Ho My Jesus!

2022.01.19 14:27 EMP0R10 Ho My Jesus!

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2022.01.19 14:27 Venturea7 Looking for members in new fantasy Madden 22 Franchise

[Xbox One] 10/32
Just a fun league, will sim every 2-3 days, flexible and just having a good time if you want to join
Discord: https://discord.gg/DhYsaZV4
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2022.01.19 14:27 SadCommunity8123 Bandogang top shooters on live tweaking

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2022.01.19 14:27 Virtual-Advantage767 Grovetender Druids by chasestone

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2022.01.19 14:27 BinxTheCat0 Lucid Dreaming and Ben Affleck.

Last night I went on a date! It was a fun cuddle date with movies and drinks, so it was super enjoyable. But I guess because I was feeling great and getting good sleep I had a lucid dream involving Kingdom Hearts, Journey to the West, and Ben Affleck.
It starts off with me going to my home town and I specifically remember running up to this guy who was in all black. I shook his shoulder, “Sir? Can you tell me what there is to do in this dream world?” I asked. “This isn’t a dream world,” he said, “This is real life… especially for some of us!”
I got confused and ran into an old gymnasium that I grew up in. I started to go to the band room, but it immediately turned into the Wonderland room in Kingdom Hearts 1. As I’m shuffling around and moving items, I uncover a hole in the wall that had a voice asking me to come in. It told me I have to want to come in or I can’t enter. So I said “I’m ready!” Then my hand was pulled into the dark hole and it became a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. Instead of landing in the Queen’s courtyard - however - I landed on a set of a new movie directed by Ben Affleck based on Journey to the West and Avatar The Last Airbender.
The movie started out about this island in Asia that was in a different universe. A dragon and it’s rider fell out of the sky and glided to the Midus Fountain. They immediately turned to gold and left behind a bottle of freezing potion. I had to grab the bottle and take it to the heavens to help the Jade Emperor - according to Ben’s directions. When I did the Jade Emperor poured the contents into a River in a nearby orphanage. Anyone who enters will turn into an ice statue. The lady of the orphanage told me to help the children get across the river, but I couldn’t due to this evil man grabbing them and throwing some of them in the river.
As the dream pressed forward, we end up on a river Bend where there were wooden homes built up over the tides. At one end of the building, however, was a man that was telling us not to jump in the river or we would get pregnant. Ben Affleck stops me and says not to jump in the river because my character has to sleep in a gold mattress. When I do, he says everyone is outside. I had to mingle with children and families of the area and it was super neat. I learned about several cultures that had different traditions causing me to do more research of the land. Ben then stops me and says “your job is done, we just needed you for a few shots,” then I went back to reality. Ben was there and tells me that I had to stay to strike some of the premier set and he would pay me extra, but I woke back up as soon as I touched some water. The dream was crazy cool, but it really made me want to read Journey To The West and rewatch some of Overly Sarcastic Production’s versions of Journey to the West!
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2022.01.19 14:27 BMOyuncu Dsicrdod

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2022.01.19 14:27 Rafins First time on quarantine, finally found time and motivation to do my nails 💅

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2022.01.19 14:27 Putrid_Ad_3785 Stressed about Drs

I’d just like to say thank you apes for taking a moment to read this.
I know DRS is the way I started the transfer December 16th I believe. The shares left my account on the 6th of January I’ve yet to receive my account number login from CS which is okay, why im stressed is TD bank has yet to pull out the fee, I called TD and asked if when they are gonna be taken the money for the fee they gave an estimate of 1-2 business but that was last week. I have the fee money in my cash account where it left from I put in double of what I needed for a fee. Am I just being impatient or should I be concerned?
Reason I’m concerned is the shares left my account and the fee has yet to be taken making me feel like my shares are in the void or something went wrong with my process without any light being brought to it.
Thank you for the apes who took the time to read this and that will comment thanks!
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2022.01.19 14:27 madtekbeatz [FREE] C1 x Bandokay x Grizzly Drill Type Beat Hard ~ "Exodus"

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2022.01.19 14:27 steelyakinnew Got bored and decided to do a non fantasy mini for once, so here's a desert scav made with the 2 mini trick

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2022.01.19 14:27 themagicalworldofmei Espranor for tramadol addiction?

I've been taking 750mg of tramadol almost daily for 3 years. It's been suggested that I get on Espranor by my doctor.
I'm just really scared because tramadol has an antidepressant element. I rely on that feeling daily to stop me from feeling depressed. I don't think espranor is going to do shit for that.
Tramadol is the reason I get out of bed most days as its the only source of motivation, it's that effect that i can just do things without being miserable and tired... I know that this sounds like the addiction brain speaking but I've come off it before for a month and I've never been more unmotivated and unproductive... I'm just concerned that espranor will just make this worse whilst withdrawing from the snri in the tramadol. Or will it help? I really don't know
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2022.01.19 14:27 officiallyviolets It's a good day

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2022.01.19 14:27 WSPNpresentsWPW What I want from WWE2k22 Part 2

Here are some other things that I had forgot about in my first post.
Universe Mode -
Promos with Factions - How many times do you see the leader of a faction come out by himself and cut a promo? I want to see faction promos where you can see them in the back pacing and getting all hyped based on what is said. How cool would it be to have Paul Heyman talk or recreate the Corporation with Vince and Shane and have them talk.
Recaps of previous week/Promos for PPVs
I do recall in either SD Here comes the pain or Shut your Mouth during the my career mode, when you would get to the PPV there would be a short video package of your rivalry and some generic clips of moves happening. I feel in 2022 that this should be possible. I also feel that there should be a "previously on" type thing before each show, like it is in real life, just something that makes it feel like we are watching a live wrestling show.
Match Card
I said this in my 1st post but I wanted to expand on it. I would like it if we have the menu where we can set up the whole card, from run ins, to promos to after victory cut scenes to where when you hit start show, you are in the show and cant edit it again. Once the show starts we get the opening to the show, it does what it normally does with the pyro and the commentary, but instead of loading back to the card to play or sim the match, we cut to the announcers who talk about the card and what they are excited about and what rivalries are happening. From there we get, "play next match/promo" and "sim next match" If you choose play next match, the camera just pans to the stage and boom the match begins. If you hit sim next match, they talk about what happened, like who won and what happened during the match. After the match is over, we cut back to the announcers and they talk about what just happened and whats to come, like what is happening in the main event. This would make it feel more like you are watching a wrestling promo and you could set up a card for your friends to play with crazy run ins and story telling to get them to want to play more. Give you full control of what happens during the show.
GM Mode -
Just to get this out of the way, I feel GM mode is over hyped and I feel that it doesn't need to be in the game as a separate mode.
Okay, one of my biggest frustrations with GM mode is the fact that it costs you money to make matches. That doesn't make sense, how is a triple threat match more expensive than a 1 on 1. How about instead you make the charge for the lighting, pyro, music, and everything else that goes into producing a TV show. Like if you are low on funds you can cut the pyro out of your show, so nobody gets pyro and you save money but your fans wont be as entertained?
I feel that the booking in the older GM modes were awful. I want there to be at least some way to make sure that my lower card doesn't get booked with the main eventers. It was so fun to draft my team and get everything all set up and when I look at the card the main event was Finley vs Trish in a Hell in the Cell. That too me breaks the believability and I loose interest due to having to recreate the card. Same thing goes for universe mode. I dont want Brock vs Curtis Axel as my opening match on raw, it would never happen.
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2022.01.19 14:27 Gnome_Sane Haskell's Epiphany

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2022.01.19 14:27 vesperca WGS367 Syllabus Waitlist

Anybody in WGS367, can you send me the syllabus? I am still on the waitlist.
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2022.01.19 14:27 Lordmikehnk 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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2022.01.19 14:27 tawdrygirdle Shihono Illuminous body Net idols

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2022.01.19 14:27 Kryoseptic Deficiency - A Fire Asleep

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2022.01.19 14:27 asmajda Ethereum and why it has a solid case for a bullish 2022

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2022.01.19 14:27 Least-Syrup8107 Provera in lieu of Ganirelix?

Hi! First time poster here, and also gearing up to start my first ever stim cycle tomorrow (assuming day 3 results look as they should).
I'm paying out of pocket for everything so my clinic said I can take Provera (ie progesterone) INSTEAD of Ganirelix / cetrotide to reduce my medication costs. From what the nurse said, the Provera will be taken daily along with the injections throughout the stim cycle. The effect is the same - it should prevent premature ovulation.
The Provera would only cost me $3.82 in total, whereas Ganirelex is $91 and it sounds like I would need 5-9, so at a minimum $455 which is not insignificant.
The pharmacy said it was the first time they've ever seen this (I also tried to find this topic on here and didn't see anything). They assured me that my clinic (RMA) is great and surely knows what it's doing and that maybe this is something new they're doing. The pharmacist also said Ganirelix can aways be added to the protocol if as I progress my doctor sees that I need it.
so, has anyone heard of this swap or done it themselves?
if you have done it, did you end up needing the ganirelix anyway?
any insights would be helpful, I basically have 24 hours to decide.
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2022.01.19 14:27 mikaelus This future value table of a Beanie Baby does remind me of something today...

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2022.01.19 14:27 quocbao241198 Thought on this fit

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2022.01.19 14:27 xavierlamar “ I know my kids. “

Has your parent ever said this with complete confidence, yet be so wrong. I honestly feel they have a self projected image of what they think our lives will be and what they should be rather than actually knowing who we are. Not to exclude those who have great relationships with their parents. Has anyone ever heard this or experienced this ?
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2022.01.19 14:27 Wild_Diamond2946 Lloyd + mowed lawn + wrestling = jolly green grass monster

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2022.01.19 14:27 thomvoor Looking for the bd exclusives (left) including electivire, does anyone have a few of these?

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