i3z7f 6fn24 zhys7 8hndr s4dh6 dnkkz z2ift tb473 tt8b9 6ahfd 23758 48kbh 827h7 r48e2 z2ey4 er4rz 7di47 hs5zy ayh85 dkyat f2enh Aliens are Responsible! |

Aliens are Responsible!

2022.01.23 00:31 Alindill Aliens are Responsible!

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2022.01.23 00:31 bmc5558 Could someone check the USA store for me?

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2022.01.23 00:31 RLCD-Bot [Orange Octane] [Octane: CRL Northern] [Pink Halo] [Cherry Blossom] [Black Falco] [Luminous]

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2022.01.23 00:31 supergodextra [USA-CA][H] Optoma - GT1080HDR SHORT THROW Peojector 1080p 120hz HDR low Ms gaming projector 109" screen with a remote, l20 or 25 98w hour 27,000 mAh Lithium ion rechargable off grid or engineering experimenting battery packs. [W] Local, PayPal


1,000 obo looking for laptop or phone idc 20 to 25 altogether
300 or so
Idk 100 or 麻
888 or trade
Looking for
2080 3080 2070 3070 gaming laptops
High capacity galaxy fold 3 ultra or any OnePlus 9 pro or sharp Aquos or one thee 4k 120hz .
Galaxy tab 7 plus iPad pro m1 Electric scooter that goes fast Cash or something
Lmk local is San Diego .
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2022.01.23 00:31 acebossrhino [USA-CA] [H] Logitech G502, Corsair K40, Razr Basilisk X Hyperspeed, Lego Architect Series - Empire State Building, Long HDMI Extension Cable [W] Local Cash / PayPal

I'm selling a few items I don't need/want anymore:

Tl;dr - No longer need the mice/keyboard. I bought a more ergonomic mouse. Wrist is killing me.
Priority will be given to local pickup. If I do ship, please add $5 to the cost of the mice for shipping. And $10 to the lego set, the keyboard, and the hdmi cable.
I'm located in Southern California. By the 60/71 intersection. So right on the edge of San Bernardino and LA County. Please message me if you have any more questions.
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2022.01.23 00:31 GhastlyGuy123 1060 still holding up

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2022.01.23 00:31 asiyanaaz -White Adult Electric Toothbrush Ultrasonic U Shape Teeth Whitening 360° Oral Cleaning Hands Free Gum Protection Wireless Charging LED Light IPX7 Waterproof Certified $ 48.99 Free for USA 🇺🇸 Testers DM me for more details

-White Adult Electric Toothbrush Ultrasonic U Shape Teeth Whitening 360° Oral Cleaning Hands Free Gum Protection Wireless Charging LED Light IPX7 Waterproof Certified $ 48.99 Free for USA 🇺🇸 Testers DM me for more details submitted by asiyanaaz to AmazonReviewClub [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 00:31 Time-Perception-2977 Recently found this subreddit after taking the mbti test. Anyone else have some of these same feelings/tendencies?

I’ve found that when thinking about how I act and treat people, I treat them kindly. But if I subconsciously engage with someone I tear them down to make myself feel better. This may be through manipulating them to be bad guy instead of myself or by pointing out what they did wrong. It’s ruined a lot of relationships in my life (not romantic relationships).
People also start to become unbearable to me even if they are great friends. I almost always see the worst in people as how that defines them rather the best in people.
I often like to be in positions where I am in charge, usually because I feel I am the best versed. It’s hard to know whether it is narcissism or the truth. - To go with this, I often flip between not feeling good enough ever and feeling that I am better than everyone.
I as many others in this subreddit, can’t do anything right away and must procrastinate it until I’m sick with myself.
Any suggestions on how I can improve my vision of others and detrimental toxicity?
Thanks for the read, I appreciate it.
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2022.01.23 00:31 Outrageous-Window-46 office garage?

is it possible to get a garage at the office? i didnt see an option in dynasty site so i wasnt sure if it was somewhere else perhaps
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2022.01.23 00:31 kk-was-here How do I save my purple waffle? I got it as a gift and it was thriving. I bottom water it twice/wk like the previous owner and it’s a few feet back from an East facing window. It’s turning brown and crispy and crumbling away. Would a humidifier help?

How do I save my purple waffle? I got it as a gift and it was thriving. I bottom water it twice/wk like the previous owner and it’s a few feet back from an East facing window. It’s turning brown and crispy and crumbling away. Would a humidifier help? submitted by kk-was-here to houseplants [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 00:31 greypic Gators offer Andrew Savalinaea

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2022.01.23 00:31 colorfulblack Can staying on a pc a lot cause a pelvic tilt since you keep your right hand on the mouse all the time?

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2022.01.23 00:31 amnesiac7 Families are in distress after the first month without the expanded child tax credit

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2022.01.23 00:31 Uptomoon Everyone allowed to hold 10 billion now 😂

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2022.01.23 00:31 xXWlWXx I need to advertise something, Does this sub-reddit allow that

Does this sub-reddit allow advertising
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2022.01.23 00:31 DeadlyRetr0_ do ramanas legends respawn?

finally got some shards and got the slate thing. I've saved in the room with the legendary and im wondering if I knock it out can I get it again later?
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2022.01.23 00:31 BradElBard Vent fan working intermittently

Anyone ever have an issue where their heateCooling fan for the inside vents? Seems electrical in nature, hoping someone can give me an idea of what to look for.
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2022.01.23 00:31 viestev Looking for kitchen items!

Hi guys! I upgraded my house so now I have two rooms, I want to create a kitchen in one of my rooms but I can’t seem to get any items besides the clay furnace and a knife block. Does anyone have any different kitchen furniture or items they’re willing to part with?? I can trade bells or anything else!
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2022.01.23 00:31 OkayFlan [THANK YOU] The outpouring of love is unbelievable x17! 🥰💌

Happy mail picture #1 and #2: https://imgur.com/a/mxL7ffW
Hey friends, I made this request a few days ago asking for help staying positive after my therapy appointment was postponed until March due to my COVID quarantine.
Today I opened my mailbox to 11 cards and yesterday I brought in 9 (thank you post for the first 3 here). That's 20 cards you wonderful people sent me in just 2 days. I've never gotten so much mail in my life and I'm so freaking touched and amazed that you cared that much. Thank you! 😻
Love to my senders:
Diphi22 x2: Thank you for the glow-in-the-dark mountain postcard, it's so cool that the birds are the glow element! Thank you also for the lovely foil thank-you card that you included, I'll certainly be passing the love along to someone. (I have plenty of people to thank!)
relax455: Thank you so much for the beautiful lamb card, handpainted bookmark, and handprinted dog, cat, and lamb stickers! Am I right to guess that the animal imagery is all your creation? I love it all! The calligraphy inside the card and on the envelope blew me away, you have lovely penmanship! The two quotes that you included are ones that I will take to heart, especially the quote about connecting to the silence within you.
calculatingmove: Thank you for the beautiful little card and care package that you sent me! The stickers, snowflake, and little note all made me smile, and I adore the budgie envelope that you used to send it all. Thank you for the kind thoughts and warm hugs, I appreciate you so much!
FantasticStar7040: Thank you for the handmade card in all my favorite colors! It's clear you know me well because the card heavily uses several washi tape from sets I've been eyeing up lately, haha :) I love all the shiny pastels! It was fun to read about your day, I am glad that the fog lifted and gave you some sunshine. Give Maya scritches for me! I have a card in the mail to you right now, I hope it reaches you soon. It always makes my day bright to hear from you.
babyraspberry: Thank you for the every day is a new adventure floral typography postcard, it's so pretty! Your washi tape decorations are completely on point and so is your handwriting and pen choice, it's all very satisfying. That quote you included sounds like the original speaker was talking directly to me, it's actually very helpful and I'm going to try to remember it as a mantra. It's not cheesy at all :)
System-Virus: Thank you for the cactus just be you postcard and the shiny and rainbow stickers all over it, it's so cute! Has anyone ever told you your handwriting is super rad?
ez330: Thank you for the guac, baby girl. guac! typography postcard, it made me laugh! I am feeling like guac today! Cuuute stickers, is the little rainbow leopard with the hamburger from Lisa Frank? Because it totally looks like Lisa Frank.
slimjimmy2918: Thank you for the Texas Rodeo postcard!! Your message made me smile, no matter how bad it gets, at least I'm not that guy at the rodeo lol! I hope you have a great day!
AppleCritter723: Thank you for the Pokemon Valentine card and the Pokemon stickers! The envelope's stickers were super cute too! I hope you have a great Valentine's Day. I don't plan to do anything on that day myself since my husband and I have been laid-back about holidays lately. How about you?
melhen16: Thank you for the beautiful monkey postcard! I love good animal photography, and this monkey portrait sure showcases some personality. The random monkey facts were cool, I've never heard a group of monkey called a tribe before but it makes perfect sense.
missnettiemoore: Thank you for the awesome space shuttle postcard! I did not know that there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on earth, but that is an incredibly humbling (and sort of frightening) thing to think about. How big can a number get until you just call it infinity?
stockman1984: Thank you for the badass Breaking Bad postcard! I agree that it's one of the best shows ever. I've actually never rewatched it yet because I feel like any subsequent viewing wouldn't be the same as the first time seeing it, you know?
todayisfab: Thank you for the Lou Paper sushi postcard!! Yum, toro and sake. Would you laugh at me if I said the best sushi I've had is from Wegmans? It's not that other sushi is bad, it's that I love Wegmans sushi that much lolol. I'm sure there is some good sushi in Harrisburg too. Cool Hawaii Statehood stamps by the way!
truthfulsnack: Thank you for the Moscow mule postcard and the big-ass cat sticker you included on it! I love the poem you included too, it's a good one about happiness.
yetanotherblankface: Thank you for the vintage Grafofoni Columbia postcard and the cool vintage washi stickers you added! They add to the vintage ad atmosphere of the whole thing, I like it as a whole effect.
realjoshuamccoy: Thank you for the Frozen Valentine and stickers! The stickers came in a cute little box that I have a feeling my toddler will want to hijack. Happy Valentine's Day!
A few of these cards are from exchanges or mailing lists, but nonetheless I'm so humbled by all the love I've gotten these two days. Thank you for lifting my spirits, friends! 🥰
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2022.01.23 00:31 SixteenXray Why does water do this?

Physics or whatever?
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2022.01.23 00:31 llamaboyz123 Why am I always tired?

I feel like the past couple months I've been really tired throughout the day and I'm not sure why. I started eating healthier, getting like 9 hours of sleep, but I'm still pretty tired throughout the day. Here's my sched, if any of these things stick out. I get up around 10 am (i work remotely now), and pretty much right out of bed I'll smoke my bowl. Then I drink coffee, do a little writing while hitting my vape pen (usually sativa, blue dream), and then I'll go for a 2-mile run. I'll come back home, shower, smoke my bong a bit, and then try to get four hours of work in until about 4 pm. By then, even though i've had like 2 cups of coffee, I'm usually exhausted by like 5 pm. So i'll climb into bed, smoke my bowl, and watch tv until like 8. But then I'm still so tired by like 8 pm, and I don't know why. Any thoughts? Is it possible I have some sleepy disease?
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2022.01.23 00:31 HillBilly_Hobbyist Crescent Nebula

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2022.01.23 00:31 AvailableTell2851 BOIS my bday is tomorrow (23rd)

I’m leaving the 14 group and joining the 15 group. Should I be happy or sad?
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2022.01.23 00:31 NeverRisen God

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2022.01.23 00:31 CannaPLUS "What kind of sandwich is that?"

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