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I found a Shadow Glaive

Hecarim is a spectral fusion of man and beast, cursed to ride down the souls of the living for all eternity. When the Blessed Isles fell into shadow, this proud knight was undone by the destructive energies of the Ruination, along with all his cavalry and their mounts. Now, whenever The Black Mist reaches out across Runeterra, he leads its devastating charge, reveling in the slaughter and ... The Lava Katana is a sword weapon that can be purchased from the Adventurer's Guild for 25,000g after reaching the bottom level of The Mines.. History. 1.5: Level lowered from 15 to 10 and sell price lowered from 750g to 500g.Bug where weapon defense had no effect fixed. The Shadowbeam Staff is a Hardmode, post-Plantera magic weapon that is similar to the Necromancer's standard attack, creating a purple beam that travels instantaneously to its maximum distance (approximately 108 tiles), bounces off blocks, is unaffected by gravity, and emits a moderate amount of light for its entire length. It has a 5*1/20 (5%) / 7.38*59/800 (7.38%) chance to drop from ... The glaive covered in burning flames was met with a sword covered in a deathly aura that looks like there's countless souls screaming inside! Bang! The old general kept striking at the Death Knight while the latter kept on defending, and slowly but surely, it was slowly getting pushed back as it actually wasn't expecting that the Human General ... Sailor Saturn (セーラーサターン, Sērā Satān) is a fictional supporting character in the Sailor Moon manga series created by Naoko Takeuchi.She is the alternate identity of Hotaru Tomoe (土萠 ほたる, Tomoe Hotaru), a young Japanese schoolgirl and a member of the Sailor Guardians, supernatural female fighters who protect the Solar System from evil. Shadow glaive and its off-hand; Sliskean essence; Regular and Dormant staff of Sliske; Disassembly [edit | edit source] The regular method to obtain these components is to buy a Sliskean weapon or Anima Core armour piece, augment it, take it to level 9 and then disassemble it, destroying the item in exchange for 4 Shadow components. The Arbiter intervened and, with Athel’s own spirit resisting desperately, managed to purge the Shadow in a short but grueling battle of wills. Alas, their victory was far from total. Athel was brought back as pure and determined as ever, a fraction of her essence was lost to the Shadow. From it, a dark and twisted reflection was formed. The Glaive Prime is a deadly and beautiful weapon from the Orokin era. The blades are as effective in close quarters as they are when thrown at distant enemies. The Glaive Prime is a Primed version of the Glaive, sporting higher damage, critical chance, status chance, and attack speed. It was released alongside Ember Prime and Sicarus Prime. This weapon deals primarily Slash damage. Can be ... The Ascended Shadow is the Paragon upgrade of the Ninja Monkey that was added to Bloons TD 6 in the 28.0 update. Combining major features from the Grandmaster Ninja, Grand Saboteur, and Master Bomber, the Ascended Shadow throws 7 large Shurikens that seek out Bloons. Every 7 shots, the Ascended Shadow throws 5 flash bombs that explode into 3 smaller blue seeking Shurikens and can stun ZOMG ... Bosses are opponents with increased health, high damage, and unique abilities in Shadow Fight 3, which are fought at the end of each level. They often have some important roles in the plot. Some bosses have their own unique way of fighting, mainly in their special abilities and to some extent, their battle mechanics that are exclusive to each boss. In some cases, the players will need to ...

2022.01.20 16:08 Helwyr_GB I found a Shadow Glaive

After killing a Gregorovic, it dropped a Shadow Glaive.
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It was a fairly young cardinal so it was quite small. The shrimp is starting to just at out clowns?? Help!!
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Have some bells going spare if anyone wants some?
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2022.01.20 16:08 wuanlai65 ✨ Metaverse Doge ✨ | The First Ever Defi Metaverse Doge | CERTIK audit DONE | Game P2E being developed | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC | Low market cap | Huge potential ✨

In a galaxy far far away on the planet Nakamoto, resides a cyber gunslinger named MetaVerse Doge and his team of Meta-Memes. Help fight away galactic scammers heading towards Nakamoto by collecting and utlilizing Meta-NFT cards.
Market cap is holding steady at 1.65m and project has not been listed yet on CMC and Coingecko, ready to explode!✨
Buy rare NFTs from our Meta Chest that are used in game. The rarer the NFT the more points you can gain!
Players who hold suitable METAVERSE DOGE NFT’s will NOT ONLY be able to invest in a unique or desirable NFT property, but will ALSO get access to the following: Common, Rare, Ultra rare and LEGENDARY.
Future marketing plans:
- Coinsniper And Coinhunter Listings
- Telegram Call Channels
- Daily Posts On Reddit Cms
- Daily Twitter Posts
- Twitter Influence+rs
- Poocoin Ads
- Cmc & Cg Application
- Dextools Trending
- Group Shilling And Contests
- Meme Contests And Giveaways
- Bsc Ads
Liquidity is locked for 3 months and LP tokens are burned forever.
Buy tax 6%
Sell tax 11%
Marketing strategies will focus on media content that will bind us into the ever-evolving fabric of the metaverse. $MVDOGE is a community driven token, to be a part of our communal web, join us on our telegram group to keep up to date with current news.
✅ Owner will video Doxx ✅
☕ NFT’S ☕
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⚔️ Website: https://metaversedoge.online/
⚔️ Telegram: https://t.me/MVDOGE
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hi! so i’ve been with my current therapist for almost 6 years now and i absolutely love her, she has helped me through so much trauma. Recently i moved away and she has become much busier (we’ve been doing telehealth bc of the pandemic) i think it’s time for me to find someone more local but i cry everytime i think about leaving her- we have so much history. i scheduled an appointment with a new therapist for this upcoming week but i still can’t imagine leaving my current therapist -she knows everything about me and i’m so comfortable with her. I was wondering if anyone has advice for my first appointment, potential termination appointment or advice in general. Thanks!
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2022.01.20 16:08 RavniTrappedInANovel Monsters and Maidens [132 to 134]

Chapter 132 [Rick] The tavern, or bar, or whatever the place opted to call itself, had several things about it that caught Rick’s attention almost right away. For one, the only females in sight were the four bouncers near either exit, and the maiden tending the bar itself. The second thing to catch him by surprise was the fact that the alcohol was far stronger than he expected it to be. The beer tasted like it’d had rum mixed into it, and there was a sweetness to the flavor that masked the punch a lot more than he expected. If he wasn’t careful, he’d likely get drunk way faster.
The third thing to grab his attention was the absence of music or background… anything.
Most bars he’d gone to had at least a television or a radio or something. Part of him was expecting sound to burst out through hidden speakers at any moment and the bar to explode into celebration at the fixing of the technical issue.
“You look like you’re about to get jumped.”
The voice snapped him out of the thoughts that kept dancing around the room. Rick forced a smile and took a long swing of his drink. “Spent a little too long in the forest.”
“You saw some shit, huh.” The foreman, Carl, nodded somberly. “Must be pretty damn horrifying. Whole Knight Squad getting slaughtered…”
“… yup.” Another nod. Rick held his tongue, making sure to keep from sharing his actual thoughts. As far as everyone here was concerned, he was just a traveler, not an offworlder. “Say, I never did learn much about the Earl. He a good man?”
“As good as any of those nobles go.” A large shrug. “Far as we care, he’s kept the taxes fair and the roads safe. Honestly, gramps keeps telling the kids to appreciate the peace while it lasts.”
“He lived through war?”
“The Rebellion, though he was a wee lad back then.” Carl shook his head. “Keeps quiet about it, but you hear the stories of how it went. Maiden killing humans, maidens fighting maidens, ferals burning defenseless cities to the ground… that sort of thing.” A loud snort as the man took a swing. “So, what were you doing before joining the militia? Usually folk get a run earlier in life.”
“I just recently became a citizen of the kingdom. Family’s place didn’t have much space for me, so I just went around looking for a new lot in life.” Rick just parroted off the first excuse that came to mind.
“Huh, so a noble’s son?” As Carl asked this, and the teacher choked, eyes wide and looking around right until the man slapped his back. “Don’t think us simple folk too dull. You stink of rich.”
The teacher chuckled nervously, trying to calm down. “I… how?”
“Skin’s pale, clothes are nice and new, you talk all pretty-like, and you drink like a babe. White Claw being yours? Traveling with a human girl? Stinks of old money all over.” The man laughed. “Don’t worry too much over it, we don’t much care where you come from.”
“Yeah… yeah, I’d just rather not…” He coughed, cogs spinning wildly. “You know, I’d rather avoid trouble.”
Carl rolled his eyes, patting his belly and keeping his tone light as he waved Rick off like it was nothing. “Got some tips if ya like, though not for free.” A wink. “Just wanna know what the lass’ story is. First human lady I’ve seen that didn’t come with a military escort.”
“Kat?” A slight pause. “She’s… traveling with her grandfather, don’t know much about her. Tomas fancies her, and there might be something mutual, but… that’s about it.” He shrugged slightly.
“Bah, fine, keep your secrets.” He grumbled, another long swing from his mug, leaving it back on the counter and gesturing at the bartender to refill it. “If I were in your briefs and wanted to avoid trouble, I’d either stop trying to pretend I’m someone from the dirt and just say something about being some noble lady’s thigh-warmer.” A chuckle followed. “Seeing how White Claw looks at you, no one would doubt that.”
“Duly noted.”
“So…” Rick paused, glancing at Carl as he sipped from his drink, the bearded fellow looking at him with a wide smirk. “So…” He repeated.
“So… what?”
“How is she?” The man chuckled. “Wild?”
“Oh! You mean… in bed.” The chemistry teacher coughed, taking another swing from his drink. “She… uh, she’s intense.”
“Come now, you can’t leave things like that!” A new face showed up, a man nearing his fifties, weathered face and bright smile. “Name’s Victor, sorry, but I couldn’t stop but overhear. You’re the man who caught White Claw. Right?”
“Victor… huh, I know a Victor.” Rick gave a slight nod.
“Hopefully a good fella.” The man offered a hand to shake. His grip was firm. “Would a drink in exchange for more details be the right price?”
“I’m not one that tends to share those kinds of details.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “She was feralborn, kept me alive for some reason, and things sort of rolled from there.”
“Mhm, everyone’s seen how she handles things.” The new Victor laughed. “Has a lot of things to learn. Must be quite the handful.” An emphatic nod followed. “How would you say she’s at fighting? Can she distinguish between friend and foe yet?”
Rick frowned. “I feel like that particular question came out of the blue.”
Victor frowned in turn, as if trying to decipher what he’d just said, but quickly recovered. “Don’t be very surprised. I’m looking for some security heading to Balet, and if I could convince the owner of White Claw to keep me safe…”
If he were a dog, his ears would have perked up. “So you want a bodyguard?”
“From ferals.” New-Victor pipped up with a slight grin. “Lost my guards during the rush and I’ve been stuck around these parts since the rush got everyone’s hands tied up. Would you be interested?”
“Somewhat, depends on how much.” A little pause. “And you’d have to consider that I’m not traveling alone.”
“Sure, sure.” Another quick nod. “Food expenses for yourself, White Claw, and the nurse. And ten gold coins?”
Carl choked on his drink, eyes darting between Rick and Victor. The teacher had to take a moment to ponder whether this was some sort of act as a way to get scammed or if it was something else. The sense of money was not one he’d gotten a solid hold on. He’d have to ask the others to get a better sense of how fair the offer might be.
“Sounds decent enough, but I’ll need to talk it over with my friends first.” His response was cordial enough, taking a long swing from his drink. “Wouldn’t want to commit to anything and then find out they’d rather avoid such dealings entirely.”
“Of course, of course.” Victor nodded. “I’ll make sure to pay you a visit, say… tomorrow noon?”
“Sounds… good?”
“Great! Great!” A pat on the back. “I’ll be there, then. Got lots to prepare. Be seeing you.”
Turning around, he left, waving off as he marched straight out the door. Rick was left blinking and slightly confused, glancing at his drinking partner as Carl merely shrugged. “City-folk, that one. Business burned down in the rush.” A long swing. “Personally don’t like him much, but he’s always paid well.”
“What about him don’t you like?”
The response was a simple shrug. “Just too… rushed, I guess.”
“Hm…” Rick shook his head. No sense in hurrying things on that end. He’d get time to talk things over with the others. “So, about the Earl, you don’t got anything?”
“Like I said, peaceful times make for boring stories, thing’s been quiet with him in charge. But many folks appreciate that.”
He could understand the feeling. The chemistry teacher merely nodded along and spent the rest of his drink. The hours oozed by slowly, doubly so when there was nothing to really keep his sense of time. By the end of his second glass, he was already starting to feel slightly light-headed and a bit loose-lipped. Carl was fun in a down-to-earth kind of way, but Rick was not feeling like he could really loosen up.
So, not wanting to risk talking too much or saying something he shouldn’t, Rick called it a night and headed back through the village in the general direction of the shack he was sharing with Dia and Monica.
Tipsy and a little disoriented, the local Hunter girls (green uniform, green collar) were more than happy to help. A few offered to accompany him the whole way, but something in the back of his head kept telling Rick he shouldn’t, so he didn’t. There was an odd sensation of being watched that followed him as he walked his way back.
He stopped as he found the shack having its door blocked by a heavy trunk.
He knocked and heard movement. “Rick?” The voice called out. It was Dia. “Rick, Monica locked me in!”
This time the young human shouted, jumping and turning around as he saw Monica was standing right behind him. She was angry, snarling as she stepped closer, pinning him against the tree-trunk. Reaching forward, she yanked the trunk out of the way, nearly tossing it out of the way. The door burst open and Dia stepped through. The nurse was shoved aside as Rick was shoved inside.
Whatever complaint Dia had was ignored, Monica lumbered into the house, pushed Rick onto the hay and straddled his hips. “Sex.” She stated, pushing him down. “Now.”

Chapter 133 [Rick][NSFW] Rick could feel the dampness of her crotch against his pants, her paw keeping him pinned against the bedding. Monica’s blue-green eyes shone in the darkness of the shack, the only source of light what little filtered through the open door. Her paws were warm, her touch surprisingly soft despite the aggressive use of force from moments earlier.
“Sir, sh-.”
Dia’s words were cut off by the feline’s head snapping towards the door and growling with such intensity, Rick could feel the vibrations all around him.
“Just… don’t piss her off.” He replied, leaning upwards, and immediately getting shoved back down.
“Sex. Now. Dia. No.” Monica proclaimed with a solid, bone-chilling glare.
“I’ll… wait outside.”
“You do MFFFF.”
Monica sealed his lips with a kiss, then immediately pulled back, scoffing and spitting. “RICK!” She whined in complaint, grabbing a fistful of cloth and shoving it into his mouth. Her anger turned into betrayal and annoyance, her claws moving across his body in an attempt to get his shirt off in one go.
The human laughed, pulling out the piece of cloth and helping her along, ignoring the half-hearted glare she sent his way as he reached up to help her remove her own shirt. It was hard to see what with how dark everything was, but even in the darkness, he could feel the weight and softness of her breasts as they escaped from the cloth that confined them. Monica shuddered as his cool fingers squeezed her warm tits, their flesh overflowing through his fingers. There was just too much of her for each hand.
“Riiiick.” She moaned now, her nipples poking at his palms, the weight she bore down on him relenting now that he was reciprocating. The thrust of her hips against his pants gained an edge of growing impatience and intensity.
“Shhhh.” He whispered, releasing one of her tits and moving his right hand down between her thighs. It was easy to find the source of her need. She was wet, practically drenched. The scent of her arousal was thick, her folds warm to the touch.
Another low moan, a slow thrust of her hips. Monica grabbed hold of his shoulders and shoved her breast on his face. He obliged, leaning into her, teasing her with his touch, driving the feline to move quickly against him. She needed no warm-up, but he enjoyed it all the same.
Her weight bore down on him, but Rick wriggled his fingers, nudging her hips to rise. Slowly, he wriggled out from under her, teeth bearing down on her nipples with as severe a bite as he could make it right as he thrust his fingers into her hard. Her response was immediate, a rumbling roar, her arms pulling him against her chest. The maiden leaned back, and Rick took the advantage to push.
Monica presented no resistance, falling back and dragging him along the way, suffocating him with her breast, wriggling madly as the orgasm wrapped through her. Rick took the chance to lower his pants, already hard and ready, he didn’t waste any time to guide himself into her eager cunt.
With her legs instantly locked around him, she let him breathe and release her eraser-thick nipple. Still high from the small orgasm, she pulled him into a kiss. Instantly she yowled, he couldn’t see her face in the dark, but the sound was greatly annoyed. The feline shoved him back down into her breast and he obliged, tongue and lips laying claim of her flesh as he thrust hard into her.
The Sabertooth maiden tightened, sex slick and silky, one claw grasped his ass to help him thrust harder, the other kept his face against her left tit. Rick used his hands to grip her hip and push. Every thrust rocked them both on the bedding, wild and fast, there was little room for patience, alcohol and pure sensation driving them forward as she met him thrust for thrust.
Wordless, Monica cried out again, pulling him deeper into her embrace. He could feel her holding back, letting the sensations wash over her yet keeping a tight seed of concern within herself, all too aware…
“Turn around.” He growled, struggling with her legs, jaw tightening as he felt himself all too close to the edge.
She didn’t understand up and until he reached for her tail and yanked at it hard enough she yowled. Taking a long breath, she moved fast, opening her legs and turning around. A mutual gasp as he pulled out of her as she repositioned, his own grasp on her tail the tether that led him to her taut ass.
They fumbled, Monica lowering herself to her knees and then having to adjust further for him, her thighs quivering as he found her needy sex and thrust back into her. With one hand grasping her tail, the other slapped her hips. Monica growled, pushing back against him hard enough it almost sent him stumbling over. A warning as much as a request. And he obliged, guiding himself back into her waiting sex and pushing.
It was wild and out of control. Rick barely able to hold on as he clutched at her body for dear life while she threw herself back at him, finally able to stop holding back as the new angle could barely let her exert any of it on him.
Rick couldn’t hold out much longer, feeling himself reaching the edge as she roared once more. The human leaned over, hugging her hips as his hand reached down to her cunt, reaching for that sweet spot right over where their flesh met, fingers pressing down on her clit. It drove her wild, Monica roared again, this time her whole body shaking and pressing hard against Rick, causing his knees to drag across the floor as the cloth they were fucking on made a loud ripping sound.
He collapsed on her taut ass while she fell face first into the hay. Both of them enjoying the ripples of the afterglow, the feline shuddering with every stroke of his fingers over her clit.
And yet, she growled, breathless, tired, but a growl.
“Shhh.” Dia whispered in the dark, her hands pressing against Rick’s naked lower back.
“What are yo-?”
Monica stirred, beginning to gather the strength to move, but failing as soon as Dia’s hand reached down under and between Rick’s thighs and stroking his sack. A surge ran through him, his cock throbbing hard enough both feline and human moaned in unison.
“Let me help.” She spoke smoothly, fingers stroking over Monica’s pussy and trailing her way down to the base of his shaft. “Master.”
The word was a hushed little thing, followed by a stroke that sent tingles up and down his spine. Rick glanced in Dia’s direction but only saw darkness, still, her free hand reached out to him, pulling him into a kiss. Her lips were hungry, her other hand stroking Monica and the human. The nurse took the hand he wasn’t using to grip the feline’s tail, placing it squarely between her thighs, pressing his fingers into her sex.
Moaning into the kiss, the strange rhythm overtook them. Sabertooth moaned and humped, Rick kissed and thrust, Dia stroked and kissed. The pink-haired maiden hungrily took the whole of his head, his chest, his balls. Monica squeezed his cock and thrust against his hips with gusto. A second wind was upon the two lovers, and the third was all too eager to participate.
With the human’s exploratory digits, Dia finally let go of his head, grasping his arm and forcing her whole naked body against it. She cried out, legs giving out as she shrieked, pulling him with her.
The trio collapsed, Rick stumbling and pinning Dia to the ground, the maiden wrapping her arms around him protectively as she took the brunt of the impact. There was a long collective sigh, then a second sigh, with Dia breaking into giggles, rolling slightly back and forth as she squeezed Rick’s head against her chest in a tight hug. “That was hot, Maaa~aaster.”
The moment ended quickly as Monica yanked them apart.
“Rick. Monica. No Dia!” She growled, holding him in the air by the chest with her large paw.
“Dia hurt no hurt Monica.” The cat growled, keeping the human firmly pressed against the wall and the nurse to the floor. “Dia hurt no hurt Monica!”
“She…” A cough and a wheeze. “She caught on to the catnip… sir, only took a bit to get randy and playful, but not enough .”
“Ugh.” Rick groaned, feeling it hard to breathe. “Monica, calm down. No hurt.” His hands reached for the paw holding him in place, slowly stroking it. “No hurt.”
“No Dia, bad Dia.”
“Sir, I should apologize to her.”
“We both should. Not sure how to convey it to her though.”
“Maybe… I have an idea?”
In the darkness, Rick couldn’t really tell what was happening, but Monica’s pressure against him relented as the feline suddenly let out a surprised gasp. A moment later there was a slight moan. “Monica?” He asked, trying to free himself from her grasp but she was quite adamant to keep him pinned against the wall.
She moaned louder, and finally her strength relented, allowing Rick to fall on his feet and stumble in the dark a bit.
“Dia bad?”
“Hm….” Monica’s blue-green eyes shone in the dark, the feline moving towards Rick and enveloping in a tight hug, knocking him down onto the mantles. “Dia bad. Dia no bad bad.”
“What did you…?”
“I tested something… maiden’s secret.”
Feeling too tired and woozy, he relented the point, sighing and trying to adjust himself to sleep instead. He’d… deal with it when he was more clearheaded.

Chapter 134 [Rick] Rick glanced at Monica, then at Dia, then back at Monica, and back once more. The two maidens were looking at each other and trying not to make it obvious. The feline had a clearly confused expression, the nurse a somewhat smug one. The larger of the two currently had the human stranded on her lap, fuzzy warm furry paws wrapped around his chest protectively and only ever shooting a glare when the nurse got too close.
“So about last night…” He coughed. “Why did you… call me ‘master’?”
“Isn’t it true? You own me, sir.” Dia’s eyes twinkled with mischief, the nurse giggling slightly. “I also thought it would be sexy.”
“I feel like the term has some connotations I’m not aware of.”
“Perhaps. Does Master wish to give me an order?”
“Let’s…” Rick shook his head. “If it’s something you’re into, I’m not going to stop it. Just don’t use it in public.”
“Certainly, sir, it wouldn’t do to make others believe you spend long sleepless nights making your maidens moan and breathlessly call out to you.” With a fit of giggling, Dia pulled her shirt on, adjusting it. “I think Monica does that well enough, her roars certainly weren’t quiet or humble. I expect ferals thirty kilometers away were quite thoroughly spooked.”
“Oh God.” Rick shrunk slightly. “Could you at least tell me what you did to get Monica so confused?”
The nurse giggled louder, pulling up her skirt and adjusting it. “I just apologized with actions, sir.”
“Have you… are you… ?” He frowned slightly. “Do you find girls attractive?”
“Hm? I wouldn’t bed one if given the choice.” She shrugged, leaning down to tighten her shoes. “But I heard from a Harpy that the men from your world seemed to have a particular penchant for… maiden on maiden action. So to speak.”
“There’s a lot to parse through in that sentence. You don’t have to do this.”
“I still choose to.” A little shrug, fingers brushing over her hair, palms glowing. Her pink hair smoothed and primed perfectly with just her touch. As if she’d spent the past hour brushing it. “If sir believes I am not property, then it’s my choice how I act. And if sir does consider me property, then I am doing my duties to the best of my ability.”
“I feel like you talked with Alice.”
“Do not underestimate a maiden’s courage, sir!” Dia winked, moving the glowing hands over her face, leaving her skin fresh and clean. “I will be going to gather some supplies.”
“Wait, before you go.” A deep sigh. “Last night I talked to a merchant, don’t remember the name, he offered some money to travel with us, thinking about having Monica as protection against ferals.”
“That’s great news, sir!” She nodded along. “I’ll make sure to share this with the others if I see them.”
The teacher took a second too long to get his words in order before she was out the door, humming some tune. It left him inside the shack, trapped by Monica’s hug as she refused to get out of the bed. A bed that had been reduced to tatters thanks to last night’s activities having involved her clawing them into ribbons.
Had Rick known she’d do that, he would’ve insisted keeping her on her back instead. Or on the normal ground. Resigned to try to spend another hour or so getting some extra sleep and shuteye before the day’s activities caught up with them, he snuggled into Monica’s arms and stroked her hip, urging her to relax in turn. It didn’t take much for her to follow along, and the human felt like he wanted to sigh more deeply than ever.
It was becoming clearer that his job was, primarily, handling Monica. Monica and her mood. Everything else was secondary to some degree or another. And a lot of it had to do with the limitations in her vocabulary. He’d have to focus harder on that, though he wasn’t too sure how many chunks of boar-jerky it’d cost them to get there.
The nap was short if pleasant, it was impossible to feel cold when Monica was basically one large heater with fur-covered attachments for arms and legs.
“Let’s move.”
“Noooooo.” The feline complained, squeezing him back into the sheets.
“Monica.” He pinched her ear, getting her to grumble in response.
With a loud growl, she let go. But she took all the mantles to wrap herself up into a warmer ball rather than leave the bedding. This left Rick with the chance to use a washcloth Dia had left prepared on himself.
Trying to use the washcloth on Monica proved fruitless… again, so he just focused on getting clothes and checking his things before stepping outside. The feline grumbled and groaned and complained, but once he was out, she soon followed, ducking under the door’s frame and standing next to him. It seemed her unwillingness to leave him alone greater than her love for a warm bed.
Fresh morning air, the sun was about an hour over the horizon, and the sky was clear.
Taking the chance to stretch his legs, he glanced at Monica stretching. His eyes trailed over her naked figure, enjoying the well fit tall woman and her generous assets, a part of him felt like leaning to touch her body. But that would get her started up and asking for more sex, and he definitely wasn’t with the energy for that right now.
After a night with drinking…
“Last night you sneakily followed me while Dia was trapped in the shed.” He talked to the feline as she cocked her head at him. Obviously she didn’t understand most if not all he’d said, not that it was the purpose, he was venting. “And… Dia took my hangover away?” He definitely shouldn’t drink while having to keep an eye on the two. Monica was more dangerous than heavy machinery, he’d have to stay sharp around her.
Doing some stretches, he turned to leave towards where the foreman had pointed out was likeliest he’d find supply run requests. The chemistry teacher didn’t really need to consider whether Monica was following, even if he couldn’t hear her, he could practically feel her breathing down his neck.
Whirling around, he faced Monica again. “God damn it.” Reaching for the backpack, he pulled out another of the large shirts he’d been given. “Monica, put this on.”
She looked down at the shirt, ears laying flat against her face. “No.” She crossed her arms and snorting loudly. “Food.”
“This is an extortion…” He put the shirt. “Kiss?”
“Bad kiss Rick, no.”
“If kissing’s not his strong-suit, wonder what he used to make the kitty roar?”
The voice came from slightly above them, he glanced at the rooftop of the nearby house, spotting one of the maidens with wings-for-arms. She was giggling as she looked down at them, ignoring the half-hearted glare Monica was sending her way.
“Morning to you too.” The human called out. “Got anything for this big pout to lug around?”
“Nothing today, she’s already dragged half a forest down here.” They spoke with no shortage of humor.
“Riiii~iiick.” Monica’s paw turned him around to look at her. “Yes food. Food. Food.” She snatched the shirt from his hands, and immediately began scowling at it as she tried to figure out how to put it on without tearing it.
“Come here, you.” Taking the clothes back, Rick ignored the giggling from up above and held the piece of clothing. She had to put the tips of her claws together to avoid puncturing the cloth, and even then it was a bit of an effort to squeeze those large paws through the holes.
She yowled and complained, but got through, head popping out and shaking her wild unkept white hair before looking down at herself and sighing deeply. “Food.” She now turned to him, poking his hip, the bag he’d hold for precisely her favorite meal.
Monica arched a brow. “Food.”
“Hug and kiss?”
She stuck her tongue out and grimaced, and with one swoop of her arm, the bag was out of his belt.
“Hey!” With a complaint, Rick tried to take it back, but Monica used her other paw to stop him from being able to reach.
“Monica food.” Sticking her tongue out at him, she smirked and chuckled.
The Harpy watching things unfold howled with laughter, and Monica smirked all the wider.
It was going to be a long day ahead.

Come on over to RoyalRoad, posted Kingdom map over at the start of Volume 3. Hoping I can continue growing my Patreon so I can keep writing for everyone!
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2022.01.20 16:08 Helwyr_GB I killed 4 Gregorovics.

I killed 4 Gregorovics, all blade wielding terrors.
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2022.01.20 16:08 Abnull Are most Shortcut bugs fixed in 15.3?

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I have i5 7200u and I'm using intel extreme tuning utility to find some way of making the performance better. I found a thing called processor graphics iccmax right now it is set at 31.24 A. Should I increase it or decrease it? Also what changes will it do when I change it.
Then there is also processor core iccmax. It is set at 32.25 A should I increase it?
And what even it IccMax for the processor graphics and the processor core?
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2022.01.20 16:08 JoaquimPedro201 Detect hitting an entity

I'm trying to make a selection system where if a player punches an entity a command is run and they punch another entity another command is ran. For example having 2 villagers side by side and if I hit one, that villager gets the glowing effect, and then if I hit the other villager that villager gets levitation. Any ideas how I can accomplish this?
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After killing a Gregorovic, it dropped a Dormant Anima Core Body.
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Here's a handful of things to expect from our cluster:

Discord: https://discord.gg/Rda8U9VT7J - Current Maps & Connection Info - - Server Rates - - Mods - - Plugins - Thanks for checking us out! If you're interested in playing, be sure to join the discord!
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2022.01.20 16:08 Helwyr_GB I killed 54 Gregorovics.

I killed 54 Gregorovics, all blade wielding terrors.
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2022.01.20 16:08 Jamacaw2021 [STEAM] Volition Ark [PVP][25x][Wiping 1/21][PC Server]

Volition Ark WIPING! : January 21st, 2022 @ 12:00 PM EST Hello survivor! You are invited to join us on Volition Ark. We are a 25x PVP cluster that has a great community. We aim to provide an experience where PVP can be fun and enjoyable for everyone.
Here's a handful of things to expect from our cluster:

Discord: https://discord.gg/Rda8U9VT7J - Current Maps & Connection Info - - Server Rates - - Mods - - Plugins - Thanks for checking us out! If you're interested in playing, be sure to join the discord!
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