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(Bug) Mass Effect: The Cowboy Edition

2022.01.23 22:28 th3birdofhermes (Bug) Mass Effect: The Cowboy Edition

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2022.01.23 22:28 Technical_Hamster_48 I wish I could just know

I wish I could just know your thoughts. I don't want to have a crush on you if you don't like me, I'd rather be friends. As we grow closer I keep thinking you like me, and that causes me to like you. I am going to end up hurt so I am sorry, I wish my brain could see you as nothing more. But as you put your arm around me and holds me I can't think anything else.
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2022.01.23 22:28 Cascadences Difficulty taking a full breath on fryers

Tonight at work I had some trouble breathing after working 8 hours on fryer. I could breathe in like halfway then suddenly couldn’t go any further. My nose has been stuffy all night since though. It could’ve been all the seasonings but this is the first time it happened. I took like an hour off fry to prep for tomorrow and it went away.
Any idea what caused it and how to not have the same issue again? (If this is common)
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2022.01.23 22:28 Brabo_Fabricador Não to legal não ...

Ta dando simplesmente TUDO ERRADO pra mim nos últimos 5 anos ou até mais se pa. Tive um namoro pessimo, larguei a faculdade, meus pais começaram a me tratar esquisito como se eu fosse um vagabundo, tivemos uma briga, vim morar sozinho, quase passei fome, tive que vender meu carro que eu adorava pra pagar as coisas. "Essa pandemia" destruiu meu psicologico tbm, já tenho poucos amigos e ficar sem sair ainda piorou tudo ...
Tenho sido bem resiliente, me considero um heroi por ainda estar vivo. Mas to simplesmente exausto disso tudo. Eu me esforço pra caralho e quando parece q vai melhorar da alguma outra merda pra me derrubar denovo. É uma sucessão de coisas dando errado que não acaba.
Agora eu to simplesmente com preguiça de tudo, não tenho disposição pra me concentrar em assistir um filme, sair na rua, fabricar alguma coisa legal, jogar um jogo. Estou ficando extremamente irritado com besteiras, não tenho assunto pra conversar com as pessoas ...
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2022.01.23 22:28 YoullFigureItOut It feels like I'm regressing

It's been a month and a half since the end, since I found out she was hooking up with someone else (I saw the messages).
The first few weeks were terrible and I just wanted her back and she was just being cruel to me, and made it very clear she doesn't want anything to do with me.
Last night I was with friends and drank way too much. At night I called her from another number (thankfully it didn't go through -since I'm blocked/or she had do not disturb on), and all I wanted was to have her in my arms even though she's fucking someone else (and probably was when I called her).
In the morning I woke up and realized how ridiculous my actions were. She laughed at me and hung up/blocked me when I was pleading during the last conversation we had, so there is no future/no reason why she would pick up anyways.
Before I got really drunk, I was sad but had accepted the reality, and knew that we were never going to speak/I'd never get the closure.
And although I was still sad, it felt like I was making progress. Yesterday just felt like I regressed.
I now know not to drink that much, and I know that there is no point of reconciliation, she showed me no empathy in the past. It feels like one step forward two steps back.
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2022.01.23 22:28 Lolamess007 Does anyone know how to easy add 1 redstone tick of delay to something in modding?

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2022.01.23 22:28 h3yn0w75 This man will NEVER give up hope

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2022.01.23 22:28 PusherLoveGirl First Winter Overnighter in Hammock (Trip/Gear Report)

This weekend I went to Big Thicket National Preserve in southeast Texas to see if I could manage not to freeze to death in a hammock when the temps were going to get in the upper 20s. I had gone to the same spot a couple weeks prior in similar temps but used my REI Passage 2 tent for that trip as I did not have a sufficient underquilt for my hammock setup. Well I woke up feeling like I'd slept on a pile of rocks with every muscle sore and decided then and there that I was going to try and winterize my hammock while we still had some opportunities for cold weather down here.
Gear Carried:

Total weight: fuck if I know. A lot. Any ultralighter looking at that list probably just fainted.
Trip Report I didn't end up getting to the visitor's center to check in until almost 4 pm since I had to pick up a shift at work in the morning and the preserve is an hour's drive for me. By the time I checked in and got to the trailhead, sunset was already looming. I ended up only hiking in far enough to find a good spot and then got to work setting everything up. Temps weren't too bad to start. Luckily for me, there was zero wind the entire night and I set everything up in just my base layer and vest. I decided to do the hammock before the fire as it would be more difficult to do in the dark but I still didn't manage to beat sunset before I got everything situated. Temps after sunset. After that I got to work on the fire and it's a damn good thing I didn't put it off 'til after dinner because I have never had such an easy time starting a fire that then never wanted to do anything but smolder for an hour. There was very little dry brush around and my kindling was failing to kindle anything. Eventually I got it roaring and cooked up some chicken teriyaki in a bag while I looked at the stars and marveled at how bright the moon was. Yes, that is the moon and not the sun. Another picture showing how brightly it was shining. When I had come a few weeks prior it had been a new moon so I wasn't able to see anything past the firelight and thought that was a little creepy. Well let me tell you that being able to see some things easily while everything else is pitch black shadows is way creepier. Every little movement or sound I was sure was a sasquatch or chupacabra coming to steal my cheezits.
Eventually I let the fire die out, changed into my sleep clothes and tried to crawl in the middle of my 7-layer burrito while looking like the Michelin man. I forgot to check temps before bed but it was 32F around 10:30 and hadn't gotten any warmer since then. Setup pic. I had set the hammock up with the underquilt underneath (duh), the sleeping pad in the bottom, the emergency blanket on top of that, then the sleeping bag, then the bag liner, and then the bobcat quilt on top of the liner but inside the bag. The zipper on the REI bag gives me panic attacks in the morning if I zip it all the way up because it always gets stuck up around my shoulder and I immediately freak out that I'm going to be trapped forever and feral hogs will eat my corpse. Knowing that, I don't usually zip it all the way and use the bobcat to cover up the gaps it leaves. Once I got settled in wearing all my clothes and with hand warmers squirreled into every crevice I could I was actually quite warm but still had trouble falling asleep, despite it being close to 2 am at this point. Eventually I drifted off, waking up only once around 5 because my hands were roasting in the gloves I was wearing and I had severe discomfort on my right hand. I took the gloves off and realized the thumb loop from my Patagonia base layer was digging into the webbing between my thumb and index finger and that was the reason for the pain. It was still tender when I eventually climbed out of the hammock around 9 am. Burrito pic. After that I stomped around for a bit to get the blood flowing and made breakfast. I took my time breaking down camp so as not to get sweaty (temps had risen to the 50s and by the time I left it was nearly 60) and hiked out around 2 pm.
Final Thoughts and Pic Dump Pic Dump
Even though I had a fairly toasty night, I'm still not satisfied with this setup for the winter and wouldn't take it in temps any lower than what I dealt with last night. It was honestly just too much of a pain in the back to carry everything and too much of a pain in the ass to try and get it all perfectly positioned around my body with all the different layers shifting around. I was blessed with no wind so I'm not sure how well it would have held up had a breeze blown through, either. The OneTigris UQ was warm but heavy, bulky and absolutely zero frills included. It attaches to the hammock with some shock cord on both ends looped through a carabiner and that's it. No way to adjust length or cinch up a draft collar or attach to the hammock itself. Also, while it's hard to judge any single piece of gear in a sleep system, I'm not really sure the emergency blanket helped me much as I wasn't able to wrap myself in it. The Big Agnes sleeping pad stayed in place better than I expected but I could probably do with something a little wider as I tend to switch between sleeping on my back at an angle or on my side in the fetal position and I occasionally moved myself off the pad.
If you're going to be doing a lot of cold weather hammocking, I think it's probably best to go ahead and shell out the dough for the winter gear. If you just want to dip your toes in and see if it's for you, the OneTigris UQ is relatively cheap for its warmth and the Sea to Summit bag liner is so good I'd bring it any time I was concerned I might need extra warmth.
Thanks for reading! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments!
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2022.01.23 22:28 oldsports-alterknabe No thoting on stage please

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2022.01.23 22:28 xBraveLilDino I dont wanna be here, but I dont know why...

All my life I've been plagued with mental illness and abuse. The depression and anxiety setting in as early as 8 years old. Im 27 now, been in and out of a Crisis Stabilization Unit, and a Day Hospital program to help.. im on better meds, and have more tools to help me when crisises and shit happen.
But there's this emptiness. Its like Jacks Lament from The Nightmare Before Christmas,
"Oh, somewhere deep inside of these bones An emptiness began to grow There's something out there, far from my home A longing that I've never known"
I honestly just dont wanna be alive anymore. I dont feel I have friends who want me around. Discord makes me lonlier. My partner doesn't understand what im going through, and in turn I feel worse and even more invisible because I'm "always being so dramatic" or my personal fave... "why you always gotta be so crazy?" Like. I dont want to be. I want to have a quiet mind that just let's me be happy and doesn't sabotage /everything/ in my life. I just want to be wanted. Someone around... someone who would in turn give me what I want... which, I dont know what I want. So there's some mind reading there. I just dont wanna be. Life is so hard and I am so exhausted. I just dont wanna continue on. I understand so so so much more about why so many die around this age and why there's an ongoing joke of "joining the 27 club". I legit am ready to end everything.
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2022.01.23 22:28 Blitzkriegli The difficulty of flirting with dwarves...

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2022.01.23 22:28 Konoha_7 trading i really need carved twine and oxidized mineral powder i have 2k sunbeam and around 8k bright core if we can agree on a trade

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2022.01.23 22:28 SirRobX Arena/Assault Overview & Thresholds - Data Collection [January 24]

Last week's topic (includes estimates for the season ending 1/24/22): https://www.reddit.com/FireEmblemHeroes/comments/s6clja/arenaassault_overview_thresholds_data_collection/
For an up-to-date look at the current standings, please refer to the user rankings posted in the comments below.
Week of 1/24/22 Information and Estimates: Season: Earth/Fire and Astra/Anima
Upcoming seasons:
Unknown until the next update.
Bonus Heroes: 1/18/22-1/31/22: A!Joshua, Rennac, Neimi, Colm, Riev, Silas, Frederick, Lissa, L!Eliwood, Sharena
Upcoming Bonus Heroes: Unknown until the next update. Likely candidates include H!Nailah, H!Karla, Hat!Xane, H!Azura, H!Deen, Veld, L!Julia (or L!Celica) and Anna.

Estimated Thresholds for the Arena:
Tier 19.5 - 3700 (~726-730 per match +60)
Tier 20 - 3812 (~750-754 per match +60)
Tier 20.5 - 3822 (~752-756 per match +60)
Tier 21 - 3868 (~760-764 per match +60)
Note: Increased the estimates for second week inflation.

Estimated Thresholds for Arena Assault:
Top 5k - 5215 (~740-744 per match +28)
Top 3k - 5268 (~748-752 per match +28)
Top 1k - 5328 (~756-760 per match +28)

Estimated Thresholds for Aether Raids:
Top 6k - 20650
Top 3k - 20970
Top 1k - 21155
Note: Increased the top 6k estimate due to score creep.

Estimated Thresholds for Resonant Battles:
Interval 19.5 - 400 (Perfect score + No Harmonized Hero)
Interval 20 - 425 (Perfect score + At least 1 Harmonized Hero [No merges needed])
Interval 20.5 - 426 (Perfect score with either 1 Harmonized Hero that has at least one merge or imperfect score with 2 Harmonized Heroes)
Interval 21 - 451 (Perfect score with 2 Harmonized Heroes and at least one merge between them)
Current Bonus Titles: Path of Radiance and Thracia 776
Eligible Harmonized Heroes: S!Leif, W!Altina, and H!Azura
Current Rewards: Divine Codes, Infantry Dragonflowers, an Earth Blessing and Trait Fruit

Estimated Thresholds for Allegiance Battles:
Top 5k - 1026 (728 +150 +25 +24 +99)
Top 3k - 1036 (738 +150 +25 +24 +99)
Top 1k - 1051 (753 +150 +25 +24 +99)
Current Score Rewards: Hero Feathers and Divine Dew
Current Rank Rewards: Infantry Dragonflowers and an Earth Blessing
Your input is needed to help form accurate estimates! Please provide your rankings for the week ending 1/24/22 using the template below: Template for PC users:

**Arena Tier XX** Score: X Rank: X/Cutoff **Assault Top Yk** Score: Y Rank: Y **Aether Raids Top Zk** Score: Z Rank: Z Defense Loss: -Z **Resonant Battles Interval A** Score: A Rank: A/Cutoff **Allegiance Battles Top Bk** Score: B Rank: B 
Template for Mobile users: https://paste2.org/cG19Z9vt
Important: If you're in Tier 20.5, only give the promotion cutoff. Tier 20 players that stay or get demoted can simply give the stay cutoff.
Note: If you would like to be informed about when these topics are posted, please DM me as there is a system in place for notifications.
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2022.01.23 22:28 zennyblades The cutest dumbest birds i know.

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2022.01.23 22:28 Navi_94 If a landlord's tenant sublets their property to someone else, is the landlord still responsible for the landlord's side of contractual obligations or do they fall onto the person who is subletting to someone else?

Basically I was sublet to for 1 year, and many people before me were too. The landlord didn't even know any of us existed, and the property was in a horrific state of disrepair. I'm trying to find out if the landlord should have checked in on them/me at all or if all duty was down to the person subletting to us.
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2022.01.23 22:28 unclear-very-unclear Inconsistent Apple Watch Connection

Just got my Tempo Move, overall happy with the equipment at this price point, however I’m not particularly impressed by the tech behind the dock station and the app.
I’ve only done 2 workouts so far, and for both if the session my Apple Watch wouldn’t stay connected throughout the duration of the workout. Every minute or so, the watch would vibrate asking to try to connect again. Anyone else facing similar issues? Would love to troubleshoot this soon as I feel like the Move was a ton of potential.
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2022.01.23 22:28 amedicalprofessional I guess humans are no longer animals?

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2022.01.23 22:28 MarkHopeful5220 Hahahah they get offended so easy.

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2022.01.23 22:28 YoungTalent29 2014 2SS

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2022.01.23 22:28 Bubba339 I don't even know why I made this

That is all
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2022.01.23 22:28 Thash_games Podem me confirma se isso é verídico gente ?

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2022.01.23 22:28 TheDopestShiznallah I did not expect this show to be so funny. Jon Cena helped direct and write or just produce. He’s too funny.

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2022.01.23 22:28 birdman-41 What show or movie had such great acting you forgot it was a show or movie?

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2022.01.23 22:28 chucklingx What if you got really drunk and forget what you did last night, but the evidence is incriminating, and it might not have been you, but you don't like how it looks, so you decide to get rid of the evidence?

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2022.01.23 22:28 ZootSuit0 Apologizing

I made a stupid joke that went wrong and offended somebody. It wasn't an "edgy" political joke or anything obvious like that, but rather just something that in the context was taken the wrong way. I immediately tried to explain my intention and laugh it off like "boy that was a stupid thing to say", but it was too late. The person who was offended is still I think bitter about it because whenever I interact with them they're cold and distant, but before they were friendly.
I am kind of beating myself up over this and feeling really guilty. I know that I didn't intend to hurt this person, but intent is only part of our actions. I'm human, and humans make mistakes. Even if we are super careful to never say or do anything hurtful, it's kind of inevitable in life that we're going to accidentally hurt someone eventually. I know I need to apologize more formally but I struggle with apologies.
Apologies are important because we're all going to screw up and hurt someone's feelings eventually. In my family growing up, nobody ever apologized for anything.. it was common to double down (e.g., "well, you're stupid to being so easily offended") get really angry at each other, and let the resentment and hatred stew. I believe this is a bad way to live, not only because it results in people having hurt feelings, but also it hurts the person that did the hurting because they never have to humble themselves and admit they did something wrong and/or made a mistake.
I think when I've been given apologies in the past, the thing that mattered to me was that the person really put themselves out there and showed candor. The worst is the non-apology, like "I'm sorry you felt offended." I've had some though where even though I accepted the apology, I never really liked that person again. I don't expect to be absolved of all my sins or to become this person's new best friend after the apology, I just want to get it off my chest. If, after I apologize, they still hate me, well at least I've done my part.
What is the key to a good apology? Do the Stoics have anything specific to say on this point? Or any other philosophy reading in this vein?
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