Pizza and Extended Bolus

2022.01.20 20:01 rachy1998 Pizza and Extended Bolus

I’ve only had pizza one time since on the OmniPod and I went low because I don’t know how to usually do an extended bolus because of all the cheese and meat on it!! I am asking for help on how you usually do your extended bolus from percentage wise and time frame, im not asking help on how to carb count since we all have different amounts! But how do you usually do your extended bolus for pizza?? Help!! Lol
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2022.01.20 20:01 version1yeah Ex GF called me drunk after 65 days of no contact

Long story, short - I'm a 36 year old me, my ex is a 30f. Were together for 6 years, and she is bipolar and an alcoholic. Went to rehab at the end of September and was going for 4 months. 6 weeks in, I found out she cheated on me and left me for another dude at her rehab facility. Went into No Contact the day I found out and haven't talked to her in 65 days.
The Update -
She isn't at the treatment center anymore. She called me drunk on Tuesday at 1pm and said she was 107 days sober before this. Asked her why she decided to drink today and never really got an answer. Pretty sure she either left or got kicked out because her 4 months treatment was at the end of this month.
She said she was having a rough time, hates her job, and feels stuck. Said she quit her job at the dog kennel and is now working as a hostess at a restaurant with that guy. She also lost her sponsor and tried blaming that on not being at the recovery home anymore, which is a lie.
She tried saying that she was calling to check on me and see how I was doing because she cared about me a person. Said that she wanted me to move on because she's a mess, has nothing going on for herself, and is nothing special. I know she wasn't calling to check in on me, and the only reason why she reached out was because she was drinking and going through a rough patch.
Few minutes after telling me that she wanted me to move on, she said that "if we are meant to be, we're meant to be" and basically said she wanted me to "wait for her". She then says that she "isn't going anywhere" and I responded with "you already went somewhere two months ago! As far as I know you seem pretty happy and content with this guy". Her response - "but am I though?" She had to go but said she would call me tomorrow. Never called the next day.
I called her mom and told her that she relapsed. My ex told her that she couldn't get into a sober house because the "interview was awkward". Just another BS excuse. Her mom told me that she's been living at a motel and didn't know if it was with the guy or not. Her mom thought her 90 days at the treatment center were up and that's why she was gone lol. Which is wrong because my ex told me it was 1 month detox and then 3 months inpatient treatment. Pretty sure she got kicked out or left willingly
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2022.01.20 20:01 RiiguyHATESHFUNDS SEC Chairman Gary Gensler Stresses Crypto Trading Platforms Must Be Regulated to Ensure Investor Protection – Regulation Bitcoin News…Be quiet Gary…

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2022.01.20 20:01 Healthy_Motor_9969 This may be the lowest (or close) to get loops at this price in a lifetime, a year from now i might look back and think "if only I could go back" not financial advice just speculation

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2022.01.20 20:01 akamega_trill If an account has another account blocked on Snapchat, can the first account still see the public stories of the account they blocked?

I also want to know how easy it would be for an account’s public story to cross the blocker’s screen.
Would they have to search for the username of the blocked account or would it show up anywhere else?
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2022.01.20 20:01 MikeLeValley Ready for some matching OD green kydex sheath's 🤙

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2022.01.20 20:01 sadkey LFOTool effects not showing up on rendered soundfile?

Recently, if I have any LFOTools on any tracks, once I export the project the tracks I have with LFOTool on them will not export properly, and will instead stay at the beginning of the LFOTool's envelope. So for example, if I have a track where I'm using LFOTool to sidechain, and the beginning of the LFO is just silence, rather than ramping up the volume once its triggered, the LFO just never triggers.
Anyone have any ideas for how to fix this?
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2022.01.20 20:01 NewYearNewB Victoria man's disappearance 'completely out of character,' wife says

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2022.01.20 20:01 TofuOfu hehe 😜

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2022.01.20 20:01 Global_Office_2358 ‘Nightclub’ starryai

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2022.01.20 20:01 Thethey12345678910 The armorer playing

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2022.01.20 20:01 jcashmoneyy I bamboozled my dog

For some backstory, our 7ish month old shelter pup is not great in the crate when left alone. At all. He barks and whines the ENTIRE time we are gone, be it 30 minutes or 4 hours, he never settles. However, at night and when we take naps, he’s fine in the crate. He just needs to know someone is in there with him pretty much.
So I had the brilliant thought the last time I went grocery shopping to act like I was taking a nap, and then sneak out of the bedroom and out of the house. AND IT WORKED. He slept almost the entire time I was gone. I feel better knowing he’s relaxing while I’m gone, and I know he feels better by not feeling stressed.
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2022.01.20 20:01 Previous_Ad_3893 Thanks for your response

Thanks for helping me with finding products to use. Sadly the original post was taken down (for reasons I am unaware of) and I'm not sure how long this post will be up for. Thanks again for your recommendations, hope you have a lovely day/night.
The recommendations that are available and that I will look into:
:La Roche posay
: The ordinary
: The elf pure line
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2022.01.20 20:01 schweken Lunch is in 7-10 days

If you listened to today’s interview you can hear Chris saying that the next lunch is in a week or so. It sounded as he slipped and said it
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2022.01.20 20:01 AngryTank [WTS][USA-PA][H] Schiit Jotunheim 2 w/Multibit Dac Module [W] PayPal or Local Cash

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2022.01.20 20:01 eviltimeban New Doomsday Clock

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2022.01.20 20:01 RalphyL Package refused by recipient

I’ve been waiting on some important visa paperwork for a while now, and it’s now showing on the tracking as Delay: refused by recipient.
I categorically didn’t refuse the delivery and the address is definitely correct. What’s my options here? I can’t seem to get in contact with FedEx.
Could this be an error and they’ll just try to redeliver tomorrow or will it go back to the sender? I’m really annoyed because it’s a $100 fee to resend.
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.20 20:01 autotldr AP News: Four Belarusian officials face aircraft piracy charges

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 37%. (I'm a bot)

NEW YORK - U.S. prosecutors charged four Belarusian government officials on Thursday with aircraft piracy for diverting a Ryanair flight last year to arrest an opposition journalist, using a ruse that there was a bomb threat.
The charges, announced by federal prosecutors in New York, recounted how a regularly-scheduled passenger plane traveling between Athens, Greece, and Vilnius, Lithuania, on May 23 was diverted to Minsk, Belarus by air traffic control authorities in Belarus.
Ryanair said Belarusian flight controllers told the pilots that there was a bomb threat against the jetliner and ordered them to land in Minsk.
In August, President Joe Biden levied sanctions against Belarus on the one-year anniversary of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko's election, in a vote the U.S. and international community said was fraught with irregularities.
Widespread belief that the vote was stolen triggered mass protests in Belarus that led to increased repressions by Lukashenko's regime on protesters, dissidents and independent media.
Those charged in court papers were identified as Leonid Mikalaevich Churo, director general of Belaeronavigatsia Republican Unitary Air Navigation Services Enterprise, the Belarusian state air navigation authority; Oleg Kazyuchits, deputy director general of Belaeronavigatsia; and two Belarusian state security agents whose full identities weren't known to prosecutors.
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2022.01.20 20:01 Old_Truth6995 Paige VanZant vs. Rachael Ostovich

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2022.01.20 20:01 Poker_Studs 🎈GRAND OPENING💸FREEROLL💸🎈1/26/22 @ 5PM PST 🚨WE WILL BE HOSTING A FREEROLL FOR ALL NEW MEMBERS JOINING🤝 B4 🤝THE GRAND OPENING! 💸TOP 3 X $100💸 🚫Please TEXT 1st to get APPROVED (667)324-7899. 🚫

🎈GRAND OPENING💸FREEROLL💸🎈1/26/22 @ 5PM PST 🚨WE WILL BE HOSTING A FREEROLL FOR ALL NEW MEMBERS JOINING🤝 B4 🤝THE GRAND OPENING! 💸TOP 3 X $100💸 🚫Please TEXT 1st to get APPROVED (667)324-7899. 🚫 submitted by Poker_Studs to Pokerrrr3 [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 20:01 FancifulCat Insert photos with wrap text tight

I work with way too many photos in my reports, is there a setting where I can automatically make every text wrap to tight instead of right clicking on every single picture?
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2022.01.20 20:01 rozmanr Ontario University COVID-19 Protocols - What do we think and how can we improve them?

Hi everyone! My name’s Rob and I’m a fourth-year student at McMaster. I’m currently working on a project with the goal of understanding student perceptions of university COVID-19 protocols in Ontario and how they can be improved.
If you are a student who is attending or plans to attend a university campus this semester, I would really appreciate it if you could answer the questions below. All information provided will be anonymized, including any quotes in the final report. I have consulted with a member of the Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board (HIREB) and no ethical concerns were raised and no formal application was required. Feel free to email me at []( if you have any questions or concerns.
(1) Which university do you go to? What COVID-19 protocols are currently present at your university? (e.g., building/service closures, proof of vaccination, check-ins, capacity limits, masks, etc.)
(2) What are your thoughts regarding your university’s current COVID-19 protocols with respect to safety and convenience?
(3) Assuming on-campus activities are to return to in-person this term, what protocols do you think your university should change, keep consistent, or introduce, and why?
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2022.01.20 20:01 heliogt2 1986 Scottish golf trip momentos

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2022.01.20 20:01 CalebKetterer Because humans are mostly made of water, you could actually measure how fast you were going in liters per second

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2022.01.20 20:01 epicRedditer69 Would someone mind explaining why I have to "land" like I am a 5 year old?

I am kind of not understand what their point is and how it affects me?
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