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My first thoughts upon hearing about sub-minds

2022.01.22 08:32 PippyRollingham My first thoughts upon hearing about sub-minds

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2022.01.22 08:31 jhony013 FREE VINTAGE SAMPLE PACK - ''Dead Soul'' (Samples for Hip-Hop, Trap, Lo-Fi and R&B)

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2022.01.22 08:31 JuicyyJayy94 Rewatch🙏🏾

These movies still hit every single time I do a rewatch! Forever favorites are 1 & 2. Classics. Brutal, and still have that psychological aspect to them.
What’re your favorites, and why? 😁
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2022.01.22 08:31 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert HIT AND RUN 5834 ALLEGRO AVE 1/22/2022 3:07:49 AM incident #LLV220100085358
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2022.01.22 08:31 TheFalseLogical Who do you like to see in matches?

I currently have a campion pool of three and i want to know who do you like seeing.
View Poll
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2022.01.22 08:31 SnooHabits8194 Why do I get significantly more hungover on white rum then vodka or whisky? I feel so sick and I haven't even had much? I can handle so much whisky or vodka but when it comes to white rum I get so sick? Why is the s?

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2022.01.22 08:31 Agreeable_Lemon6847 Why does it absorbe the colour of the agar is this normal ?

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2022.01.22 08:31 FluffyTid Sell and Rebuy

The thing I mostly regret from 2017 is buying the dip too early, the market kept crashing a lot more. And I wish I had sold everything to rebuy later.
The markey can crash a lot more, and there is nothing to suggest it won't.
It will rebound up, it always does, but untill then you are better of selling right now and buying in later.
You will see hundreds of people on this sub telling you to buy now, that's mainly because they don't want to lose more value on their investments. But it is not actually clear that a mass buying now will make reaching ATH any sooner. If this is going to crash we might just as well stop giving money to people exiting and hit the bottom before starting to regrow
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2022.01.22 08:31 Flammerole What's Wayland supposed to bring over Xorg on a simple setup ?

I first installed Sway with Wayland when I got my computer, however I had some issues to setup some things and I realized I would need Xorg anyway so I switched to bspwm. However, I see a lot of people using Wayland and I'm wondering which it's so popular over Xorg on this sub. I feel like Wayland or Xorg is not something you're supposed to notice unless they're an issue and I can't see a reason to why someone would switch over something that's thoroughly documented like i3 to the same WM but ported to Wayland. I get that Wayland isn't supposed to fuck up your windows since they can't invade each others and stuff like that contrary to Xorg, but that's something I've NEVER noticed and all the relevant videos I've seen don't give any concrete example of Wayland doing something better than Xorg.

I'm genuinly interested in why it's so popular, but I feel frustrated at the lack of quality content explaining Wayland. Hope you can enlighten me !
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2022.01.22 08:31 miningdoges This is the next sleeper project of 2022. BAYC meets CrypcctoPunks. Become the ELITE now. CryptoRichKids.

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2022.01.22 08:31 Bliksem1511 This ad i just got, i hope that misspelling was intentional

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2022.01.22 08:31 TakeAcidStrokeCats The Parable of Boris Johnson (and what it says about Britain)

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2022.01.22 08:31 Low_Housing1107 #Lumighost [$85K market cap] [Not Meme Token] - a crypto gaming gem by an experienced game development company🚀🚀 A team of 8 people that does not hide themselves ✅ KYC ✅ Marketing coming⭐️

I don't often invest in low-cap coins - the last time I did was last summer. However I think I have discovered a project I believe is extremely undervalued and could perform really well in the next few months (the reasons are listed below).
Let me introduce you to LumiGhost - the in-game currency for Haunted Houses, an upcoming play-to-earn ghost hunting game. Here is a short description of the game by its developers:
Haunted Houses is a game where the main target is to catch as many ghosts as possible. The game is presented in the first-person shooter mode. The player controls their character using a touch gamepad (mobile) or keyboard and mouse (PC). The player starts the game with one of the default weapons to choose from.
The main goals of the game are to unlock as many weapons as possible and make your way into the top of the leaderboard. Weapons unlock as you progress through the levels. The weapons are digital, collectible items built on the Binance Smart Chain. To buy them you need to earn money, which can be earned by destroying ghosts in game levels. Users can cal buy and sell weapons using the marketplace. These NFT items allow players to monetize their game process, exchanging objects for the tokens.
A trailer for the game:

The reasons why I believe in the project:
the game is scheduled to be released by the end of Q1 2022 and it already seems quite playbable by the looks of it,
the team is public, is quite sizeable and has plenty of experience in the relevant industries according to LinkedIn and past jobs,
the token is created by a real development company registered in the UK that has prior experience with blockchain gaming and a good reputation,
the market cap of the token is just around $70k at the time of writing this - there are gaming tokens around with a market caps 100x larger than this without much evidence of a game actually existing.

I am not associated with the project in any way other than holding a bag. This is not financial advice, just my insight into a project I believe in.

Contract: 0x762fb5c3dac0c0a16ecb692ac0aff5a12000198d (BSC)

Telegram announcements:
Telegram chat:

Liquidity lock:
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2022.01.22 08:31 FADIKALIL نقاط الفيصلي الصعبة تهدي الاتحاد أرقامًا مميزة في الدوري

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2022.01.22 08:31 ShortJoseph Hay a-

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2022.01.22 08:31 Nebb1a M25 - I'll most likely trash talk your food, send memes and have breakdowns [friendship]

Hiya, I'm a 25 years old student from Italy. I also work part-time on weekends most of the time.
-Good food. I love exploring restaurants, I only review the ones I don't like(yeah I know I'm an asshole for this)stopped doing that because of the pandemic
-True crime/ detective shows. I love JCS and all the good Netflix shows such as mind hunter, the alienist and the fall.
-I enjoy watching sports but I hate sweating and effort. I can walk really long distances but if you ask me to run I'll die after 10 minutes.
-I have a really dark sense of humour.
-I have a dog. She has sooooo much energy, I'm trying to keep up with her but she always finds ne ways of doing things she's not supposed to do
-I mainly play Valorant and TFT, however I'm open to try everything.
-I'm really passionate about the Vatican and the church in general, I'm agnostic but I wish I was strong enough to have faith, it is what it is.
-My music taste it's a really pretty much everything, but metal. Lately I've been listening to a lot of MGK and Juice world.
-i love watching shows such as 1000 ways to die, the more bizarre and weird the show is the better.
Please include your pronouns and be 18+.
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2022.01.22 08:31 lgats Shenzhenshi Hantai Keji Youxian Gongsi wireless headphone MI04 (2A35V-MI04)

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2022.01.22 08:31 bucket--bot hi little shits about two weeks, and have severe in

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2022.01.22 08:31 Lazy-Reserve-131 💎🙌 Light a candle and roll this into a ball

💎🙌 Light a candle and roll this into a ball The volume on the rip vs the dip tells you what kind of hands this token is in. Even on such a low volume crash, 72% of orders were buys. Paper hands are leaving, only big, strong, moist, hairy hands will remain.
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2022.01.22 08:31 vitoskito Renault Capture 1940 & 2018

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2022.01.22 08:31 FADIKALIL أسرار الصحف الصادرة السبت 22 كانون الثاني 2022

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2022.01.22 08:31 TheLastGoodCountry Slobozia, circa 1940, colorizat de Jecinci

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2022.01.22 08:31 FADIKALIL مناقشة تطورات الاستثمار والتجارة بين دول الخليج والاتحاد الأوروبي

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2022.01.22 08:31 OptionLaser4 V.E.R.S.I.O.N

Good day. Does anyone have a link of Black Ops 3's short story, V.E.R.S.I.O.N? I've read the story some time ago and I finished it. I miss reading it again.
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2022.01.22 08:31 NoOkra4265 [FNV] HELP! I'm confident my 4GB patcher isnt working.

I've been getting the black texture glitch where objects are pitch black in interiors (Image below) which I'm pretty sure means Im running out of RAM. That makes sense since I am using NMC and OJO BUENO but I Thought I had 4GB patcher installed. Just to be safe I reinstalled the mod again manually. When I used the FNVpatch.exe it said the game had already been patched. Ran the game and entered the command to check LAA and it returned as 2, which I think means the 4GB patcher is installed, but the glitch persisted. Also checking task manager I never saw NV using more than 2GB's of RAM.
So Im pretty sure the 4GB patch isnt working. Any idea why it isnt working And how can I fix this issue?

Chet See's it too
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