kinda makes rules not so useful. This rule worked great in old scripts.
ON Tele-DS18B20#Temperature DO Publish tele/temp/%topic% %value% ENDON
def rule_temperature(value, sensor) print("value of",sensor," is ",value) print("creating and publishing MQTT message") tasmota.publish("tele/temp/stove", value) end tasmota.add_rule("Tele#DS18B20#Temperature", rule_temperature)
value of Tele#DS18B20#Temperature is 66.7 creating and publishing MQTT message stack traceback: : in function `rule_temperature`
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2022.01.19 13:25 Kassi0101 Need help unlocking server

Good evening. We come to you with a huge request for help. Our company rented Hetzner's servers through a Russian reseller. This reseller was blocked yesterday, and we were blocked along with them. Our servers have been turned off, we know our IP, but everything is closed. On the customer support phone, they say this - who concluded the contract, let him call.But reseller does not respond to messages. We really need access - at least to take copies of the data. We are ready to provide access to the personal account of the reseller. Please tell us how we can get access to our data, at least temporarily, we need to pick it up. Our reseller has let us down and is not answering us.
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2022.01.19 13:25 Jamesmorgan777 LOW CAP GEM ! 100X POTENTIAL 🚀

🍬Crypto candy 🍬 FOUNDER
💫300K Marketcap
💫10 Mill supply
💫4 Mill locked up
💫LP LOCKED on Pancake swap 🥞
💫NEW ASTEROID ☄️ Pre sale
A simple tweet will change this Only way is 🆙
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2022.01.19 13:25 someweirdbanana Those who know

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2022.01.19 13:25 LoudAngryJerk A shield for tanks (mostly for druids)

A shield for tanks (mostly for druids) The shield in question:

The story, for anyone who cares:
So, one of my players, a druid, wanted to tank. Tanking in any game is probably my favorite role, so I understand that. Circle of the moon is great for defense, and that was what he wanted to play, but he and I were talking about what tanking means, and how to really get what he wanted, he would have to go barbarian for at least 2 levels, which he described as unfortunate because he and I agree that the druid has probably the coolest (in our opinion) capstone ability in the entirety of 5th edition: Archdruid. "You can use your wildshape ability an unlimited number of times". Wildshape is f***ing awesome, and being able to do it as a bonus action just whenever is just more awesomeness. But it requires level 20.
Specifically, tanking in 5e- it's pretty well known is not all that similar to a game like, say WoW, where you have taunts. There are some spells that function that way, but you can't cast spells in wildshape until 18th level anyway, and while you can concentrate on spells going in, none of those spells function for longer than one use (as far as I know). But reckless attack does function this way, and isn't a spell.
So he mentions he's gonna think about it for 6th levels, and decide whether or not to bite the bullet once he can wildshape into a bear that puts his strength at 20.
So, I decided as a surprise, I'd build him a shield to drop along his character's path before 6th level.
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2022.01.19 13:25 mostafa_tux این گیاه سیستم ایمنی بدنتان را تقویت می کند

صدآنلاین : محل نگهداری میخک‌ها در گلخانه‌های مناطق سردسیر است.صدآنلاین,سیستم-ایمنی-گیاه-سیستم-ایمنی-بدنتان-تقویت
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2022.01.19 13:25 tttrxxx 3mg hulks

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2022.01.19 13:25 newpew2 Dump WASHING POWDER in toilet and SEE WHAT HAPPENS

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2022.01.19 13:25 decisivemarketer MailRefine Review - Email Verification & Validation Checker with API and Integrations to CRMs

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2022.01.19 13:25 Im_a_CarbieGirl Possible wrongful termination?

Long story short: I work in accounting. I started 11/15/21 I had to miss 9 days between being exposed to Covid by a coworker and told I had to get tested and two days I actually was sick, plus holidays the office was closed, but banks were not. There have been 6 employees (3 in my exact position that quit within a few months) that have worked under my direct supervisors that have left. I had to make a complaint against HR last Thursday for how my supervisor spoke to me in front of other employees. Blaming me for money not being cleared in the bank, I can’t control that or how fast customers pay. Friday I got called into a meeting by both supervisors and was told I’m not doing my job, I’m socializing (just started, I don’t know anyone) and that I’m on my phone. I told them it’s unrealistic they want me to keep up with 14 days worth of work (9 days I was out and 5 days of last weeks work). I went and literally cried in HRs office about how I’m being yelled at now. So I forwarded HR my daily report that shows I absolutely was doing my work and entered in hundreds of payments. (In order to get these payments, I have to download the lockbox and EFTS from the banks website, find remittances through emails or our accounting software, barcode them and enter each one one by one.) Impossible to get all of the days entered in 2-3 days. I was sent home early Friday, I had vacation until yesterday. I texted my supervisor explaining I’m exhausted from 12 hours of traveling and my body is sore from vacation. Granted I shouldn’t have said all of that, but nonetheless she called me and told me I am not approved for sick days, PTO or vacation time. Even though I have qualified for all of it and have it to use. So she fired me. I think this was retaliation for my HR complaint’s. HR has had numerous complaints against these supervisors, but can’t/haven’t done anything because the supervisor HR goes to is besties with the supervisors being complained against.
Did they wrongfully terminate me for retaliation of my complaints?
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2022.01.19 13:25 HirboSH Faceit Insider

Hey, I've just applied to Insider a week ago - something like this. I wanted to know if this program still runs... Thanks ;D!
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2022.01.19 13:25 Patient_Language_804 Am I the only one?

I honestly think that people who live on main high traffic roads, should be not be able to receive front door delivery. Its dangerous and creates a shit ton of traffic and ppl can’t go around because of the incoming traffic.
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2022.01.19 13:25 stuehett Djdjdj

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