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2022.01.17 16:42 bog-gob USW-16-POE-PRO

What’s the likelihood of a pro version of the 16 port gen 2 switch? Anyone else feel this would be a sweet spot for home setup?
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2022.01.17 16:42 sharkfest473 Dumb Question

How on earth do I play this game online????
I booted up the game, it seemed to drop me in a single player mode that I CANNOT get out of. I was so excited to try this game and I cannot figure out how to get out of the single player and play the real game.

Very frustrating.
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2022.01.17 16:42 Far-Two9458 Which character had the worst use of 'Evil dies tonight'?

View Poll
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2022.01.17 16:42 WilmaTheUnicorn Applying for T1!

Hii! I am looking to upgrade to T1! Let me know if I fit the requirements!
1st proofbinder 2nd proofbinder
Proofs in total: 109 second, 44 mm and 23 first.
Some bigger second proofs: tombstone for val19 Mega unicorn for hal18 500 robux for tombstone 300k rhd for 750 robux+tax 660k rhd for 1300 robux+tax
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2022.01.17 16:42 Ned84 Bale voted for the best fifa awards. 😐

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2022.01.17 16:42 Crazy_Max_Reads Why it's Kid's Devil fruit that the Gorosei are talking about in chapter 1037 theory I had.

The theory I just thought of and it makes sense why Oda made Kid an important character that he intentionally added to the story with that type of power in mind and why it could be Kid's Devil fruit awakening that they are talking about. When you think about it and how it's awakening could effect and change the One Piece world's mechanics to its core. Kid's devil fruit could affect the One Piece world's magnetic fields, and why is this so important you must be wondering. Well it could fix a lot of things wrong in the One Piece world, like how the One Piece world's North and South blue aren't exactly in the north or south, it's at a 45° tilt from where the North and South should be. And when the North and South Blue are tilted back in place the New World, Grand Line and Red Line make a X just like on a treasure map. That's not all the, it's powers could affect the means of navigation that are required to navigate the Grand Line and New World, and it can also could explain why their are so many Sea Kings in the Calm Belt. With Kids powers you could get rid of the magnetic fields that the Island's have that make it impossible for normal compasses to work there. Without those magnetic fields on the islands in the Grand Line and New World animals that use the magnetic field to navigate won't get lost or confused on where they have to go. I believe that Sea Kings that use this form of navigation don't know what to do when they encounter the Grand Line and New World, so they are lost in the Calm Belt trying to figure out where to go. That leads to another theory that if the magnetic fields were put on those islands for a reason as if to create a barrier of dangerous sea monsters and make it impossible for anybody inside the Grand Line and New World to properly navigate it or to leave it, it's possible that the kingdoms that were allied with Joy Boy we're all located in the New World or Grand Line which means the world government on purposefully segregated them from the rest of the world using Kids awaken Devil fruit in the past. Which would mean that Laugh Tale doesn't have a magnetic field which would make it impossible to pick up on Log-Pose, and it would also make it impossible to use a normal compass to find the island because it's in the New World or Grand Line. Kid's devil fruit awakening could have affected Zunesha built in navigational compass, when Kid used his awakening on Big Mom because it might of changed the whole island's magnetic fields, allowing Zunesha to finally find Wano. Which would explain also why they are so shocked that the elephant AKA and animal of history managed to find its destination that it set out for thousands of years ago. But this is just crazy theory I thought of...
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2022.01.17 16:42 k20vtec 3am adventures in the single jingle

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2022.01.17 16:42 PolarPandaKnight [USA-KS] [H] OnePlus 8 5G UW (Verizon) 128GB Onyx Black. [W] PAYPAL.

Price is $170 shipped OBO.
OnePlus 8 5G UW (Verizon) Onyx Black 128gb.
Locked to Verizon.
Comes with original charger and a case.
I can provide IMEI number.
Bought it and can't use it.
Wanting to sell ASAP.
Please message me with any questions. Have a great day.
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2022.01.17 16:42 Prudent-Pollution137 Looking for legal network+ test questions.

I'm looking for a service that provides network+ test questions that is not illegal to use (I'm not looking for something that provides me with questions someone stole off of the exam.)
Thank you for your help!
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2022.01.17 16:42 Cheetahtoo Cinnamon benefits for heart health - Usage Tips.

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2022.01.17 16:42 ImChronoKross Looking for a study buddy Ruby

I'm looking for a study budy. I've learned most of the basic, basics. I know my enumerables (each, map, select, all etc.) I know basics of Recursion, classes (attr_reader etc)
I've been on this lonely journey about 4 months. Putting around 2-8hrs in a day when I can.
I'm currently following App Academys Open free curriculum, I'm at the end of the Software Engineering Foundations.
Getting to the point I would love someone to tag along for the rid e. You can be brand new and I help catch you up, you can be around my skill level, or a pro that can help me out. This is a way of life, amd the journey won't be super easy because we won't be stopping at Ruby, JavaScript is next.
The current stack(s) I'm looking at is : RoR, JavaScript, React, Redux, and PostgreSQL.
I hope someone out there is interested to join me. Message ke for my Discord, Skype or w.e if your interested. If your a newbie and have questions just ask on this thread. (I'm also new to Reddit.) :)
Thanks ! Nathan.
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2022.01.17 16:42 orsostellare Dichiarare vendita di Acquisto e vendita di Stock Option estere

Ciao, come si dichiara l'acquisto e la vendita di stock option estere? Ho avuto un capital gain
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2022.01.17 16:42 yetipunk An interview with William Ryan Key (Yellowcard)

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2022.01.17 16:42 Somerandommedguy Ya se dieron cuenta raza!

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2022.01.17 16:42 Mr___0wl Ghost of Iki Island

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2022.01.17 16:42 elmerSfghr53467 CoinSmart a Trusted and Fast Growing Crypto Trading Platform! (NEO:SMRT)

Coinsmart is a crypto asset trading platform that provides customers with a unique and innovative way of purchasing and selling digital assets that include Bitcoin and Ethereum. Coinsmart is also one of few crypto trading platforms in Canada that managed to be registered under the Ontario Securities Commission.
News was released today about the monthly revenue in December for Coinsmart and the results were fantastic. Their unaudited monthly revenue was approximately $2.15 million and displayed an increase of 460% from the previous December.
This huge growth and increase was driven by an increase in trading volume. Look out of Coinsmart as they continue to grow in the new year.
Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/coinsmart-achieves-record-monthly-revenue-120000695.html
Not Financial advice, do your own DD!
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2022.01.17 16:42 grimesd Hard walking in the garage in winter ….

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2022.01.17 16:42 skullreapingboi my favourite ground combat vehicles

T 80 BVM M 8 greyhound Centurion Mk 5 AVRE ZSU 23-4 shilka M 163 VADS Leopard 1A5 Wiezel 1A2 Flakpanzer gepard Panzer 3 King tiger
I know nobody asked, but still, i like them
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2022.01.17 16:42 chmrgrtt How effective/fast is it to find a job when registered with ADEM?

Anyone has tried this method to look for employment in Luxembourg or are there better chances searching in LinkedIn? What are other ways to find a job here? I am currently in a culture exchange (au pair) program and in possession of a residence permit. I wish to get hired before I finish my au pair gig, hopefully.
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2022.01.17 16:42 belkiamine Up to 50% off - Tools at Home Depot

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2022.01.17 16:42 Delicious_Buy6313 Wow!

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2022.01.17 16:42 Pachuco76 [WTS] Orient Neo 70s WV0041TX - In Like New Condition plus 22mm Fossil Light Brown Leather Strap - REPOST

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2022.01.17 16:42 winfestors My creatine DHT experiment, with labs

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2022.01.17 16:42 2noame Basic income would not reduce people’s willingness to work

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2022.01.17 16:42 Danny-Longlegs We, who are about to die, salute you!

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