Ryzen 9 5900HS Always at max frequency (need help)

Most of the Pro players have high-end systems. They don’t need many launch options, but they need to set the tick rate to 128 and monitor frequency to 240 or 360 depending on the computer. Apart from these Launch options, we suggest using CSGO Prime Accounts to avoid cheaters and have better matchmaking. The AMD Ryzen 7 3750H processor and 16GB of RAM enable rapid responses, and the gamer-focused keyboard layout includes four hot keys for faster, more intuitive control. This 15.6-inch ASUS laptop is powered by an NVIDIA GeForce 1660 Ti Max-Q graphics card for high frame rates. In the Ryzen 5 and the Ryzen 7, the single-core speed has always been at least reasonably good, though there’s been some drop-off in more recent iterations. There are signs though that any single-core speed missteps are on their way into the recycle bin of history, because the 5000 series single-core speeds are in, and they’re impressive. ‎Ryzen 3 : Item model number ‎Ryzen 3 3200G : Item Weight ‎1.12 pounds : Product Dimensions ‎1.57 x 1.57 x 0.24 inches : Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎1.57 x 1.57 x 0.24 inches : Processor Brand ‎AMD : Processor Count ‎4 : Manufacturer ‎AMD : ASIN ‎B07STGHZK8 : Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‎No : Date First Available ‎July 1, 2019 Test Setup. AMD Ryzen 9 3950X (16 cores, 4.9 GHz Boost, 105W TDP) ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero (BIOS 0090, AGESA G.Skill 3200C14D-16GTZR (2x8GB) MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX II Motherboard ATX, AM4, DDR4, LAN, USB 3.2 Gen2, TYPE-C, M.2, RGB Mystic Light Sync, HDMI, DVI-D, AMD RYZEN 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen Ready 4.7 out of 5 stars 4,405 26 offers from £69.29

2022.01.22 06:10 Mats012 Ryzen 9 5900HS Always at max frequency (need help)

Ryzen 9 5900HS Always at max frequency (need help) I have an Asus Zephyrus G14. I noticed that lately the fans were on way more often than before. I noticed when looking at Armoury Crate and Task Manager that the CPU speed is always at 3.8 - 4.4 GHz (base clock is 3.3GHz).
Going into task manager services and disabling NVDisplay.ContainterLocalSystem and NvContainerLocalSystem makes the CPU go below base clock again. But as soon as I open any program, the frequency jumps back up to 4GHz.
I want to fix this because the high clock speed heats up the CPU really fast, which turns on the fans.
I work in a noise sensitive environment so the laptop needs to be quite as much as possible.

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2022.01.22 06:10 INTERMEZZOVP My Tape Deck (Polytron DAT 59C) like to Stop Abruptly at the middle of the tape sometimes at almost the end. The tape fine and I have opened up the deck and the belt seems fine, I don't know about the gear cause I can't see it clearly.

My Tape Deck (Polytron DAT 59C) like to Stop Abruptly at the middle of the tape sometimes at almost the end. The tape fine and I have opened up the deck and the belt seems fine, I don't know about the gear cause I can't see it clearly. submitted by INTERMEZZOVP to cassetteculture [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 06:10 NervousShoulder1712 Eronproject with over 100 ref, price per coin $0.0004182 as of today

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2022.01.22 06:10 Col-JohnSheppard Gri pasaport skandalını ortaya çıkartmıştı! Konsolos çifti, konsolosluğa alınmadı.

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2022.01.22 06:10 SenzaRimpiantiC "There is no real argument against veganism"

Just had this discussion the other day with my partner, who is vegan for even longer than I am. We spoke about the positive aspects and they told me about having a discussion/getting questioned by some kids in a youth group they help out with.
After a few questions, they turned the argument around and asked them about arguments against it and if it outweighed anything...
The title was the conclusion.
(clarifcation in advance: they sometimes make food together and some of the kids were wondering, why pancakes do not require eggs - still, my partner is open about the topic and is always willing to answer questions when they come up and have eye to eye conversations - the pancakes were delicious by the way)
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2022.01.22 06:10 Ok-Map-3989 Super cute and good quality tee, going to get my friend one too so we can match 🥰

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2022.01.22 06:10 KennyHikes 220122 - Choi Yena Instagram Story Update with Kim Minju

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2022.01.22 06:10 POGO_BOY38 I'm unsubscribing

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2022.01.22 06:10 Pink2Love Titanic: The Exhibition (Vlog)

When I was filming my review video on Titanic: The Exhibition, I realised that I forgot some lost footage I haven’t used, so I decided to do a vlog using them.
Titanic vlog
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2022.01.22 06:10 ZoolShop Delta plane skids off runway at RDU :: WRAL.com

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2022.01.22 06:10 MeBowlingBall Guess that's it?

Now that HHCJ is back, what are we gonna do? I'm gonna stick with this sub due to better moderation, but what are you guys gonna do?
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2022.01.22 06:10 RekTixx Pikachu goes BRRR!!!

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2022.01.22 06:10 Budget-Song2618 Britain warns Putin and Xi: West will stand up to 'dictatorship'

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2022.01.22 06:10 bosstroller69 Returned to Apex after a 1 year break and this is one of the first lobbies I’m put into.

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2022.01.22 06:10 dispatchdcu Death of Doctor Strange #5 Preview

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2022.01.22 06:10 angel-supersaiyan Pls help

What to do when your heart beats to fast I was on my 11 th day i taken cold shower Running excercise medidate drink water Everything I have done but still relapse on that day why? How to divert mind to not fap I have also have blocking sites app which used to block sites But my mind is full of sexual thought
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2022.01.22 06:10 Takagixu 220122 Choi Yena Instagram Story Update with Kim Minju

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2022.01.22 06:10 Coke_Francis69 Nutmeg

Im o n nutmeg rn still sipping the tea but it tastes awful
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2022.01.22 06:10 portw Amazing Weekend!

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2022.01.22 06:10 IDK23DUDE what is the war that will escalate in 50 years, but there is zero tension right now?

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2022.01.22 06:10 Total-Bad-1791 Someone told me to post this meme on this sub

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2022.01.22 06:10 boxerofftheleash My boyfriend makes me feel needy and like I'm begging for his time and attention

TLDR at the bottom
Hi this is my first post and might be a long one so sorry in advance.
So me (21F) and my boyfriend (22M) have been together for 8 months now. I don't want to give too many details because I know he reddits, but we both live with our parents pretty close to each other. He's quite a shy guy and likes a lot of alone time, which is fine with me. I completely respect that as I know it's healthy to have time alone away from your partner and sometimes I like to be alone too. I get to see him maybe 3-4 nights a week, sometimes 2. I'd like to see him a little more but if he wants time alone that's ok, I'll do my own thing too.
The problems that I have, which ties into today's problem, is that we'll make a plan to see each other and spend the night together and then during the day of he will cancel. It happens at least once a week and it's gotten to the point where if we make a plan to see each other I try not to get excited, or get my hopes up because I know he'll probably just cancel, and I'll be disappointed and sad at work. I'm the kind of person where after a long day at work I like to come home to my boyfriend, whereas he's the opposite. Wants to be alone. It's also gotten to the point I don't even tell my family in the morning if I'm going to be at his place or vice versa (I do this cause we have a decent sized family so I let mum know so she doesn't have to cook so much) because he will cancel, I'll come home and they'll ask what happened and why we're not seeing each other, and they start saying things like "if he really loved you he'd want to see you" "if he really loved you he wouldn't cancel". Even his own mum said to me "he shouldn't be doing that to you". I have anxiety and depression and this kind of thing sends me into an overthinking spiral of self hatred and thinking I'm not enough and he doesn't really love me and blah blah.
The other problem I have is him cancelling on me to hang out with his friends. I'd like to preface this by saying I adore his friends, they're so lovely and have been so welcoming to me, and I'm not trying to stop him hanging out with his friends, no way. The problem is a few times in the past we've made plans to see each other, and he'll cancel because his friends invited him out. One night I was already at his place and he said I was invited to hang with him and "the boys". When he invited me I was expecting him to say later on that I couldn't come but I'd already made it to his house with my things, I was safe right? No. He asked if it was ok if he did go out and I went back to my place. I got a little upset and he said "ok we'll spend the night together then" and then procceded to go on his phone and ignore me while I just kind of sat and stared at him. It eventually got to the point where I just said "I'm going home, have fun" and that was that. The same thing happened again a few days later and we talked about it and he said he was sorry and it won't happen again.
Now for today... We went to an event with his friends during the day today and for the whole day I had really bad anxiety. I've been pretty stressed with my job at the moment and I think that's what was affecting it. His friends are drinking together tonight and invited us. I said I was gonna pass but I told my boyfriend if he wanted to go that was all good I'd just go back to mine. I'd already said to him earlier beforehand that I wanted a quiet night in together because of the anxiety, but this came up so I knew he'd probably want to go so whatever, I'd just let it happen early so I'm not bamboozled later. I just didn't want to go and bring down the vibe with my foul mood. He told me he didn't know if he was gonna go anyway because he didn't feel like drinking or doing any drugs. I'm ok with him smoking weed but anything else (MDMA, ket, coke) I'm more reserved about. He did a lot on NYE and he was fine and I felt ok because he didn't react too badly, but I was a little more worried about the fact his friend kept loading him up with different drugs while my back was turned and my bf was already drunk and full of drugs. This friend is always trying to push me to do drugs at the parties and it's just not my thing, and I'm firm on that. I knew if I went tonight and he tried to push me I'd have just gotten angry and yelled at him and ruined the night. I used to smoke weed but stopped cause I was using it to cope with bad feelings and recognised it and stopped before it got too bad.
Later on he said he wasn't gonna go and we could spend the night together. I said ok and we made some plans for dinner and talked a bit about my work anxieties. He then asked if it would be ok if he did go to the party. Of course I was a little upset cause I thought we'd be spending the night together, but I said it was fine and to go, because he'd obviously rather be there so I won't force him to stay and spend time with me. He asked if I was sure and I said I was. I genuinely was fine(ish), just a little disappointed cause I don't get to see him to often through the week, and I really value the time we have together on the weekends. I usually work sundays so I don't even get the whole weekend with him, and sometimes he cancels our friday nights together.
He pressed saying I didn't look fine until I told him that maybe I WAS a little upset and he said "ok I won't go then". The problem again is that I know he wants to go to the party, but now he feels like he HAS to spend time with me cause I'm upset. Every time he cancels on me he says "or did you wanna do something?" and I can't say "actually yeah I do" cause I know he wants to be alone and I'll just be invading his space, and I just feel like if he wants to go he doesn't want to spend time with me. And if I am with him when he wants to be alone he just gets quiet and grumpy and I just end up wanting to go home. In that moment all of my overthinking and everything my mum and sisters say to me kicks in and I started having an anxiety attack right then and there.
We talked and he turned it around saying "well you said I could go so I said that I wanted to go but now you're upset" which just made me sorry I even brought it up. I was upset because he said we could spend the night together instead and I was stupid and got my hopes up then he turned around and said oh no I want to go. We just kind of sat quietly and I hated myself for bringing it up even though he was the one that asked. I feel like I can't be honest about how I'm feeling cause it's gonna be turned around and I'm going to be the one saying sorry. He went to play games inside cause he "didn't know what else we were gonna do" leaving me alone outside. That made the feeling like he didn't actually want to be around me worse cause usually we'd get our dinner sit down and watch a movie, or youtube or whatever. I went and packed up my things and said I was going home so he could go out, and I wasn't in a good mood anyway so being around him wasn't good for either of us. I removed myself cause I knew it would just feel awkward all night and he'd be wishing he was out with his friends instead of with me. I wasn't in the right state and I didn't want him to feel like he had to "take care of me" or whatever. He said I didn't have to go and "are you sure?" and everything but I wanted to leave. I wasn't comfortable anymore. He started saying how he was a dickhead and that he was sorry which just made me feel guilty again. He said "I don't know what you want me to do" and I just want him to stay true to his word. If he makes plans with me that's too bad, his friends should've made plans sooner. And vice versa, if he or I already have plans with our friends and one of wants to do something, we've already made plans so we'll see each other tomorrow.
He told me he wasn't going to cancel on me anymore but I honestly don't believe him. Like I said earlier it's been a weekly occurrence since we started dating, so I don't see it ending so quickly. He wants me to move in with him eventually but I'm scared because when he wants alone time, he can't kick me out. I told him so and said if he wants alone time he'll have to go to another room and game or whatever. And if he spends too much time with me he gets a little grumpy so, what? Is he gonna be like that all the time if we live together? I honestly love him so much, more than anyone in the world and we have so many good moments, but stuff like this ends up overshadowing it a bit.
Every time he cancels saying he wants time alone I just feel needy for wanting to spend time with my own boyfriend, but then if I bring it up it gets turned around on me because "you said you were fine with it" and then he starts saying how he's a dick and a shitty boyfriend and he's really not but fuck I shouldn't have to beg to see my own boyfriend. I shouldn't regret being honest about my feelings. I don't know did I handle this wrong? My anxiety has been really horrible today and I'm not usually like this but for some reason I'm just spiralling and wanted a night alone together so I could forget about it. He said he'd take me out for brunch tomorrow and we'd spend the day and night together but I don't know I'm mad, I wanted to be with him tonight. Not tomorrow. I cried quite a bit when I was leaving and he said he didn't want me to go home and be upset alone but I told him it was better than feeling like I was putting a dampener on his night. I want to think I made the right decision by just removing myself but I feel so wrong right now and I don't even know if I'll be ok by tomorrow so am I going to ruin another day for him? I don't even know anymore. Where do I go from here? How do I fix it? Am I even the one that needs to fix it?

TL'DR - boyfriend frequently cancels on me and makes me feel needy and like I'm begging for his attention. I wanted to spend a quiet night in with him due to anxiety acting up and he said yes then said he wanted to go out with friends instead. Felt conflicted because I wanted to spend the night with him, but knew he'd be wishing he was out with his friends instead. Had an anxiety attack, was honest about how I was feeling, it got turned on me and I end up cancelling anyway by leaving because now I feel awkward and regret being honest in the first place now I'm alone and upset.
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2022.01.22 06:10 marbuco What can you say about me?

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2022.01.22 06:10 cigsspot Test Drive — IQOS

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2022.01.22 06:10 FlameWolfGamer How does Strength affect healers?

I'm curious as to whether increasing their Strength means increasing their healing or does it just buff up their normal attack?
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