Season pass question for Xbox

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2022.01.27 15:13 Mostwantedmika Season pass question for Xbox

FINALLY Pcars 2 went on sale for Xbox but only the regular edition. I’m okay with that as I’ll buy the season pass at some point.
My question is once I buy the season pass how does it work? Do I then have to download each DLC separately and will they be “available” for download? Meaning will I easily be able to see the dlc and install it from the add ins menu or do I have to go in game once the season pass is bought.
Also it says it includes the Motorsport pack emediatly so that includes the 4 exclusive cars to the season pass. Are these still going to be available and downloaded with the pass? I REALLY want that panic Esperante gt1
Thanks in advance guys for any help :)
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2022.01.27 15:13 CarbonFiberIsPlastic [WTS] Omega Seamaster 300M 8800 movement

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2022.01.27 15:13 Repulsive_Cry9980 It took me 9 months playing this game. Finally.

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2022.01.27 15:13 Maddylorraine Looking for anyone willing to water my flowers ☺️ trying to get some blue flowers in the future.

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2022.01.27 15:13 PrembingLembing NFTs are a blessing for gamers

I know most gamers think that NFTs are the worst thing that could ever happen to gaming and that it will usher in an era of extremely greedy business practices worst than loot boxes. But it only appears that way because gaming publishers have been using NFTs in the greediest and shadiest way possible and that is honestly expected of them. But I truly believe that if NFTs and blockchain technology gets correctly implemented into gaming we wont have to rely on greedy gaming publishers anymore.
NFTs and blockchains in general have the capacity to take all the power and control away from these greedy videogame publishers and give all that power and control back to the gamers and developers who truly love videogames.

  1. NFT videogame licenses - If the license of the digital games we download from Steam or GOG or playstation/xbox stores etc. were minted as an NFT then we the consumers would have full control over that digital copy we paid for the same way we do a physical copy. We could lend it to a friend or resell it to someone else. The developers could add a 1% - 5% royalty fee on resales so that they can still make money from all sales of their games. If for whatever reason Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo bans your gaming account you would no longer lose all the digital games that you had downloaded to that account, (which is a thing that actually happens) you could instead just create a new account and transfer all your NFT videogame licenses. And if you were banned from creating a new account you could at least resell those games and not lose all that money you invested in them.
  2. Decentralized gaming stores/launchers - A fully decentralized videogame launcher running on a blockchain would allow developers to list their games without having to pay the company that runs the launcher a huge listing fee or even ask them for permission, and that in turn would lower the prices of games. Since all the inner workings of the launcher would be managed by self-executing open source smart contract code that everyone can see and audit, there would be no need for a company to be behind it taking a cut of all profits. By opening an account on the launchestore and making your first purchase you would receive a unique voting NFT so if an inappropriate or scammy game is listed then the costumers can use their voting power to vote the game out of the launcher. That way we would not have to rely on a centralized authority with too much power and control to do it.
  3. Decentralized games - Developers could use crypto to skip publisher funding completely and allow the gamers to fund and manage the games themselves. Funding the games by preselling a token that would be incorporated into the game as the XP system. The core code of the game would then be deployed as a smart contract in a blockchain which would allow the players to manage it. From there nothing in the game's code can be changed even by the developers themselves unless the majority of the players vote in favor of the change. The token would be used as a governance token to give the players voting power so they can vote or propose any change they want to see in the game. Lets say you want X gun to be nerfed 15%? You make the proposal in the governance of the game and if the majority of players vote in favor of it then the nerf gets automatically implemented. Or lets say you're a modder or a developer yourself and you have an idea for new mode or skin or map? Submit the code on the governance to be voted by the players. If the majority of players vote in favor of it then it is automatically added to the game.
There are many more useful implementations for NFTs and blockchain tech in videogames but to me these are the most revolutionary and pro consumer use cases that can free videogames from corporate greed. It will allow games to finally be run by people who are actually passionate about them and dont just see it as a profit making machine. It is worth noting that this is exactly the type of use case Vitalik Buterin was thinking of when he came up with the idea for Ethereum. In his bio he wrote:
"I happily played World of Warcraft during 2007-2010, but one day Blizzard removed the damage component from my beloved warlock's Siphon Life spell. I cried myself to sleep, and on that day I realized what horrors centralized services can bring. I soon decided to quit."
Soon after he founded Ethereum.
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2022.01.27 15:13 wuanlai65 $OCTA - OCTANS is fueled up and ready to launch | Launching Now on BSC | Major Gaming Company backing | Doxxed Team | Certik audited | NFT + GameFi

OCTANS is a jet-fueled rocket ready to liftoff! The project is composed of nearly 20 members who are fully doxxed and on payroll with a strong parent backing company (Capital Games Portugal). The full-time team is made up of developers, graphic designers, public relations officers, marketing personnel, NFT onboarders and moderators intent upon unleashing something never before seen in the world of crypto or gaming. The Octaverse! If you’re searching for a low marketcap project with a solid team and vision with massive upside potential, then look no further.
The Octaverse is an all-encompassing and self-sustaining digital ecosystem set to be the driving force propelling both the use case and utility of the token. The Octaverse will include a physical item marketplace with a variety of licensed gaming peripherals from Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics. Also included within the Octaverse will be a tri-tiered NFT marketplace and the ability to use the token as a collectable currency within actual video games. The vision behind the token is to create an ever expanding world of utility and use case scenarios behind it. The worlds of crypto and gaming are set to collide in an innovative way never before seen! A solid and steadily evolving foundation for success is currently being laid. Grab your seat now and hold on for a galactic journey! The patient ones with diamond hands will truly be rewarded. Become an Octanaut today!

High Quality Whitepaper available on our official website
Buy directly with Octaswap from our official website
CERTIK AUDIT completed with Skynet activated
Clothing Store live and taking orders!
News articles with TechTimes, Cryptocurrenciesnews UK, TechBullion, Fintech Zoom and BitcoinMarketRecap published
Full scale marketing campaign set to kick off
See the parent backing company’s (Capital Games Portugal) headquarters on our official YouTube page
See a video teaser of our upcoming NFT Marketplace on our official YouTube page
Two platformer video games in development you can use the token within
Listed on Whitebit Exchange
Listed on Coingecko, CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio, Coinstats and many other coin ranking sites
More listings, partnerships, and sponsorships to come! Join us on our socials below

BSC Contract Address: 0x8624A53d6Be978dC566967E1225Edc29Ecd4b2F3

Link Buy

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2022.01.27 15:13 NefariousnessOk9827 Active madden league looking for players ps5 groupme only

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2022.01.27 15:13 Yoshi_Yoshiii Would you rather just be allowed to drink or to eat for the rest of your life?

pick drink: never have to eat anymore
pick eat: never have to drink anymore
View Poll
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2022.01.27 15:13 pootisspenerhere Deobandis

Can you tell me about them?
I know that they perform Taqlid, does that mean they aren't gonna stop following an opinion even if it's weak? (like the Hanafi opinion of finger-pointing during tashahud vs the Salafi opinion or Hanbali opinion)
I saw them allowing a possible bidah
they say its alright to say verbal niyah
others say its bidah
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2022.01.27 15:13 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Paladin] [Crimson Paladin: ShapeRacer] [Hot Wheels Spider] [Forest Green Cirrus] [Cruze] [Hallowtide]

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2022.01.27 15:13 SystemSuch9299 Schreibt mich gerne an wenn ihr ein Mädchen seid, bisschen schreiben und vielleicht bisschen geil machen wenn ihr Lust habt

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2022.01.27 15:13 Indriev Silly Sea Shanty Shenanigans

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2022.01.27 15:13 JOJO_tedo u can interact with the books while in no clip

soo.. i was playing 4-2 and i was goofing around in no clip but then i wanted to put the book in the moon statue... place? so... well moral of the story while in no clip u can still interact with the book like if u go into it it moves... basically ur not in no clip for the books soo... yeah just wanted to share that info
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2022.01.27 15:13 Mean-Guarantee-8781 خدیی همینه 🗿

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2022.01.27 15:13 pkrish10 Me running for my life after my mother believes him.

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2022.01.27 15:13 mossshrume Blurry picture of a dog

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2022.01.27 15:13 elastiks Journal Clinical Oncology: Immunotherapy saves another type of cancer patient!

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2022.01.27 15:13 rafa01112006 Basic biology

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2022.01.27 15:13 clover6818 How do you open the window up there? How do you even get up there??

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2022.01.27 15:13 69Shroomz420 My Start Up Journey

So I decided during lockdown 2019 to grow some weed. Bad idea as I chose the wrong time of the year as I was growing through my window. I was using tinfoiled covered cardboard to reflect the sun. Needless to say it was pretty shitty weed but hey I got something out of it like a q possibly. I even dunked the roots in vodka for some flavoring.
After my initial success I thought about upgrading. So I cut down my smoking to save up for a cheap LED light 300w bloom n veg setting from Amazon. Chucked it in a cupboard and lined the walls with tinfoiled covered boards. It was OK but was wanting something better. I stopped smoking for about a month or two last year and saved up for a tent that was on special and another LED light that was 600w with no veg setting.
I just finished up with my first proper grow and I was going to do clones which I have a high success rate of my clones surviving. Found out my clones don't grow as well as normal plants from seed. I never used a carbon filter and I live above my landlord. I've been lucky not to get an inspection this whole time.
I've only had a tent, LED lights (cheaper on my pocket $50 per mth), pots, soil (2 part soil, 1 part compost and 1 part perlite), Seaweed spray (for those bugs n shit), 1 fan and a temp/humidity digital gadget. I have spent about $1200 roughly to pay for everything except my power bill. My suggestion if you wanna start growing is think about how big you want to go and slowly work towards that goal.
My first two plants gave me a combined 1 ounce, they were grown in my cupboard and was actually very nice weed to smoke. My next harvest I just finished I got 4 ounces which I'm very happy with. This quarter pound has pretty much paid for everything I've spent to start this up and my next harvest will pay for my power bills. I don't grow for others just for myself and to flick a friend a bud or two. And I was lucky enough to get some of my buds turning purple nom nom nom. Can't wait for the taste test after doing the bud washing.
Good luck to everyone wanting to start, it IS easy. Hope this helps someone and gives someone the confidence that it can be done.
Happy growing everyone 😊
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2022.01.27 15:13 rollitpullit Are you guys back?

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2022.01.27 15:13 Its_Scrappy I haven't been jabba the hutt done before, so here

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2022.01.27 15:13 saxisa Arakali's Occultist vs. Chaos Animate Weapon?

Played Palsteron's arakali's occultist build in scourge and had a blast. Even though I never got squire. Looking for a fun variation of that just to change for 3.17 I saw this chaos animate weapon build.
Anyone played both? Thoughts on how they compare for clear speed, tankiness, and bossing?
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2022.01.27 15:13 musics_relaxant Meditação - Montanhas - Paz interior - Música Relaxante

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2022.01.27 15:13 iamkokonutz What happens when it snows where you live?

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