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Say Whaat?

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2022.01.27 15:27 MrYeetWasTaken Bing Bong Arena Is Gone

Bing bong arena is gone.
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2022.01.27 15:27 Quirky-Quantity-5233 What does this mean if my symptoms have been the same from the beginning, I just learned how to explain more in detail of what I have been going through in my most recent appointment. Their opinion seems backwards.

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2022.01.27 15:27 Louisiana_5164 Baton Rouge I need say more?

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2022.01.27 15:27 Frosky_SMP Frosky [Semi-Vanilla] {1.18.1} {US-East} {PvE} {PvP} {SMP}

Frosky Server IP:
Greetings everyone! With our server, Frosky, we are looking to build a strong community of active players from all over the world.
Frosky is essentially a perfectly balanced semi-vanilla server.
We offer voting ranks that will earn you more sethomes over time as well as a physical voting currency to buy custom enchanted tools, armor, weapons, and items from the spawn shop to keep things interesting. Some custom enchants to list off are the Lava Sponge, Void Totem, and an axe that breaks trees with one swing! Raiding/griefing is allowed so be sure to keep your head on a swivel and to build out in a safe location.
Please treat each other with kindness and respect, we're all here to game and have a good time!
We just released a PvP arena and Player Shops, come have a look :)
Combat Log System: When in combat with another player you will be tagged for 30 seconds. If you leave while in combat you will die and drop your loot.
Custom Enchants:

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2022.01.27 15:27 Guigzi am i recessed

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2022.01.27 15:27 kazuma_desuu My Polearm Swings Keep Getting "Blocked"

There's this weird thing happening to my game where my polearm swings never "slice through" my opponent. It does the animation of getting blocked but the enemy hit dies. It looks really ugly and it's messing with my game. Anybody else encounter this and are there any workarounds??
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2022.01.27 15:27 stormeagle17 Miz said nice things about muh'MJF? DAE he is underutilized in the Fed and underrated?

Michael "The Wiz" Mizanin is All Elite
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2022.01.27 15:27 hkart_ to celebrate elisabeth in kof 15

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2022.01.27 15:27 Dimityblue Trishlovesdolphins' tale about Sam. Part 3.

This is a repost and I'm not the OP.
This was originally posted on by u/trishlovesdolphins.
13th update: Play it again, Sam.
Due to them having a "key" (garage door opener) and there not being any damage done, or obvious malicious intent, the grandidiots weren't charged with breaking and entering. They weren't home, so technically they didn't violate the restraining order. However, they were trespassing the judge said because it was known to them they weren't allowed on the property, even if they "didn't take back" the opener.
They're getting off with a fee and a diversion program. They stay out of trouble, they don't have to face serious consequences. If they fuck up again, they can be jailed for as much as a year, but probably closer to a few months. This is a one time only thing, and honestly, I was surprised they were eligible to begin with since they've shown they're nuttier than a fruit cake.
Radio silence has been re-established. Sam says they haven't heard a word from them or her brother. A friend of her mom's sent her a nasty email about "having her mother arrested like a criminal" and Sam said she just replied "she is a criminal" and then blocked her.
They changed their garage code and made the alarm panic code the same as the old code, but since they were busted this time, it's doubtful they'll try it again. Sam says they never got a real answer about why they were there. She was told they told the police they were there for a "well check" on the kids, told friends that they were going to talk to her, told some other people that they were invited and it was a set up, told others that it was all a misunderstanding and that the mom went to the house as a mistake, and didn't realize it until the code wouldn't work. Basically, they're lying to anyone that will listen and can't even stick to one lie.
A member of grandidiots' church came over carrying some kind of baked good. Sam wasn't home, her DH used less than Godly language and told her to mind her own business, not show up there again, and to spread the word at the church. He didn't even let her on the front steps. Sam said that her DH is seriously thinking about taking an ad out in their church newsletter laying out the truth, but she doesn't think they'd print it anyway.
14th update: Update on Sam: All's semi-quiet on the Western Front, and a little satisfaction
School starts in about a week, we just finished the registration day and kids are ready! This year, the kids are back in the same class again! :) And since we live in the same neighborhood, we put each other down as the "if all else fails, call" person at school. That way if they can't get through to the 3 family members on our list, they might be able to get me or her.
Parental front had been fairly quiet. Sam says that for now the Grandidiots have left them alone, she thinks that they're afraid they'll be arrested/do time and the scandal of it would just kill her mother from the embarrassment. So they're staying low. They did get a couple emails from distant family, she said she got an email from a woman that she had never even met telling her they were related and she should be ashamed of herself for having "Auntie Idiot" arrested like some hoodrat. They've just been saving messages for the attorney and then blocking them, but so far nothing truly bad.
Remember the church lady that her DH sent packing? Well, the church lady didn't make any headway, so the actual fucking PASTOR showed up. Though, in his defense he called and spoke to them first. He called Sam and told her that he was sure there were 2 sides to every story and that he was trying to counsel her mother in "her time of need" but felt there was more he needed to know. He had asked Grandidiot's permission to call, and since she took that as a "I'm on your side and I'll make her see you" she agreed.
So Sam and her DH have the man over one day while the kids were out. They tell him that if at anytime the grandidiots show up or he starts "pushing" them on the, he'll be asked to leave. Pastor tells them that Grandidiots have claimed the following: (I'm going to put her response after each one because she took him on a tour of her house after the talk.)
Sam and her DH are either drunks or druggies. Because of this, they are pushing her parents away because they know that the Grandidiots don't agree with that lifestyle. But they're "very good at keeping up appearances." To this statement, Sam said she showed him their liquor "cabinet" with a woopping 2 bottles of old wine and a bottle of rum. She said she couldn't prove they didn't use drugs, but she wasn't looking for validation/approval as much as wanted him to see with his own eyes that they're full of shit.
Grandidiots told Pastor that the kids aren't cared for, they're dirty, they have no clean clothes, they aren't fed... you know the drill. To this, Sam showed him their bedrooms, which were "kid messy" but not dirty, and had a closet full of clean clothes. Also saw the fully stocked diaper table, and the way her house is set up, you can see her stocked pantry. (complete with home canned items.)
Apparently, her DH is supposed to be unemployed and they're about to lose their house. She didn't dignify that statement with anything but laughter.
She and DH have some kind of personality disorder that basically makes them sociopaths that shouldn't be raising kids and they're only doing "this" to get some giggles out of the Grandidiot's pain. Sam laughed at that, then pulled out her folder of shit they've done and showed it to him. Complete with court orders and police reports.
Sam and her DH then told the Pastor about the shit the Grandidiots have said and done. They told him about the hot car incident, which the Grandidiots conveniently told the church a complete lie about. According to her, they never left the kids in the car, that Sam had called the cops and reported it out of spite and that SAM refused to allow them to have the car seats and told them it was ok to let them ride in the car without them.
The sneaking around to see the kids was apparently justifiable because it's cruel to keep them apart. Pastor apparently went a little Flying Monkey about it, trying to reunite them, but Sam told him about how they threatened her and he backed off.
The breaking into Sam's house was a set up just to make them look bad. Apparently this feeds into the sociopath problem.
Basically Grandidiots are some kind of super breed of idiot, because you'd think that they'd realize that if the Pastor and Sam talked he'd get the whole story and find out how much lying they've been doing. Pastor basically agreed with Sam and DH about their course of action. He told them that while he's Grandidiot's pastor, he was willing to help Sam out if she needed anything. Her DH said all he wanted was that Pastor make sure everyone knew not to show up at their house. Pastor had no clue churchlady had shown up there. He said he couldn't "force" anyone to do anything, but he'd make sure word got around to stay out of it. Pastor did request a photo of the kids because Grandidiots had asked for one. Sam's DH told him no way in hell. Pastor just agreed and dropped it.
Kids came home right as Pastor was leaving, so he saw with his own eyes that they're being cared for and are healthy. He told Sam that he thought her parents needed a lot of counseling and therapy and that he was going to recommend they see a professional. He asked if she were willing to see someone with them, Sam said no. Pastor offered her a referral for herself if she decided she wanted to go on her own. He was going to try his best to do what he could to help her parents and told her that if she ever needed to talk to him to give him a call.
Sounds like the Grandidiots may have just lost a pretty big support in their lies. Even if the pastor holds everything confidential, I know churches. It will get around eventually, at least part of it.
15th update: School started, Sam and I now of "folders of authoirta!" AKA no news is good news
School started, and awesome news, I'm the grade mom and Sam is a room mom. We were given our folders with all the year's activities info. We have AUTHORITA!!!
No word from any of the grandidiots. No word from church ladies. No word from FM. Sam says that all's quiet on their end. She did make sure that the office is aware that they're still not allowed to pick up the kids.
So, here's to a quiet year! :)
16th update: Update on Sam. AKA: All's Quiet on the Western Front
I've had a few messages and a couple of comment calls. My MIL passed last week, so I missed my kid's Valentine's Party, but I did get to see Sam Friday for coffee.
Happily for her, and sadly for our llamas, everything has been fine. She said that her parents haven't tried to make contact. She is worried though that the year diversion is coming up in 5ish months, so she's not sure if they're holding off until the time is up or if they've really learned their lesson.
The Pastor was true to his word, he hasn't tried to contact them and no churchladies have showed up at the door. Sam says that she's heard through family that there was some "problem" at the church, but that's all she got. Sam says she assumes it got around, but according to the people she knows her parents are still attending the same church, so blow back must not have been that bad.
No hits on changing the old alarm code to the panic code, so they're confident no one has gotten into the house.
Kids are fine. They've adjusted ok to not having them around. My kid says that on grandparents day that "Steve" gets to bring his cousin. Apparently this is very cool as the cousin knows magic. lol
Sounds like maybe she got off easy. She's keeping her fingers crossed that the calm continues.
And that looks like that was it. I'm glad it all calmed down in the end.
Again, I'm not the OP.
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2022.01.27 15:27 Moshilicious Man hat diesen Brief im Schulranzen meiner Nichte gefunden. Der Typ (Anscheinend geistig nicht der fitteste) wurde gefunden, aber weil ja noch nichts passiert ist geschieht nichts weiteres. Kann das sein?

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2022.01.27 15:27 bluegreen1009 Anyone do capital markets work?

Want to hear about experiences from people who work in capital markets group. What is the type of projects you get and what are the hours like?
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2022.01.27 15:27 PS-Group We burned 101,000,000.00 (101M) DSLA last week 🔥

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2022.01.27 15:27 _CallMeBigPoppa_ With the women’s Royal Rumble in just a few days, I wanted to know who you guy’s favorite women wrestler of all time is. Mine is a tie between Trish and Lita! (2000s baby😁)

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2022.01.27 15:27 More_Coconut8250 Sex advice?

Recently had sex with a tomboy and after giving her oral she said she doesn't "eat pussy". I was shocked but still continued to have sex with her, however it left a bad taste in my mouth about her.. seeing that I gave her head but she didn't do the same. Should I just leave it at that and not fw her again or talk about it? She's not my gf or anything we just had sex that one time.
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2022.01.27 15:27 PhantomX98 Waterproof Running Waist Pack $17.99, FREE FOR AMAZON USA PRODUCT TESTERS, DM Me If You Are Interested

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2022.01.27 15:27 freshlysqueezelemon SQ squeeze coming; buy calls!

During these painful down days. There is incredible deals out there from quality companies. Block Inc is one of them on fire sale like 60% discount!! I bought $190 calls for June. They are under $1 right now. This will 10-18X if the strike hits!!!
Yes Block Inc and Jack Dorsey is heavily Bitcoin related. Even the price of that asset has come down. Perfect capitulation moment. I believe this is by far one of the best options to capture monster gains with a quality stock. The opportunity has never been this good.
GLTA Disclosure: $190 June calls.
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2022.01.27 15:27 misssurly The power of that backstitch ... Love how this little guy turned out! Pattern by Max Stitch/Etsy.

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2022.01.27 15:27 Vandel4176 Looking to Learn

I want to make my own Android apps with Java but I don't know where I can begin to learn since there's so many options. I looked at Codecademy but I'm not paying $40 a month for that. Can anyone give me some options that don't cost too much?
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