I've always been able to lucid dream since I was a child and never needed to 'train' it. This is what my psychologist said was the reason this happened.

2022.01.27 02:44 Plumbuslol I've always been able to lucid dream since I was a child and never needed to 'train' it. This is what my psychologist said was the reason this happened.

My body has always been quite frail since I was born, I always had pretty bad sleep and a lot of dreams. I've always had a hard time falling asleep too. As a child (since around... Kindergarten maybe?) I've always done this thing where I hide under my bedsheets and make all kinds of fantasy stories in my head. Wizards, witches, fairies, that stuff ^^; At some point I realised that line between 'making stories' and 'making stories in a dream' became kind of blurred. As I talked with my friends and family about this once in a while, I realised that it wasn't normal to remember every single dream you were in. And it definitely wasn't normal that you were able to control things in it the way you want.
As I got to my teens and then to my 20s, this got worse and due to some sad real life stuff my dreams started to get very scary and very wild. I had a lot of night terrors (nearly half the week, sometimes all week)...In my friends request for my health, I went to a psychiatrist. I was told later by the psychiatrist that I am going through PTSD from childhood trauma. The reason I can control my dreams in such an early age, was because real life issues were bleeding into my nightmares. And these nightmares got so scary that my body started creating defense mechanisms to protect my sanity. Therefore I was able to lucid dream, so that I could 'protect' myself from those monsters in my brain.
After some therapy, or just quite soon after I realised this whole aspect, the recurring nightmare lessened. I won't go into detail what the dream is like unless you guys are really curious but I'll just say it's pretty scary haha. Especially if you're completely lucid during the whole thing.
I'm in my 30s now. My nightmares still continue. Especially if I take my medications too late at night. Because I did not train my lucid dreaming or purposely found ways to get myself to lucid-dream, mine was just natural. Because of this, my version of lucid dreaming might be a little different to you guys. Perhaps not as refined as you guys. But I just wanted to share my story, incase it helps other people too.
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2022.01.27 02:44 Arpen694206669113000 not able to install osu

I just reset my laptop and reinstalled a bunch of stuff but every time i keep tryong to install osu it just keeps saying an error occurred! Please check your internet connection. need help pls
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2022.01.27 02:44 AccordingRelief542 Best formation (don't have lewa, but his attack is 97)

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2022.01.27 02:44 redrumrea lights on vs. lights off

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2022.01.27 02:44 tickeron_community Stock Pattern Cup-and-Handle Inverse AHT on January 04, 2022

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2022.01.27 02:44 thatnaughtynerd Masked billionaire NFT Giveaway

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2022.01.27 02:44 bluehoney_ sadgrl playlist created by professional sad girl - alt, pop, nu-metal, indie

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2022.01.27 02:44 Arkminer What if Park Plaza got turned into a giant aquarium?

I think it’s be cool if Little Rock had an aquarium, and Park Plaza seems like a good fit considering it’s all ready a giant building that I feel like could easily be converted.
I feel like it would be a even bigger version of the aquariums that are in the Arkansas Wild Life building downtown.
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2022.01.27 02:44 GlitteringNarwhal84 Im a relative beginner at chess and Ive been watching a ton of videos recently to try to improve. Still a long ways to go obviously but I thought Id share these 2 brilliants I just had in the same game. Probably best moves Ive ever made

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2022.01.27 02:44 Loki_style As of today, she's finally just another ex.

I was in a toxic relationship with a girl who was just outrightly deceitful and damaging to be around. She had a lot of mental illness and other issues. A lot of it came from her family, specifically her mom and her half brother. I tried my best to hold things together with her, but by the end of the relationship, she had absolutely worn me down. By then, I was absolutely exhausted, had gained thirty pounds, my mental health was in a pretty poor spot and a lot of the future was in question. After we broke up, she pulled various antics such as faking suicide and stalking my profiles for a while, amongst other things.
It's been an interesting seven months or since the breakup. I finished a few bucket list goals of mine, traveled, jumped into my MA, transitioned in to a new vocation and went part time in my old career. I ended up losing the thirty pounds I had gained and am now in the best shape I've been in a few years. I even have been working on getting a sleeve of tattoos done commemorating the story of my life, I just have another appointment left. All in all, it's been a slow upward trajectory back in to a fulfilling and happy every day I call my life as I've healed and worked to move forward from this ex-girlfriend and all the trauma of her. In all my prior relationships before her, or with anyone I have ever even remotely known, no one in my entirely has been as abhorrent or vile. I've been slowly overwriting her and all the ways she was detrimental. The last significant barrier that remained was a new relationship to finally, really move on.
Well, today, that at last became official and this person became just another ex-girlfriend. I've been seeing a girl for a while and I finally just asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend. We made some jokes about it, but she said she'd been waiting for me to ask her. It didn't really hit me until a bit later what her saying yes really meant in circumference. When it did, it was an intense but jubilant moment. I have no idea how things will go, but this girl has impressed me at every turn as I've gotten to know her. She's insanely smart and is in graduate school for biology. She also works as a researcher. Her intellect is only outmatched by her caring and her compassion. She clicks and jives with me in a lot of ways most people don't. She also has an implicit ability of knowing how I am feeling without me even saying anything, she can just look at me and know. Our last date turned into an eleven hour escapade wandering around Los Angeles that ended the early AM with slow dancing in in her living room and her nearly falling asleep in my arms as we sung A Team together.
There is still a lot I plan to do in moving forward and putting the past behind me, but this was by and large the last significant milestone. I had been hesitant in dating after everything I saw and experienced in my prior relationship. I harbored an almost overwhelming fear of somehow acquainting myself with someone like most recent ex again. Yet, here I am and with someone who has exceeded what I had hoped to even find to begin with. There's the saying we all know in that it's time heals all wounds, but I am learning it is not time that actually does the healing-- it's ourselves and how we decide to move forward in that subsequent time from a given date. At this point, I don't think I could've asked much more from the progress I've made in that regard, but I'm steadfastly determined to continue to make progress forward until she's nothing more than a footnote of what once was.
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2022.01.27 02:44 jefe9082 I don’t know what to do

So I’ve been seeing this girl every now and then on weekends. The sex is great, and that’s all that I’m looking for (I even told her that). But she messages me everyday and tells me she misses me. Non of this would be a problem except I’m still in love with my ex. The new girl seems to be pushing for a relationship even tho I keep stating I’m not looking for anything to serious besides casual sex. It’s not like I don’t like her it’s just I love someone else. How do I get my point across without hurting her?
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2022.01.27 02:44 meowcubed Which quick play difficulty setting has the most active matchmaking?

I'm on steam and matchmaking takes quite a while on standard quick play, do people queue for higher difficulty more? If just wanting to shoot some aliens with real people rather than synths what's the most active playlist? I've beat the campaign so have unlocked the other game modes.
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2022.01.27 02:44 Kawashiro_N Took a pic of my Amiga 500 running Lemmings using a Sony Mavica floppy camera.

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2022.01.27 02:44 Cautious_Duck_8267 I have been working on my island and I am in need of some island inspiration please comment or message me some dream address

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2022.01.27 02:44 Purveyor_Murmrgh The true mumble rappers of 76'

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2022.01.27 02:44 Aortasudo What's the most horrifying (non-grief-related) sound you've ever heard?

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2022.01.27 02:44 Tiggerlearning1911 Please help me find out what goes where - Google nest thermostat 3rd gen

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2022.01.27 02:44 MrVegetableMan What is this error? [More in comments]

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2022.01.27 02:44 BladeOfTheSky Not the biggest fan of this aspect, but I finished the quest!

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2022.01.27 02:44 DizzyDayzee (OC) Stubby the Dow is here to stay!! Did you know that deer-cow hybrids are a thing irl? Well, you do now! :) art done by me, @Welly_Stelly on twitter!

(OC) Stubby the Dow is here to stay!! Did you know that deer-cow hybrids are a thing irl? Well, you do now! :) art done by me, @Welly_Stelly on twitter! submitted by DizzyDayzee to furry [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 02:44 Evermore_Nevermore Missing you never gets easier...

I can't seem to not miss you. With each year that passes between us, I find that you roam my mind during the quiet times. Late at night, early mornings, relaxing in a bath...you show up. I just want to see you once more. I know that it'd be too much to ask for another chance at friendship...or maybe more...no, more wouldn't happen. Gods, I miss you. Or, I suppose, I miss the girl that I knew all those years ago. The one that gave me something to look forward to...that I couldn't wait to call on my lunch breaks at school, to plot stories with, to love in the meantime of our meetings. I do wish that I waited. I should have. I guess, somehow, I'll always be waiting for you, for your return.
Rambling now. Insomnia causes that. You probably won't see this. Part of me hopes that you won't...
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2022.01.27 02:44 ZoolShop Little Debbie new ice cream flavors

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2022.01.27 02:44 EscapeMyEmotion Fading Emotions

I get this thing where I'll feel absent of emotion, thinking to myself "where'd all that emotion go?" because I was just on the edge of crying or having a panic attack then suddenly I'm stuck struggling to associate with the emotions at all. I can just go back to joking and laughing if the situation fits, albeit feeling a numb in the meantime and not necessarily feeling joy. Sometimes the negative emotions come back later and suddenly I'm wondering how I moved on so quickly previously and I begin struggling to associate with the part of me that was joking and laughing moments prior.
Anyone else get this? Is there some way I can "ground" myself towards one way or the other? Sometimes I want to actually process an emotion and this gets in the way.
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2022.01.27 02:44 Medical_Medi6 Clash Mini livestream with Vlad comin up!

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2022.01.27 02:44 Muscleguyy Tf2 sniper crossover with super mario odyssey

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